Morgan’s Basketball Bet

Morgan's Basketball Bet

Morgan’s Basketball Bet – Evil_Corvette

Morgan and Matt had always been in a sort of friendly rivalry during basketball season, always comparing individual stats along with the stats from their different teams. They both played for the Princeton High Wildcats but, for obvious resons, Morgan was on the girls’ team and Matt on the boys’.

As for the two teams they were both contenders for making it to the state championship. Matt was on the boys’ team last year when they had a stunning defeat during the last round of the playoffs, and instead of going to state he had to go with and watch all the girls blow out the Johnston Eagles 70 to 30.

However this year it was going to be different, Matt thought, this year he would be playing at state and Morgan would be watching from the bleachers, and he was willing to back it up with a little wager.

“So Morgan, you think you’re really going to go all the way this year huh?” Matt said confidently.

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“Think? I don’t think anything. I know,” Morgan joked.

Matt continued to walk along pretending he didn’t think anything of her reply. But in truth he was becoming angry with her over-confidence.

They were about half a block away from school when Matt suddenly spoke up. “You wanna bet on it?”

“Huh? Bet on what?” Morgan said confused.

“Your season.”

“What about my season?” Morgan said. “Oh you mean the fact that we’re gonna make it to the championship and you’re not. Sure I’ll bet. What do you wanna bet?” Morgan said confidently.

That was it. Matt had had enough of her. He was trying to think of something important to Morgan, as the wind started to blow through her long mid-back length blonde hair.

That was it! “If you don’t make it to state I get to cut all of your hair off,” he said smartly.

“What? My hair?”

Hah, how Matt liked to see that look in her face. “Well, if you think we’re better then you I guess you shouldn’t take the risk…” Matt stated knowing she had to accept now.

“Oh, I know we’ll make it. I was just thinking what YOU would look like bald,” she said.

Matt knew that that was a hard decision for her to make for she always took especially good care of her long blonde hair, making sure it was in perfect place every day. She hadn’t cut it since fifth grade, 6 years ago, only having occasional trims on it every once and a while.

“So it’s a bet then,” he said.

“It’s a bet,” she answered.

In truth, both teams had a very good year and both teams made it to the finals. The boys’ team played one day before the girls and ended up with a close win of 65-62.

Matt did not say anything to Morgan before her game except for one time as he was entering the locker room he spotted her coming out of the girls’ room and said two words: “snip, snip.” Morgan just walked away.

Matt didn’t get any sleep that night mostly because of the fact that they were going to the state championship, but also because he couldn’t wait to begin chopping off that long silky blonde hair Morgan had on the back of her head. That is, if the girls lost tomorrow.

Morgan didn’t get much sleep that night either because all she could think about was her beautiful hair being mercilessly cut off by Matt. She kept telling herself they were going to win tomorrow and she didn’t have anything to worry about, at least they better win.

“There are five seconds left in the game and we are down by two, pass the ball to whoever’s open and make a three, that’s all there is to it,” Morgan’s coach said.

“One, two, three, WIN!” they yelled and ran onto the court. The ball was handed to Sara and the clock began.

It all seemed to be in slow motion for Morgan as she looked up in the bleachers and saw Matt sitting there with his bag, that she knew was filled with all the equipment to butcher all of her hair that was now in a ponytail down her back.

She looked back to Sara and saw her fake to Trish, then double back and pass to her! She couldn’t believe it, even as the ball touched her hands. She turned to face the basket and shot.

That shot seemed to take forever to come down, but eventually it did. It rolled twice around the hoop, and spun out just as the buzzer went off.

The whole team tried to tell her it was all right as they walked back to the locker room. She almost had a breakdown as she saw Matt sitting on a bench outside the girls’ locker room, lifting up a pair of scissors from his duffel bag.

She quickly went inside the locker room and changed. She tried to take as long as possible but eventually the coach came over to her and told her it wasn’t the end of the world, and that she had to lock up the locker room.

She left the locker room and walked over to Matt. “Well, shall we begin?” he said as a smile came over his face.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she begged. “It’s bad enough we lost.”

“Hey, a deal’s a deal. Follow me.”

She didn’t want to go, but couldn’t figure out any other choice, so she dragged herself towards the faculty men’s bathroom. She felt her hair bouncing on her back every step she took. Finally they entered the bathroom and Matt locked the door.

“Sit over there,” Matt said, pointing to the toilet seat.

“Please, Matt, don’t do it,” she tried once more, but Matt already had his contents emptied onto the counter.

She spotted a clipper, comb, and scissors as she sat down. None of this seemed real even as Matt walked over towards her, scissors in hand, and told her to “Hold still, this will go fast.”

She didn’t feel as if she was ever going to get out of this bathroom, and could only sit there as she felt him pick up a long piece of her long blonde hair, and felt the cold metal of the scissors on her neck. “Snip, snip, SNIP,” she heard and couldn’t believe how long the piece of hair was that Matt just set in her lap.

She was still staring at it when it was joined by another piece and then another. “This is taking too long,” Matt stated and walked over to the counter.

She chanced a glance into the mirror and immediately wished she hadn’t. Her long hair was now chopped into a sort of half bob with her right side still untouched by the scissors. But her left side was jaggedly cut into a chin-length bob.

The quick click – buzz sound of the clippers made her look away, and she felt Matt grab all of her long hair this time and gather it into a ponytail.

He put the clipper underneath of this half ponytail. and made a couple quick movements upward with it. She looked into the mirror again and saw him lift up what used to be her long blonde hair and set it into her lap. Her once beautiful hair now lay limp in her lap, the rest awkwardly hung of her head in a VERY jagged chin-length bob. She now decided to accept her fate and bowed her head down and began to cry.

She kept her eyes closed but couldn’t help feeling Matt start the clippers up her nape and go over her head a number of times. She felt many large clumps of hair join the others in her lap.

After about 60 seconds more the clippers stopped and she looked up to see her face.

Her eyes were teardrop-stained, but she hardly noticed that as she stared at her once glorious head which was once covered with long beautiful blonde hair.

It was now 1/4 of an inch long all over her head. She looked down to see all her hair laying in giant piles all over the floor.

“I hoped you learned a lesson,” Matt said smartly.

Morgan ignored him and began to pick up her chopped-off hair.


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