Playmate Party Crasher

Playmate Party Crasher

The Playmate Party Crasher by ‘X’

Ever the party girl, Playmate Lynda Weismeier found it fun to make surprise appearances at parties she wasn’t invited to. She felt her status as a centerfold would let her get away with such behavior. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled to have someone as gorgeous and ‘famous’ as herself suddenly pop in? Who knows? Maybe she could even make a few connections and further her career. Anyway, she saw it all as harmless fun.

Evidently, not everyone was thrilled to have a loud blonde air-head in their midst. When Lynda drank, she got very opinionated and very clumsy. She spoke her mind on a variety of subjects, not minding if she pissed someone off. After all, Lynda was a Playmate!

One hot summer night, she crashed a party at a house she thought she knew. She had already had a few drinks and missed her intended destination by three blocks. The drinks were flowing freely in this campus sorority house, so she was all over it. The girls at the party were extremely nonplussed by her presence. She giggled and flirted with all the guys and knocked over an expensive clock. No one knew who she was, but figured someone must’ve invited her. A little checking around revealed that nobody at all knew who she was or where she came from.

An hour after she arrived, Tiffany, Neisha, and Molly went looking for her. She had to go. They were even more angered when they found her passed out in a bedroom in the back of the house… surrounded by their boyfriends! They’d already begun undressing her when they were caught. The girls chased the guys from the room telling them they would be dealt with later.

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“What a slut! I say we teach this cutie a lesson she never forgets!” Neisha said as she nudged the sleeping centerfold.

“What do you have in mind? I like her outfit… want to finish stripping her and take her out naked?” Molly said.

They were all pretty drunk themselves, and proceeded to finish what their boyfriends started.

“Her boobs do lack a certain… firmness, don’t they?”

“Don’t be so nice, Tiffany. This bitch has one mean set of droopies! Probably a cheap stripper or something. See what happens when you don’t wear a bra?” Neisha lifted one of Lynda’s tits by the nipple and let it drop.

“OK, we got her naked, now what? Seems like she needs something more… something unique…” Molly said, scratching her head.

Neisha thought for a minute, then snapped her fingers and ran into the bathroom. When she returned, she was holding a set of electric shears and the stuff they used to shave their legs. “LET’S SHAVE HER HEAD!” she announced with glee. They all agreed… whoever this was, she was getting a haircut!

“Ooooh, is she gonna be surprised when she wakes up!” Tiffany said as Neisha plugged in the shears. Molly and Tiffany cleared the way and dragged Lynda over to a chair.

“Damn she’s heavy!” Molly whined.

“Let me at her before she wakes up!” said Neisha as she moved in behind the blonde beauty. The girls stood around giggling as their alcohol-fueled sorority sister began the work at hand. Never having witnessed such a spectacle, the room was soon silent except for the buzzing of the shears. The first cut left a two-inch wide path of stubble down the middle of Lynda’s scalp! A path that grew wider and wider with each pass! Like a marine corps barber on speed, she took off more and more of Lynda’s luscious blonde mane!

“She won’t be needing to buy shampoo or conditioner for a while!” Tiffany smirked.

“Yeah,” said Molly, “she can use the money she saves to buy a wig! This is so cool!”

Before long at all, Lynda’s hair had been shorn down to a thin coating of fuzz. They joyfully rubbed her barren scalp and commented on how much it felt like sandpaper.

“That’s easy enough to take care of!” Neisha said as she produced a can of shaving cream and a pack of Lady Schick razors. “Enough for everyone!” she said, passing them around. They all took a hand in coating Lynda’s well-rounded head with shaving cream, not even sparing her eyebrows! As careful as three drunken co-eds could, they gently began scraping away the foam, along with the last vestiges of the unsuspecting centerfold’s hair! Little by little, the white foam was removed, leaving only bare smooth skin in its place.

“She thought she was pretty slick just walking in here… wait till she walks out! You talk about slick!” said Molly as she did her part.

Twenty minutes later, Neisha finished up by carefully whisking away Lynda’s eyebrows. “Perfect!” she said as she wiped off any stray bits of shaving cream with a towel. Playmate Lynda Weismeier was now totally bald headed! The three girls high-fived and congratulated themselves on a job well done.

“Hmmmm… let me see the shaver again. I think we missed a spot,” Tiffany said as she eyed Lynda’s thick blonde bush. “Raise her up and spread ’em… we can’t let anyone know her true hair color!” They did as they were told, and Tiffany quickly buzzed off Lynda’s pubic curls. Then they proceeded to shave her cunt as smooth as they did her head. “NOW she’s perfect!”

“You know, it’s really a shame that by this time tomorrow she’ll have that ugly five o’clock shadow… I wish there was something we could do for her,” said Neisha. “The bald look fits her so well!”

“Hold on!” Molly said as she ran off to the bathroom this time. When she returned, she had three bottles of hair removers: Nair, Neet, and Hair-Away. “Everybody has their favorite! Ever wonder what would happen if they were all combined?” she said, passing out the bottles.

Wickedly, the three girls grinned as they squirted generous helpings from each bottle onto Lynda’s head and crotch. “The smell is so bad we might go bald! Yuck!” Tiffany said as she helped spread it all around the treated areas. Once it was thoroughly spread in and her naked head was glistening in permanent baldness, they got the idea to take a few pictures.

“That’ll teach this bald bimbo to fuck with us!” Molly said as Lynda was ‘posed’ over and over again.

Finally, they had enough. They were too tired and she was too heavy, so they just tossed her back on the bed. But not before removing anything she might use to ‘cover up’ with when she came to. Laughing, they returned to the party, mentioning to no one what they’d just done.

A few hours later, Lynda woke up. Everybody knew it from the ear-piercing scream followed by, “I’M BALD!” that came from the back bedroom. Shocked to discover she had been shorn like a sheep, Lynda ran screaming from the strange bedroom and straight out into a sea of laughing, unfamiliar faces. Her pendulous boobs shook from side to side as she tried to hide her lack of hair from sight!

“WOOOOO! Lookin’ good, CHROME DOME!” someone yelled, pulling her arms away so everyone could see her bald head! She was groped from all angles and more cameras flashed as she fought her way through the crowd and out into the night, sobbing and totally humiliated. After this adventure, Lynda’s party-crashing days ended. It didn’t do much for her run at Playmate of the Year, either! Tiffany, Molly, and Neisha smiled. They knew she wouldn’t try it again! They each made a nice profit from the pictures they’d gotten and even sold Lynda’s hair!



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