Private Cut

Private Cut

Private Cut – Thomas F. Plesser, Jr.

Cutting a beautiful woman’s hair is not just pleasure, it’s a way of showing the special lady how much she is worshipped. A cut does not stop at the head but continues down throughout the body. This is how it all starts..

It has been some time since I have seen you, I say. I notice you haircut has grown out to the point that it is unrecognisable. I was always attracted to you I think as you sit down. As I finish up another person I keep thinking of how I would like to cut your locks in a dramatic layered style. I think to myself that these long layers would make me explode but would you like it??

I’m all finished now, I say to you. Your long hair hanging over your partially exposed breasts. You start to get up to walk over to the chair when I say, would you like to go to my private room for your cut? Quickly, without hesitation you say Yes.

The back room is very private. I only use it for my special clients. I always dreamed of having you there. I remember going to the room after cutting your shag. I was so huge that I could not wait to get home. I locked the door, pulled down my pants to find my organ waiting to be relieved. Thinking of cutting all those long layers into nice short pieces, watching it all fall to the floor made me yearn for you more. Quickly without hesitation, I came all over the floor.

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As you sit in the chair I ask, what kind of cut do you want today?? I know I wanted to cut your hair into another shag . Your reply was , give me a radical short cut! I was thinking I was in heaven.. You insisted that I cut your hair damp. I wet it so slightly, almost not wet at all. I started to comb out your long locks. I told you I admired your blonde hair so. It is so beautiful I say. You respond graciously and then say, give me the full treatment.

Thinking this was to good to be true, I let my huge penis out to see the hair. I begin to worship it, strand by strand. With every stroke through your length, the pressure builds up inside. Looking down on all your hair, with all the layers parted on both side so wonderfully grown out, I can’t wait to get to it. You state, no deposits until I’m all cut up!!

I begin to kiss all your length , worshipping you as the goddess you are. I let my penis tip touch the bottom of your long hair for the last time. I then pick up the electric shears. Turning them on I see goose bumps on your breasts. I start from the base of the neck saying, here we go. Say goodbye to it all!!!

I then place the shear in motion……



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