Jo and Lisa Go to Blackpool

Jo and Lisa Go to Blackpool

Jo and Lisa Go to Blackpool – John

It’s more than a year now since I (John) found Jo in bed with another man (See John’s first story in punishment cuts) but life has gone on as normal. Jo tired of her short hair and let it grow again, despite any protests from me. Anyway, every year Jo goes to Blackpool with her best friend for a weekend of non-stop boozing and partying. This time had come around again, Jo and Lisa were on their way to Blackpool, and Lisa’s husband and I had the job of babysitting for the weekend. We were just going to spend the day watching soccer on the TV when the phone rang.

“Hi John, its Mum. I just wondered if you would like me to have both of the kids this weekend, then you can go to Blackpool and have some fun yourself. My plans were cancelled at the last minute this weekend so I thought you and Mark might like to go away as well.” I just couldn’t believe my luck. Mark was up for it so we quickly got some clothes together and drove the two-hour journey to Blackpool. We didn’t know where the girls were staying so we booked into a different guesthouse in the hope that we would meet up later on in the night, when we were out on the town.

The time was 7pm, we were drop dead gorgeous (as usual) and were ready to go out on the town. We went round on a pub-crawl, by the time it got to about 9pm we still had not met up with the girls. We were just about to give up and go back to our digs when we caught sight of them across the other side of the dance floor in a very crowded theme bar. We were just about to go over to them when Mark noticed that they were not by themselves; they were surrounded by a group of guys. They both had a smile a mile wide, one guy had his arm around Jo while another had his hand on her knee. Lisa was kissing one guy and rubbing his crotch area. Mark and I looked at each other in disbelief. I felt absolutely devastated after everything that had happened the year before, and the look on Mark’s face was telling me that he felt the same. Mark looked at me in disbelief.

“I’m going to go over there, punch the guy and drag Lisa out of here by the scruff of her neck.”

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I stopped him and said, “Look, if we do that, all that’s going to happen is we are going to get thrown out by the doormen and have a blazing row with our wives which isn’t going to solve anything. Let’s just sit and think about this for a while. I’m sure that there is a way we can teach the girls a lesson that they will never forget.” Mark looked at me in puzzlement. I took him to a quiet corner in the bar.

As the night wore on I explained to Mark what I had in mind. He seemed surprised at what I had in mind, but agreed that it would be a just punishment for their betrayal against us. We watched them as they kissed and groped various guys in amongst a group of about 20. At about 2am, the group of men, Jo and Lisa and one or two other women that the guys had met headed towards the door. We followed at a discreet distance. In Blackpool in the height of the summer many shops stay open until there are no more customers. One such shop sold all sorts, so I ducked in there while Mark kept an eye on where the girls were going. I bought a pair of scissors and a small electric beard/hair trimmer. I quickly caught up to Mark, they weren’t moving that fast due to the drink. They walked along for about 10 minutes when they came to one of the larger hotels. As we got closer I noticed that it advertised an all-night bar for residents and guests. They were about 50 feet in front when the group started going in.

We caught up and just blended in at the back of the crowd as they walked in. In the hotel there was a bit of a disco going on. Mark and I went to a corner and kept out of the way for a while as we watched Jo and Lisa. I noticed them both going out of the bar area with about four of the guys. I told Mark that I was going to find out where they were going. I hid near a post while they stood at reception. One of the guys asked for Room 42’s key. I went back into the bar area, the disco had stopped by now and the others were just sat around drinking. I went with Mark and got a drink.

I said, “Come on, we are going to find out what’s happening with our loving wives.”

We sat at a table on the edge of the group. I heard one of the guys mention the girls’ names, he said to one of the others, “I can’t believe those girls, they are up for anything. I’m going up to the room next with Gary and Sean.”

I butted in. “Sorry, did I hear you right? That blonde and dark-haired girl are up for it? Any chance me and my mate getting in on this?”

The guy said, “Yeah, why not. I’m sure that they won’t mind – the more the merrier. I’ll ask them when I’m up there.”

I replied, “Great, but there’s no hurry, I’ve got all night, pal.”

After about an hour the four guys came down, laughing and telling the guys that were left about what they had been up to. Gary, Sean and the chap I was speaking to went up next. There were only about another six guys left as the others had gone to their own rooms with their own girls or were too pissed to stand up, never mind fuck our “loving” wives. After about thirty minutes the other guys came down. I couldn’t believe it when he told the other six to go up all at once. I looked at Mark. I thought he was going to blow up at that point.

I said, “Be patient, they’ll get what’s coming to them.”

The guy I spoke to earlier said, “Hey, go up now if you want, I’m sure they won’t mind. I asked them and they just said they just loved as much dick as they could get.”

I gave my thanks but said that we would wait. After about another 2 hours the others came down one by one. There must have only been one guy left there with them, it was nearly 5am now.

The last guy that came down gave us the nod to go up. I said that we were just going to finish our drinks. Time for the rest of our plan. I gave it another 30 minutes, all the other guys had gone now. The one that was missing must be staying in room 42, I figured. We made our way up to the room, noticed the door was open, and put our heads round the corner. Sure enough, there were the missing guy, Jo and Lisa, totally comatose, naked and just waiting for our revenge.

I went over to Jo, gave her a nudge, she didn’t stir. I motioned for Mark to check Lisa, she was the same, so was the guy. I got my pair of scissors out and asked Mark to help me. He lifted Jo’s head up, I took hold of a large clump of hair, slid my scissors into it….

And closed them. The sound seemed to fill the room. I watched as her hair came away in my hand, it felt absolutely gorgeous. I then kept on cutting Jo’s brown curly locks off, bit by bit. I took my time as I wanted to savour the moment. It wasn’t too long before I had a nice pile of Jo’s hair next to me, the top of her head was in very short, raggy locks. I just put the scissors at the nape of her neck and started cutting the rest, her hair fell away easily due to the new, very sharp, scissors. I just kept cutting and cutting, my dick was getting harder all the time. When I had done as much as I could with the scissors, I got out the trimmer and plugged it in. I started at the nape of Jo’s neck, the trimmer worked remarkably well as it ploughed through her hair. I watched as a white path appeared where it had been, small dark hairs were all over the floor and bed. I kept shaving away the rest of her hair, she didn’t open her eyes once, she was that drunk. I looked at Mark, he had a smile on his face as he watched me. I offered him the scissors so that he could start on Lisa’s hair and he went over. Lisa had long, blonde hair, she always wore it in a style that I never liked, the front was always up high. I thought it was quite an old style. As I watched, Mark got hold of her long fringe and cut it straight off. He held it in front of him, then threw it on the floor. He started to cut her long blonde hair off quickly after that. I could hear the sound of the scissors as I finished shaving the rest of Jo’s hair off. I had a strange range of emotions: I felt sad at Jo’s betrayal, yet turned on when I looked at her shaven head. I went over and helped Mark cut Lisa’s hair. He had cut the hair off one side of her head – her blonde hair was in tatters, as Mark started to snip off the other side of her hair. I held her head and started to shave the freshly-cut side. Short blonde hairs were all over, her head was now almost denuded. I had a massive erection. (I had fantasised about cutting Lisa’s hair off for many months) She also was so drunk that she never moved. I finished off the nape of her neck, then plowed the trimmer all the way up and over the top of her head. Her hair landed on her naked body, the floor, the bed everywhere.

We finally finished. As we stepped back and surveyed our handiwork, we looked at each other, went over to the guy and shaved a stripe straight down the middle of his head. That will teach him to fuck our women.

We went back to our own guesthouse, packed our things, then drove straight home. We were at home for almost an hour when the phone rang. Surprise, surprise, it was Jo. I said, “Hello sweetheart, have you had a good time?” She started to cry, telling me that she and Lisa must have been slipped some drugs in their drinks, and when they were unconscious, someone had shaved their heads. I sounded so sympathetic, and told her not to worry, after all, it’s only hair. She was still crying when she hung up, after telling me that she loved me and would see me when she came home. Mark had had a similar call, we both decided that we would keep quiet, as we were quite sure they had learnt their lesson. Sure enough, when they came home they were very tearful, never ever going to Blackpool again. After this time, Mark and I would often talk to each other about how we got our own back and Jo never knew that I finally got to fulfil my fantasy.

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