Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by Amanda Robinson

Jessie was nervous. Today was the big day she had been looking forward to for weeks. The day of the auditions for this year’s school play. She definitely wanted one of the leading parts. She loved acting, and she dreamed of going to Hollywood and being a movie star one day.

“Romeo and Juliet”, that was the play Miss Pearson had chosen this year. Jessie was a very romantic girl, and this play really appealed to her. She knew she would be the perfect Juliet. Although she knew she was very talented, there was some competition. Jessie’s best friend Amy had decided to go for the part as well.

At four o’clock in the afternoon about 30 students had gathered in the canteen. Miss Pearson hadn’t arrived yet. Jessie saw Amy standing near the coffee machine. She walked in her direction.

“Hi Amy,” she said. “You’re going for the part of Juliet as well?” She saw Amy looking at her.

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“Yes, I am. I hope you don’t mind. I know that you want the part as well.”

“Well, I want that part, but what the heck, you are my best friend, and if you get it I won’t be jealous,” Jessie said. “May the best person win.”

At ten past four Miss Pearson arrived. She was ten minutes late and she apologized for that, but she had a good reason she said.

“I just had a phone call from Aaron Spelling. He’s looking for new talent for ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and he will be coming to the performance, because I told him that some of my students are very talented.”

“You know Aaron Spelling?” Jessie asked. “And he’s really gonna be here to see our play? That’s fantastic.” She could already see herself in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, playing alongside her idol, Jason Priestly. Wow, this was what she had always dreamed about. She had to get that leading part. She wanted it more than ever now.

“Yes, Aaron is my uncle.” Miss Pearson saw the students looking at her unbelievingly. “Tori is my younger cousin, but let’s not talk about that. Let’s start with the auditions.”


Two hours later everybody had played three scenes, and Miss Pearson had seen enough to decide which student would get what part. “Ok, this has been very difficult, because a lot of you are very talented, but I have made my decision. She started reading the list she had drawn up.

“Tybalt will be played by Martin Henderson. John Brady will be Mercutio…”

As she continued reading Jessie and Amy grew more and more tense. “And the part of Juliet goes to…”

Jessie felt her heart race. She desperately wanted this part. She’d give everything for it. “The part of Juliet goes to…” Miss Pearson repeated, “Amy Johnson!”

Jessie felt like she had just been hit by a truck. How was this possible? This should have been her part. She saw Amy smile. She couldn’t take this any more. She was about to break out in tears and run away, when she heard Miss Pearson say, “And last but not least, the part of Romeo goes to… Jessie Robertson.”

Jessie couldn’t believe her luck. The part of Romeo. That was almost as good as Juliet. It was an even bigger part, the leading role in the play. Wow! She felt like she was walking on air.

Then she heard Miss Pearson say, “OK, everybody. You can start learning your lines now. The first rehearsal will be next week at the same time. Everybody can go now, except Amy and Jessie. I want to talk to them before they leave.”

Miss Pearson led the two girls to a table. “Please, take a seat. There is something I want to discuss with you. I have given you these big parts because I believe the two of you are the most talented in the group. I have no doubt you can play these parts perfectly.”

Jessie blushed, but wondered if there was a point to this. “The problem however is that the two of you don’t look right for the parts. Amy, let’s start with you. I have always pictured Juliet as a redhead. I’d like you to dye your hair red for the part. Is that a problem for you?”

Amy and Jessie looked each other in the eye. Then Amy turned her gaze to Miss Pearson. “I am a bit surprised, but I don’t have a problem with it. I’m fed up with my dark brown hair anyway. I think I will look good as a redhead. If a change of colour is what you want, then I’ll do it.”

“Good,” Miss Pearson answered, relieved. “I was a bit afraid that you might not agree.” Then she turned to Jessie. “I hope you’ll agree to the changes I’ve got in mind for you as well.”

Jessie was curious to hear what Miss Pearson had to say. She wouldn’t mind a change of colour. Her hair was a very light shade of blond, almost white. It was very straight and reached her hips. She was very proud of her beautiful hair, but she wouldn’t mind dying it dark brown, or black, if that was what Miss Pearson wanted.

“What I have in mind for you is a bit different, Jessie. I mean it’s not very common to have a girl playing a boy’s part, so I want you to look like a boy.” Jessie turned pale. She had a feeling she might not like what she was about to hear.

“I want you to dye your hair dark brown, but I also want you to cut it short, very short. I want you to look like a boy. I want you to be a convincing Romeo.”

For a moment Jessie couldn’t speak. She tried to say something, but the words didn’t come. Then finally she said, “You can’t be serious! I love my hair. It’s so beautiful. I just can’t cut if off, because you want me to.”

“I don’t want to force you into anything, dear,” she heard the teacher say, “If you don’t want to cut your hair that’s fine with me, but then I’ll have to give the part of Romeo to someone else. You can think about it for a while, but I have to know if you’ll take the part or not by tomorrow.”


On their way home Amy said to Jessie: “I’m going straight to the salon to have my hair dyed. I want to see what I look like as a redhead. What about you? I mean, it would be a really radical change for you. Are you going to cut your hair?”

“I don’t know,” Jessie said. “I don’t really want to cut my hair, but I want this part so badly, I don’t think I have a choice. I mean acting in a series like ‘Melrose Place’ has always been my big dream. This might be the only chance I’ll ever get. Aaron Spelling will come here, and if he sees my talent, I’m in with a good chance.”

“Then you’ll have to make a few sacrifices, I guess. Why don’t you come to the salon with me, and have it over and done with right now?”

“Right now?” Jessie looked at her best friend in surprise. “I don’t know. I wanted to think about this for a while. It’s a big step to take.”

Amy disagreed. “You know this is your only chance to become a famous actress, so you have to do this. Thinking about it for too long will only make this more difficult. It’s best to have it over and done with as soon as possible. Are you coming?”

Not completely convinced yet, Jessie followed her friend to the salon. “You go first,” she said, wanting to delay this as long as possible.


Jessie watched with interest as the stylist, Max he was called, did Amy’s hair. Amy sat down in the big chair and Max draped the cape around her. He started combing her hair, and asked her what she wanted. Amy explained and Max suggested taking 5 inches off the length as well, leaving her hair two inches below the shoulders. Amy agreed, and Max started cutting.

Jessie was surprised that watching Amy having her hair cut turned her on. Would having her own hair cut turn her on as well? Would it turn Amy on? She kept on watching, not wanting to miss any of the action.

Jessie looked at the strands of hair that fell to the floor, then she looked at Amy. Max had been right. This slightly shorter style looked much better on Amy. It made her look more feminine. She wondered how the new colour would look on Amy.

She kept on watching her friend during the colouring process. Even this aroused her. She kept on wondering why. Amy did look beautiful. Did she have feelings for Amy? Was she sexually attracted to a girl, to her best friend?

Max had finished the colouring and started to blow-dry and style Amy’s hair. Jessie could see that Amy liked her new style as well. When Max was finished, Amy stood up and turned towards Jessie. Wow, Jessie thought. She had never seen Amy look this beautiful, this feminine, this sexy. She ran her fingers through Amy’s hair, and said: “You look beautiful, a real Juliet.”

“Now it’s your turn, Jessie”, she heard Amy say. Jessie looked at her friend and then at Max. Reluctantly she said down in the chair. She felt uncomfortable. In a few minutes her lovely long blond tresses would be all on the floor. She didn’t know if she could handle it. Max draped the cape around her and started combing her long hair.

Amy had already explained the situation to Max earlier, and now he asked Jessie if she was really ready for this. He had his scissors ready to make the first cut, when Jessie said: “No, I can’t go through with this.” She stood up, threw the cape on the floor, and ran trough the door, into the street. Amy followed her and tried to calm her down.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to.” Amy’s reassuring words made Jessie calm down.

“Can you go in and explain to Max for me? I don’t think I can face him right now,” Jessie told her. “I feel so embarrassed for running out. I feel like a little child.”

“No problem. I’ll talk to him. I’m sure he understands. It was a big step you were about to take, and it was not completely your own choice.”

When Amy came out of the salon again a few minutes later, she put her arm around Jessie to reassure her. “Max, understood completely. You don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

Together they walked home, and Jessie was aware that Amy’s arm around her made her feel better.


A few hours later, after dinner, Jessie and Amy were together in Jessie’s bedroom, studying their lines, and rehearsing some scenes. They were doing quite well, and the fact that they were rehearsing so seriously made Jessie realise that she really wanted this part.

Suddenly Amy said, “In this scene Romeo kisses Juliet, so I suppose you’ll have to kiss me. Let’s rehearse that as well.”

Jessie was surprised, but also realised that this probably meant that Amy felt the same way about her. She walked towards Amy, put her hands on her shoulders, and pressed her lips against hers. She felt as if electricity flowed through her. In the play the kiss was supposed to be a quick touch of their lips, nothing more, but this kiss turned very passionate. She floated.

When she finally let go she said, “I changed my mind about cutting my hair. I want YOU to cut it, right here and now. Watching hair being cut turns me on, and if I’m not mistaken it turns you on as well.”

Amy answered the question without words: another passionate kiss. Finally she said, “Ok, get me scissors, a comb and a sheet we can use as a cape. I’m ready if you are.”

Jessie opened her desk drawer to look for scissors, then went to the bathroom to get a comb and a brush. “I’m not sure if we have any clean sheets. I think they’re all in the washing machine. But we don’t need it, I’ll just get undressed to avoid getting hair all over my clothes.”

Even as she spoke she started to unbutton her white blouse, and dropped it to the floor. The T-shirt she wore under the blouse followed. Then her shoes and her socks, and finally she dropped her jeans. She stood there in her underwear, not sure if she should take that off as well. She decided that this was enough… for the moment.

She put a chair down in the middle of the room, in front of the big mirror on the wall. She sat down and handed the brush, comb and scissors to Amy, who was visibly turned on, not only by Jessie’s striptease show, but also by the thought of cutting her friend’s beautiful long hair.

Amy took the brush and started to brush Jessie’s hair. Her beautiful past-waist-length hair was very shiny and became more beautiful with every brush stroke. “How short do I have to cut it? You have to look like a boy, so I suppose something like 2 inches all over?”

Jessie agreed, and Amy was ready to make the first cut. This time Jessie didn’t chicken out, this time she did feel comfortable. That was all because of Amy. She never realised she felt this way about Amy, never thought she could ever feel like this about a girl.

Amy took a long lock at the front of Amy’s face and opened the scissor blades. “Are you ready?”

Jessie nodded, and Amy cut. The long lock fell in Jessie’s lap. Then another lock, and another. Jessie looked in the mirror and saw her long tresses fall down one by one. She was excited, and she could tell that Amy got aroused as well.

There was no turning back now. She’d end up with a short crop. For the first time she started to like the idea. She’d had long hair all her life, and a change wasn’t so bad after all. It would also save her a lot of time caring for it.

Her lap was already fully covered with hair, and Amy hadn’t even cut that much yet. She had finished the top and now started on the left side. More strands ended up in Jessie’s lap and on the bedroom floor. Amy kept on cutting, and soon all of Jessie’s hair was short.

Jessie looked at the hair in her lap, and on the floor. She couldn’t believe that a moment ago all that hair had been attached to her head. The thought of that exited her again, and she felt she was wet between her legs.

Amy run her fingers through Jessie’s freshly cut, short hair. She loved the feeling. Jessie stood up and the hair in her lap tumbled to the floor. She looked into the mirror again. Yes, she loved her new haircut. Why hadn’t she done this years ago?

She looked at Amy. They kissed again, and slowly she started to unbutton Amy’s blouse. She helped Amy take it off. Amy wasn’t wearing a bra, and Jessie kissed her bare breast tenderly.

“I want you,” she said softly, “I want you now. More than anything in the world I want to make love with you.” She took Amy’s hand and led her to her bed.


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