Reality Meets Fantasy

Reality Meets Fantasy

Reality Meets Fantasy by: Cruzzer

The warmth of my smooth scalp feels so erotic. The cool air on my head and neck makes me feel so happy. My haircuts are always a pleasurable experience. I love the feeling. My head feels so clean and light afterwards. The burden of styling my thick hair for so many years was lifted off my shoulders. Now it’s shower and go, with no trouble. I remember a short bob I got last summer.

The hairstylist had asked if I wanted it over the collar, and I had said yes. At the time my hair was in a pageboy style cut. She had shampooed me and put me in her styling chair. Combing out my hair, she pushed my head down and I felt the scissors way above where they should have felt on my neck for my usual bob cut. Then I got a sick feeling in my stomach that this cut was not going to look right when I returned to work on Monday. However, I would come to very much appreciate the shortness of the cut. She chopped about 2 inches off my neck at a line about at the bottom of my ear. She then combed it down again and repeated the shearing about half an inch higher. She completed the cut, which looked very cute from the front. In the back she had about a 1-2 inch area above my hairline that had to be shaved clean to complete the cut. She took her tapering clippers and shaved half of my neck bare, up until where the bob now began. This had to be the most erotic feeling haircut I had gotten at the time.

I remember going in my pool up to my neck, the cold unheated Michigan water on my shaved neck, not even reaching the bobbed back until the water covered my mouth. I would stroke the back of my head from crown to neck feeling the shortness of the cut. Every other day I would have to clean up my neck that had obviously been shaved for my new cut. I had a pair of clippers that would take care of this. The shaving would not just be the small little hairs on the sides of the neck. This cut had to be cleaned up way above the hairline all across my neck. A few times I experimented with a razor to clean up my neck. I got some burn back there that was not attractive.

After about six weeks the cut grew out, and I returned to the salon to get it cut again the same way. However, I was not assertive enough to get the stylist to cut it the same way. I was a bit shy of looking like I had a hair fetish. To my disappointment, the stylist gave me a traditional trim. I thought maybe she felt she had given me a poor haircut the last time, that it was too cut too short. She didn’t know that I wanted the cut to look too short. It was part of the attraction.

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My latest cut I received from a family barbershop that had I passed on the way home from work every day for years. I would often fantasize about stopping in there to get a haircut that was too short. There would be just enough time for me to stop in there after work, as they seemed to close at 6 p.m. Today was my last day of work. The merger was finalized and my job ended at the company. It was my turn to have a few months off. Hubby will be paying the bills for a while. I pulled into the shop parking lot, it was nearly empty. As I walked into the shop I noticed that no-one was waiting or getting a cut. A middle-aged man looked up from his chair and pointed me to the last chair in the row. I sat down and he pulled on the cape.

He asked, “What would you like done?”

I said, “Cut it short, like a crewcut on the back and sides, but with longer bangs.”

He grunted disapprovingly, but picked up the clippers. He asked, “How short would you like the back and sides? A half inch, or shorter?”

I said, “Shorter,” and he put a comb on the clippers. At that point, I did not know how much shorter it would be.

He combed my hair down all around my head and fired up the clipper. He pushed my head down and plowed up my head from my hairline to my crown. The clippers made a rasping noise as they cut. It was such a rush to get my first buzzcut. He finished the back and went to my left side, pushing my head over, and beginning in front of my ear, pushed the clippers into the hair drawing them up past my temple. By now, I was in a panic, because I saw how short the cut was. Just an eighth of an inch long was merely stubble. This cut was definitely too short. He buzzed the sides and over the crown about half way across the top. Then he laid down the clippers, picking up scissors and comb. He combed down my bangs and cut across my forehead about two inches above my eyebrows. These bangs were going to be short. Then he used his finger to measure lengths to cut. The bangs were short enough to stand up on their own, being at the most one inch long.

Then the barber asked me why I would want a cut like this when it’s 10 degrees out, in February. I said, “It’s a long story but I have always wanted my hair cut really short and just lost my job so I needed cheering up.”

He blended in the bangs with the short bristles on the sides and top. The bangs were really a disappointment because they were so short they did not lay right. I asked him if he would cut them, because I didn’t like how they looked. He said, “Fine by me,” and buzzed them off with the 1/8-inch attachment. Then he took off the comb and tapered my hairline a few inches and cleaned up my neck. I was now facing the mirror and was not really pleased with how I looked because it was shorter than I had wanted and I had wanted bangs.

On the way home, this feeling changed from distaste to eroticism about the shortness. My husband was not surprised with my cut. Later that night, I asked him to shave my head. It has always been a fantasy of mine. He sat me in the kitchen with a towel around my shoulders. A warm wet towel was kept on my head for about half an hour. Then he removed it and covered my head with shaving cream in a thick white layer. The shaving went well, but after a few strokes, I wanted to do myself. I was getting so turned on from the shaving. My head is a major erogenous zone. The smoothness of my shaven scalp was almost making me orgasm as I shaved.

After the shaving, I sat in front of the TV, just to enjoy watching TV bald. It was a new discovery to do things bald. My first bald shower felt great. My first night’s sleep bald felt great. And the first sex bald was earth shattering. Putting on a hat bald was incredible, especially a warm fleece hat. From now on, I will be wearing a lot of hats to keep warm.


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