Out of Control

Out of Control

Out of Control – Chi4242

Ann was 22. She had long brown hair that was shoulder length and dead straight. Ann was bored with her style that she had maintained for many years and decided to do something different. She made an appointment for that afternoon and as she sat down in the chair, it dawned on her she wanted curls.

The stylist washed her hair and quickly set up shop for the perm. The stylist took off about 1 inch of hair, just to get rid of the split ends. As the stylist was putting in the rods, Ann felt this feeling she never had before. She was so turned on by the idea of change, to see herself in the mirror, not knowing the end result. Ann put her hands down by her pants, then quickly moved them away, she was in a new world. The perm was done and styled, Ann now had big long hair. Soon Ann hopped in her car, all she did was look in the mirror, she felt this urge for more.

Ann stopped at a place called Quick Cuts, a cheap haircutting place, she went in and said she wanted a haircut. The stylist and she agreed on just above the shoulders, which took about 15 minutes to do. As the stylist finished she asked Ann if she wanted to go a little shorter, this would add a more defined volume look. Ann at this point just looked at herself and said, “Sure, just allow versatility.” Soon the haircut was done, it was mid neck length. Ann’s heart was pounding, her hormones were going a million miles per hour, the stylist showed Ann the nape, and for the first time Ann saw part of her nape exposed, she then felt herself ready to release in her pants and quickly said it looks great.

Ann got in her car and started to drive away, all she did was feel her nape, and play with herself. Ann was out of control, she stopped at a gas station to get gas, and as she turned around she saw another salon. All Ann could do now was think about her nape, how it felt and how she felt when the stylist took the hand clippers and cut her neck hairs. Ann felt her nape again, got in her car, and said to herself, this is crazy. She drove out of the parking lot, and got to a red light: turn left to the salon, or straight to go home. Ann was trying to justify in her mind not to do it, but quickly turned left and walked into the salon.

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The place was empty, and a stylist with a very short dutch boy bob haircut came up to Ann and asked her if she needed help. Ann paused, and then said, “I need a haircut.” Ann sat in the chair, and told the girl that she liked the style, but wanted something a little shorter and different. The stylist suggested a very short bob, and to take off the bulk of the back. Ann’s heart was pounding, Ann just nodded yes and off they went. Ann’s hair was put up in clips, and the stylist quickly turned on the clippers and just started mowing Ann’s hair up to her occipital bone. When she had finished, Ann put her hand on her nape, and then just smiled. The stylist cut the sides up to her earlobes. Ann looked in the mirror, and what she saw was the exact same style as the stylist, except curly.

Ann got in her car and drove away, she kept playing with her nape, and playing with herself. She loved the clippers mowing through her hair, she did not want to stop.

As she was driving down the road, over to her left she saw a big sign that said ‘Barber’s’. Ann kept driving, but the clippers were on her mind. She quickly turned the car around, and headed to the Barber Shop. Ann walked in and the barber, a male, said to her, “Can I help you?”

Ann said, “I need a haircut,” and the barber looked at her and said, “You sure do, that is an ugly haircut you have right now. Have a seat.”

The barber just put the cape on her and said, “I assume blend it all in and take the sides up and short.” Ann just nodded, but did say to keep volume on top. To Ann’s surprise the barber started in the back, she knew it was short already, now he was lopping off more. Soon the clipper cut was almost done, but the barber noticed Ann playing with herself as he was clipping her. The barber turned her chair to face the mirror, as Ann looked at herself he took the clippers up to her forehead and turned them on. Ann said nothing, and he just started giving her a flat top. Soon the flat top was done, Ann was in shock. She went to her car and cried, how could she have let this happen?

Six months later Ann’s hair had grown out, she was driving by the barber shop again, she just glanced in and nobody was there expect the barber, the urge started again. Ann said no way to herself, but the demons had gotten her again, she pulled into the parking lot, and walked into the barbershop. The barber just got up and told her to have a seat, as she sat down the cape was put on and the barber said, “A flat top I presume?” Ann said nothing and just put her chin to her chest. The clippers went on, and Ann was hooked.


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