Salon Thieves

Salon Thieves

Salon Thieves by Serious Shaver


He picked up yesterday’s mail from the desk in the salon office and walked down the hallway past the private waxing rooms to his favorite easy chair. His favorite easy chair was any one of the four salon chairs in the beauty shop. It was an hour before the shop in the strip mall was scheduled to open and he enjoyed this free time immensely. He placed his full cup of hot coffee on the arm of the chair and thumbed through the mail.

Of the four letters and two magazines in his hand Jack came across one that he opened immediately. Its return address was Beverly’s Unisex Salon. How long had it been since they sold their former salon to Beverly Adams. He guessed it had been about a year. Jack opened the letter and read. In it Beverly thanked him again for selling the shop to her and for opening her eyes to enterprise, possibilities and the power of positive shaving. She had divorced her backward thinking husband after she took over the salon. The shop she said was branching out to in-home service. He would have to tell Lisa about the letter.

The main thing on Jack’s mind this morning wasn’t the mail. It was instead on finding a solution to the theft problem he was experiencing. He had noticed three weeks earlier that supplies and sales stock were disappearing from the shelves. Small things like bottles of hair spray and shampoo. Things you wouldn’t normally notice. Then whole cartons of conditioner, shampoo and styling mousse in the storeroom came up missing. Even though most of the merchandise being pilfered was small inconsequential items, the cost to the business was beginning to add up. Laundered capes, scissors and combs also were being stolen. Jack had even thought his antique hand powered clippers and double-edged shaving razors had been taken before remembering he had unpacked the box they were in and had locked them in the office closet.

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Thinking it extreme but ultimately necessary Jack called in a security specialist. She convinced him to put in surveillance cameras. The specialist had quoted him a good price to have cameras and a remote location video recorder installed. Lisa thought that it was all an unnecessary expense but Jack had to stop the thefts.

Jack moved from the salon chair taking his coffee and mail with him and unlocked Private Waxing Room #3. This room was used to install the surveillance equipment because it could be locked and was inconspicuous. To review the surveillance camera tape for the previous 24 hours Jack rewound the tape, pushed the play button and started watching.

Everything looked normal. Normal until the cleaning crew from the company he had hired two months before came into the salon. He watched as two good-looking women in maid uniforms came into the shop. The clock on the tape showed that they entered the door at 2:00am. After cleaning the wash basins and sweeping the floor they began dusting the shelves. To dust the women would remove all the items on the shelf. As they returned items to the shelf not everything was making it back. Instead they were putting them in a hidden compartment on their cleaning carts. Things suddenly became crystal clear to Jack. When Lisa came in he would have to show her the tape to prove he wasn’t crazy and imagining things.

After she watched the tape Jack told Lisa of the plan he had to confront the women with the evidence he had gathered. “We’ll stake out the shop,” Jack said, then added, “We’ll watch the surveillance monitor in the waxing booth then come out when we see them steal something.”

Lisa asked, “What are we going to do then, Jack? Turn them in to the police and let them handle the matter or what?”

“You know Lisa, I was thinking that we could probably have a little fun with these women,” Jack said, smiling broadly. “They’re not going to want to have an arrest record which they would if the police were called in and they’re probably not going to want to lose their jobs.”

A smile slowly came to Lisa’s lips. “What exactly to you have in mind for them Jack?”


The day dragged on for both Lisa and Jack. It wasn’t the walk-in traffic or the late appointments causing time to drag, it was the anticipation of what would occur early the next morning. When quitting time finally arrived Jack told Lisa to shut and lock the door so that no one else would come in. She did as told. Jack then asked, “While you’re over there honey, would you mind closing the blinds?”

Lisa said sarcastically, “Sure Jack, anything else?”

“Well Lisa, I was thinking maybe you could give me a shave before the cleaning women get here.”

Lisa looked at Jack as she walked back to where he was standing by the chair stroked his face with her fingers when she got close by and said, “You still feel smooth from when you shaved this morning.”

Jack smiled and said, “Not there, Lisa, here.” Jack pointed to his crotch then proceeded to unzip his pants, dropping them and his boxers to the floor.

“Wow Jack, are you sure?” Lisa asked. “I know you like to shave women, but I didn’t know you wanted to be shaved by one.”

Jack kicked pants and boxer shorts off his heels and placed his bare butt in the closest salon chair. “Let’s get started, Lisa,” he said.

Lisa went to the shelf and grabbed the nearest pair of clippers she could find hanging there. She turned them on and looked around to Jack. “Okay, lover boy, get ready to get shaved.” Holding his cock in one hand and the clippers in the other Lisa started cutting his pubic hair. She worked the clippers down from his waist to the base of his cock repeating this movement until she no longer had any more hair to cut. “Done with part one honey,” she said, squeezing his hardening member. She used her mouth to blow the hair from his crotch and the chair. “Ready for a little shave cream?” Lisa inquired.

“Do it honey,” was Jack’s reply.

Lisa took the can of shaving cream, pushed the button on top releasing a stream of white foam into her hand. She sensually applied it to his balls and the stubble that remained around his cock, making sure to give his manhood a couple good pulls before she stopped to open the drawer and pick out a new disposable razor. Jack groaned appreciatively as Lisa once again latched onto his cock with her free hand pushing it down to shave the area above it, pushing it side to side to shave around it and pushing it up to denude his balls. When Lisa was finished shaving she returned with a warm damp cloth and cleaned the remaining shaving cream and shaved hair from him.

Jack looked down reaching with his hand to feel where Lisa had shaved him. He liked the way his smooth balls and cock felt. Lisa must have liked the way it looked and felt too because when she returned after disposing of the wash cloth her mouth went immediately to his lap, licking first his balls then his cock. Playfully she looked at Jack while taking his hard cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down while she sucked. Jack looked at his reflection in the mirror as he placed his hands on the top of Lisa’s head and forced her head and mouth further down on his stiffness. He ran his fingers through her lovely hair as her head again bobbed up. When Lisa’s head bobbed down again he pushed on it harder causing her to deep-throat him. Her lips stopped at the base of his cock. He came in her throat. Lisa’s head jerked up off his cock and she gagged slightly before swallowing his wad. Lisa smiled as she stuck her tongue out at him.


After a quick supper out Jack and Lisa took up their station in the waxing booth and started the long wait for the cleaning women to arrive.

The wait for the cleaning women seemed to go on forever. It was over when Lisa finally spotted them at 2:24am as they entered the salon. She tapped Jack on the shoulder motioning with a finger to her lips for him to remain silent. From the booth they both heard the door open.

They were the same two women as before. Both were very attractive. Each had on powder-blue front-buttoning v-neck uniforms with white trim and sheer white aprons. They wore dark nylons with white athletic socks over them. The shoes they were wearing looked industrial. Viewing the monitor closely Jack discovered one of the women to be black. Why hadn’t he noticed this detail before? He had never in all his years touched a hair on a black woman’s head. The black gal had straight jet black hair. It was pulled tightly into pigtails, one on each side of her head.

The white girl had medium brown hair, French braided down to her shoulders. She looked like she had spent quite a lot of time in tanning booths. Both women had on one of those little French maid hats. Three things Jack and Lisa noticed that were hard to miss were the women’s large breasts, slender waists and supple hips.

From where Jack and Lisa were they could hear the women talking. Listening in on their conversation they learned the black woman’s name was Rhonda. Nice name, Lisa thought. The other woman Rhonda called Hannah. The women talked mostly about how they hated their boss and what they wanted to do after work.

As Jack and Lisa continued watching it wasn’t long before things started disappearing from the shelf and into the hidden compartment on the women’s carts. Jack moved toward the door motioning for Lisa to follow. Jack turned the door knob, opening the door and startling the two women.

“Who’s there?” Rhonda and Hannah asked in unison.

“I’m Jack, the owner of this salon,” Jack said. “With me is my manager Lisa, and we have something we need to talk about and want you to look at.”

The women didn’t know what to make of Jack and Lisa or what they wanted them to look at. After the initial surprise of Jack and Lisa’s appearance they became angered.

“What the hell do you want?” Hannah asked.

“We just want you to look at a surveillance video,” Jack replied.

When Jack used the words surveillance video the women knew that they had been caught. Jack knew that they knew too. He motioned for them to follow him to the waxing booth, which they did. It was crowded in there with the four of them in the room watching the video. As Jack ran the tape the women watched themselves knowing that before them was all the evidence the police would need to arrest them.

Satisfied that the women knew the position they were in Jack said to them, “We have an offer to make you. Would you like to listen?”

Hannah, looking at Jack and Lisa quizzically, said, “What choice do we have? Sure we’ll listen, at least I will.”

Jack and Lisa looked toward Rhonda waiting for a response. She nodded her head affirmatively. “We won’t call the police and you can keep your jobs if you do everything we ask. Everything.”

Not wanting to have an arrest record or lose their jobs, the women looked at each other then hesitantly agreed to comply. After all what choice did they have?

Let the Games Begin

“If you would please follow Lisa out to the salon area we can get started,” Jack said, moving closer to Rhonda and Hannah. His hand reached out and felt the firmness of their asses. He gave each woman’s butt a squeeze and a playful slap. The women jumped a little as they started walking.

After following Lisa out of the waxing booth and with everyone out near the salon chairs Jack told the women to line up even with the back of a salon chair and face each other. The women did as they were asked without speaking. Then Lisa and Jack assumed their prearranged positions with Jack behind Rhonda and Lisa behind Hannah. “Stand still and say nothing unless asked and do as you’re told,” Lisa told the women.

Jack and Lisa, mirroring each other’s movements, then reached forward with both hands and placed them on the cleaning women’s shoulders. Moving their hands down the women’s backs they stopped when they reached the tied strings of the sheer white aprons they were wearing. They untied and removed the aprons placing them on the back of the salon chair nearest each of them. Continuing as planned and standing very close to the women’s backsides they reached around and began unbuttoning the front of their uniforms starting at the top. The women seemed to protest a little at this by stiffening their stances, but said nothing. As they got down to the lower buttons Lisa and Jack had to bend down, placing their faces in close proximity to the cleaning women’s rear ends. Jack thought of playfully biting Rhonda’s ass but restrained himself. Lisa didn’t and Hannah jumped noticeably.

Unbuttoning the final buttons Jack and Lisa stood up to take a good look at the two women. Looking across Jack noticed Hannah was indeed a real knockout. As Lisa reached around and pulled the woman’s dress front apart revealing Hannah’s under-uniform attire Jack felt himself begin to harden noticeably. She was wearing a tan sheer bra and under her pantyhose, matching sheer panties. He could easily see her breasts and pubic hair through them. Lisa removed the dress from Hannah’s shoulder, pulling it down her arms, and threw it to the floor. As Jack parted and removed Rhonda’s dress Lisa’s eyes were riveted on her. Rhonda was wearing under her uniform the same pantyhose, but her bra was white spandex and her panties white cotton.

“Lisa, let’s play a little snip poker with these lovely lasses,” Jack said as he went over to the counter behind the chairs and retrieved two pairs of scissors.

“Sounds like fun Jack,” Lisa said as Jack handed her one of the two pairs.

Jack began the game by snipping the right shoulder strap on Rhonda’s bra and saying, “One bra strap to open.”

“I’ll see your one strap and raise you another,” Lisa said to Jack as she cut both shoulder straps of Hannah’s bra.

“I’ll see your two straps and raise again with a front cut,” Jack said as he snipped the other shoulder strap and the bra front between Rhonda’s tits. The bra fell to the floor as Jack’s free hand reached in to massage Rhonda’s tit, causing her nipple to get hard.

“So you want to play hardball, Jack,” Lisa said, adding to her bid. “Two bra straps, one bra front and one panty waist cut to you.” Hannah’s bra fell to the floor after the front cut and her panty flapped open partly when Lisa reached down inside Hannah’s pantyhose to cut the right hip side of her panties at the waist. Jack thought he would come right in his pants.

“Okay Lisa,” Jack said. “Everything you said plus another panty waist cut.” As Jack began cutting the panty waist at each side he tugged the back waist of panty straight up causing Rhonda to have a panty wedgie. The material, Lisa could see, was riding up her front to causing her pussy lips to part. Jack then cut and removed what was left of the white cotton panties.

Both women now naked except for their sheer to the waist pantyhose, athletic socks and industrial shoes after Lisa also made her final cut. They were ordered to put their aprons back on. Jack told Rhonda to turn around so he could take a good look at her. Rhonda’s breasts were large but very well proportioned. Her pubic hair was short and extra curly. This would be a challenge. He had never shaved a black woman.

“Unzip my pants bitch and take out my cock!” Jack told Rhonda.

Rhonda unzipped Jack’s pants, reached in and pulled out his dick. He then walked over, sat back in a salon chair and motioned for Rhonda to come over to him. She complied. “Suck my cock, Rhonda.” Jack instructed. Rhonda bent her head to Jack’s waiting cock, opened her lips and started sucking. Jack put his hands to Rhonda’s head and took hold of her pigtails. Using them to guide her lip and mouth movements on his cock he said. “Nice love handles, Rhonda.”

While Jack was busy with Rhonda, Lisa was wasting absolutely no time on Hannah. Jack glanced over to take in some of the action going on in the other salon chair and he could clearly see Hannah’s suntanned ass. Looking closely at her slightly splayed legs he noticed that her pussy lips looked shaved. Lisa had her skirt pulled up over her waist and Hannah’s tongue was busily working over her stubble-covered pussy. Lisa looked like she was seriously enjoying the moment.

Rhonda’s head was beginning to move faster and faster on Jack’s cock. Rhonda was secretly hoping the honkey motherfucker whose cock she was sucking just wanted to get a blowjob. Little did she know what lay ahead.

Jack pulled up on Rhonda’s pigtails and said, “Whoa girl, not so fast.” Pulling further up on Rhonda’s pigtails he pulled her head from his cock. It exited her still sucking lips. “Stand up Rhonda,” Jack ordered, getting up from his seat. With his cock still sticking out of his pants he told Rhonda to have a seat. With a puzzled look on her face she complied.

A Time for Shaving

With Rhonda sitting in the chair facing the action going on in the next chair Jack moved to the counter and picked up a pair of clippers. Snapping them on he asked Rhonda, “How would you like your hair cut today?”

“Not at all.” was her reply.

“Well, not at all is not an option,” Jack said as he moved around behind her.

Working slowly Jack took hold of the black cleaning woman’s pigtail on the right side of her head with one hand and moved the clippers with the other toward it. Cutting the hair all around and under the pigtail he removed it leaving a bald patch where it once was. Her coarse hair cut cleanly. He repeated the process on the other side with the same result. Turning the chair to face the mirror so that Rhonda could watch herself being balded he placed the clippers at her forehead and brought them straight back and down to the base of her neck. He could now see the anger in her face.

Pushing her head forward and down with his hand Jack placed the clippers at the base of her neck and this time ran them up the back of her head and over the top. This caused the hair that was piling up in front of the clippers to cascade into her lap. The clippers exited her hair at her forehead. He repeated these steps, changing only when he reached the side of her head. Jack then took the clippers around her ears and finished cutting all the remaining hair from her head.

Commanding Rhonda to raise her apron Jack moved around in front of her. He reached to Rhonda’s waist and pulled her pantyhose down to her ankles. “What the hell are you doing now?” Rhonda yelled, causing Lisa and Hannah in the other chair to stop and watch.

“Spread your legs and find out you cunt,” Jack railed.

“No way in hell mister,” Rhonda said.

“I can either call 911 or you will spread those sweet brown thighs.”

Rhonda, sensing the hopelessness of the situation, spread her thighs slightly. “Wider,” Jack said mockingly. Jack looked over and saw that Lisa and Hannah both had their fingers in their pussies stroking them quickly.

Opening her thighs widely Rhonda proceeded to have her short black coarse curlies clipped away. Jack quickly removed her pussy hairs with a few short passes. As he neared Rhonda’s pussy lips Jack pushed the pulsing clippers against her skin, letting the vibrations stimulate her. Moving back to the counter Jack picked up a can of shaving gel and dispensed some into his hand. Returning to Rhonda he spread the gel on her waiting pussy with one hand and finger-fucked her with the other. He found that she was wet with excitement even though she didn’t show it. The whiteness of the gel contrasted nicely with the brown-ness of her ebony skin.

Jack heard Lisa say, “Hannah sit your lovely ass down in this chair while I help Jack.” Lisa took a straight razor from a drawer under the counter, pushed Jack out of the way and started removing shaving cream and stubble from Rhonda’s pussy. Jack picked up the shaving gel can, again pushed the dispenser button and squirted the gel right on top of Rhonda’s head. Spreading it with one hand, the other picked up a disposable razor from the drawer and began removing the white foam. Jack and Lisa together made short work of shaving Rhonda. All that was left was to clean up.

Hannah was watching everything happening to her coworker with great interest. She was wondering if the same thing happening to Rhonda would be in her future. The answer, she deduced, would be yes.

Hannah watched as Jack toweled Rhonda’s head with a wet washcloth. Lisa’s head was down in Rhonda’s crotch doing what had just been done to her.

Lisa, with her tongue near Rhonda’s pussy, looked up and smiled at Jack. “It’s time for the taste test Jack,” Lisa said. “First I’ll sample this black bitch’s cunt, then I’ll try the other one’s.” After saying those words Lisa stuck her tongue out and as far up Rhonda’s snatch as was humanely possible.

As the woman lurched in the chair, bucking her hips at Lisa’s head, Jack reached down and clamped his fingers tightly onto her nipples. Pulling on them, Jack felt Rhonda’s nipples get harder. Looking down he saw her hips grinding rhythmically on Lisa’s face. Rhonda was moaning loudly now and her breathing was intense and out of control. After a few more carefully placed licks and sucks Lisa sent Rhonda’s body into wild spasms. Rhonda orgasmed and fell limply back into the chair.

One Down, One to Go

Letting Rhonda lie in the chair recuperating, Lisa and Jack’s attention was now turned totally on Hannah.

“Hannah?” Jack asked. “I noticed while I was watching you eat my salon manager’s pussy that it looked like your pussy lips were shaved. Are they?”

“Well,” began Hannah, “my boyfriend asked me to shave there so he wouldn’t get any hair in his mouth when he gave me head.”

“Hannah did he ask you to shave just your lips, or did he want to shave your whole pussy?” Jack asked.

“How did you know?” Hannah replied, answering Jack’s question.

“I’m a man, Hannah. I know I’d want you to shave it all off,” Jack said, adding, “Tell you what, Hannah, let’s give your boyfriend what he really wants, what do you say?”

“Do I have a choice?” Hannah asked, looking at Jack.

“No,” was all she heard.

“Sit back and relax, Hannah,” Jack said as he picked up the clippers he needed to remove the hair that remained on her pussy.

“Would you like to watch, Hannah?” Lisa asked as she moved behind Hannah and turned the chair to face the mirror. Again Hannah had no choice and let herself be manipulated.

Jack pulled the front of the Hannah’s pantyhose out and towards him until they were free of her pubic region. As Jack was cutting away the hair remaining on her pussy, Hannah could see Lisa in the mirror taking off her clothes. Lisa unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Then she watched as Lisa removed her bra. She felt Lisa’s hand as it turned her head pulling it tight to her chest and forcing a nipple into her mouth. Hannah closed her eyes.

Hannah heard the clippers being turned off and no longer felt the vibrations of the cutting heads on her already over-stimulated pussy. She felt first the shaving cream being applied, next a razor removing it and afterwards a warm damp cloth. The next thing she felt was warm breath near her pussy and then a hot tongue lapping her bald beaver. Hannah felt Lisa’s hand massaging her breasts. The tongue stopped licking her pussy and instead she felt a hard cock moving in and out. Hannah no longer felt Lisa’s hands on her breasts. The nipple she had been sucking on was pulled from her mouth. Hannah heard clippers being turned on. She knew what was going to happen next.

Hannah opened her eyes and watched as the clippers Lisa held cut path after path cleanly through her hair. Hannah was amazed at the excitement she was feeling. Her pussy was literally dripping wet. She looked down at Jack’s hard and long cock as it disappeared into her red and swollen pussy lips. Pumping vigorously it disappeared and reappeared over and over and over.

The sound the clippers stopped and she heard shaving cream being dispensed. She felt the coolness as the wet foam was applied to her head. The rough stubble left on her head caught hold of the shaving cream. Feeling the razor as it pulled and cut the very short hairs remaining on her head, Hannah climaxed. Shortly thereafter she felt Jack’s load fill her pussy. Lisa washed Hannah’s head and as suddenly as it began it was over.


Rhonda came to in the other chair. Hannah felt weak, but moved as Jack and Lisa told her and Rhonda to get in the middle of the floor for pictures. Lisa positioned the women in the classic sixty-nine position. Bald heads to bald beavers. Hairless and happy. “Give each other a last lick and you can go,” Jack told the tired women. They licked each other eagerly, regaining their lost vigor.

“That’s enough for now,” Lisa said, tired after the all-nighter they had just been through. Lisa instructed them to put on their uniforms and go.

What had happened during those early morning hours was something none of them would forget. Anyone driving past or walking by the shop would have certainly looked twice had they seen two bald-headed women in cleaning uniforms walking along hand in hand smiling broadly and contentedly.


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