Back In College

Back In College

It’s hard to believe that it has only been a few years since that crazy thing took place in college. I remember it well, very well. It all started with a bet that my best friend made me. At the time we both had long, beautiful hair. Mine was blond and hers was brown and sort of curly.

We both had lots of guys chasing after us in high school and in college. We didn’t care about that as much as we did about track. We had been running track together since we were in grade school. One day after practice, I made a remark about how nasty my hair had gotten during practice. Karen said that she had often wanted to cut all of her hair off but that she didn’t have the guts to go through with it. I told her that if she ever wanted someone to go with her to do it, that I was there for her.

I guess it was about 1:00 the next afternoon when I got her phone call. Karen wanted me to have lunch with her down town. I had just eaten but I didn’t care. So I hopped in my car and got there as fast as I could because I knew that she had something planned. I got there about 15 minutes later and met her at the cafe. It just happened to be across the street from a beauty salon. I knew right then that something was up. She told me that she had made appointments for both of us to have our hair cut. I thought nothing of it at the time because my hair needed a trimming.

We walked in and sat down to wait. We were served very quickly. Apparently we were both supposed to be getting our hair cut at the same time. The two women stylists led us back to wash our hair out. That was the part that I always loved about going to get my hair cut with my mom when I was younger was that they always washed my hair for me. I guess it turned me on when I was younger and I just didn’t know it. Anyway they finished washing our hair and took us out to the seats.

I heard Karen tell her stylist that she wanted something really short. She had cut her hair short in grade school once and it looked horrible. I figured that I didn’t need all this hair for anything. I told the stylist that I wanted her to cut it off above the ears and to take her time. She sprayed my hair with more water so that it would stay wet while she was cutting it. She combed my hair that was parted to one side straight out. I didn’t realize how badly I needed a haircut until I saw how long my bangs had gotten: they almost covered my eyes up.

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The stylist took out her scissors and started to attack the huge mass of blond hair. She first cut about an inch and a half off. She then started to take even bigger chunks out. Pretty soon there was almost a foot of hair on the floor, and I still had hair down to my chin. She cut it off about an inch above my ear. It still didn’t look right to me. I had seen women before have the clippers used on the sides and backs of their necks before. I asked if she could do that for me. She put an 8 guard on. She snapped the guard on, turned on the clippers and started to buzz the sides and back of my head. I felt so different and wonderful to feel the clippers run around my head.

It was about this time that I saw that Karen’s stylist had finished up with her. She turned Karen around and I was shocked to see that she was totally bald! It was then that I told the stylist that I wanted that. She stopped in the middle of buzzing the right side of my head and put the shaving guard on the clippers. She started on the nape. She shaved it up to the top of my head and stopped. She then made several more passes until the back was completely shaved bald. She then shaved the sides. I loved seeing all of the hair that had always gotten in my way fall to the floor under the powerful wake of the clippers. She was now finished with the sides and back. Now came the fun part, the top.

She turned the clippers back on and arched them in front of my head. She had turned me away from the mirror this time so that I would not see the full effect until she was finished. I knew she had started because I saw a wide path emerge in my bangs. As if on cue, I had an orgasm right then and there. I just couldn’t wait until she was finished to see what I looked like. I finally heard the clippers shut off for the last time. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I looked good bald. I then realized that I had wanted to do this for years.

When we came back to school after Winter Break, I had grown some stubble up there. That’s how I got the nickname clipperedchick.



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