The Park by Buzz

I was in the park today walking our dog when I came across a bunch of teenagers all sitting in a circle. In the middle of the circle a girl with really long chestnut colored hair was kind of twirling around. I watched as I walked the dog, her long hair flying around behind her.

Then the guy with the crew cut said it was time. I took notice that he had in his right hand a pair of scissors… more like sewing scissors. I sat near a tree with the dog, but well within earshot of what was being said.

The guy told the girl that she would be first to be initiated into their group. Just then all the others of the group, 4 girls and 3 guys started to yell, “Cut it, cut it, cut it!”

With that I watched as the girl standing with the long hair, bent her head over forwards, throwing her long hair over her head. The guy with the sewing scissors gathered all the young girl’s chestnut brown hair into a ponytail at the front of her head where her bangs were. While being chanted on by the others, he brought the sewing shears up to the clump of hair and started to hack off this poor girl’s hair.

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I watched as the ponytail came free and her now shorter hair fell to the sides of her head. It left a very short bang area with a bit of the scalp showing through. The remainder of her hair fell to the sides and back giving her an entirely different look. The guy cutting the hair started to wave the long tail around and whooping like a crazed man. Then the scissors were passed to each of the others in the group and they stood one by one and commenced cutting the remainder of the hair from the girl’s head. I have to admit, I was getting a woody on watching this poor girl lose all her hair.

After all of the group had a crack at cutting this poor girl’s hair off, the guy with the tail reached into a gym bag and pulled out a pair of battery operated beard clippers and passed them to the girl with the butchered hair.

Through chants of “Shave it, shave it, shave it!”, she proceeded to shave her hair all off to a very short buzz. The hair came away freely and left a very soft looking buzz cut. One of the other girls, a girl with short black hair stood up and took hold of the clippers and proceeded to assist the girl shaving the long hair that the girl had missed. I watched as the hair fell from her head onto her shoulders and into the grass.

Next the clippers were passed to the girl whose head was just shaved. She took the clippers and turned them on. I watched as she raised them to the girl’s head with the black hair. Just before she turned them on, she removed the 1/8 inch guard and ran the vibrating clippers right down the center of that girl’s head. I watched in amazement as a bald strip of scalp appeared behind the hungry clippers. Next, another girl who had been cheering this cutting, stood up. She had her hair in two pigtails braided tightly on either side of her head.

She finished the buzzing of the girl with black hair, till she was bald. I remember how truly lovely I thought this woman was with no hair and if I were to die right now, I would be the happiest man alive. Then it happened. One of the other guys stood up and took the sewing shears from the crewcut guy and proceeded to hack off the two pigtails from that girl’s head. He then continued to cut till he had reduced all her head hair to a ragged clipping. She was almost bald, but with many close to the scalp snipping.

I then saw the last of the girls stand and take the hand held clippers and finish the buzzing of the girl with the pigtails’ cut. She cleaned her head down to a fine fuzz leaving no indication that her hair had been hacked off wildly with scissors.

Then the guy with the crewcut stood once again and started to kiss the last girl very deeply. One hand was grabbing her hair while the free hand was raising the scissors to her head and hacking her hair off. They both were so engrossed in the kissing of each other, I thought he might accidentally cut off her ear, but he seemed to be in tune with his hands and continued to cut and kiss. The hair fell between their faces, and even amongst the kissing and the cut-off hair in their faces and mouths, he continued to cut and kiss. The others kept chanting to go for it as he cut.

The end result was a very ragged cut and a lot of hair on her shoulders and his. After he finished cutting her hair, no one seemed to step forward and even out her cut. I watched as they all rose and left the park. The girl walked arm-in-arm with the guy in the crewcut, her hair still hacked off at funny angles. No one made an attempt to even it out or even cover her head for her. They all left the park leaving behind a whole mess of cut-off hair. I wanted to follow them but was too busy picking up whatever cut-off hair I could find.

To this day I have no idea why they were cutting the girls’ hair or who they were. I still walk the dog in that same park hoping to see them all again, but all I have of that day are some very long snips of hair and wet dreams at night.


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