Preacher’s Wife

Preacher's Wife

Preacher’s Wife by Serious Shaver

In the first six months the Razor’s Edge Unisex Salon developed a large and loyal clientele. Jack and Lisa weren’t sure when they moved up from the south to this small Midwestern town whether a unisex salon would catch on. It had, beyond their wildest expectations.

Conservative would be a good word to use to describe the community. Here in the heart of the Bible belt, people followed the golden rules and lived the simple life. Jack and Lisa mostly kept to themselves when they first arrived.

Most of the people that came to the salon were women. Men were slow to catch on to the fact that they didn’t have to go to a traditional barber shop to get their hair cut. That didn’t surprise either one of them. Women, Jack thought, were the key to their early success. He figured after those first few women came in and discovered how professional the treatment they received was, word of mouth would quickly spread the news.

Some of their customers were what you would call church women. Three times a week and twice on Sunday, as Jack used to say to Lisa. Some were old. Others were young. Most were middle-aged as was the woman that came in right before closing time this past Friday.

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Jack was sweeping the floor after a busy day. Lisa was in the office with the door closed counting the day’s receipts. The tiny bell they put above the door for that little personal touch tinkled twice. Once as the attractive and conservatively dressed dark-haired woman opened the door and once as she shut it behind her. Jack was surprised the bell had tinkled at all. He thought he had locked the door. It was already after closing time. Lisa hadn’t heard the bell at all.

The woman saw Jack standing by the salon chair and asked, “Do you have time for me before you close?”

Jack mused to himself that he had all the time in the world for her. He’d like to bend her over the chair right now, pull the hem of the dress she was wearing up over her nice ass and put it to her. “Yes,” Jack replied. “What is it that you need done this afternoon?” This woman hadn’t been in the shop before. At least not that he knew of.

“Just a trim and set,” she said. “My husband is performing a wedding ceremony tomorrow and I’d like my hair to look nice.”

Jack motioned for the woman to sit down and went to the drawer behind the chair to get a cape. “So your husband’s a preacher?” Jack questioned.

“Yes he is,” she said. “I’m Mrs. Adams. Beverly Adams, that is.”

“My name’s Jack, Beverly, pleased to meet you,” Jack said truly – he was glad to meet her. He hadn’t seen anything in town this nice-looking, other than Lisa.

As Beverly sat down Jack put the cape around her neck. He then drew the privacy curtain that surrounded the salon station.

“Is that necessary, Jack?” Beverly asked.

“We were cleaning up and getting ready to close when you came in and I don’t want anybody to see me working on your hair. They might think we’re still open,” Jack said. “In fact, I need to go lock the door right now. Be right back.”

After locking the door, Jack re-entered the curtained area. “Thanks for squeezing me in, Jack,” Beverly said.

“You’re welcome, Beverly,” Jack said, adding, “Now, let’s get down to business and get your hair done.”

Jack picked up a comb and scissors, turned the salon chair toward the mirror so he could get a better look at Beverly, and started combing her hair. Glancing in the mirror down to where the hem of the cape was near the hem of her dress he noticed how shapely her crossed legs were, encased in the lovely taupe-colored nylons she was wearing. He wasn’t normally much for small talk, but he wanted to know more about this lovely lady.

“Beverly, I didn’t realize that preacher’s wives were so good-looking.” He could see Beverly blush slightly.

“Well thank you, Jack,” was all she could come back with.

Jack was wondering what Beverly’s beaver looked like. It could probably use a trim too, he guessed. “Take those shapely legs you have Bev, you don’t mind me calling you Bev, do you?” Jack toyingly quizzed.

“No.” was all Beverly could stammer.

Jack continued combing her hair, noticing the slight blush she had before was now glowing more radiantly.

“You ever been in a beauty contest?” Jack asked. “You know, one of those pageant things they do.”

As Jack started cutting Beverly’s hair, drawing up section after section with his comb, she replied, “No, never.”

Jack thought to himself that this small talk stuff was kind of fun. He was feeling playful and decided to take a chance with this beautiful woman. Her reaction to what he had to say would be taken one of two ways. She would either slap his face and leave immediately or stay and play. Jack went for it.

“Bev, would you do me a favor and pull up your dress a little and let me see more of those lovely legs?” Jack subliminally commanded/asked. To his surprise she hesitated. No slap. No get up and leave, only: “Someone will see.”

“The curtains closed,” Jack replied. “No one but me will see.”

Slowly Beverly’s hands moved from where they were crossed on her lap under the cape down to the hem of her dress. She pulled the hem up slowly with both hands until it was about six inches above her knee. The view from the reflection in the mirror was perfect. He could see Beverly, her legs and himself leering at both. Jack felt his cock harden. “Higher, Bev,” Jack commanded. She pulled the hem up another couple of inches. “Uncross your legs, Beverly,” Jack again commanded enjoying the power he was feeling.

“What?” Beverly squealed.

“You heard me, Beverly, uncross your legs.” Jack was now having some real fun with her. He was just hoping that Lisa would stay put in the office. Beverly uncrossed her legs. Jack bent his head down and whispered in Beverly’s ear. “Pull the hem of your dress up over your crotch and spread those lovely legs apart.” Now Beverly’s face was blushing bright red and her breathing had become louder. Beverly complied with Jack’s request, pulling her dress hem up over her waist and spreading her legs as far as the arms of the salon chair would allow her.

Jack noticed that the lovely taupe-colored nylons Bev was wearing were sheer to the waist and the panties she was wearing could easily be seen through them. The panties he could now see were sheer black nylon and he could tell two things. One, her pussy definitely needed a trim, and two, the moisture that was collecting on her pantyhose and panties told him she was very excited and would probably do anything else he asked.

Whispering into Bev’s ear Jack told her, “Touch yourself.”

“What?” she whispered staring straight ahead looking at herself in the mirror.

“You know what,” Jack whispered back. “Touch your pussy.”

As she complied, her breathing quickened and Jack went around from the back of the chair with the scissors to the front of the chair. Pushing her hand aside he pulled the nylon pantyhose away from her crotch and cut a saucer sized hole in them. Throwing the piece of nylon into the sink he then proceeded to put his hand inside along the waist of Bev’s black nylon panties pulling them slightly out and cutting the thin material holding them together on first the right side and then the left side of her hips. Free from restraint he clutched the front of her panties and pulled them out from under her ass with a single jerk. The material slid easily.

“Bev,” Jack said, smiling coyly. “Tell me to shave your pussy.”

“Shave my pussy Jack,” Bev heard herself utter.

Jack didn’t hesitate. He turned and grabbed the small trimming clippers from the shelf, removing the guard. He turned them on. They made a small ‘pop’ sound, then they just hummed lowly as Jack plowed row after row of pussy hair from Bev’s lovely snatch. After he had removed as much hair as possible he turned the clippers off, admiring the short black stubble that remained. Feeling her shaved pussy stubble against the grain with his finger he felt her hips move against it ever so slightly. He then ran his finger along the opening of her slit. Inserting his finger he fucked her with it a few times before he removed it.

“Business before pleasure, Beverly,” Jack heard himself say. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” he continued.

Getting a safety razor and some shaving cream from the shelf, Jack got busy. He tried to carefully apply the shaving cream to her crotch. In his excitement some inadvertently got on her pantyhose. He rubbed it in. Bev’s eyes were wide open, staring into the mirror at her about to be shaved pussy. Jack finished applying the shave cream and wiped his hands off on her thigh.

The razor did its work. With Jack’s expertise the stubble was removed quickly. He slowed down only when he was near the folds of her pussy lips. No cuts. He used Bev’s dress to wipe off the leftover shaving cream and tucked it into her pantyhose waist. “Stand up Bev,” Jack ordered.

As Beverly stood up, Jack unzipped his fly, releasing his large and hard cock. He could see Beverly’s eyes open wide in disbelief. He moved behind her, sitting on the salon chair. Looking around her into the mirror he told her, “Face the mirror and sit on my cock. I want you to see yourself getting fucked.” Bev eagerly complied with Jack’s request.

From his vantage point Jack could see Bev’s shaved pussy riding his hard cock. Bev’s hips gyrated up and down, round and round. The preacher’s wife sure knew how to fuck. While Bev was riding Jack’s pony he unbuttoned her dress front under the cape. He wanted to look at her tits to see if they were as lovely as her legs. Right now he would have to just settle for a good feel. He reached into her unbuttoned dress and unlatched the front clasp of her nylon bra. He could feel the weight of her breasts as the clasp was unlatched.

Jack looked back into the mirror. He was surprised to see three faces now in it. Bev’s, his and Lisa’s looking through a small pulled-back section of the curtain.

“What the hell is going on here?” Lisa yelled.

Jack’s hard-on shrank considerably. Beverly’s hips stopped pumping.

“Get up, Bitch!” Lisa yelled, now in command of the situation. Beverly got up and started to walk out but quickly realized the way she was dressed and stopped in mid-stride. “Jack, get up and let this bitch stand in front of the chair,” Lisa instructed. Jack complied, as did Beverly, having no real choice. Lisa, standing beside Beverly, removed the cape from around her neck. Jack’s handiwork at unbuttoning her dress front and unclasping her bra was revealed. Jack was disappointed that he couldn’t see her tits because as she stood the unbuttoned opening had come back together. “Jack, get me my scissors,” Lisa demanded.

With scissors in hand Lisa cut the short sleeves off Beverly’s dress. “I hear sleeveless is in style this year, bitch,” Lisa said snidely. Using the scissors to open the front of Beverly’s dress Lisa approvingly said, “Nice tits, huh Jack?” Lisa then proceeded to cut away Beverly’s dress piece by piece until she stood there with nothing on but her unclasped bra and pantyless pantyhose. “Jack, finish undressing this sinner.” Lisa saw the surprised expression on both of their faces. “Yes I know she’s the preacher’s wife. I’ve seen her around town,” Lisa stated.

Jack didn’t have to be asked twice. He first removed her lovely see-through black nylon bra. God, her tits were nice. Next he pulled the remains of her pantyhose down from her firm well-shaped ass, delightful thighs and muscled calves. She stood before them nude. Lisa couldn’t help herself and pinched Beverly’s nipple. The nipple hardened noticeably, jutting forward. Lisa then moved her hand down to Beverly’s shaved slit. She ran her fingers back and forth across Beverly’s smooth crotch. “Nice job Jack.” she commented.

She inserted her finger knuckle deep into Beverly’s cunt. She stroked with her finger in and out a few quick times before withdrawing it to raise it to her nose and sniff. She then inserted her finger in Beverly’s ass watching her squirm. “Does the preacher ever fuck you here?” Lisa asked.

“Sit that sweet ass down in the chair, Mrs. Preacher,” Lisa ordered. “We need to figure out what would be an appropriate punishment.” Lisa knew good and well what the punishment would be: Beverly would have her head shaved, of course. Lisa just liked the idea of prolonging the moment. “Maybe I want to see you suck Jack’s cock,” Lisa said suggestively. “Let’s see how well you suck cock, preacher’s wife. Jack, come around here on the side and let this sinner suck your cock.”

Jack moved around beside the chair as Beverly bent her head down to Jack’s waist. Beverly’s head began bobbing up and down on Jack’s responding dick. It hardened quickly. Lisa put her hand on the back of Beverly’s head, clutched a handful of hair and started pushing and pulling it, pushing and pulling it, quickening the pace of Bev’s bobbing head.

“How does she suck cock Jack?” Lisa asked.

“Oh…Oh…Oh…. great!” was all Jack could muster out.

Lisa suddenly pulled Beverly’s head back to the upright position, freeing Jack’s springing cock from Beverly’s sensual lips with a slurpy sucking pop. Lisa let go of her hair.

“I wonder how she eats pussy, Jack,” Lisa said as she reached under her own skirt to pull of her panties. Holding her skirt up to reveal her short stubble-haired pussy, Lisa asked Beverly, “Hungry?”

Beverly looked appalled. Lisa grabbed another handful of Beverly’s hair and pulled the preacher’s wife’s lips to her snatch. “Lick it bitch,” Lisa barked. “Give me some tongue.” Beverly lapped furiously, hoping that the punishment would be just about over. As she licked, Beverly started enjoying the sensation of the short stubble of Lisa’s pussy on her tongue. Beverly also felt herself getting wet again down below.

“Enough of this nonsense,” Lisa bellowed. For a second Beverly was relieved, thinking that the punishment was over. Her thinking changed as Lisa resumed talking. “Jack, get me those clippers.” Beverly was panicked. Having no more hair on her pussy to cut the only place else those clippers could be used would be on her head. How would she explain a shaved head to her husband. The shaved pussy would be hard enough, but a shaved head would be impossible. Any thoughts of what her husband would think were quickly doused by the sound of the clippers being turned on.

Beverly felt her head being pushed forward, her chin resting on her breastbone. She could still see herself in the salon mirror. What a sight. A woman with a pair of clippers aimed at the back of a naked woman’s head and a man standing beside them tugging at his stiffened cock. Lisa felt her own nipples harden as she turned on the clippers. She could still remember the excitement she felt when Jack had shaved her head those six short months before. Beverly saw in the mirror that her own nipples were still erect. She also noticed Lisa’s. Beverly’s pussy was damp as she watched and felt Lisa mow a path in her hair from the back of her neck to her forehead with the clippers. The cut hair fell to her chest and lap, covering her shaved pussy with a layer of new hair. Lisa made pass after pass, Jack tugging more furiously at his rock hard cock with each one she made. Finally Lisa made one last pass to remove what was left and turned the clippers off.

Beverly was in total submission to the excitement she was feeling. Lisa was well aware of what Beverly was feeling. Lisa picked up the razor and shaving cream can that Jack had used just a few minutes before. She aimed the can right in the center of the top of Beverly’s head, squirting out more than enough shave cream to do the job. Lisa smoothed the shaving cream over Beverly’s head wiping the excess on Bev’s tits. Lisa used the razor expertly over Beverly’s head. She made pass after pass until the head was totally devoid of hair.

When Lisa was through with the razor she threw it into the sink. She didn’t even bother wiping the leftover shave cream off the bitch’s head. Lisa moved to the side of the chair and reclined it fully. She had enjoyed the way the preacher’s wife ate pussy and was going to have her finish the job. Pulling Beverly’s head and shoulders back in the chair Lisa mounted her so that she could see her reflection in the mirror. Grinding her crotch on Beverly’s face she thought she heard a muffled word. She wasn’t about to get up to see what the woman had to say.

Jack moved to the front of the reclined salon chair and pushed his cock into Beverly’s hairless pussy. He exploded, squirting his wad inside her. Lisa orgasmed not too much later as did the preacher’s wife. All three of them were exhausted, having no energy to move.

Lisa was kind enough to give Beverly her old blonde-haired wig that she had worn when she met Jack. The preacher’s wife would find it hard to explain to the congregation why she had suddenly gone out and dyed her hair blonde like some Jezebel, but it would be a lot easier than telling them what had happened in Jack and Lisa’s Unisex Salon that Friday afternoon.

The End


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