Rhonda: Crime Doesn’t Pay

Rhonda: Crime Doesn't Pay

Rhonda: Crime Doesn’t Pay – Vam

Guilty! Guilty of possession of stolen goods. “Young lady, since this is your first offense I am going to send you to the county reformatory for girls for the next 90 days. Because you are over 18 you could have been sent to the state penitentiary for women. Deputy, take the prisoner into custody.”

A stout mannish looking deputy sheriff approached Rhonda from behind holding a pair of handcuffs in her hand. “O.K. honey, you’re coming with me now.” She clapped the handcuffs around Rhonda’s slender wrists and led her out of the courtroom. The deputy’s firm grip tightened on Rhonda’s shoulder as she ushered her into the elevator.

Rhonda started to cry, “Where are you taking me? What’s happening?”

The deputy said in a stern voice, “You’re going to the county girls’ reformatory. 90 days, that’s it. Just don’t give me a hard time, I got a job to do.” She grabbed Rhonda by the back of the neck and said, “Just don’t give me any shit.” The elevator door opened. Rhonda and the deputy walked down a long white corridor to a bench. “Take a seat here, they call your name when they’re ready.” Then she left and walked back to the elevator.

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A woman wearing a white jacket over brown deputy uniform came out with a clipboard. “Felko, Rhonda, is that you?”

She replied quietly, “Yes.”

“O.K. let’s get you ready. The bus is leaving in an hour, follow me.” Rhonda followed her into the room. “Strip and put all your clothes, jewelry in this box, then put these on,” and she gave her a cardboard box and a grey denim dress. Then she took Rhonda’s sneakers and looked at the size, and handed her a pair of black slippers. When Rhonda had stripped the deputy told her to bend over the desk and shoved her hand into her pussy. Rhonda jumped when she felt the deputy’s fingers searching inside her. The deputy pulled her gloved hand out and said, “Well, you’re clean, get dressed.” Rhonda put on the baggy dress and tried to comb her long brown hair. The deputy took the comb from her hand and put it in the box.

Rhonda was trembling now, she felt like she had just been raped. She had no idea what to expect next. The deputy who had brought her down from the courtroom came into the room. She said to the other deputy, “Is our little shoplifter ready?” Then she and to Rhonda, ” Judge wants you to learn a lesson that crime doesn’t pay, so you got 90 days to think about it.” Then she said, “Let’s get it over with because the bus will be here soon.”

Then she pulled back a curtain. In the corner was a barber chair. “Let’s go, Felko, in the chair,” said the deputy, holding handcuffs in her hand. “Get in the chair.”

Rhonda reached up and grabbed her hair then started yelling, “What are you going to do… what are you going to do to me?”

The deputy in the white jacket said, “You can’t have long hair at the county school, that’s the regulation, now in the chair.”

Slowly Rhonda edged towards the chair and then she asked, her voice trembling, “Please don’t cut it too short.”

The deputy smiled sarcastically and responded, “Don’t you worry, just leave it to me.”

Rhonda sat in the chair and the deputy wrapped a cape around her neck. Then she turned the chair to the mirror, lifted the hair from her neck and said as she held three feet of thick brown hair aloft, “Don’t you worry about this anymore,” and with that she popped on the black clippers she was holding in her hand. Then she said to the other deputy, “You’d better hold her down, she’s a fighter.” Rhonda felt the deputy’s hand holding her in the chair as she saw the clippers sever the mass of brown hair and drop it to the floor. The remaining hair framed Rhonda’ face and the brown hair clung to her tear-stained cheeks. Rhonda’s eyes were frozen on the mirror. Then the clippers began to eat away the hair framing Rhonda’s face. The deputy took real pleasure in her work as she slowly clipped away Rhonda’s locks. Her mane had been reduced to a 1/4″ crew cut like a Marine. Then suddenly the clippers stopped, as the deputy brushed off the fallen hair.

“O.K., almost done now, just got to clean you up.” Then the clippers came to life again. When Rhonda felt them on the back of her neck she let out a blood-curdling scream. “Hold her, damn it hold her tight,” the deputy said. Each pass of the clippers rendered more short brown stubble and Rhonda’s pale scalp began to appear. The deputy held her head down as the clippers shaved the last hair from the crown of Rhonda’s head. Back and forth across her scalp until there was only a shadow of hair on her scalp. Then that clipper went silent. Rhonda felt her head being rubbed with a wet cloth and then she could hear a scraping sound as the deputy shaved off the last stubble leaving her scalp shaven smooth as a pool ball. “That’s got it,” the deputy said as they admired the shaven scalp.

Rhonda opened her eyes looked at the mirror and screamed…. “No!”

“The bus is here,” the deputy said. “Let’s get her out of here.” The deputy said to Rhonda, “Don’t worry, they’ll let it grow back after 2 months, maybe if you stay out of trouble.” As they left the room and entered the corridor, the deputy who had done the barbering reached down to the floor and handed Rhonda a three-foot lock of her hair and said, “Crime doesn’t pay.”

The bench outside the room had three girls nervously waiting. The deputy came into the hall with her clipboard and said, “Rodriguez, Maria, you’re next.” Rhonda could hear the girl screaming as she got on the bus full of sobbing bald-headed girls. The deputy told the driver, “Let’s go.”


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