Pair of ‘Genes’, Part 2: The Flashback

Pair of 'Genes'

A Pair of ‘Genes’ 2: The Flashback by DPTemplar

Well, this is my first attempt at a sequel, and yet it’s also a prequel, so please take it easy on me. Again, I want to extremely apologize to Stan Lee, and to any and all people working at Marvel comics, as well as any and all celebrities slightly or intentionally mentioned. This is merely for entertainment. Thank you, and enjoy the tale.

John took his new friends Christina and Angie to lunch. They found a cool Italian ristorante, and ordered a big meal. He then began to ask the ladies on how they hooked up.

“Well,” said Christina, “it started like this. Back in January of this year, to not only feed my appetite for this apparent hair fetish I have, but also to make some cash, I decided to put an ad in the paper for anyone that was interested in cutting my hair. They could cut off my long braid, that is when I grew it out that long; they could give me a pixie, a high-and-tight cut, or shave me, or do whatever with my hair. As long as they paid… the more they cut off, the more they had to pay.”

Then Angie chimed in. “Well, around early June, I decide to give it a try, and answer her ad. Moments before she walked into my apartment, that cool Adidas commercial with the cute female swimmer came on the air. I knew it was a sign, a sign of great things to come for us.” John remembered the ad: it’s a figure who was buzzing, then inevitably shaving his head. Then the camera reveals it’s a she, not a he, as she goes on to shave her eyebrows. John enjoyed that commercial as well, but also liked the one of the two mascots kicking each other’s asses.

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“Well, she walked in, expecting to see my husband or boyfriend, and seeing neither. She never had a female call in for a job before. This was her first, her first of many things that day…” She stopped to giggle, and stare at her roommate, this Asian beauty with long flowing ebony hair, and she with auburn tresses. “I told Chris that I wanted to shave her head, and asked if she had a problem with that. She said no, so I was happy, and I rushed to my bathroom to get my clippers and shaving gear.” John was now trying to compose himself: the thought of this Asia Carrera lookalike getting shaved by this double of Christina Aguilera was really making him aroused, and who’d blame him? Angie knew that he was getting aroused, so she started to speak more sensuously.

“I asked her, ‘Do you like to wear clothes or be naked during a haircut?'”

“I replied however they want it,” said Christina.

“‘Well, if it’s alright with you, I’d like you in clothes…for now.’ Chris then sat in the chair, and I washed her hair nice and hard, then combed it out gently, making sure she got the full treatment. I then cut her hair with the sharpest scissors I had in the place, and gave her a nice bob. Then I got out the clippers, and ran them into her hair without any guard. She looked aroused as I was taking her hair; she seemed fulfilled. Maybe it was the money she was about to get, maybe it was the feel of the clippers, or the hair that was falling, or my hand gently caressing her balding head… or a combination of all of it…”

“All of it,” said Christina.

“I then lathered up her head, and shaved it off carefully with my razors. Then I said something that got her attention.”

John perked up, and wanted to know what it was that got Christina’s attention. Angie said, “Well, I can pay you now, but for additional dough, you can do the same for me.”

“Well, I couldn’t pass up extra cash, could I?” said Christina, who was eating dessert while the other two sipped their drinks. “I said sure, so then Angie begins to undress. She was hot. I was never turned on by a woman, although I was bi-curious. She wanted to get shaved naked. Hey, whatever floated her boat, man. She then kissed me gently on the lips. I told her I was neither a lesbian nor bi, but I was curious. She said the same thing; she said she felt it was right, it was meant to be. Anyway, I put her in the chair, and started to cut and buzz her hair. The hair fell between her legs; she started to laugh since it tickled her. Then I shaved her head clean, and she paid me twice as much as it would have been if it were just me.”

“Then, I said something which I felt was a guilty sentence, but would later turn out to be something great. I said, ‘Well, I have a confession. I can grow it back quickly. Watch…’ Then I used my mutant powers of cell and gene manipulation to grow my hair back. ‘Sorry. I know that you’ll never grow your hair back again…sorry.’ Then, Chris looked at me, and started to grow her hair back as well; we had the same mutant power! We hugged afterward, and cleaned up our own hair, then talked about our love of haircutting. We then discussed the idea of moving in together, and that money was not an issue; I had received money after my parents died, plus I have some shares in stock here and there, and Christina has her lottery winnings, because she hit it big last year, plus she dabbles in stock, and of course, her ad for haircutting. This is where you come in, John.”

John sat up, and wanted to know where he fit into the picture. “We want to make tapes, but we could never find the time, nor the talent to help us out. We not only have the time and talent with you involved, we also have someone we can trust…you’re not a mutant-hating jerk like my last boyfriend,” said Angie, “you’re cool. We want to make haircutting tapes, and give them to other businesses that make haircutting tapes, and make a trade. We want to use the tales in this Haircut Story Archive as inspiration for the tapes. Deal?” John said yes, then the three paid for lunch, and went out to the store to get video equipment. This was the beginning of a fantastic friendship.



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