Kelli: Punished!!

Kelli: Punished!!

Kelli: Punished!! – Kelli21257 & BlackLthr1

BlackLthr1: to keep the last two races intresting, I suggest a bet .. but you’ve lost all your money
KELLI21257: “what would you like to bet..stud?” I say sarastically..we had a fight earlier
BlackLthr1: all of my cash for your clothes .. but you’ll have to take them off as soon as you lose
BlackLthr1: on the winner of the next race.
KELLI21257: I smile knowing you have plenty of money…”agreed”
BlackLthr1: we choose our favorites .. write them down
BlackLthr1: along with the terms of the wager.
KELLI21257: I feel like I will win for sure…not liking the idea of having to undress here
BlackLthr1: I smile, thinking of you naked at the track .. and back to the car.
BlackLthr1: We watch the other people for a while .. then the races starts ..
BlackLthr1: your horse starts well, gaining two lengths on the field.
KELLI21257: I look on…in hope…my beautiful auburn hair falls down…free of any restraints
BlackLthr1: I frown, thinking of the money I may lose .. but not without hope.
BlackLthr1: I admire your beauty, especially your hair, face, and breasts.
BlackLthr1: At the first turn, my horse passes yours.
BlackLthr1: I laugh, and smile at you.
KELLI21257: I look at the race nervously……..
BlackLthr1: I toy with one of the buttons on your blouse.
BlackLthr1: by the half, your horse is once again even with mine.
BlackLthr1: and then pulls ahead.
KELLI21257: I smile again..hopeful…smug
BlackLthr1: I remind you the race isn’t over yet .. then frown as your horse pulls farther ahead.
BlackLthr1: I pull out my money clip, and hold it nervously.
KELLI21257: I look at it hopefully
BlackLthr1: Suddenly, your horse trips .. throw its jockey .. falls to the ground.
KELLI21257: my mouth falls open…………
BlackLthr1: The other horses thunder past .. mine in the lead.
BlackLthr1: He finishes first.
BlackLthr1: I toy with another button .. smile.
BlackLthr1: I suggest that you can strip now ..
BlackLthr1: or place another bet.
KELLI21257: my mouth falls open..”but…but…I can’t walk out of here nude…”
BlackLthr1: What would you like to do, then?
BlackLthr1: We could do a double or nothing .. but you have no more clothing ..
BlackLthr1: how about your body?
KELLI21257: I beg you…”anything but having to strip here..please….”
KELLI21257: I look around at the other boxes…they could see me easily.
BlackLthr1: Ok .. you win, you may keep your clothes .. if I win, I own your body completely ..
BlackLthr1: and may do anything I wish .. without restriction.
BlackLthr1: do you agree?
KELLI21257: “but…completely??!?!?!” I ask reluctantly
KELLI21257: I look down at my clothing reluctantly
BlackLthr1: yes, completely.
BlackLthr1: I may use or alter it in any way .. at any time or place. What do you want to do?
KELLI21257: “alter me?!!??” “do I have any other choices?”
BlackLthr1: Yes, alter you .. or your appearance .. change your hair or makeup ..
KELLI21257: I look at you reluctant to agree…..
BlackLthr1: tatoos .. piercings .. surgery .. or anything else I choose.
BlackLthr1: Ok, we have a deal then.
BlackLthr1: Would you like another drink?
BlackLthr1: I feel lucky .. let’s toast to our new relationship.
KELLI21257: I agree reluctantly….mostly because I am drunk..”I agree” more drink”
BlackLthr1: The drinks arrive .. I look at you and smile .. and toast.
BlackLthr1: Post call for the next race .. the horses enter the gate.
BlackLthr1: your horse looks good .. mine a bit nervous.
BlackLthr1: They’re off .. your gets a good start ..
KELLI21257: I smile…hoping…begging…for my horse….”palehair” …to win
BlackLthr1: he run’s well for the first half .. mine can’t seem to get his gait .. he’s just a yearling.
BlackLthr1: I sigh, resigned to a loss
KELLI21257: I smile…looking triumphant
BlackLthr1: then he hits his stride in the backstretch .. begins pulling ahead of the field ..
BlackLthr1: he’s gaining on palehair ..
BlackLthr1: but may not make it before the finish.
KELLI21257: I elbow you…smiling…
BlackLthr1: you haven’t won yet ..
BlackLthr1: suddenly my horse bursts forward .. just 4 lengths from the finish .. pulls alongside pale .
BlackLthr1: they finish neck and neck.
KELLI21257: I look on…wide-eyed
BlackLthr1: They announce that it will be a photo finish .. in about 15 minutes.
BlackLthr1: I smile .. ask what you will do with the money if you win.
KELLI21257: “..get my hair done…buy a new dress…bra…panties..etc…”
BlackLthr1: and how you will feel if you lose.
BlackLthr1: knowing that you have given up control of your body.
BlackLthr1: The speakers crackle.
KELLI21257: I frown…holding my beautiful metallic red shirt to myself
BlackLthr1: The announcer recites the photo finish rules ..
BlackLthr1: and the obvious finish order .. except first and second.
BlackLthr1: Then he announce second .. palehair.
BlackLthr1: I smile.
KELLI21257: My legs go wobbly…..
BlackLthr1: How does it feel to be a slave?
BlackLthr1: I squeeze your hand.
BlackLthr1: “Let’s go .. I want to stop at a couple of places.”
BlackLthr1: once in the car, I lift your skirt.
KELLI21257: I open my mouth to…but..I remember that I lost…
KELLI21257: I smile as your hand lifts my skirt
BlackLthr1: I caress your pussy .. your pubic hair.
BlackLthr1: As we drive out of the track, I place a call on my cellular phone..
KELLI21257: I look at you nervously…….
KELLI21257: my right hand curls a long tress around my fingers nervously… wideeyed….
BlackLthr1: you hear me ask someone if they’ve got some time ..
KELLI21257: “who…who is on the phone??” I ask nervously
BlackLthr1: a friend of mine .. a cosmetologist.
BlackLthr1: I want a symbol of your new status.
BlackLthr1: you have such beautiful hair .. on your pussy too.
KELLI21257: I shink back into the seat…”cos…cosmetogosist?!?”…”
BlackLthr1: yes, a hairdresser .. but she also does permanent cosmetics and electrolysis.
BlackLthr1: I thought we’d see about a new look for you.
KELLI21257: “…A…A…new look..” I touch my beautifully angular face…upset…
BlackLthr1: yes .. a haircut .. perhaps bleaching also ..
BlackLthr1: and I want your pussy completely hairless.
KELLI21257: I shrink…”are you serious…a h haircut? bleaching?..please…”
KELLI21257: “HAIRLESS!!!?!?!?”
BlackLthr1: Are you nervous?
BlackLthr1: You did agree to give me your body, after all.
KELLI21257: “I did…but…but…..a haircut…”
BlackLthr1: I thought it was rather mild, actually.
KELLI21257: I look at you…in sock…”mild?!?”
BlackLthr1: yes, a good symbol, but not too extreme .. and a good start for your new life.
KELLI21257: “new… life?!?” I stutter
BlackLthr1: Yes, now that I own you.
BlackLthr1: You will never again have any control over your life .. nor appearance..
BlackLthr1: actions .. not even your name.
KELLI21257: My eyes go wide…I realize that you do indeed..OWN ME
BlackLthr1: We reach the hairdressers .. she leads us to a back room.
KELLI21257: I look at her..she won’t speak to me
BlackLthr1: we leave you there, with another woman.
BlackLthr1: She washes your hair ..
BlackLthr1: but does not speak ..
BlackLthr1: the hairdresser and I return ..
KELLI21257: I look at you…slightly confused
BlackLthr1: she looks at you appraisingly .. and nods ..
BlackLthr1: I look at you, and smile.
BlackLthr1: Don’t worry ..
KELLI21257: I relax………
BlackLthr1: she applies another rinse to your hair ..
BlackLthr1: it tingles ..
KELLI21257: I look at you nervously
BlackLthr1: then she sits and reaches for a nearby tray table ..
BlackLthr1: she lifts your skirt ..
BlackLthr1: grabs a pair of scissors ..
BlackLthr1: and cuts off your panties.
KELLI21257: my face frowns…”please..not here…”
BlackLthr1: She look apprasingly at your bush and pussy ..
BlackLthr1: the grabs a black object like a pen .. but with a cord.
BlackLthr1: she flips a switch .. a large black box begins to hum ..
BlackLthr1: she moves the pen toward your pussy ..
BlackLthr1: you see it has a sharp metallic tip ..
KELLI21257: my eyes go wide…”what…what is that?!?” my ass moves back into the chair..away from the pen
BlackLthr1: don’t worry .. it’s an electrolysis probe .. we’ve decided to permanently remove the hair from your pussy.
BlackLthr1: It will only hurt a little.
KELLI21257: “ohhh…please…” my mouth shuts…through forece of will….my mind hears the word ”
KELLI21257: “permanently” again and again
BlackLthr1: I smile .. “I wanted something that will remind you of your status forever ..
BlackLthr1: and I love the look of a naked pussy.
BlackLthr1: She places the pen against your pussy .. the hum gets louder feel a tingle ..
BlackLthr1: and smell burnt hair.
BlackLthr1: again and agin.
BlackLthr1: About half way through, I mention how lovely your pussy looks ..but so much like any other ..
BlackLthr1: and muse how we might make it unique.
KELLI21257: my ass shakes slightly although I try to stay still through the de-shagging
KELLI21257: I watch her do her work reluctantly
BlackLthr1: Once she’s done, she returns to your hair ..
KELLI21257: I look down…denuded like I was a barbie doll
BlackLthr1: I admire how lovely your pussy is .. how different it looks .. so much younger.
BlackLthr1: She dries your hair ..
BlackLthr1: then hands you a mirror.
KELLI21257: I look into the mirror
BlackLthr1: a bleached blonde stares back.
KELLI21257: I frown….my beautiful hair….
BlackLthr1: She takes the mirror .. picks up scissors
BlackLthr1: you notice that she’s only cutting on one side ..
BlackLthr1: and very short ..
KELLI21257: I look at you…extremely upset
BlackLthr1: I just smile
BlackLthr1: She finishes .. hands you the mirror again
BlackLthr1: you look in horror
BlackLthr1: one side of your head is completely bald
KELLI21257: I shriek….
KELLI21257: “Omigod….my hair……” I stare at the hairdresser in shock and horror
BlackLthr1: the other is bowl cut in front .. but untouched in back
BlackLthr1: I think it’s you. Do you like it, she asks.
KELLI21257: my sassy cute girl looks…absolutely gone
BlackLthr1: “you’re just a piece or property now” I say.
KELLI21257: I look at you angrily….”I am still more than that…”
BlackLthr1: I walk toward you .. caress your head .. then your pussy.
BlackLthr1: but not for long.
BlackLthr1: I thank her, pay and we leave.
BlackLthr1: Once in the car, I just smile, then drive a away.
BlackLthr1: A few blocks later, we stop in front of a veterinarian’s office ..
KELLI21257: I cry some…but try to keep control
BlackLthr1: I open your door ..
BlackLthr1: take your hand ..
BlackLthr1: and lead you inside.
BlackLthr1: The receptionist recognizes me .. says the doctor’s expecting me..
BlackLthr1: and leads us to an exam room.
KELLI21257: I look at you…confused…”why are we here?!?” I feel my head… nervously
BlackLthr1: Now that you’re property, I want you properly marked ..
BlackLthr1: there’s a new electronic system I have in mind, used mostly on agricultural breeding stock
BlackLthr1: and prize dogs.
KELLI21257: I look at you….shocked..”Noo…please!”
BlackLthr1: “Don’t worry .. it’s invisible .. under the skin.”
BlackLthr1: The vet’s assistant takes off your clothes .. measures you .. weighs you..
BlackLthr1: takes a photograph.
BlackLthr1: Then leaves.
KELLI21257: I cry….”god…I feel like a…pet…”
BlackLthr1: “But you are ..” I say.
BlackLthr1: She returns a few minutes later .. with a collar and tag.
BlackLthr1: “who groomed her?” she asks “It’s the worst cut I’ve seen”
BlackLthr1: She fastens the collar around your neck.
BlackLthr1: As you look down, you see a silver tag with the name “Princess”.
BlackLthr1: “Actually, the groomer did exactly what I wanted.”
KELLI21257: I look at her embarrassed
BlackLthr1: The vet enters .. looks you over .. “Will you be spaying her?”
BlackLthr1: “No, I think I’ll breed her .. how does she look?”
BlackLthr1: The vet replys “Not bad, except for the mane.””
BlackLthr1: “We’ll have to treat that”
BlackLthr1: “No, its just the way she’s groomed” I reply.
KELLI21257: I look embarrassed turning red
BlackLthr1: “Ok, we’ll just mark her then.”
BlackLthr1: The vet takes a syringe from the table, tells his assisant to hold you.
KELLI21257: I poen my eyes…shocked
BlackLthr1: He grasps your lower lip .. injects you .. it goes numb ..
BlackLthr1: He picks up a tatoo gun .. you hear him tell me about the registration process ..
BlackLthr1: he turns down your lower lip .. begins to tatoo the inside.
BlackLthr1: Five minutes later he’s done .. “Only one more thing”
BlackLthr1: He picks up a large silver gun .. inserts a small cylinder .. then presses it against the
KELLI21257: I cry..sounds funny with my numb lip
BlackLthr1: back of your right shoulder.
BlackLthr1: You hear a pop .. feel a pricking .. “We are done”
BlackLthr1: “So that’s all there is to the electronic tagging?” I ask?
KELLI21257: I turn around…eyes wide….
BlackLthr1: The vet says “Princess is now in the global animal registry. If she’s ever lost or stolen, she can’t be sold or traded.”
KELLI21257: I whisper in awe..” sold ..or traded….”
BlackLthr1: And she can be tracked easily among the others.
BlackLthr1: “Yes, you really are property now, Princess” I say.
KELLI21257: I cringe…
BlackLthr1: “and you can be sold or traded as such. You can also be loaned.”
KELLI21257: I imagine myself..being loaned..and shudder
BlackLthr1: “I may want to breed her soon, Doc .. can you just check her out?”
BlackLthr1: The Doc and his assistant turn you over ..
KELLI21257: I shake…check her out..I think to myself nervously
BlackLthr1: he looks at you .. touches your breasts and pussy ..
BlackLthr1: pulls your lips apart ..
BlackLthr1: inserts a finger ..
BlackLthr1: probes.
BlackLthr1: “Ok, let’s just look inside”
BlackLthr1: He inserts a probe ..
BlackLthr1: looks inside your pussy.
KELLI21257: I grunt and squirm
BlackLthr1: “She’s fine ..”
BlackLthr1: The Vet and staff leave .. I hand you your clothes ..
BlackLthr1: I look at you with great pride .. my new pet
BlackLthr1: especially your new collar .. and all it represents
KELLI21257: I put on my clothes…humilaited and rubbing my tattooed lip
BlackLthr1: as we drive away, i tell you we have one more stop before I take you home with me ..
BlackLthr1: and we drive to a tattoo parlour .. rather nice ..
BlackLthr1: for your final marking today.
BlackLthr1: I mention that I like to monogram all my possessions ..
KELLI21257: I cringe…I hate tattoos
BlackLthr1: A nicely dressed man greets us .. we are lead to a room with no furniture .. only stainless steel equipment … and an operating table.
BlackLthr1: A nurse enters, and guides you to the table, strapping you in ..
BlackLthr1: on your back ..
BlackLthr1: then she pulls a large machine over your chest ..
BlackLthr1: your see red cross hairs on your left breast ..
KELLI21257: I cry….”what…what..are you doing to me???!!?!”
BlackLthr1: Just marking you for your master, she replys.
BlackLthr1: She puts goggles on you, herself .. and hands some to me ..
BlackLthr1: The machine hums .. then a bright light .. you smell burning flesh ..
BlackLthr1: “It’s a laser branding system” she says “We use it for monogramming”
BlackLthr1: you notice a slight heat on the uppper surface of your breast, but nothing else.
BlackLthr1: It’s over in 30 seconds.
BlackLthr1: She hands you a mirror, in which you see that my initials have been etched into your chest in beautiful script.
BlackLthr1: She mentions that the machine was originally developed for laser mastectomies,
KELLI21257: I cry out….humilaiting….my breasts….my god…nooo…the pain can be seen in my face
BlackLthr1: breast removal, and now have been adapted.
BlackLthr1: In a bout 5 minutes it completely removes a breast, without pain or blood.
BlackLthr1: I ask her to show you by drilling a hole in you left nipple .. it’s over before you realize, except for the flash.
BlackLthr1: and the permanent hole, a reminder of what could be.
KELLI21257: I cry out in disbelief….”nooooo…” I wail
BlackLthr1: Yes, you are marked for life .. unless we remove your breasts.
KELLI21257: I cry…my eyes pleading with you
BlackLthr1: “Some arab countries have also adapted the machines for clitorectomies.”
KELLI21257: I shake….I almost get off the table
BlackLthr1: “She has such lovely breasts .. it would be a shame to have to remove one”
BlackLthr1: “She’d be so unattractive ..”..her hands caress your breasts.. “might have to remove both.”
BlackLthr1: “Then she could at least pass for flat-chested, rather than mutilated.”
KELLI21257: I shake….”Ohh…please….nooo…please….” I squeal
BlackLthr1: I tell the nurse “No, we won’t be doing that today .. but I do want her to be sexually controllable .. do you have the clitorectomy software?”
BlackLthr1: “Yes, we’ll just need to move her a bit”
BlackLthr1: She repositions your legs .. spreading them .. aims the laser.
BlackLthr1: a flash .. your pussy feels warm .. you know your clit is gone.
BlackLthr1: She hands you a mirror so you can confirm the terrible truth.
KELLI21257: I cry in shame…never able to enjoy sex again
BlackLthr1: “Now your transformation is irreversible. You really are an animal”
BlackLthr1: “Are you sure you want to leave these breasts .. they make controlling the breeding so much more difficult .. the wrong studs might breed her.”
BlackLthr1: I confer with the nurse, the we go outside .. you hear muffled voices .. unintelligble
BlackLthr1: We re-enter .. the nurse moves the machine ..
KELLI21257: I cry out….”Nooo…not my breats…noooooooooooo”
BlackLthr1: “You realize that this won’t be pretty, don’t you?” the nurse asks me.
BlackLthr1: “Yes, but it necessary. Sorry, Princess.”
BlackLthr1: A light .. the smell of burning fleash .. a warmth on your chest..
BlackLthr1: the end of your breasts begins.
BlackLthr1: I lean forward and kiss you.
BlackLthr1: for now you are only mine.
KELLI21257: I scream..throwing my head back I watch in horror
BlackLthr1: 5 agonizing minutes .. then your breasts are gone.
BlackLthr1: Painless .. but horrifying ..
BlackLthr1: “aren’t these also useful for some dental applications?” I ask.
BlackLthr1: “Yes, the are .. why do you ask?”
BlackLthr1: “I was thinking of removing one of her front teeth”
BlackLthr1: “Is she having problems?”
BlackLthr1: “no, strictly cosmetic ..”
KELLI21257: I cry out…I beg…I look at my devastated chest and scream… “please..not my teeth too..”
BlackLthr1: “No, not all of them .. just one of the front ones ..”
BlackLthr1: Then nurse puts a new attachment on the machine ..
KELLI21257: I whine…..
BlackLthr1: guides it to your mouth
BlackLthr1: tells you to open
BlackLthr1: then bite
BlackLthr1: your tooth gets warm .. then loose
BlackLthr1: then free ..
BlackLthr1: you can feel the hole where it used to be ..
BlackLthr1: in the center of your smile
BlackLthr1: your beautiful smile .. gone forever
KELLI21257: I cry…my voice sounds different without the tooth
BlackLthr1: your entire body ruined .. fit only for animal uses
BlackLthr1: Don’t you think you should take a lower tooth as well .. perhaps have her fitted for a bridle and bit ?
BlackLthr1: “Yes, that is a good idea for a breeding animal ..
KELLI21257: I cry pathetically….
BlackLthr1: “Ok, we’ll remove both her lower incisors ..
BlackLthr1: The machine hums .. the light .. the wamrth .. your teeth loosen..
BlackLthr1: then you run your tongue over the gaps ..
KELLI21257: I cry….looking more like a animal every second she works on me
BlackLthr1: The nurse takes the teeth from your mouth .. only then do you notice her necklace .. are those teeth?
BlackLthr1: and her earrings .. you realize you are not the first ..
KELLI21257: I realize she must enjoy destroying beautiful women’s looks….
BlackLthr1: she fits you for a bit .. stroking your remaining hair ..
BlackLthr1: gazing at your ruined body ..
KELLI21257: I look at her full…but mine..were even better….were
BlackLthr1: “She looks so pathetic now .. like all the other beautiful arrogant women ..
BlackLthr1: her young full breasts .. gone .. her clit .. gone ..
BlackLthr1: her teeth .. gone .. who would want her now?
BlackLthr1: Well, perhaps for her hair .. should we remove that too?
KELLI21257: I look up…horrified by that…my last feature that counts…even half bald…is better than nothing
BlackLthr1: I walk over and stroke the blonde side of your head…the hair is still silky…”Do you think she will be uncontrollable with it..”
BlackLthr1: The nurse runs her hands around your body..almost giggling as she tocuhes the scarred skin where your beautiful firm breasts were..she looks decidingly at the last of your dyed blonde.
Blacklthr1: “I believe we should….she may get to prideful with it…let me use the laser electrolysis on her follicles..” she produces clippers and runs them over the last of the hair…then the eyebrows…
Blacklthr1: “Permanent?” she asks..I nod and she starts the machine…soon your head burns and your brow burns…you are bald forever.


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