May the Force be With You

May the Force be With You

May the Force be with you – [email protected] (Billd)

Jan looked in the mirror for what had to be the 20th time that morning. She turned her head slightly to the left and ran her fingers up through her hair on the right side of her head, lifting it as high as possible, and letting it fall in sections against her cheek and ear and neck. Her brain was suffering from an endless bombardment of opposing thoughts. On the one hand was desire. A desire she had felt for as long as she could remember, though never fully understood. On the other was her sensibility, which told her the desire was untenable and counter-productive. As these opposing sides did battle within her subconscious her hands continued as though with a mind of their own, to lift her hair and let it fall softly, pausing occasionally to pull it all back tight in mock emulation of what her desire might cause it to look like. Although she was an incredibly sensible woman, invariably her desire would win out every time initially, and she would tell herself that this time was it. That this time she would make the appointment with her stylist and not chicken out when the time actually came. Her mind drifted back to the many times that just that very thing had happened.

She had started going to William nearly a year before. The first time she went to him her hair was slightly longer than shoulder length. She had expressed to him her curiosity at perhaps trying a short hair style sometime, and then asked in subdued and disappointed tones for a trim. Within a week she was back in his salon explaining that she had decided that perhaps another inch off might help her hair be a bit more manageable. Again her desire wanted to ask him to take significantly more than an inch off, but the words just would not come out. Within a week after that she was back once again. She was sure he was beginning to wonder at this, and in her best poker face explained that she merely was not happy with the in between length that resulted from having the additional inch taken off the last time, and that she would rather just have it cut so that it just barely swept across her shoulders. After that cut she thought it might be prudent to give the matter a bit of a rest. She was concerned that William might start either thinking she is weird, or that she was merely finding excuses to come in to his salon in an effort to perhaps ask him out. Neither was true. So it was that she did not visit the salon again for another two months, at which time he trimmed the inch worth of growth off giving her exactly the same cut she had had two months earlier. Once again her desire got the better of her and the pattern repeated itself. A week later she was back at the salon. Only this time her hair would end up shorter than the last time, since it was already as short as it had been by her third visit two months earlier. A seemingly knowing grin crossed William’s face as she entered the salon, as though he expected the visit. That evening, with her hair now an inch above the shoulders, Jan contemplated going back a third time to the salon completing the pattern she had established two months earlier. But a week later she thought better of it and did not go. It would be four more months this time before she would go back to the salon.

Her hair now grown to just below shoulder length once more, Jan made an appointment with William. This time on the first visit, he snipped three inches from the length, giving her the one inch above the shoulders cut that it took her two visits to get to the last time. A very definite pattern had evolved not only on her part, but on his as well. Could it be that he somehow suspected what she was up to? Could it be that he knew her secret desire? No she decided. He was just applying common sense. he knew that if he hadn’t taken her hair to an inch above the shoulders the first time she would just be back anyway. That’s all it was she told herself. No way he could know. No way he could be helping her along to the goal that her desire craved so badly. For a week her mind screamed at her not to follow the pattern. Over and over again she fought the urge to make a second appointment with him within a week. But her desire won out. By the end of that visit, her hair had been cut into a soft bob which fell to the top of her collar. She never even had to tell him what to do. He just seemed to know. And she just sat in the chair and allowed him to do it. Six more months would pass before she would enter the salon again.

Her hair now regrown to shoulder length, she entered the salon. William commented offhandedly about how long it had been, and ushered her to the shampoo station. Forty five minutes later her hair fell straight and smooth in a top of the collar length bob. As she drove home her mind was reeling. He had caught on to her. A pattern had most definitely been developed, and for the first time a mixture of fear and excitement entered her. Butterflies flitted around in her belly, and an erotic tingle travelled from the top of her head to the base of her spine. She wondered what her hair would be like next week when once again she would visit the salon. An inner shock gripped her as she realized that the decision to go back the following week was instantaneous, no mental debate whatsoever. And with that realization came an equally shocking decision. She would not wait a week this time. No more than fifteen minutes after she had left the salon, William looked up to see Jan standing just inside the doorway. he asked if anything was wrong with the cut, and she assured him that there wasn’t. “I just decided not to wait for a week before I came back this time” she stated matter of factly.

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Once again she was ushered to the shampoo station. He wasted no time whatsoever, and after having sectioned her hair, piling it atop her head, he pulled the first section down on the left side, and sank his scissors in at just below ear level. She watched the locks fall in rapid succession, as he worked his way around her head again and again, letting downs sections and snipping them in a perfectly straight line to the same length. Then a shiver ran down her spine as she heard the hum of the clipper. She felt as though she were going to orgasm as it lightly touched the nape of her neck for the very first time ever. She felt it bite into her hair and slide upward to her occipital bone. her eyes closed involuntarily as she savoured the feel of the clipper, a sensation she had craved for so very long. Again and again the clipper moved up the back of her head to the level of the occiput. All too soon the humming ceased. After a few minutes with the blow dryer, she was turned to face the mirror. Her hair had reached a new personal record for shortness, falling in a slightly higher than chin length bob. She ran her hand up the back feeling the clippers work. Feeling the short velvety hair in back caused her soul to cry out to continue, to let the clipper do the job for which it was invented, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. Her gaping smile was temporarily replaced by a look of dismay and dejection. A momentary change of visage that was not lost on William. She noticed he was watching her very closely and she snapped out of the temporary mood and brightened, the scowl being replaced once again by a wide smile. She told him how much she loved the new cut and after a few more pleasantries paid and left. That was now a week ago.

She lifted her hair and let it fall again. She couldn’t possibly go back to him already. She knew that if she did her hair would likely end up above her ears, and although she wanted it considerably shorter than even that, she was not sure she could actually go through with it. The sound and feel of the clipper filled her mind. She closed her eyes and tried to relive the sensations that had run through her while the clipper buzzed the back of her hair. Her eyes opened again, but they had changed. They were glossy and distant. As if in a trance she left her house and headed to the salon.

William didn’t seem the least bit surprised when she walked through the door. She had made it a point to come late in the day, hoping to be his last customer of the day. He was currently putting the finishing touches on an extremely short cut for an absolutely beautiful woman. She watched in a daze of sheer arousal as his clipper ran straight back across the top of the woman’s head from front to back, leaving a mere half inch in length in its wake. She sat in a chair directly behind them and watched intently as this woman sat smiling while her hair was reduced to a crewcut. She was totally unaware that her thighs were squeezing together rhythmically. But William, having stolen several clandestine peeks at her noticed it. All too quickly to Jan’s mind the clipper had finished its work on the woman. The chair was spun around and the single word that issued from her mouth upon seeing the new cut for the first time was “PERFECT”. Jan sat in the waiting chair remembering each and every moment of what she had just seen, while the woman exchanged a few words with William, made an appointment for three weeks from that day, paid and left. Jan was still in a daze when she felt his hand on her upper arm raising her from the waiting chair.

“What did you think of that?” he was asking her.

“She looked great,” was all Jan could manage to say.

He guided her directly to the styling chair. This confused her for a second because the normal procedure was to go to the shampoo station first. Sensing her confusion he simply explained that she was merely getting a trim so it wasn’t necessary to wash it first, he would simply wet it a bit with the spray bottle. She slid into the chair and felt the cape cinch around her neck. The chair spun around away from the mirror, and within seconds she felt the warm water being spritzed into her hair. This was followed in short order by the sound of the scissors as they crunched through her hair on the left side. She could clearly feel the blade of the shears touch the middle of her earlobe which told her that he was in fact cutting it a bit shorter, rather than just trimming it. Her eyes closed as she allowed herself to enjoy the feeling. Suddenly she felt the blade of the shears touch the top of her ear. Before she could issue any sort of protest, the scissors closed and her ear was exposed. her eyes popped open, her mouth started to form words. But before she could say anything he was saying ” too late now”. The blade of the scissor touched her forehead a mere 1/8 inch from the hairline and quickly worked its way from left to right across her forehead. She tried to bolt from the chair, but felt his surprisngly strong hand on her shoulder force her back down. She squirmed half-heartedly to get free, protesting weakly that she was not ready for this.

“Oh I think you were ready for this from the very first day you came in here. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize it sooner. It must have all been very difficult for you. Coming in here time after time wishing this would happen, and leaving each time disappointed.”

She wanted to tell him he was wrong, but knew it would be a lie. But still she felt an urgent need to stop him before it was too late. She tried harder to extricate herself from the chair, but her efforts were met by strength which she would have never guessed he possessed. She saw a white flash in front of her eyes and felt her chest being surrounded by something. With amazing speed he had tied her to the chair with a second cape. She felt him grab her left wrist and with a hand towel, lash it to the arm of the chair. The right wrist followed in very short order. Finally a third cape was laced over her lap and tied securely to the chair. Try as she might, she was unable to break free of the bonds. Not as though she was trying very hard. Her mind reeled. How could he have possibly known her secret desire with such exacting detail.

“Please don’t do this to me” she protested. “You don’t understand. I can’t have this. You’re wrong about this. I only wanted it trimmed.”

He seemed to be paying little or no attention to her pleas. This had the effect of arousing her even more. She noticed that he no longer wore the genuinely warm smile that normally graced his face, but rather a somewhat evil grin now seemed to play across his lips. She felt the blades of the scissor lay flat on her the center of her forehead at the hairline. She shook her head violently back and forth causing the shears to be unable to find their mark while she shouted no over and over again. The next thing she felt was his fingers intertwining into her hair in back. Her head was pulled back forcefully and held tight. Try as she might, she was totally unable to move her head even a fraction of an inch. Again she felt the blades on her forehead. He allowed them to rest there momentarily to add to her anxiety. Then with a sudden burst of speed, the shears began opening and closing in rapid succession moving steadily back across the top of her head. She heard the harsh rasp as the shears sawed through her hair, and saw her brown locks start to trickle down in front of her eyes landing with a soft thud in her lap. His fingers untangled themselves from the back hair and reinserted themselves in the hair on top pulling her head forward and down. She felt the blades press against the nape of her neck in the center, and again heard the rasp as they worked their way up the back to the crown, creating a thin line of stubble that met up with the stubble on top. With his fingers still laced in her hair, he began to hack haphazardly at her hair chopping hunks of it off in a random pattern. She watched the hair fall into her lap clump by clump.

A few moments later her hair was released. She sat gasping for air, half out of fear, half out of arousal. Without having been able to touch herself, she was keenly aware that she had nonetheless had a very powerful orgasm. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the clipper spring to life. Once again his fingers were knotted into the hair on top of her head. The clipper touched the nape of her neck. A second orgasm shook her body as the clipper flew from her nape to the crown of her head. She felt the hair tumble across the top of her head, slither down her face, and land with a scratching thud in her lap. A loud and clear “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” escaped her lips, and she felt her head being forced even further forward. The clipper glided effortlessly through her hair again, and a second large clump of hair floated down into her lap. Her hips started bucking involuntarily as again and again the clipper widened the patch of exposed scalp in the back of her head. The grinding hum of the clipper grew loud in her ear as it slipped through the hair on the left side clearing a wide path in an arc around her ear. Hair fell in clumps all about her. She seemed to be in the grip of a never ending orgasm and knew that her juices were flowing like a faucet opened full bore. The clipper sang around her right ear. Hair fell in waves into her lap. She felt the clipper slide over the top of her head and no longer having enough hair to grip, felt his hold on her release. The handful of hair that had come off with the first pass over the top of her head with the clipper was dangling in front of her eyes, then allowed to fall hair by hair into her lap. When the hand was empty, which seemed to take an eternity, the clipper pressed firmly against her forehead and raced back across the top of her head. She felt the hair slide down the back of her head and neck catching in the cape and sitting in a soft clump against the skin at the base of her neck. She caught a glimpse of the clipper, with its hungry teeth, as it came around in front of her in an arc to make the next pass across the top of her head. The endless wave of orgasm continued to rake her body. The clipper bit into her hair again and slid effortlessly back. Hair slid down over her ear and shoulder in a gentle rain. With a final pass of the clipper, the last of her hair slid silently into her lap. The sinister hum of the clipper ceased. In the silence that ensued, a final wave of orgasm rushed through her as she realized that she was bald.

Her eyes were still closed as she felt the chair spin again. Very slowly she opened them, tilted her head up, and lifted her eyes to regard her reflection in the mirror. For the first time in her life, after so long a wait, she saw her white scalp. William was untying her bonds, but she scarcely noticed as her eyes were transfixed on her reflection. Her breath was still coming in short bursts as the last of her bonds were untied. Her hands floated slowly to her head and began to run over the stubble. William had already wandered over to his reception desk where he waited patiently for Jan to take it all in. Finally she extricated herself from the chair seeming not to notice the rather large wet spot that now stretched from the bottom of her zipper to a considerable way up the back of her dress slacks. She staggered her way to the desk and regarded him with a look of absolute awe in her face.

“How did you know?” she asked simply.

“I didn’t really. I had my suspicions, but to be honest with you, I wasn’t completely sure. Not until this very moment that is.”

“Well for not knowing for sure, you sure did manage to do it almost exactly the way I had always imagined it would be.”

“I take it then that you are pleased?”

She let out a short ironic chuckle and said, “That’s the understatement of the decade I think.”

“Good” he said.

“But you have no idea how nervous I was about someone walking in at any time.”

His head made a slight motion towards the door. Looking over she saw that the deadbolt was engaged and the shade pulled down. She looked back to him with shock clearly displayed on her face. Before she could say anything else he said “Same time next week?”

The word yes slipped involuntarily from her lips. She fished in her purse for her wallet and took out a $20. “No” he said, “I couldn’t possibly accept money for what has to be the most fun I’ve ever had doing a haircut.”

“Can I ask you something?” she said.


“Is this the limit to how short you can get it?” A twinge of fear and excitement jingled her spine as she asked the question. He didn’t answer. Instead he got up and went to the back of the salon and through the door that led to his living quarters. A minute later he emerged from the rear and placed a couple of items on the counter in front of the chair. He then took her by the arm once again and forcefully placed her back in the chair. Once again she found herself bound to the chair. A new wave of orgasms coursed through her as she felt the lather being massaged into her scalp.

An hour later, Jan settled into her bed with several of her favorite toys strewn about her. her eyes closed and her left hand began to rub her now completely smooth head. A vibrator snapped to life and visions of her next visit to the salon danced through her mind.

The end.

Billd (Clipper)

If thy hair offends thee, cut it off.


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