Dance Team

Dance Team

The Dance Team By Lela
Based on an idea by KUguy

Abby Fine was every boy’s in Daniel Webster Memorial High School’s be-all, end-all dream. There was not a boy (and a few girls) who had not wondered about having her in their bed. But like all dream girls, she was over high school boys. Her boyfriend, Jon, went to UNH, and was the sort that she could not bring home to her mom. He was 6’4″ and buff, with deep honey eyes, tan and longish brown curls. But he was a pot dealer, and the dance team’s preferred source of alcohol. Not that Abby wasn’t quite the lust object herself. She was 5’9″ with pale skin and big emerald eyes and absolutely stacked. And hanging over the mini-skirts and tanks she wore was her hair. It was deep brown, with red highlights she claimed were natural, although she had them done at Salon Visa. Straight and glossy, it hung all the way to her elbows. Tonight she was taking great pains to look nice, as Jon was coming over. She took out her favorite dress. It was a black spaghetti-strapped number in black velvet that she would have to pull down to reach the middle of her thighs. She slipped on a black lace thong she had bought at Victoria’s Secret, deciding to forgo stockings. She then took out her 36D strapless bra, which was a shimmering black material, and put it on. She then shimmied into the dress and popped into her four-inch black spikes. She spritzed on some Ralph Lauren Romance and carefully applied Deep Cherry lipstick, Natural Beige powder, Blushing Plum blush, Azure eye shadow, Ebony eyeliner and Jet mascara. She then took a shine spray and carefully applied it to her hair, before brushing it and pushing it off her face with two rhinestone barrettes. Her mom was out, so she could do as she pleased. The doorbell rang.

“Whoa!” Jon greeted her. “You look hot!”

“Hey, hon. Want to watch a movie? I rented one!”


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“Well, then, what do you want to do?” she asked, knowing the answer. He lifted up her skirt and rolled down the thong as she kicked off her heels and jumped on the couch, spreading her legs in the air. He removed his jeans and boxers and was just approaching her when…

“Abigail Brittany Fine! What are you doing? Out, you scheming bastard! Abigail, up to your room!” Abby’s mother was standing red-faced over them, while yanking her upstairs by her ear. She closed the door and spread Abby over her lap. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen, mother,” Abby responded meekly.

“Very well then, seventeen spankings for you. One..” Slap! “Two..” Slap! “You know I’ll have to tell Bethany about this.”

“No, no Mommy!” Abby cried. As one of the three co-captains, she had helped to write the contract which stated that if any of the six members of the dance team were caught in “any inappropriate act” they would not be kicked off the team, rather, they would have their hair cut “unflatteringly and unfemininely short” with all the other dance team members watching. Hot tears began to roll down her cheeks, which were caught by her hair. “You can’t!”

Abby was still red-eyed as she sat next to her mom in their BMW the next morning. Her hair was blowing out the window as she absently listened to the radio. Suddenly the BMW stopped in front of a strip mall.

“Mommy, why are we here? This isn’t where Salon Visa is!”

“Bethany wanted you to go to Snip N Clip. Said it’d be cheaper for the team.”

“Mommy, I can’t go there!”

“Well, you are!” Mrs. Fine was not a cruel woman, but the previous night’s events had killed any mercy she might have had for her daughter. A bell rang as they entered the shop, inhaling great amounts of hairspray as the cheery snips of scissors and the hum of clippers kicked Abby’s ears. “My daughter is going to get a haircut. I believe Bethany called and said Leslie would be doing it,” she said to the receptionist, whose nametag said Brian.

“Ah, yes she did,” said Brian with a smile. “Leslie, are you ready for Abby?” Leslie laughed as she came forth. She wore the blue polo shirt and khakis that were uniform there, and wore her hair in a no-nonsense bob.

“Right this was, Abby,” she said.

“No!” Abby screamed, clutching the handles of the chair she was sitting in. “No!” Forcefully, Brian picked up Abby and the chair and threw Abby down in the chair. She popped up. Leslie ripped off Abby’s shirt and tied her down with it. “No! No! No!” Abby screamed as the plastic cape surrounded her. “No!”

“Say goodbye!” laughed Leslie as she flicked the clippers on. “Relax, I’m just using these on your nape, and to thin some of this mess out. BUZZ! BUZZ! Leslie was now clutching fistfuls of the thick hair as Abby was increasingly being left with short rough three-inch remains of the beautiful mane. “All set!” said Leslie as she threw the last chunk of it on the floor. Abby studied her tear-stained refection in the mirror and behind her saw six familiar faces. The first she saw was Bethany’s. She was cackling at the piles of silky hair on the floor while describing the exact “little boy” cut Abby was to receive. The next was the empathetic face of her best friend Lindsey. Her long blonde curls were safely pulled off her face in a ponytail, and her azure eyes watched the clipper’s every action cautiously. The somber brown eyes of their friend Ali were also watching her, as if she feared her long sandy layers might suffer the same fate. As Abby turned her head, wondering at the new lightness, she caught sight of three very scared-looking young girls. Oh, no! she thought, as Leslie passed the buzzer over the nape of her neck, Bethany can’t have brought the freshmen! How humiliating! The tallest of them was Tanya, with her long brown curls spilling down her neck. Next to her was Sammie, who was wearing her straight brown hair in the exact twisted up do Abby had coaxed the vanished locks into yesterday. SNIP! Abby jumped as Leslie began to shape the front of the cut. The smallest of them all, Tiffany, was eyeing Abby fearfully as she clutched her shoulder-length strawberry blond hair in her fist fearfully. “All set,” said Leslie as she held up the mirror so that Abby could see her new look. Had Abby been able to think clearly, she would have seen how prettier she looked with her new crop, but instead all she felt was anger.

“So, girls, this is why you should not engage in unseemly behavior.”

“They have,” said Abby, as Leslie untied her from her shirt’s bondage. The girls all looked her, terrified. “Last Friday, we all got sloshed in the pond bank.”

“Very well, you all know how it is. Tiffany, you’re first.” Too scared to protest, Tiffany climbed into the chair. “Hmm, how shall we cut it? Oh, I know. A chili-bowl, to just the tops of the ears with a nice, tight undercut.” SNIP! A carefully measured section fell to form thick bangs. SNIP! Another piece fell, revealing a delicate ear. A tear rolled down Tiffany’s cheek. BUZZ! The undercut was done. SNIP! The cut was done. The result was that Tiffany looked about five years old, but it was cute.

“Tanya! Such nice, thick curls Tanya has. Hmm, I think a nice curly crop like Bernice’s over there,” she decided, indicating a gray-haired woman under a dryer. The curls and scissors flew as Tanya’s curls joined Tiffany’s and Abby’s locks on the floor. Tanya suddenly looked up to see an old ladyish crop cover her head.

“Sammie!” Sammie was running towards the door. Brian, who she then bit and kicked repeatedly in the crotch, intercepted her. She was shrieking incoherently as he pushed her in the chair and he took off his belt and he fastened her with it. Wordlessly, Leslie pushed her clippers over her head, letting the updo flop unceremoniously on the floor. Sammie was still screaming as she was led away and Ali, figuring she had nothing to lose, hopped in the hot seat.

“Cut it all off, please, Leslie,” she requested. Leslie looked at Bethany, who nodded and soon Ali had a new pixie cut. “Now you Lindsey.”

“Shave her,” Bethany commanded, for she had always hated Barbie-look-alike Lindsey.” BUZZ! Lindsey’s ponytail was on the floor. Leslie reached for a can of Barbosol and rubbed it all over the short blond strands, while tears streamed down Lindsey’s face. She then took a safety razor, which she slid over Lindsey’s head to reveal ivory skin.

As Bethany paid Brain $48, all the girls but Abby rushed, ashamed, to the van from which they had come. Abby looked up at Bethany and said very quietly, so quietly only Brian overheard it while about to sweep up the foot-high pile of teenage pride “They weren’t drinking last Friday. I made that up.”


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