Our Meeting

Our Meeting

Our Meeting

After a few days of planning through email, and reluctant phone conversations, the time finally arrives for you to come down to L.A. for “payup.” It’s been about a year since you lost the fateful Superbowl bet, a bet that would have cost you a head shaving, surely a humiliating loss, but nowhere near where what your procrastination has now cost you – a complete headshaving, pubic shave, eyebrow waxing, lash plucking, an “all you can eat” sex service giving me complete access to every one of your bodily cavities (mouth, vagina, and ass), as well as numerous other humiliations that I can’t presently think of. Having waited so long, you’ve practically lost your entire body to me. I can do whatever I want to it. Nonetheless, you are confident that I don’t mean to do anything to you. You’ll probably just have to put out once or twice and your charms, beauty, and vagina will get you out of this situation with flying colors.

Having been told to dress up and meet at a fancy Italian restaurant was already a great sign you thought. You decided to wear something quite elegant – better to be overdressed then underdressed. You were wearing a tight black satin dress that brought out your curvacious figure (made so by countless hours of running on the soccer field). You had stylishly strapped black high heels and modest jewelry (you wanted more attention on your body then your jewelry). Finally, most of the time you would wear your hair up in this outfit, but because you knew I would like it better down (and to tease me) you wore it down. Your hair was now its natural brown color and lusciously shiny and curly. It reaches past the middle of your back – the longest it has been since you were 12. Despite the difficulties of keeping hair so long for soccer, you decided to let it grow, with only the occasional trim, since the last Superbowl.

You are waiting outside the elegant Italian restaurant “Pezzo di Merda” in Hollywood. I’m late and you are just standing outside. You attract lots of attention (you flirt a little, but try to behave as you know I’ll be there any minute), but see no- one that meets my description. Finally, you see what you think is me.

YOU: “Mmmmmm, so I finally meet the man that made me cum over the computer continuously.” (you say as you smile seductively and after you give me a peck)

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ME: “I’ll also be the last man that makes you cum at all. Let’s go.” (I say stone- faced).

You’re a little surprised that I’m being so anti-social. You start walking towards the restaurant entrance when I roughly grab your hand and start pulling you down the block.

YOU: “Aren’t we eating?”

ME: “Nope, we’re going somewhere else. I know what you’re thinking Kelli. You want to get out of this. Well, you won’t.”

You smile evilly again, still confident. You grab my balls and start kissing me warmly all over my face. I can’t resist, so I join in and grab your getting-wet-pussy through your dress and start kissing you. I then grab you roughly by the shoulders and push you away.

ME: “You’re not even as good as the photos you bitch. You’re not weasling your way out of this.”

You give me a pouty look face, you’re still sure you’ll melt me and your playfulness will win out.

We finally get to out destination, four blocks away. It’s a building that has a sign that says Dr. Johnson M.D. Plastic Surgery, Beautician. You’re happy. What else was there that a doctor could do to you? You were a perfect specimen. Maybe they’d use you as a model.

DRJ: “Hmmmm, well the happy couple is a little late aren’t you? My, she is a fine specimen.”

He looks closely at your face and gives your breasts, and tummy a quick feel.

DRJ: “You were right, she is an excellent specimen for our experiment. You say she lost a bet? My dear girl, you bet seriously! We should get started. Any last requests girl?”

Ever the joking smart ass, and still thinking it’s a game, you say looking at me:

YOU: “His penis in my pretty pussy.”

DRJ. “Not an unreasonable request given that it will be your last night with it fully functional.”

You’re too busy to hear the last statement as you pull up your satin dress to reveal a panti-less pussy, wet and ready to receive. You bend over on the receptionist’s couch and I unzip and enter you. It’s heavenly for me, not only having you, but knowing I’ll be your last man. I enjoy slapping against your buttocks and feeling your body. Your groan in pleasure, as doggy style is your favorite style. The doctor locks the front door so the office looks closed. I start feeling a little sorry knowing that you don’t know what will happen to you, but your little “I’m winning/You’re giving in” smile changes my attitude. I cum, pull out, zip up, and pull you by the hair to the surgery room. You get even more turned on by the fact that I’m pulling you by your gorgeous hair, your dress pulled up to your chest, through a doctor’s office. You actually want to stop at a wall mirror to check your half-naked body out, as even you admire it – so well proportioned, so unblemished, and so envied.

YOU: “I know you love me and my hair. I know you won’t do anything. How could you do anything to this?” (you pose sexily)

ME: “If it was any other girl, I wouldn’t do it, but since it’s you, you have to be taught a lesson. It’ll be hard to cut all this hair off (I grab a chunkful) but I’ve already sold you and I have no choice.”

Again, you don’t hear what I say and unzip me, get on your knees and try starting to give me a blow job. The doctor comes, openly agitated. He pulls you by the hair.

DRJ: “He didn’t tell me you were so badly behaved! You’ve had your fun, we must start before it gets late. These top surgeons will only wait so long.”

You hear that part and get nervous.

YOU: “What’s going on?”

DRJ: “The nurse will prep you for surgery. We need you out of those clothes, and your hair cut in preparation.”

Two rather older, ugly nurses take you and strap you down to a medical table. Many unrecognizable contraptions line the walls.

ME: “Kell, I can only stay with you during the surgical preparations. After that I have to go. I do have a real date at that restaurant. I’ll stop by and see you afterwards.”

The nurses start taking clipping scissors and start snipping off your dress. It reveals your incredible body. You show it off proudly. The nurses react coldly and shred your expensive dress.

YOU: “Look what they’re doing to my dress!”

ME: “Sorry, Kelli, but you won’t need it any more anyway.”

One nurse takes out a pair of hair clippers and plugs them in. Another spreads your legs and begins examining your well-groomed pussy.

YOU: “Please! I was never really gonna pay up, make them stop I’ll do anything!”

ME: “Sorry, it’s too late Kelli. I did get a lot of money for this, which I’m sure will make you happy. You are considered quite a catch. Your debeautification will serve a higher cause, you’ll see.”

You begin yelling and crying. The fat blonde nurse slaps you and tapes your mouth. The shrimpy, acne-faced, big nosed old nurse starts clippering your head.

ACNE: “I finally get to shave one of these prissy bitches. We’re gonna make you a baldy dear! All of this hair will be gone forever!”

“Forever” sticks in your mind. She shaves the tope of your head. Your long curls cascade down to the floor as they meet their death. They almost yell in protest. With hair this beautiful, this just isn’t supposed to happen. Yet, here was your hair being shaved off to 1/8″. She doesn’t really care how even your head shaving is, she just wants to shave the mass of long curls off. She laughs massively, teasing you by kissing your hair and dangling it in front of you. More and more hair comes off. It’s so surreal. You never thought in all your days of teasing that you would go through with it, but here you are being shaved bald and finally paying up. A mound of hair gathers on the floor. The clippers are snapped off. You’re now shaved, but not cleanly bald.

The other nurse takes a smaller pair of clippers and quickly starts running them all over your pubic regions. She manuvers around your lips and makes sure to clean up your garden of pride. You like showing off your attractive pussy (some girls have unnatractive pussies) but you don’t like her feeling you. She snaps off the clippers and rubs your crotch.

FATNURSE: “You’re almost bald honey. The G-radiation will take care of what we missed. Oops, forgot the brows!”

She turns the clippers back on and runs them slowly over your brows, making sure to have them cleanly shaven off. She then puts a thumb on your eye-lid and shutting your lid, starts shaving off your lashes. You struggle and she stops.

FATNURSE: “Alright, bitch they’ll be off with the radiation anyway, it’ll just burn more. Let’s put her in now!”

The nurse wheel you into an oven-like contraption. They roll you in. You give me pouty eyes, but this time they are real pouty eyes, and not pretend. You want this to stop. I just smile. You are in what looks like a tanning machine.

ACNE: “This machine serves two purposes Kelli. It’ll burn all of your hair roots, making you hairless forever, and it saps out all pigmentations, making you forever pale. We used this one on Michael Jackson so we know it works!” (she laughs )

They turn on the machine. Nothing feels different. After a few minutes your hair areas start burning. You want to make it stop or feel your head but you are tied up. You can’t tell your skin color cause the de-tanning lights are neon. You cry, but the tears just sizzle up because it’s so hot.

After about 15 minutes they pull you out. Nurse Acne gets a vacuum and starts vacuuming all of the loose hairs around you. She unties one of your arms.

ACNE: “This machine is amazing! 15 minutes to kill all your hair roots! Go ahead and feel Kelli, you’ll love the smoothness!”

You start feeling your head. It is as smooth as your palm. Your brows are gone, your brows, lashes, and pubes too. You then notice that even your arm hairs have been singed off. You look into a mirror and forget all about your hairless, freaky body. You notice that you are ghostly white! Your summer tan has been eliminated and now you are as pale as ivory. You look sickening, like you’ve never seen the sun, a hideous sight for a beach girl like yourself. I go up to you and kiss your bald head.

ME: “I have to go Kelli. I’ll see you after my date.”

Your free arm calls for me, but I leave anyway. The surgeons come in and start drawing all over your body. Everywhere they draw, they will perform surgery.

DRJ: “Well, Kelli, the trick with some of this surgery is that we need you awake for it. We’ll give you an anesthetic, but we prefer that you see your transformation. Above is a mirror where you can watch us work. We have specialists for every part of your body and they all need to get back to their hospitals so they’ll all be working together.”

About seven doctors come and start working on you. One begins in your mouth, giving you some anasthetic and then bringing out some pinchers. He begins pulling at each tooth, one at a time. You struggle, but another doctor holds you down. Another two doctors start plugging lipo-suction cords into your smooth, shapely buttocks to remove fat. Your ass was perfect and not fat at all, but they continued removing all the fat from it.

DRJ: “We wil remove all of this fatty tissue that gives you such a curving, feminine shape.”

Another plugs in lipo suction on your breasts. You watch as they begin getting smaller and start to sag lifelessly, like balloons without air. You look at your face and see that your front, top teeth are gone! Another surgeon starts snipping off the excess skin where your curvy ass and voluptuose breasts used to be. As they tighten the skin you start looking less and less like a human female, especially an attractive one. Since you don’t feel anything it almost doesn’t register that they are working on you.

With the excess skin they snipped off, another surgeon starts grafting it onto your hands and toes, giving you a webbed look. More of your teeth are being removed and the dentist is making people laugh by saying he can use these teeth on his customers to save money (not that real teeth can be implanted). You cry, but they say they’ll take care of your eyes later. In the mean time the liposuction has been moved to your thighs and legs. Your strong, athletic thighs waste away within minutes. You look at the ceiling mirror and notice that the dentist is gone. You open your mouth and see nothing but gauze inside. You are toothless! Not only that, but one of the surgeons has removed your lips! Those seductive, full lips that so many men wanted to kiss were completley removed, leaving only a curve of flesh leading to the mouth. As these surgeons leave, more take their place.

DRJ: “These are the final surgeons Kelli. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of your defeminization, or should I say, dehumanization! Gentlemen, let the clitorectomy begin!”

A doctor starts cutting you up and you finally faint. What you don’t see is that all of your female organs are being removed – ovaries, uterus, tubes, everything. They leave your vagina, but remove your clitoris, and any hopes of ever enjoying sex again. Another doctor cuts up your throat and makes some minor modifications. Finally, another doctor opens up your eye-lids and begins dropping in some black liquid into your eyes. The liquid spreads and starts blackening your pretty brown eyes until your entire eye balls are black.

DRJ: “She is finished. Let’s take her to her mate.”

You wake up and the first thing they do is show you a mirror. You are completely bald and hairless, disgustingly white, as skinny as a malnourished child (no more curves), have webbed feet and toes, big black eyes, and your lips and teeth have been removed. You look like an alien! You scream, but instead hear a strange garbled echo. Your feminine voice has been modified to a low, unrecognizable mess. They take you into a locked chamber. Inside is someone that looks just like you. He is a captured alien.

DRJ: “Oh, Zagdorf, in a gesture of good will, we have found you a female of your own kind. She is much more beautiful and durable then the human female and we hope that she will satisfy you. Let this be a token of peace that the United States and Mars can live as neighbors!”

Zagdorf takes you, bends you over, and starts pumping his cock into you. You are still weary from the surgery. You just submit and let him treat you like a rag doll. The mirrors on the wall remind you that you are finished, not only as a human, but as an attractive female. All your looks are gone and now you are just an object of pleasure for this captured alien. On the wall the doctors project a few pictures that you notice as Zagdorf fucks you from behind (you get no sexaul feelings from it since your clitoris is gone). It says:

PATIENT: KELLI, DEFEMINIZATION 95.6% complete PATIENT BEFORE PATIENT AFTER (surgically altered to appear as an alien)

I return soon with my date. She is incredible – leggy, long blond hair, pretty face, a real babe.

MY DATE: “You weren’t lying! There are really aliens! They’re screwing but I can hardly tell them apart. They’re both so ugly!”

ME: “Yeah, they are. But I heard the female one used to be more attractive. Alien females mutate rapidly. They also say she likes football.” My date sees the before picture of you on the wall.

MY DATE: “Who’s that girl? She looks like she could be a model or something.”

ME: “She used to be. Actually, you’ll be following in her footsteps tonight. Her career really got a boost from the work that Dr. Johnson did for her here.”

Dr. Johnson comes in, clippers in hand.

DRJ: “Ahhhh, another lovely specimen for the evening! Please make your way to the surgical room and my nurses will take a look at you.”

MY DATE: “Ok! You aren’t gonna use those clippers on me are you?”

DRJ: “Only if you’re as bad as our last customer!”

There’s some laughter. I look at you and smile a smile of victory. I WON. YOU ARE BALD AND UGLY AND 95.6% DEFEMIMIZED.


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