Kelli & Amber: REVENGE!

Kelli & Amber: REVENGE!

Kelli and Amber: REVENGE! by DPTemplar

One year.

It had been one year since Kelli had lost her hair to Amber. Her beautiful long strawberry long locks shaved away. All due to that stupid bet she made….

“Kelli, I know you’re a brave girl, so you don’t mind making a bet, do you?”

“Sure, Amber. What kind of bet?”

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“You and I are going to bet on the Miami Heat game. If they win, I win. If they lose, you win. Simple?”

“Sure. What does the winner get?”

“The winner gets the loser’s hair, and can do whatever she feels like with it.”

“What? Are you crazy?”

“Oh, come on, Kel. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.”

“Okay, I guess.”

Kelli couldn’t believe that Miami got the basket at the last second of overtime. Minutes later, Amber sat her down, and took some scissors and snipped a huge amount of her hair. Then she took clippers that belonged to her brother, and ran them up and down Kelli’s lovely head; she made sure to keep the guard off. Then she lathered Kelli’s head, and shaved it, then relathered it, and shaved it again, to get all of the hair off her head. Kelli was now shiny and smooth, and in absolute shock. Amber then went to the Locks of Love website, and told them that she had new hair that they could use.

That was a year ago….

Kelli’s hair had regrown since that embarrassing day, and she wanted to pay Amber a little visit, since today was their “anniversary”.

Julie, Kelli’s friend since kindergarten, knew she planned on getting revenge. She tried to stop her. “Kel, are you sure you want to do this? It was just a silly bet; it was a year ago!” As she said this, she ran her fingers through the thick, long, brunette hair that ran to her butt.

“Yes, Julie, I have to do it. Payback’s a bitch, as they say. Well, tonight, call me Payback!” She packed up the equipment she was to use on Amber, and drove to her place.

Amber was relaxing in her living room watching sitcoms when suddenly she heard a loud knock on her door. She looked in the peephole, and saw a very pissed off Kelli. She opened the door, and said, “Hi, Kel. What’s up?”

Kelli just looked at her, as though she were saying “Shut the hell up; I own you.” “Well, Amber, do you remember what happened a year ago today? Hmm?”

Amber smiled and said, “Oh yeah… that was the day I shaved you, wasn’t it? Pretty funny, huh?”

Kelli had a death stare on her face, as though she was ready to draw blood from her. “Well, I didn’t find it too funny,” stated an irate Kelli. “But I am about to make it funny, trust me.” She then went to her car, and got out a camcorder with a tripod. Then she brought out a sharp pair of scissors, shaving cream, and some disposable razors. “It’s the one year anniversary, and now it’s your turn to go under the blade!”

Amber looked dumbfounded at her friend. “Oh no! You can’t be serious, Kel?”

“You bet your ass I’m serious! Just a month or two ago, I got it back to this length, and now you get to experience what I went through.” Then she went into her pockets and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. She pushed Amber into a chair, and cuffed her tightly to the chair. She started the camcorder, then got the scissors, and lightly drew them across Amber’s throat, to scare the piss out of her, as though she were to slash her throat. Then SNICKT SHRICT, Kelli took Amber’s thick curly red hair and hacked it up with the scissors.

“Well, this is getting boring; let’s move to the clippers.” Kelli then picked up the clippers, and remembered that Amber used no guard on Kelli a year ago, so she removed the guard, and threw it out the door. She then sadistically ran the clippers up and down Amber’s head, until she was clipped bald. “Ah, you’re bald! But, not as bald as I’d like you to be,” stated a gleeful Kelli. She then coated Amber’s stubble with shaving gel, and used one of the Twin Blade razors on her head. Carefully, she shaved her head clean, then recoated her head and reshaved it, to make her and shiny and smooth as Amber had made her a year ago.

“Yes! Done! I hope you’re happy now!” Kelli now had a twisted grin that would rival the Joker’s smile. Then Kelli got an odd look on her face. She noticed that Amber never did flinch or frown during her shaving. Kelli then uncuffed her. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Kelli looked through the peephole, and she saw Julie.

“Julie! You missed it. I shaved that smarmy brat bald. Revenge was met!”

Julie looked at Amber, with her sexy shiny pate, and started to laugh. “Oh… no… ha, ha… I can’t… believe… ha… you did it!” Kelli didn’t understand what was going on. “Kel, I told you to not shave Amber. Oh man….” Amber then stroked on her bald head, and started to get aroused over what she was feeling. She then walked up to Julie, and looked at Kelli to explain what was going on.

“Well, Julie and I had lunch together yesterday, and we discussed that today was indeed the one year anniversary of your shaving. So she and I had a bet: if you didn’t commit any revenge on me today, then I would get the chance to shave her head bald for the next 2 weeks. And if you did commit revenge, then….”

OH CRAP! thought Kelli. By the use of revenge, she cost herself her own hair… again. Hanging her head low, she sat in the chair, and awaited the first of the 14-day shaves. Julie picked up the camcorder, and recorded her friend’s shearing. While the clippers ran over her head, she contemplated on how she was going to get Julie shaved….



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