Head Shaving Experience

Head Shaving Experience

Head Shaving Experience by Karen

I’m a bi 25-year-old woman bodybuilder with an exhibitionism streak, a masturbation compulsion and bondage. I get an indescribable rush showing off my sculpted muscled body that I’ve worked for many long hours. Generally, by wearing mesh or lace tights and with or without a contrasting color thong and an unbutton/unzipped mini jacket without a bra, shirt or blouse.

My boyfriend/lover/bb-trainer/Master (Sean) and I live a bodybuilding/bdsm lifestyle and we attend private and semi-private/semi-public bdsm parties. My best friend is my Mistress (Barb).

Around the time Susan Powter became famous, I’d been talking about cutting my hair because it was getting in the way at the gym and on stage at bodybuilding contests I always have to move it around.

When we attend bdsm parties I rarely know before what Master Sean and Mistress Barb are going to put me through.

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About this time we attended a private bdsm party. In the center of the host’s play area (dungeon) was a stocks into which the victim is held in place bent over with stocks around the ankles and another set of stocks for the wrists and neck. As instructed I wore a white bikini top and my white tights with the zipper that begins at the back, down my rear, through my legs and up the front. Master Sean instructed me to stand in the stocks with my feet positioned for the outermost holes, and he slid the planks closed around my ankles and locked it shut. Before bending me over to place my neck into the upright portion of the stocks he handcuffed my hands behind my back. The other attendees were starting to crowd around and watch. After being bent over and locked almost immobile into place, Mistress Barb untied my bikini top and removed it, letting my breasts dangle beneath me while Master Sean unzipped my tights down between my legs and up the front and then peeled the two halves down my legs completely exposing me and making me extremely vulnerable. While Barb massaged and fondled my breasts Sean simultaneously fingered my clit and lightly spanked my glutes. He slowly stimulated me until I was extremely wet and on the verge of orgasm and then stopped leaving me very, very frustrated.

Then he introduced me to a Master he’d been in contact with who was going to give me a haircut. Before he started he checked me over, my under arms, the cleavage between my glutes and my already shaved pussy (I shave in those places almost every day, especially my pussy). He then turned on his electric clippers and trimmed my hair down extremely close while Sean and Barb took turns holding my head still. Then he lathered up my head and shaved it with a razor to remove all the stubble he couldn’t get with the electric razor. Sean wanted my head as smooth as my legs and pussy.

With my freshly denuded head (it was rather chilly not having any insulation even though the room was quite warm), they took turns masturbating me and spanking my pussy with a rubber slapper, then more masturbating and pussy slapping with some glute spanking thrown in for good measure without letting my climax. They were teasing the voyeurs making me hump his fingers and gyrate as much as I could, making me moan and squeak each time a sudden increase of eroticism shuddered through my body. It wasn’t until they used the vibrating dildo in my pussy that they were witnesses to my orgasms. Sean bringing me to climax with one dildo and Barb using two of her favorites on me as Sean played with my bald head. (I think he was missing the hair to pull on.) After they had had their ways with me, I was seething because I didn’t envision having a bald head when I contemplated cutting my hair so they left me on display for quite awhile until I simmered down, letting those who asked grope me.



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