Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders – Greg

“…8, 9, 10!” she said as she let out a sigh of relief. Her workouts had been going extraordinarily well lately. And she had her husband to thank for it. Looking in the mirror, you would have barely recognized Anna about six months ago. She was now 105 lbs, down from 150 just 6 months ago. The changes had been incredible and she was very pleased with the results. It had been a tough road but the end results were worth it. Only 5 more pounds to go and she would reach her goal and win the bet. She thought back to how this all started.

Back in May, she had been complaining about wearing a swimsuit in public. Jim, her husband, did not make it any easier. He was in great shape and all of his friends were too. And of course the wives and girlfriends had great bodies also. That summer had been a difficult one at best, because she had been so self-conscious about the extra weight she had put on. Her husband had always tried to help her by hiring personal trainers and gym memberships, but Anna had never been real motivated to stick with it. Until May 16 of that year.

After complaining about going to the lake with the group, Jim lost his patience and they had a fight.

“I don’t understand why you are so self-conscious,” he said.

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“Look at me Jim, for the first time in my life I am fat!” Anna snapped back.

“Well what do you want me to do about it? I can’t lose the weight for you, and I have tried every way possible to help you. You just don’t have the motivation to lose it. What will it take to motivate you?”

” I don’t know. I just need something to help me get started.” Anna replied pensively.

” Do you still want to go to the lake?”

“Yeah, I’ll just wear a T-shirt”

Thoughts began to race through Anna’s mind as they drove to the lake that day. Visions of all those skinny things prancing around in their bikinis while she would lie there embarrassed feeling like a beached whale. It had not always been that way. When she met Jim, she was about 110 lbs. That was the heaviest she had ever been but she carried it well at 5’4″. She remembered how good she looked then. She had been working out and had cut her hair really short. Jim seemed to like short hair, but she grew it out for the wedding and kept it long during their entire marriage. But her hair was not the only thing that had grown. She had put on 40 lbs. And she knew that Jim was not happy about that. But Jim had always been a prince and claimed that he loved all of her, not just her looks. She had noticed him looking at other women but not drooling after them. Jim was always very honest about his feelings and she appreciated that about him.

“4:00 will be great. Thank you.” Jim hung up the cell phone.

That last statement had brought Anna out of her deep trance.

“4:00 for what?” Anna asked.

“Time for my haircut.”

“You just got it cut two weeks ago.”

“I know, but you know I like for it to be neat at all times,” Jim replied matter-of-factly.

“Why don’t you just shave it off like I want you to?”

“Anna, how many times have we been through this? You know I am not going to shave my head.”

“But, I think it would look so sexy on you baby. And besides you could grow it back if you did not like it.”

“How about you shave your head?”

“Now where’d that come from. You want me to be fat AND bald?”

“I was just joking. What say we make a deal? If you can get down to 100 lbs in 6 months, I will shave my head. And if you can’t lose the weight in six months, I get to choose your hairstyle.”

“You won’t make me shave my head will you?” Anna asked.

“Maybe,” Jim replied with a big grin on his face.

Anna thought long and hard about this. She had always wanted to shave Jim’s head and this just might be the motivation she needed. But what if she could not lose the 50 lbs? Then she might have to shave her head. After a few minutes of thought she decided to go for it.

“Deal,” she exclaimed, putting out her hand to shake on it.

“You mind if I work in with you?” came the voice.

All of the sudden, Anna realized that she had been sitting on this piece of equipment when she had drifted off to that scene. She had no idea how long she had been sitting there but when she finally came out of it, she realized that someone wanted to use this piece of equipment she had been camped on.

“I’m sorry, go right ahead.” She stood up, not really looking at the person but then had to do a double take when she saw the woman. This woman had to be some kind of athlete. Anna figured her to be about the same height as her but rock hard with abdominals that would make any guy jealous. An incredible body, but what was even more incredible was her shiny smooth head. This woman did not have a hair on her head but was strikingly beautiful! Anna became a little embarrassed when she noticed that the woman was looking at her while Anna was staring with her mouth open.

“Dandruff,” she said matter-of-factly to Anna.

“What?” Anna inquired.

“My name is Mary, and I shaved my head because I had severe dandruff that the doctors could not cure.”

She had stuck out her hand when she introduced herself, but Anna could not stop staring at her head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Anna. I must apologize. I’ve just never seen a bald woman so….”

“Close?” Mary tried to finish for her.

“No, so beautiful. I mean you are very striking and unique. You say that you shaved your head because of dandruff? Did it help?”

“Sure did. Saved lots of money on doctors and special shampoos. Now all I have to worry about is scalp sunburn and rude people.”

“Well, I like it. It looks very good on you. I am trying to get my husband to shave his head. I think it looks sexy.”

“Hey, if he does it, you ought to shave yours too. You’ll like the feeling.”

As she left the gym that day, thoughts were swimming through her mind. “Should I shave my head too? I might not have an option if I don’t lose these last 5 lbs. Would he make me shave my head if I did not win the bet even though I was so close?” One thing Anna had noticed this winter was that she did have dandruff and she had guessed it was from a combination of sweating in the gym and then walking out into the cold weather. Her scalp had been itching a lot lately, and that conversation with Mary had not helped. It seemed worse than before. She drove by the store to pick up some stronger dandruff shampoo and while she was looking on the shampoo aisle she passed the shaving cream and razor blades. The thought raced through her mind again. Was it inevitable that she would lose the bet and her hair? What day was this anyway? She glanced at her calendar. November 15. One more day and 5 more lbs. Mary’s advice was sounding better and better. She put the shampoo back and grabbed some shaving gel and good razors. She decided she would shave her head first and then get Jim when he was sleeping.

When she got home, she went up to her bathroom and pulled out the clippers she had used to trim up Jim’s neck. With one final look in the mirror she examined her hair. It was in pretty bad shape. Because she had black hair, those white flakes stood out when she scratched her head. She plugged in the clippers and clicked them on. She pulled her hair back and stuck the clippers up to her forehead. With one push they sliced right down the middle of her head leaving a huge path of stubble. She then proceeded to push the clippers down the other side and moved her way to the sides and back. She loved the way they felt on her head and she went over her head several more times just to feel the steel of the clippers against her bare head. After a few more runs, she turned them off and looked in the mirror. She did not recognize this stranger staring back at her but she realized that baldness on her was actually quite attractive. She rubbed her hands over her head and liked the feel. She then jumped in the shower with her razors and shaving gel. After shaving herself clean, she got out of the shower and placed moisturizer on her head. She noticed the dandruff was gone and she looked very sexy.

After drying herself off, she called Jim at work.

She grabbed the clippers and held them to the phone. She turned them on and then whispered… “Honey. I have a surprise for you!”


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