Rain Starts Play

Rain Starts Play

Rain Starts Play by Shave_Lover

It all started with a camping trip in the Scottish Highlands, we were on our first holiday together since meeting up at Glasgow Airport. Her name was Astrid, and I’d met her over the Internet. Things had moved very quickly and she emigrated over from the States after just 1 year.

Astrid had very long red curly hair. Due to my earlier coercion she had shaved all the back and sides off, but by the time she came over she’d let them grow for nearly a month, so was quite fuzzy underneath. She’d also stopped shaving her pubes, just to let me have the fun of shaving her down there too…. a very accommodating girl is Astrid!

At my insistence we went on a round Scotland camping trip, so I could show her the country. This was to prove amazing for more reasons than just the scenery!

The first few days were blissful; we went up past Loch Lomond, and through Glencoe, having amazing fun discovering the ins and outs of each other’s overactive imaginations. The weather was beautiful, hot and steamy and our temperatures soared accordingly. We decided to camp high up in Glen Nevis on the 3rd night. We had an amazing night shagging each other outside under the stars… but at 3am the heavens opened, and we made for the warmth of the tent.

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When we awoke, the rain hadn’t ceased. Astrid asked what the plans were on such a miserable day. I told her the time had come to play out our deepest fantasies. She quickly braided her hair into a single long braid over 30 inches long, while I got out the gear. Once she was finished I laid her down on the tent floor in a crouching position, next I slipped my rigid cock into her arse, then with gentle thrusts got her going… and also started my battery clippers. The first job was to clip her back and sides: soon an inch of red hair lay all over the tent and stuck to our sweaty heaving bodies. Then I fixed her braid to the hoop on the top of the tent and, starting at the front, I began clipping all her long hair away. She groaned as the strain started being taken off her suspended head, the turbo clippers making short work of even Astrid’s thick mane of red hair. I quickly tied up the free ends of her braid – this was to be made into a collar and a whip for future fun. I laid her out flat on the floor and started on her pubes, the clippers took no time at all to leave her with nothing but stubble there as well. I covered her mound with foam, and with short loving strokes of the Mach3 left her smooth as the day she was born. I used a hot towel on her head, as her hair was very thick and we didn’t want razor burn to be a problem. Within a minute she was ready and I rubbed foam all over her shorn head, then set to work with the razor. Before starting she straddled my cock and with Astrid sliding up and down on my cock I set to work. Her stubble was stubborn and the scraping of the razor was audible even to me. Astrid was in heaven – she was orgasming regularly. It took 3 razors to give her a totally clean smooth head. She looked amazing, she looked in her hand mirror and demanded I remove her bushy eyebrows, this took no time and I was left with the most beautiful hairless woman I’d ever seen.

Astrid asked me to lick her out so she could feel my goatee beard tickling her smooth fanny – I was glad to oblige! No sooner was my tongue inside her than I heard the hum of the clippers. She had started to shave my head! I was too engrossed to stop, and didn’t care anyway, as I’d shaved my head quite often before. I kept probing with my tongue until I felt the foam being applied to my head. I sat still while she scraped away all my hair, and my eyebrows, she left me as smooth as I’d left her, it felt amazing. I told her I loved her bald and always would, she swore to keep her body hairless forever, we made more passionate love that day than I’ve ever had in my whole life, even when we stopped shagging for her to shave off my pubes I didn’t mind.

When the rain finally stopped the sun came out and we went and bathed in the cool waters of the river. The first dive in produced an amazing invigorating rush when the chilly water hit our freshly shaved bodies. We embraced in the pool and coupled ourselves together again.

How long would this blissful thing last? Find out later….


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