Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Getting Personal by Bmower

“SWF/26. Nice body, blonde hair, blue eyes. I like dancing, shopping, camping, skiing, etc. Looking for SWF with similar interests for fun and possible relationship. Leave message at Box 5552342.”

The ad caught Gail’s attention. She had been idly paging through the personal ads in the newspaper as she waited for her laundry to get dry. She thought a lot of them were very funny, and some of them sounded intriguing. Gail’s reading was soon interrupted by the buzzing sound of the clothes dryer finishing. It was time to fold her laundry.

As she was working, Gail thought of some of the bizarre ads that she’d just read. She giggled when she thought of the woman advertising for oral sex by writing that “My tongue never gets tired.” She wondered who would respond to the ad advertising for “a female spankee”. Then there were the ads that simply sounded desperate, as if lonely people who didn’t know how to meet people wrote them. She actually felt kind of sad for these people, until she realized that it had been almost a year since her last relationship. Then, as she was trying to match up her socks and wondering how she always ended up losing one sock every time she did laundry, she started to feel kind of sad for herself.

When Gail had finished her task, and had the basket of clean clothing loaded, she went over to the waiting area and took the section of the paper that contained the personal ads. Armed with her clean clothes and the personal ads, she left the laundry room and walked back to her apartment.

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Gail continued to think about her dating situation as she walked home. She couldn’t quite figure out why she was single, except that she was very shy. Without being conceited, Gail felt she could look in the mirror and think she was a pretty women. She was about 5’3″ and weighed about 115 athletic pounds. Gail had brown eyes that seemed to twinkle as if she was always “in on the joke”, and fair, soft skin. She also had thick, dark auburn hair that flowed down almost to her waist. It had always been her crowning glory, she thought, and Gail always was getting compliments on her hair.

Gail set the laundry basket on her bed and went to the kitchen for a soda pop. She sat down on the couch and read the ad again. She thought about it for a little bit, grabbed the phone and called the number. She listened to the ad on the phone, and really liked the woman’s voice. It was soft and feminine. She hit the number 1, and began to respond. “Hi. My name is Gail. I read your ad and thought it sounded really good. I think we have some similar interests. I’m about 5’3″ with a petite build and dark hair. If you’re interested, please give me a call. My number is 555-2365. Hope to hear from you! Have a great day!” She hung up, and couldn’t believe that she’d just responded to a personal ad!

The rest of the day Gail was busy with various domestic chores, and it was a very quiet day. The following morning, her phone rang.


“Hi. This is Traci. You left a message on my personal ad yesterday?” the soft, feminine voice on the other end of the phone said. “How are you doing, Gail?”

“I’m great! Thanks for calling back,” Gail responded.

They visited on the phone for about an hour, and really had a wonderful time. Gail was surprised at how much they really had in common, and what a good time she was having with Traci. Finally, Gail realized that she had to be going, as she had some appointments that afternoon. The conversation ended, but they made plans to visit on the phone again the next day.

The next day Gail and Traci spoke again, by phone, and the call went even better than before! Gail was getting really excited to meet Traci, but she was a careful woman. She wanted to talk on the phone more before suggesting that they meet. They spoke on the phone the next three days in succession, getting more comfortable with each phone call.

On Thursday evening, they were visiting and Gail suggested they meet for a drink on Friday evening. To her delight, Traci was free, and interested in getting together! They had agreed to meet in a local bar for happy hour. “How will I know who you are, when I walk into the bar?” Gail asked.

“Well, I’ll be wearing black jeans and a red and white striped top,” Traci answered. “Also, I’m about 5′ 6″ with a slim build. I have blue eyes and very short, blonde hair. I’ll be sitting at the bar.”

“Hey, you sound very pretty,” Gail said. “You wear your hair short? How short is it?” she asked.

“The back and sides are buzzed down to about 1/4 inch with very short bangs that show almost my whole forehead. I love having it short, and love short hair on other women. I think long hair just ends up looking messy and out of control,” Traci said. “How will I recognize you?” she asked.

Gail ran her fingers through her long, thick, auburn hair and said, “I’m a little bit shorter than you, with a petite build. I’ll be in a black mini skirt.” Gail paused for a moment and continued. “My hair is really short, too. It sounds a lot like your hair, only that it’s dark instead of blonde,” she lied.

“Great!” Traci replied. “You sound very pretty. I’ll see you tomorrow night at about 6:00!”

Gail hung up the phone and looked at herself in the mirror. “Why did I say that about my hair?” she wondered to herself. Gail loved her long, thick locks and had never had any intention of cutting it short! She looked at herself in the mirror and pulled her hair back away from her face. It was soft, thick, and healthy; the type of hair women would kill to have. She tried to imagine herself with short hair, but it was a completely foreign idea to her. She released the hair that she’d been holding up behind her head and it bounced luxuriantly down her back and over her shoulders until it came almost to her waist. “What am I going to do?” Gail thought to herself.

That night Gail hardly slept. The next day at work was interminably long. She could hardly concentrate on her job and finally asked her boss for the afternoon off. She left work and was home by about 1:00. On the drive home, she had made up her mind about her hair. She was not going to cut it! She had spoken to Traci on the phone, but didn’t know her yet. They might not even like each other in person. She reasoned that she’d make her long hair look especially good that day. Traci might be mad or disappointed when she saw Gail with long hair, but she’d make her hair look so good that Traci couldn’t help but recognize its beauty.

Gail showered and spent a little extra time drying and styling her hair, using her favorite barrette to pull it back away from her face. In the back, her hair cascaded down in flowing, wavy, curls. Gail applied her makeup, put on her short, tight, mini-dress, and looked confidently in the mirror. “Traci might not like her long hair, at first, but she can’t help but like what she sees when I walk into the bar,” Gail thought to herself.

Gail walked into the bar and began looking around for Traci. After a few minutes, she realized she was the first one at the bar, so she sat down, ordered a drink and began anxiously waiting. After a few minutes, there was a page for her to come to the courtesy phone. Gail picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Gail. This is Traci. I’m terribly sorry, but I had some car trouble. The tow truck is taking my car to the garage, and then I’ll take a cab to the bar. Unfortunately, it means I’ll be about an hour late. Are you willing to wait for me?”

“Sure, I’ll wait,” Gail replied. “Take your time, and I’ll be waiting at the bar. See you at about 7:15?”

“See you then,” Traci answered.

Gail put down the telephone receiver and sighed. It was going to be kind of boring sitting at the bar alone for an hour. The bar was attached to a shopping mall so Gail decided that she’d finish her drink and do some window shopping for a while.

As she walked through the mall, Gail thought excitedly about her upcoming date with Traci. She really enjoyed visiting with her on their four telephone conversations, and wanted to make a good impression. She thought back to their last conversation. She looked at her reflection in the mirrored window display of a dress shop and thought of Traci’s comment about short hair: “I love having it short, and love short hair on other women. I think long hair just ends up looking messy and out of control.” Gail ran her fingers through her long, wavy locks and tried to decide how Traci would respond when she saw them.

Gail turned a corner in the mall and there was a beauty salon in front of her. It had a big sign in the window that advertised “WALK-INS WELCOME! NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!” Gail abruptly turned away and went back around the corner. She paused and ran her fingers again through her long hair. She thought of Traci and glanced at her wristwatch. It was only about 6:20. Gail looked at her reflection in the mirror of a store and felt a lump in her throat and a funny feeling in her stomach. She looked wonderful, Gail thought, but she turned around and walked back around the corner and entered the salon.

It was a busy salon that evening, with five stations in use by various stylists. The clientele seemed to be geared towards the 18-30 age group. As she was looking around, Gail heard a voice.

“Hi! Can I help you?”

Gail looked at the young woman at the counter and said, “Hi. I was wondering how long of a wait there was to get a haircut tonight?”

The woman behind the counter looked at her schedule for a moment, smiled back at Gail, and said, “You’re in luck! I had a cancellation and can take you right now! My name is Jenny.” She extended her hand to Gail and indicated that she should follow her back to her station and have a seat.

As she walked towards the rear of the salon, Gail glanced out the corner of her eye at the other stations. She also looked backwards to the safety of the mall. She was tempted to bolt back through that door and save her hair, but continued following Jenny. She was soon seated in the stylist’s chair. Jenny ran her fingers lightly through Gail’s hair and looked at the reflection in the mirror. “You have lovely hair. What were you thinking of having done today?” she asked.

As Gail opened her mouth to answer, she wondered to herself if she’d even have a voice. She did, and she found herself saying, “Thanks. I get a lot of compliments on my hair, but I’ve given it a lot of thought and think it’s time to try something short.”

“REALLY? How short? Something around shoulder length?”

“No, something short. I want a completely new look.” As she said that, Gail pulled her hair back so that it revealed her ears.

“Serious? Do you want to go above your ears?” Jenny asked.

Gail felt like there was a brick in her stomach as she answered. “Yes. I’ve seen some women who have their hair buzzed short in back and above the ears, and cut in soft, short, layers on top. That’s what I want to have done to mine.” As she said it, Gail felt her face getting hot and was almost getting short of breath.

“That’s a cute style, but it’s a really big change. Are you really sure you want to go that short all at one time?” Jenny asked.

Through the big lump in her throat Gail lied, “Yes. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time now, and it’s time to get it done.”

“Okay. If you’re sure, we’ll do it. It’s gonna be a shocking change, but it will look really cute on you.”

Jenny pulled all of Gail’s hair back into a ponytail and coiled it up towards the top of Gail’s head. “Can you hold this in place for me while I put the cape around your neck, please?” Gail reached out and held her hair in place. Jenny unfolded her white haircutting cape and fastened it snugly around Gail’s neck. It felt really snug and a little bit too tight to Gail. “You can let go of your hair now.” As she released her hair, it flowed down the back of the chair and also over shoulders. Gail looked down and saw the thick, dark, hair on her chest and in her lap. She took a big gulp of air, trying to get rid of the lump in her throat and looked straight ahead at the mirror. Jenny gently pulled the hair back behind Gail’s shoulders and began slowly combing the long dark hair.

Jenny fastened the hair with a hair tie just below the hairline at the nape. As she reached for the scissors she said, “We’ll start by getting rid of the bulk of this hair before I start on the style. I hope you’re ready for this, Gail.” She paused with the scissors poised a few inches away from Gail’s thick, auburn curls and looked at Gail’s reflection in the mirror. “This is your last chance to back out. Are you ready?” Jenny asked. Gail was unable to speak, but she looked at Jenny in the mirror and nodded her consent.

Her heart was pounding in her ears as she waited. Suddenly she heard an unfamiliar crunching sound as the scissors began to work their way through her ponytail. Her hair was very thick, so it was taking some work to sever the ponytail. As they became free, the shortened locks swung forward into Gail’s eyes and around her face. “There! How does that feel?” Jenny asked. Gail looked at the uneven bobbed style in the mirror and then saw the long, luxurious ponytail in Jenny’s hands. She couldn’t believe what she’d just done! Somehow, through the mix of emotions swirling around in her body, Gail was able to look at Jenny and smile. She didn’t dare speak right at that moment.

Jenny casually swung the ponytail in the air a couple of times and let it drop to the floor. Very quickly, she was holding a set of electric hair clippers in her hands. “If you’ll look straight down, we’ll get busy. I’ve got a 3/8-inch clipper guard on now, and I’ll use these to shape your new style,” Jenny said. Gail looked straight down, and flinched inwardly as she heard the loud, unfamiliar, buzzing sound.

Jenny lifted the hair back away from Gail’s neck and Gail felt the sharp edge of the clippers at her nape. The buzzing sound of the clippers was very loud, but soon became somewhat muffled as Jenny pushed the clippers upward over the back of Gail’s head. The clippers soon had worked their way to the top of her head, leaving a short swath of hair in the back. Very quickly, Jenny began widening the short patch of hair as she sheared off Gail’s thick, luxurious hair. Jenny used her free hand to tilt Gail’s head slightly to the side and Gail saw the clippers come up from the back and cut a path right over the top of her ear. The thick, dark, curls fell forwards into her lap.

Gail kind of went into a sort of a trance as she watched her long hair disappearing from her head and reappearing in her lap and on the floor. She was amazed at how much hair was being cut off! Jenny, working very quickly, set the clippers down and used a spray water bottle to dampen the top of Gail’s hair. Using scissors, she began cutting the top into a short layered style. Gail looked in the mirror and realized that her bangs were probably only about 1/2 inch long!

“This is turning out really cute!” Jenny said, as she ran her fingers through the short layers on the top of Gail’s head. “I want to give it a little bit more definition in back and around the ears now,” she continued, as she picked up the clippers once again and removed the clipper guard. She then used a fine-toothed comb as a guide, placing it flat against Gail’s nape and shaving off all the hair poking through above the comb. In this manner, she tapered the extremely short hair upwards until it blended into the slightly longer layers. When she had finished working on the back, Jenny moved over to the sides and buzzed the sides above the ears extremely short using the same clippers over comb method. Gail was horrified to see that the sides were now so short above the ears that her scalp was showing a whitish glow underneath the dark hair. She knew the back had to look just as short as the sides.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jenny put the clippers down and combed through Gail’s short hair. “Well, I think that about does it!” Jenny said. “What do you think of your new look?” Gail looked at her reflection and couldn’t believe it. Her long, gorgeous hair lay all around her on the floor, and in her lap, and what she saw sticking up through the stylist’s cape didn’t look like her, at all! She reached a hand out from under the cape, causing the remaining hair there to tumble to the floor, and cautiously put it against the shaved back of her head. The short buzzed hair stood up nicely against her hesitant touch. She thought it felt kind of neat! She was slowly getting used to the look, and she smiled at Jenny. She still barely dared try speaking.

Jenny removed the hair cape from around Gail’s neck, and Gail stood up onto the dark, auburn colored carpet that littered the floor. She couldn’t believe all that hair had come off her head! She thanked Jenny for her new look, and paid her bill. As she stepped back into the mall, Gail looked at her wristwatch. It was almost 7:15. As she started walking towards the bar, and her upcoming date, Gail really hoped that she would like Traci.


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