Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach by Anon_temp

This is the diary of Janet, a 22-year-old girl who lives together with her friends Emily and Karen.

Monday, the 27th of November.

Dear diary,

I went shopping for new shoes today, when I saw her again. You know, the attractive bald woman I told you about.

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I am beginning to wonder what would motivate someone to shave their head, but I must admit it looked great on her. Perhaps I should try it once? Just kidding, diary, I’ll never hack off my long tresses. But I must admit I fantasised about what it would be like for the rest of the afternoon.

When I got home, Karen asked me if I could give her a trim. I had given her a trim before, you know, so I said I’d be happy to. But when she asked me to use the clippers (you know, the ones we use to trim our body hair) on her, I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary trim, so I asked her, and she told me that, since it was so hot and humid, she wanted to get rid of her hair. “You want me to shave you bald?” I said, and I guess she was thinking something else, because she just looked at me with surprise and said that I’d better stick to buzzing her nape.

That was a big change for her as well, as her chestnut hair is nearly waist-length, but I turned on the clippers, and began buzzing. But while I was buzzing, I suddenly saw how beautiful she would be with a bald head. I suggested it to her, and she laughed. Then I said I was serious, and that it would be a lot cooler. She declined, and I finished my work. I believe I had buzzed the back a lot higher than she had wanted, but she was delighted with the result. We celebrated her new haircut with a little sex, and I must say I enjoyed touching the bristly hairs in her nape. I guess she did too, because she had never made love to me this passionately.

When Emily got home, she was quite enthusiastic about Karen’s haircut, saying that she had been thinking about going short as well, and now that she saw Karen, she new she wanted her head buzzed. I offered to buzz it for her. She said she wanted it 2 centimeters on top, and perhaps one at the sides. Not bad for someone whose blonde hair is hanging 10 centimeters over her shoulders. “If you’re going to change so drastically, you might as well have me shave it all off.,” I said.

“Really?” she said.

“Sure, don’t you wonder what it would be like?” I replied “I’m 100% sure you would look stunning bald.” But she declined, and I began buzzing her head, clipping her hair to 2 centimeters on top, and perhaps a half on the sides. It was shorter than she had wanted, but it looked good on her. Then we slicked it back using hair gel. She looked stunning, and I couldn’t resist planting a small kiss in her nape.

To my surprise, she responded quite well, and within minutes, we were lying in my bed, fondling each other’s breasts. Emily, unlike Karen, had never been with a woman before, but when we came she said she liked it a lot better than sex with men.

Well, I’m off to bed, dear diary. Good-night.

Tuesday, the 28th of November.

Dear diary,

Everything has changed. I feel so different. But let me start with the beginning. I woke up when Karen and Emily joined me in bed. I was still sleep-drunk, but when they began stroking and touching my breasts and pussy, I was wide awake. They got me to a state of super-arousal within seconds, then they told me to get up. I wasn’t allowed to shower, they said we would do that later. They told me to heavily accentuate my eyes with mascara, and gave me a set of hoop earrings I had to wear. I noticed they were wearing the same earrings, and had applied mascara to their eyes as well.

Whatever they were planning, I knew I was going to like it, so I complied when they tied me to a chair. Then they told me to sit back, and watch.

“You wanted to see us bald, honey? You’ve got your wish.” I was surprised when Emily turned on the clippers and pushed them over Karen’s head. Judging from the path they left, she wasn’t using the guard. While Karen’s tongue was exploring Emily’s large breasts, Emily rid her of hair within minutes.

I was turned on, to say the least. My hands were tied, so I couldn’t touch myself, but I felt I wasn’t going to need my hands as I orgasmed spontaneously. Pussy juice dripped on the chair, something that didn’t go unnoticed by my two roommates.

Now it was Emily’s turn to be balded. Karen sat on the bed, and spread her legs, allowing Emily to lick this newborn bald queen. Emily willingly placed her head between Karen’s thighs, both because she wanted to taste her, and because she wanted Karen to turn her into a baldie.

The clippers made short work of Emily’s short hair, and when she came, Emily used the copious amounts of pussy fluid to lubricate her newly balded head.

“Now it’s your turn, Janet.” What? I didn’t want to. It wasn’t fair, the two of them already had short hair, had had time to say goodbye to their long tresses. But then I realised I had to practice what I preached. And I screamed: “Yes, yes, oh please, make me a baldie.”

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