Sandy and I

Sandy and I

Sandy and I

I married my wife Sandy twelve years ago. We were both in our early twenties, she was 5’8″ 130lbs with a Farah Fawcet hairstyle, blonde layered, slightly past the shoulders. In that first year of marriage, Sandy came to realize that I had a strong attraction for long hair. After several heated debates about Sandy wanting to continue having her shoulder length of blonde layers, she finally gave in to my wishes and started growing out her hair. In the months to come she would complain about the shagginess of her blonde locks. When she wanted to make an appointment at the salon, I would convince her that all she needed was the slightest trim to remove split ends. She agreed and would let me trim her hair. I would first brush out her golden mane, which was straight and soft, then using a pair of sharp 4″ barbering shears, I would cut one inch off her luscious hair. In the first year, I concentrated on achieving an “all- one-length” status. Sandy’s hair grows fast and after trims every 2-3 months, her blonde tresses were one length and reached to her bra line.

In years 2 and 3 of our marriage I continued to diffuse any talk from Sandy concerning cutting her hair. She would throw out jabs every once in a while about wanting a very short hair style, usually she made this plea while in an argument. The trims continued and Sandy’s golden mane reached her belt. It was all one length, thick, straight, and soft. About once a week I would brush out her hair for her before going to bed. While sitting on the bed savoring every brush stroke, her gorgeous hair would touch the bed.

Sandy told me one day that she was actually starting to enjoy her hair and didn’t mind the length that I so much enjoyed.

.In our 5th year of marriage Sandy got pregnant. Her hair got even more luxurious and seemed to grow even faster. The regular trims continued, but now she needed to stand up when I cut off the scant inch because it now had grown to her buttocks.

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The only occasion in which I agreed to trim more than 1 inch was after the baby was several months old. Sandy complained profusely of the baby pulling on her long hair. I agreed to cut 6 inches off. I laid a towel on the floor below were she was standing. Brushed out her long blonde hair for 5 minutes. Picked up a comb and started doing the same, starting at the nape of her neck I would comb down the entire 3 feet of hair. I did this several times, the last, stopping at her belt and picked up the scissors. I closed the blades together and watched a half foot of blonde strands float onto the blue towel. I continued across from one hip to the other. The shearing excited me beyond my wildest dreams, which often included cutting a women’s long hair. I finished the “extended trim”, Sandy was pleased with the result and said maybe some other time I could trim more than an inch again.

During the following years, Sandy was quite busy with work and our child, as was I. I continued to trim her hair the 1 inch and kept her length at her belt or slightly below. Sandy and I started to drift and argue more, she often threw out jabs about me insisting on her hair being long, which was true. One particular evening we had a very severe fight, she went to bed angry and stated that she is considering moving in with her mother for a temporary period. I sat up thinking until 2:00 AM while Sandy slept, hoping our 12 year marriage was not wasting away. I had an idea that may prove helpful in this latest disagreement.

I crept upstairs into our bedroom. In my hand was the 4″ barbering shears I had been using to trim Sandy’s hair all these years. Sandy was sleeping on her side at the side of the bed, the way she always did. Her long hair out from under her and hanging off the side of the bed. The moon was shining through the skylight and I could see Sandy’s luscious blond hair reaching to the floor. I pulled out the scissors and laid them on the floor. Next, I gently reached near her head and pulled out a 2 inch section of hair on the back of her head near her left ear. Putting it between my index and middle finger, I picked up the scissors and made the cut about 1 inch from her scalp. I separated the 40″ of hair from her and held it up, looking for any movement. I laid it down and again separated a 2 inch section and did the same, a slow sawing action with those 4″ shears. I soon had cut a 3″ semi circle around her left ear, all about 1″ from her scalp. My hands were shaking as the pile of beautiful hair on the floor grew. Still I continued shearing my wife’s long hair which had taken a marriage to grow and care for. Soon I was unable to reach any more hair without waking her.

I scooped up the cut off hair and returned down stairs to view my work in the light. The mass of hair was amazing, straight and soft. I stayed up the rest of the evening wondering how Sandy will react when she sees what has happened to her and when she hears why I did it.

Daylight soon came and I heard rustling upstairs. I waited for a scream, shout, nothing came but foot steps heading down the stairs. Sandy came around the corner, she looked strange. Half her head was a scissored 1-2″ shaggy crew cut, on the right side was her long hair reaching to her underwear. Sandy said “something you want to say?” I went over to her and put my arms around her and said “after the fight we had last night, I realized I do not want our marriage to fail. I thought by releasing you from your hair, it would be my way of telling you what you mean to me”. She was silent, finally she said, “you could not have chose a better way to communicate your feelings. You did, however, cut it short like I always wanted”. Sandy reached for my hand and led me upstairs, while making the ascent she said “there appears to be some unfinished business”. She led me past the bathroom, where I expected to finish the shearing. Instead Sandy began removing her clothes until she stood nude. I did the same and gently lowered the both of us on the bed. She and I made passionate love while I both stroked her long hair and then felt her shorn head.

When we finished, Sandy then led me into the bathroom and sat down at the vanity. I went downstairs and retrieved my trusty scissors. I stood behind her as she finished brushing out what was left of her long blonde hair. I pulled the mass of hair which was covering her right breast behind her and viewed the scene, the left side of her head had a scissored inch of hair remaining, while the right hung down and touched the seat cushion. I started at the nape of her neck and combed out a one inch piece of long hair, picked up the scissors and sawed it off. I again had become hard and turned sideways to better get at the long sections of hair. Sandy saw my arousal and gently grabbed me, leading me around to the front of her. She gently stroked me as I continued to work the shears from the nape of her neck to the top of her head. The pile of blonde tresses was again growing, as it had the night before. Sandy told me to sit on the vanity in front of her and brush the remaining long hair to the front. What was left to brush was the right side of her head from the top down to her ear, forward. I brushed the remaining hair forward over Sandy’s face onto my lap. She instructed me to continue, as she placed her mouth over me. My hands were shaking and my mind raced as I picked up another long piece of hair at the top of her head and sheared it off. The sections increased in size as I worked my way towards completing the haircut. The long hair slid unto my lap, some continued to slide to the floor. With the last cut I gave Sandy 1 inch bangs. I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. Sandy stood and looked at the pile of blonde hair at her feet. She looked at me, with her hair shaggily scissored, and said “can you make my hair all one length now?”. We both laughed as I said “I was able to do that for twelve years, no reason I can’t now”. I reached in the drawer a pulled out the clippers I use for my beard. Sandy sat back down as I turn them on. With a low hum, I placed the whirling blades at the back of her neck and ran them up and forward to her forehead. In their wake was an undetectable blonde stubble. I continued over Sandy’s entire head and became rock hard again. When I finished there was not a hair on her head. Sandy stood up and led me out of the bathroom. We spent the rest of the day making love.

I am pleased to say, Sandy and I are still happily married and we don’t wait twelve years to communicate in this special way.


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