The Oil – Greg

Mary stood at the door and took a deep breath. “C’mon Mary,” she whispered to herself, “you have come this far, don’t chicken out now!” It was a Saturday morning and she was standing at the door of a very busy barbershop. She had driven around the barbershop for almost an hour waiting for it to slow down, but the place was busy this morning. After parking her car across the street, she had waited another 30 minutes but to no avail. This barbershop was not slowing down and it was near lunchtime. She had finally mustered up the courage to get out of her car and go to the door, and there she stood, frozen in time. Her heart was beating so fast and she was just about to turn around when a young man opened the door for her. As he waited for her to go in, she realized there was no turning back now. She smiled at the young man and thanked him as she made her way into the shop. Her first time to enter a barbershop. The smell of shaving cream and barbicide filled the air. She listened and took in the sounds of clippers humming as they did their work on all of the clients in the chairs. Her eyes looked around and saw all of the men reading magazines while waiting their turns. There were no women in there except for Mary and a lady barber. The lady barber was tall and slender, rather attractive for a fortyish woman. Her hair was short but stylish. This would be the barber that would do it, Mary thought to herself as she sat down in a chair to wait her turn. She had been waiting for this day a long time.

Now it was time. At the age of 34, she would be bald. No more hair on this skull. She did not know how long she would stay bald, but she did know she had to try it just once. Her short blond bob was very attractive, but the maintenance was just too much! It was time to rid herself of her crown and show the world the real Mary.

“Next!” The lady barber smiled at Mary and motioned for her to have a seat. The chair was so big, so unlike the salon chairs she was used to. It was comfortable too. “What can I do for you?” the lady asked. Mary began to tell the women that she wanted her to shave her head when she noticed that everyone was staring at her. “It’s now or never,” she thought to herself and then told the woman. A surprised look came over the woman’s face and she questioned Mary’s state of mind. Mary smiled and explained that she had wanted to do this for years but had never had the courage until now. After a few minutes of conversation, the female barber acquiesced to Mary’s request.

She turned Mary toward the window and slipped the cape over her and fastened it. Mary took a deep breath and noticed that it had gotten very quiet in this usually loud barbershop. She could not see what the woman was doing but knew that she would soon hear the sound of clippers humming. Pop! Mary was startled by the sound, and the humming noise got closer when she felt the woman push down her head. She felt the clippers press against her nape and begin to move upwards at a very fast pace. Within seconds, it seemed, she was feeling a cool breeze on the back of her head. She saw the clippers move up to her forehead and cut through the top of her hair. Hair began to fall onto her lap and she knew there was no turning back. It seemed like just minutes before she felt the warm lather cover her head. Because she was facing the window, she could see nothing of what was going on. However she savored every moment of it knowing that the day had finally arrived. She would have her wish. With precision, the woman took a straight razor and shaved her scalp clean. She wiped it down and spread it with some warm oil. The oil felt soothing to Mary’s scalp and she pulled her hands out from under the cape and felt it for the first time. She used to feel hair there when she would rub her scalp, but now it felt so smooth!

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The woman turned Mary slowly towards the mirror, and she barely recognized herself. Her eyes were so big! Her face was very pretty and now she just seemed more beautiful! “I love it!” she exclaimed. The lady barber told her she would have to shave every day to keep it that smooth or she could use some of the special oil that she had put on her scalp to keep it smooth for about a week.

“What is it?” Mary asked.

“Special recipe, sweetie,” the barber replied, “but be careful you don’t use more than a drop or two each time. This is powerful stuff, and it halts the growth of your follicles for days at a time when used as directed.”

Mary thanked the lady and paid for her haircut and the special oil. As promised, her head stayed shiny and smooth for about a week. Mary jumped in the shower and gave herself a fresh shave that morning. It was definitely saving her time not having to do her hair every morning, but shaving a skull was quite different from shaving her legs. It was hard to reach certain spots, especially behind the ears. As she toweled off, she wondered about the oil. She wondered if 4 or 5 drops would keep her smooth for a month at a time. “What the heck,” she said to herself and then applied 5 drops on her head. She noticed that this time it burned more for a longer time. She looked in the mirror and liked the smoothness of her scalp. She was a beautiful bald woman and happy that she had finally shaved her head. “No regrets here!” she thought to herself and went off to work that day.

About a month had passed by and she had noticed that her scalp was still as smooth as the first day. “This is great!” she thought. Just having to shave her head once a month was a huge time saver. And then two months passed by and she had not seen any new growth. Her scalp was still as smooth as day one. After six months of no growth, Mary was a little concerned. Had she messed up? Would she ever be able to grow hair again? She drove back to the barbershop looking for some answers, but the barber was nowhere to be found. The owner told Mary that the lady barber had left three months ago. She asked the owner about the special oil, but he had never heard of it. Mary left wondering what she had gotten herself into.

20 years have passed by since that day, and Mary’s head is as smooth as the first day. She never had to use another drop of that oil. She met a man who loved bald women and had two daughters. Her oldest daughter shaved her head today and was looking for some oil to rub on it. She came across the special oil her mother used, and not realizing what it was, rubbed a handful across her scalp. When Mary arrived home, she saw her daughter with a shaved head and hugged her and told her how proud she was of her. Then her daughter shared with her about using some of Mary’s oil. A look of shock came across Mary’s face and she shared the story with her daughter that day.


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