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One Day

One Day… – Shornlocks

When June and I started dating, my hair was quite long. I had grown it out over the winter, and while it served its prupose of keeping my head warm, I started to tire of its weight and the amount of maintenance it required. Her hair was long and blonde, and she is tall and beautiful.

I asked June if she thought I should cut it, and she said definitely, yes. She said she would like it better if it was shorter. The next day, we went together to get my hair cut. The barber cut off a lot of hair, over three inches all around, and when we emerged from the barber shop, I was looking very GQ, with more than an abundance of hair still poofed atop my head. June commented that it looked much better than before, and that the barber could have cut more off. I agreed with her, and said I would get it cut shorter the next time.

About a month later, I told June that I wanted another haircut, and she asked me to let her do it. By this time, I trusted her completely, and we went out on the back porch with a scissors and comb. June put a towel around my neck to keep the hair off my clothes, and asked how short I wanted it. Short enough to keep me cool in summertime, I told her. She nodded, and went right to work. She combed my bangs for a moment, held the hair with her fingers, and “Snap,” went the scissors. A pile of hair tumbled into my lap, and I had an inkling that I was going to get a short hair cut. “Snap,” went the scissors, more hair now tumbled down. In moments, my lap had filled up with a pile of my formerly long hair. I must admit that I was nervous at the time, but June kept smiling and saying that it was looking good. She kept cutting and cutting, and finally said “Done.”

I felt my hair, and it was cut to an inch in length all over. June handed me a mirror, and as I looked over the haircut from every angle, I had to agree that it looked pretty good. I thanked her for the haircut, and we both got into the shower, and made love right there under the steaming shower head. It was incredible.

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About a month after this haircut, June remarked one day that my hair was starting to look “a little seedy.” I asked if she would cut it for me, and she said yes, but she needed to go out and buy something first. She left for about forty five minutes, and when she returned, she showed me that she had bought a haircutting apron and a pair of electric hair clippers, red, that said “fast feed” on them. She told me to put a chair in the bathroom, which I did. She told me she would give me “the haircut of my life.” Then she told me to wait in the living room while she set things up. I waited for a few minutes, then the bathroom door opened, and she said “Ready.”

I went into the bathroom. June was standing there naked, holding the haircutting apron, and said, “Have a seat.” I sat down and she snapped the apron around my neck. Her nudity got me aroused. She asked how I wanted my hair cut, and I said maybe just a trim. She said she had something shorter in mind, a “really cool summer haircut.” I said okay.

The next few moments were unforgettable. June picked up the clippers, turned them on, and stood behind me. As I watched in the mirror, she held the humming clippers to my forehead, and drove them slowly over the top of my head, cutting my hair down to the scalp. She did this again, and was smiling as she did so. She then stood to one side and drove the hungry clippers up in front of my ear, clipping off my sideburns and the hair on the side of my head, then with a flick of her wrist, dropped the hair in my lap. She then cut the hair in back, and the other side.

As she came around to cut the last hair off the top of my head, I noticed that she had some cut-off hairs on her breasts. I reached my hand up from under the apron, and brushed the hairs off her breasts. She then held the back of my shorn head with one hand while she clipped off the last of my hair with the other. I’ll never forget the feeling of her hand on the back of my head. At that moment, I was so aroused that I came in my pants.

June was right. She had given me “the haircut of my life.” It was very scary, but very exciting. We spent the rest of the day making love. June kept rubbing her hands on my scalp, which was a turn-on for both of us. She said she enjoyed the feeling of control and power she had over me while cutting my hair. I told her that I enjoyed having a barber that was naked.

Our love life was better than ever, and June liked to feel my scalp a lot. It was really exciting when we made love, and she would rub my scalp with her long blonde hair. It just drove me up the wall.

After about a month, on a Saturday morning, we woke up and started making love. June was running her hands over my hair, which had grown out about half an inch, and said I needed a haircut. I asked how she would cut it, and she said, “With the clippers, right down the middle. No attachment.” I asked when she was going to cut it, and she said “right now.”

We stopped making love, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. June pulled the clippers and haircutting cape out of the drawer. She snapped the cape around my neck, then sat back on the sink counter, and opened her legs wide apart. I started making love to her, and as I did, she turned on the clippers, and without hesitation, ran them right down the middle of my head, leaving behind a white stripe. She ran the clippers across my head two more times, and I came deep inside her. It was like a volcanic eruption. June then continued cutting my hair until it was all gone. Once again, we spent the rest of the day making love.

One month later, also on a Saturday morning, June gave me another haircut. This continued through the coming months, even through winter, making those Saturdays the most exciting days of our lives.

After this had been going on for about a year, one Saturday morning, June woke up before I did, and brought me a cup of coffee in bed. “Wake up dear,” she said, “I think today’s a good day for a haircut.” I got aroused, took one sip of coffee, and followed June to the bathroom.

June pulled the haircutting cape out of the drawer, and snapped the haircutting cape around HER neck. She handed me the clippers and said, “Cut mine first.”

I couldn’t believe it. I stood there in shock, as June sat back on the sink counter, opened her legs invitingly, and drew me toward her. We began making love.

Her long blonde hair flowed luxuriously down to her waist. I asked her how she wanted me to cut it, and she said, “Down the middle, no attachment.”

I gave June a long kiss, and said “Thank you.” And then I began cutting her hair.

The moments that followed were the most blissful of my life. I turned on the clippers, raised them to June’s forehead, and slowly pushed them into her hair, savoring the feeling, watching the long blonde hair tumble down from her head. When I finished the first pass with the clippers, I came inside June. I continued the clipping, and after a few passes had cut all the hair on top off.

June turned to see herself in the mirror and smiled at what she saw. She rubbed her shorn scalp with her fingers, and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

June turned back around, and I continued cutting her hair, savoring each cut with the clippers, recording it in my memory. “Turn your head,” I said. As she did, I began cutting off the beautiful mane in back. As I did, I came inside her again. After pausing for a moment, I kept clipping the hair in back.

With each pass of the clippers, mounds of long blonde hair came tumbling down to the floor, and in minutes, the last lock of beautiful hair was cut. I ran the clippers over her head again and again, making sure that every single hair was cut perfectly. I then unsnapped the haircutting cape, and June stood there in front of the mirror, bald and naked, statuesque and beautiful.

The floor was covered with long blonde hair, piles of it! I went to the kitchen and got a large ziploc bag, and put the long hair in it, as June just stood in front of the mirror, running her hands over her scalp.

“Cut my hair now,” I told her, and she made quick work of it, cutting my hair in about three minutes just as short as hers.

We spent the rest of the day in bed, making love, fondling and feeling each other’s heads. This was by far the greatest day of my life.


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