Royal Barbershop

Royal Barbershop

Royal Barbershop by [email protected]

Jen sat at the small table and sipped her Coke, her nervousness evident as she fumbled with the straw. It had been six months since she’d last seen Bev, and what a last visit it had been. She and Bev had lived together for over a year, and then she met ….him. They’d met one night at a club, she was a bit tipsy, and he swept her off her feet….literally. Carried her to his apartment and they made love, she never knew it could really feel good with a male, I mean she and Bev had explored many sexual angles, but none of their sex toys really could FEEL like that….hot throbbing….. She closed that thought and remembered the very next day when she moved out. It was a bad argument, loud and hurtful….”how can you leave me for…a MAN?” Well that was months ago and Jen soon discovered that her man was more than just a penis, he was also an ass, and after 3 months the ass part took over. So she’d moved out and gotten her own apartment, and began thinking of Bev. Bev with her trim strong body, always tanned, her close cropped blonde hair soft at her nape….

A passing Taxi’s horn brought her back to the present, and back to her jitters. She had tried several times to call Bev, but after a couple of beers last night, finally did it, and Bev agreed to meet her. She looked up and there she was! And god did she look good. She had let her hair grow some, still super short by most standards but long for Bev, and was that…eye makeup? Bev sat and was cool at first, but as they talked she warmed up. They talked mostly of good old times, and there were plenty of them.

“You look really good Bev, I can’t believe your hair!”

“Thanks…just a new look for me….no real reason for it though.”

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Jen gave an inward sigh of relief, she wasn’t seeing anyone else. Jen finally got to the point, getting back together. Bev told her how truly hurt she’d been, Jen said she’d do anything if they could get back together.


“Yes, absolutely!”

“OK. Meet me outside Dalton’s book store, tomorrow at 3:00. Wear something nice… ummm… you still got the real pretty flowery dress I gave you for your birthday last year?”

“Oh yes! of course.” They parted with a quick kiss to the cheek and Jen’s heart racing, she really had wanted to take Bev back to her new apartment and wildly thrash around with her in bed….but she didn’t want to rush things….she’d wait till tomorrow!

Three o’clock the next day. Jen thought she was going to be late. She had worked soooo hard on her “look”. She had the dress going, the heels, an ankle bracelet Bev had given her, she spent a half an hour on her hair alone. She wore a cute short layered cut, it covered half her ears was about collar length in back and was full on top. She even had used her curling iron to fluff the top and back. She glanced in the window of the book store to catch her reflection. She gently tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear as she admired the cut. She had taken a recent magazine photo of Lady Diana into her stylist for this look.

“Hey love!”

She turned and there was Bev. Bev came forward and planted a hot wet kiss on her, tongue and all, right there on the sidewalk…Jen blushed. “You look fantastic…come with me.”

Bev took her by the hand and led her around the corner, stopping in front of “Ed’s Clipper Ship” barber shop, Jen hesitated. “Hey…you said anything, right?”


“Trust me love!” Another kiss. Jen smiled…anything was worth this. She let Bev lead her through the door, the little bell jingling as they entered. A large man she assumed was Ed sat in his barber chair reading Sports Illustrated. He had a dead stump of a cigar clenched in his teeth.

“Hey Ed, how are ya’ today?”

“Real good angel, how ’bout you?” So this is where all those crops and crewcuts came from huh? Ed stood up and Bev led Jen to the chair. The leather was sunken in and hot from Ed’s large frame. Jen gathered the flowing dress around her legs and sat down. Ed produced a crumpled pinstriped cape and with a flourish, like a magician with his cape, snapped it open and around her neck all with one smooth move.

“Ed, I want you to give her a really clean high and tight for me.” Jen’s heart thumped.

“OK angel, for you…anything.” Ed took his wide toothed comb and raked it through Jen’s hair. After all the work she’d put into her hair, she had plastered it well with spray. “Well, little lady, when I’m done with you, you won’t need to mess with that lacquer anymore.” He looked up at Bev who was standing at the foot of the chair and winked. He put Jen’s head forward. There was a loud “pop” and a low grumbling, humming. Jen’s eyes grew wide as she felt what she thought was the teeth of a comb lift her fringe at her neck and slide up her head. When the comb got to the crown it stopped momentarily. A handful of shorn soft blonde clumps drifted past her face to her lap. Ed continued with the clippers again at her nape. Another handful of fluff in her lap. He took several more paths up the back of her head, then moved to her left side. He gently lifted her head and tipped it to right, she got a look at Bev, with a huge loving smile, and she knew this was right. Ed guided the clippers up the side of her head, around her ear, the humming almost deafening. The hair was now filling the cape, spilling over onto the floor. Ed swiftly moved to the right side and tilted her head to the left. From below her ear, all the way to the top of her head, the clippers easily clearing her head of fine softness. Ed stopped and gently moved her head to an upright position. He turned the clippers off and turned to his countertop. Jen was still turned away from the mirror and, reading her mind as usual, Bev moved to a hook on the chair and grabbed a hand mirror. She held it in front of Jen. Jen gasped slightly as she saw herself in the little mirror, hair still full and loosely curled on top, full bangs, but absolutely sheared and flat on the sides. Jen reached out and ran her fingers over the back of her head, the stubble soft when going down the head, but prickly when going up her head. The door bell jingled and another young woman walked in. She was gorgeous! Tall, slim, dressed to the hilt, and with beautiful long soft blonde hair almost halfway down her back. She didn’t say anything, but sat in a waiting chair and leafed through a magazine. Bev put the mirror back on its hook and stepped back as Ed returned. He lifted Jen’s bangs with his comb and with a pop and hum placed the clippers at the forehead and guided straight down the middle of her head. Some of her bangs fell to her lap and Jen could see the soft curl she’d spent so much time on. Again and again Ed slid the clippers over her crown and Jen could feel the locks tumbling over the sheared back of her head and knew they were piling up on the floor. Ed turned the clippers off and looked at Bev.

“Well, what do you think angel?”

Bev stepped forward and ran her warm hand over Jen’s buzzed head. She placed her finger about 1/2 an inch ABOVE the left ear. “This is great Ed, but I’d like you to shave it up to….here. All the way around please.”

“All the way? OK, you got it.”

Jen’s heart pounded…”shave!?” But before she could react Ed had her head down again and was spreading hot thick cream from one side of her head around the back to the other side. Bev walked back and took a seat next to the blonde.

“Ok, now you sit real still little gal, don’t wanna lose an ear.” Jen’s eyes grew very wide as Ed started slowly but firmly removing the cream from the left side of her head. Jen knew that much more than cream was being removed, her remnants of hair, and very possibly her femininity too. as Ed turned to his sink to clean the razor, Jen glanced up…and saw Bev holding the blonde’s hand! Before she could react Ed was back, the blade rasping across the back of her head. With her eyes turned up practically through her skull, Jen could see two pairs of feet at the foot of the chair. Again Ed moved to the sink. Jen looked up and Bev had her arm around….her.

“Jen, this is Amanda. We’d love to stick around, but we’re off to the theater tonight. It’s been fun though.” They moved to the door, Ed telling them to take care of themselves. “Oh Jen, don’t forget to pay the man. And he deserves a BIG tip. Bye……”

Ed had finished the scraping on the right side by now, and lifted the furry cape away from her. She slowly stood, looking at the floor, completely covered with soft blonde. She raised her hand to her head, perfectly clean, slick until the stubbly top. She glanced at the wall mirror. What a sight she was, sheared head and soft flowery fluttery dress. What an odd contrast she thought. The thought was interrupted by a hand with short stubby fingers…. “That’ll be 10 bucks sweetheart….


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