Most Exciting Times of My Life

Most Exciting Times of My Life

The Most Exciting Times of My Life – Rookie14

It was a Monday morning, the first day of my senior year in high school when I noticed a girl named Lindsay in my health class. It had been a while since I saw a girl with such beauty before. She was a 5’11” brunette, with long straight hair that flowed down her back to the middle of her back. The light just reflected off her shiny hair. Her beauty was astonishing. I knew that my hair fetish must be carried out on this girl.

School continued on for a month or so. I hesitated asking Lindsay to go out with me, which is what I wanted severely. She would always wear skimpy clothing, trying to show off her slim body. It took me another month before I finally asked her out. I was finally left with the opportunity to be with her. I just loved to run my fingers through her silky soft hair. I loved the smell too.

She didn’t find out about my hair fetish until we were a month into our relationship. She was surprised at my hair fetish, but she accepted it and even allowed me to fulfill my dreams. It began with simple trims of her long brown hair, and then it turned to full cuts. I experimented with her, trying out bobs, “bowl cuts”, and other assorted haircuts. My favorites were always the chin-length bob cuts, which excited her when she heard me turn on the Osters to clipper her nape. She loved the contrast between the silky soft hair of the bob and the shorn and clippered nape, which I had gotten down to perfection. She loved to run her hands over the back of her head, getting excited at the feel of short hair. She had become a hair fetishist along with me.

The relationship continued on, and we became more sexually active. Our hair fetishes grew together, and one day, she pulled my to the side of the hallways and told me to come over her house later that night. She said she had a surprise for me. Later that night, around 7:30pm, I arrived at her house. She opened the doors covered in towels, having gotten out of the shower. She told me to go up to her room and wait for her.

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There I waited. She came into the room with a canvas bag, and she was still covered with the towels. She took two pairs of handcuffs out of the bag, and she turned to me. She asked me to handcuff her hands to the sides of her headboard on her bed. I was amazed at her statement, for I didn’t have any idea what was going on. She took off her towels and told me that she wanted me to shave her. Not just her head…her entire body. Inside, I was excited as hell, but I tried to hide it on the outside. I walked over to the bed, and while she stuck her hands out, I handcuffed her to her bed. She told me to empty the bag. Inside, there was a pair of haircutting scissors, Oster clippers, a Gillette Sensor razor, a bottle of Nair hair remover, and a can of shaving cream. I took them out of the bag, and prepared to enjoy myself.

I walked over to her. I was prepared to savor the moment. I took the scissors in my right hand, grabbed a thick chunk of her silky soft hair, placed the scissors a few inches from her scalp, and closed the scissors. The thick bunches of hair fell to the carpet, and I saw that she was excited. I continued to grab chunks of hair and cut them off. After about five minutes of cutting her hair, she was left with a mere four inches of hair on her head. I took the clippers, plugged them in, and placed them at the back of her neck. I gradually ran the clippered from the back of her head up to the top. The hair rolled down her head and onto her lap. It took about six minutes or so to totally clipper her hair. She was left with 1/2 inch of hair. I opened the can of cream, ran it all over her head, and began to shave her head with razor. The rasp of the razor was heard as it shaved off the 1/2-inch layer of hair. Smooth stripes of scalp appeared between the hair. It took ten minutes to shave her head completely, and she looked even better than before. To finish the job, I cleaned the cream off of her head, and afterwards, I proceeded to lick her head clean with my tongue. I loved the taste of a clean shaved head.

The job wasn’t complete. I took the shaving cream and rubbed some into her eyebrows, which were already thin from waxing. With a few simple strokes of the razor, her brows were gone. She then asked me to shave her pussy hair off. I had noticed that she was one of those gals that didn’t take care of her pussy hair. I turned on the clippers, ran them up and down her lower abdomen, and watched as she was excited by the vibrating clippers. I then ran some Nair remover through the leftover hair. I uncuffed her, and accompanied her to the shower. After a few minutes, I ran the shower head over her pussy and the hair immediately fell out. I ran my tongue again over her shaven area, loving the taste of the wet skin. My tongue ran into her vaginal area, and I enjoyed it. She was now a shaven beauty. However there was even more left to do.

She took an earring out of her drawer, placed in into an ear piercing device, and asked my to pierce her clitoris. I was immediately wet. However, I proceeded to answer her wishes. She spread her legs wide open, and with my left hand, I grabbed the thin layer of skin. I pulled it a little, placed the piercer next to the clitoris, and with the push of the button, I pierced her clitoris. This had been the most exciting day of my life.

I continue to go out with Lindsay. I do her hair every time she wants me to, and I am always sure to do my best work on her. She was not my first true love, but she was the first girl to understand my love for hair.


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