Bridge to the Past

Bridge to the Past

Bridge to the Past

Jim shuffled through the unbound loose pages of his favorite magazine. There in back and white, with those subtle tones of gray, were the images of what he liked best, beautiful women with their heads shaved smooth and hairless. Jim paused for a moment, and day dreamed about his own beautiful wife Lori. Lori with her very fine, very blonde, almost white, hair reaching down to her shoulders. He thought she would look fantastic with her head shaved bald. Her lovely shaped head, neck, and facial features would make her totally stunning and exotic. If she would just let him shave her head, and reveal the hidden beauty beneath that blonde mane of hers. Jim had even taken a picture of Lori to a friend, who did computer image alteration, and created a digital fantasy of a bald headed Lori. He reached over and picked up the picture, and stared and dreamed. “If she would only let me transform her, she’d be stunning!” Jim thought wishing to himself. As much as Jim could fantasize and dream, it was all for naught, for Lori would have nothing to do with Jim’s fetish. Lori basically tolerated Jim’s preference for bald ladies, but would have nothing to do with any of it. She did not even want to see or hear anything, she said it was his thing, and told him to keep it to himself. It was almost as if she had a hidden unconscious aversion to the whole concept.

The next day at work, Jim was talking to his good buddy Jerry. Jerry was a nice guy, and a good friend. However, he and his wife, Barbara, had an overriding passion for things paranormal. They were always involved in one strange phenomenon or another, and of course Jerry, would tell his good buddy, Jim, all about it the next day. Jim didn’t really mind, he had a passing interest in some of the area anyway, and Jerry and Barb’s adventures were better than watching the stuff on TV.

“Hey Jim, you got to check out this psychic that Barb found.” Jerry enthusiastically proclaimed.

“Yeah, how many have the two of you gone to by now.” kidded Jim to his friend.

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“No man, this guy is really good, he knew things about me that I’ve never even told Barb or anyone, and he doesn’t charge much either.” Jerry reassured.

“OK Jerry, you don’t have to twist my arm, give me his number, and maybe I’ll make an appointment.”

Jim wrote down the number, and left it on his desk. Later after lunch, Jim called the number. A pleasant sounding guy named Brian answered the phone. Jim ended up making an appointment, for later that evening.

Jim and Lori were cleaning up after dinner, when Jim said “If you don’t mind, I’d like to go over and see one of Jerry’s friends, later this evening.”

Lori knew what that meant. She sort of chuckled, and rolled her beautiful blue eyes, and said, “OK, have fun in the ‘Twilight Zone’.”

Jim got into his car and was driving over to Brian’s house. He had been instructed by Brian to bring a Polaroid picture of anyone that Jim wanted to include in the reading. Jim asked why a Polaroid, and Brian said that because the negative and positive were both in the same picture, it captured the person’s energy field better. Jim happened to have a picture of Lori that they took on vacation last year, and he brought it with him. Jim rang the door bell. Brian opened the door, and welcomed him in. Brian was a pleasant gentleman in his thirties. He had a certain air of calmness about him, that made Jim feel comfortable immediately. Brain introduced his wife Glenda to Jim, and then invited him to come in, and sit in the den. In the den Brian and Jim were both seated across from one another. Brian closed his eyes, and went into a meditative state. A few minutes later Brian opened his eyes, and started to speak. Brian started to tell Jim things about himself, his family, his youth, and personal secrets no one else knew. At the end Brian said, “You also have a hair fetish, and find bald women very attractive.” Jim felt a little uncomfortable, but Brian reassured him, “That’s cool, we all have our preferences in life.”

Brian continued and gave Jim some possible problems to watch for in the future, and other insights involving his career. At this point Brian asked, “Do you have any pictures of someone you would like me to read?” Jim handed him the picture of Lori. Brian took the picture, held it between the palms of his hands for a few seconds. He put down the picture, and clenching his fists, crossed his arms in front of his chest, like the pictures you see of the Egyptian Pharaohs. He closed his eyes and started to speak, “This woman and yourself were together before in ancient Egypt. She was a powerful and knowledgeable high priestess, and you were her partner for certain fertility rituals involving magical sexual rites. Unfortunately her enemies caused her untimely demise, and she even still in this lifetime, suffers from the trauma.”

Jim then asked, “How does this trauma manifest in her life today?”

Brian replied, “This blockage is preventing her from full actualization of her potential in this life time, one of the symptoms, is an aversion to the cutting off of her hair.”

Jim asked, “Is there anything that can be done to remove this past life trauma?”

Brian answered, “She will have to work through this blockage herself, there is nothing you can do to help.” Brain seeing a frustrated look on Jim’s face, then added, “There is one thing that would be appropriate, and could be done to help her overcome her blockage. Come over here Jim,” Brian said, as he got up and walked over to a table in the room. As Jim approached the table he could see a funny black box about the size and shape of a hard cover book on the table. The black box had a large sliver knob and switches on the left side, and what looked like one of those long thin programmable calculators, sitting on the top right side, and below it a flat surfaced plate, sort of a Formica material. Brian flipped one of the switches, and waiting a few seconds, inserted Lori’s picture in a slot, on the left side. He switched on the calculator and started pressing some of the keys. With his fingers on his right hand, he was stroking the plate, while rotating the large knob with his left.

“What the heck is that thing?” asked a much perplexed Jim.

“It’s called an Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer, but you can think of it as a machine that bends reality a little.” answered Brian. Brian continued, “At the present time I am tuning into the vibrational data that represent your wife’s energy field. I can check levels by noticing when my fingers start to stick, while rubbing the stick plate here.”

Sure enough Jim noticed that Brian’s fingers would slide easily across the plate, but when a certain setting was reached on the knob, his fingers started to stick to the plate. “How is this going to help Lori?” asked Jim.

Brian answered, “I am going to type in the calculator here the words, FTHG (for the higher good) REMOVE ALL BLOCKAGES TOWARDS PERSONAL GROWTH CAUSED BY FEAR OF CUTTING HAIR.” Then I will flip this switch on the left here, and the message will be transmitted to Lori’s data field, and begin to balance out the blockage.”

Jim then asked, “Couldn’t someone use this machine for no good?”

Brian answered back, “No Jim, the designer of the machine put in safety mechanisms to prevent anyone from making a person do something against their own free will, or harming them. It will only assist a person.” Jim was about to leave when Brian gave him this last bit of advice, “Jim don’t do anything to coerce Lori, this has to be her own decision. By the way, on another note, the ancient sages have said that the eve of the full moon is the most auspicious time to have one’s head shaved.”

Jim paid Brian his modest fee , thanked him and left. On the way home in the car Jim mused, “That little black box is going to make Lori ask me to shave her head, – right, – I don’t think so.”

The next few days Lori’s behavior seemed perfectly normal to Jim, then he started to notice some things that were a bit strange. He went out one night to go to the store, and Lori stayed home. He had gone about half way there when he remembered he had forgotten his credit card, he turned back. Upon pulling in to the driveway he could see though the window that Lori was watching TV, but as soon as he was walking up the driveway the TV was turned off, and Lori quickly left the living room. When he walked into the kitchen Lori was sitting reading a magazine, although she tried to act normal her body language and voice gave away that she was trying to hide something. Later that night Jim noticed that one of his haircutting videos, one that contained a number of head shaves, had been moved from the place it was normally kept. Two days later when Jim went to read his magazines, he found the pages all out of order. The final incident which was puzzling, was the disappearance of the simulated bald picture of Lori. Jim had a funny feeling that Lori had taken a sudden interest in his hair fetish material.

In the morning Jim looked at the calendar, and noticed the large round circle in the date square of the following day, indicating that tonight would be the eve of the full moon. He remembered what Brian, the psychic, had said, and thought in a joking manner, “Well if Lori is going to have her head shaved this is the night.” The day went pretty much routine at work, and when he got home he and Lori ate, watched some TV, and were soon getting ready to go to bed. Lori was in the bathroom and Jim in the bedroom. Lori called to him, “Jim honey, could you come into the bathroom.” When Jim entered the bathroom, Lori was standing in front of the large mirror facing the sink. She had grabbed her hair and was pulling it back into a very tight pony tail, so that it would better show the shape of her scalp. She kept doing this, turning her head from side to side, like she was trying to visualize herself in an entirely new look. Finally she turned to Jim and said, “Jim, I want you to shave my head.”

Jim felt a dual emotional hit of shock and extreme excitement. His heart started to pound, and his pulse quickened. Almost in a state of disbelief, he questioned her, “You’re putting me on, aren’t you?”

Lori went up to him and wrapped her arms around him, he could feel that she too was starting to get excited. “No Jim, I want all this hair gone, and my head to be smooth and bald just like those women in your magazine.” She kissed his lips in a long and passionate embrace. When she stopped she said, “Get what you need, I’ll be waiting here for you.”

Jim was riding a high that he had never known in his life. He could hardly contain the extreme turn-on that he was experiencing. He quickly returned to the bathroom with the needed equipment. Although he had never done it before, he had read about it and seen it on video so many times that he was quite sure of himself. He lined up all the things he had gathered on the bathroom vanity. Jim set a chair in front of the mirror, and Lori sat down. He then fastened a sheet around her neck with a safety pin to act as a barbers cape. Jim examined his tools, just to see if he forgot anything. There was a comb, hair clippers, towels, disposable razors, shaving gel, and a bottle of baby oil. Jim began by combing out Lori’s ultra fine natural light blonde hair. The comb moved through her straight mane like a hot knife though butter. Lori stared at her reflection in the mirror, realizing that that soft angel hair would soon be gone, revealing her true hidden beauty, that she so desired to see. That was the final image of Lori with hair, for Jim reached over, and picked up the hair clippers. He had purchased them years ago in the vain hope that someday he would get to use them. They were the closest cutting clippers he could find, and would make very quick work of Lori’s fine hair. Jim nervously plugged in the clippers, his heart was pounding so hard he felt that it would explode. He calmed himself down, and switched them on. There was a flash of excitement in the air, both Jim and Lori felt it. They knew that both were undertaking an experience that would change their lives. The buzzing sound echoed off the tile walls of the bathroom, Jim steadied his hand, and approached the front of Lori’s head. As the clippers neared the scalp, Lori started to smile. The vibrating blades touched down on Lori’s head. The first sacrificial hairs began to fall, as the blades whizzed back and forth. Jim, with a slow steady motion, continued to feed the clippers across the top of Lori’s head. Lori could see the delicate naked path left in the wake of this buzzing machine. She marveled at the first sight of her naked scalp, and wished to see more. Jim stopped at the crown, and reflected on the results, it excited him. He returned the clippers to the front, and moved to a spot next to the first pass. Again the clippers methodically moved across the top of Lori’s head, revealing even more of the desired naked skin. Lori looked to the side, as her hairs were falling off her head. They were so fine and light, that they floated down like steamers in a ticker tape parade. Looking down at the floor she could see this soft angelic fleece pile up beneath her. Jim had clipped off the hair from the top and right side by now, and began to work at the nape of the neck. Lori felt the vibrating steel start up the nape of her neck and travel around the back of her head to the crown.

After a couple of passes, more than half her head appeared shaved. She had Jim pause for a moment and studied her look. She could see the delicate shape of her ear, and the beautiful curve the back of her head made, as it softly merged with the line of her lovely long neck. She thought to herself, “I’ve been crazy to hide these features all these years, I should have shaved my head years ago.” A thought, on which Jim would obviously concur. She was now doubly anxious for Jim to finish the job.

Jim continued around the back, and up the left side. Finally the last of the blonde silk hit the floor, and Jim was done. He checked for some fuzzy missed spots and soon put down the clippers. Lori’s head, with its almost imperceptible fine blonde stubble, looked completely bald. Jim held a hand mirror in back, for Lori to get a good look. She smiled as she studied and admired her new look. Jim then soaked a towel in hot water, wrapped it around Lori’s freshly sheared head. After a few minutes he removed the towel, and squirted some shaving gel in his palms. Jim then started to work the gel into a lather, all over Lori’s scalp. He picked up one of the disposable razors and began to shave the stubble off. Jim worked slowly, methodically and with gentile strokes. Soon Lori’s head was becoming totally smooth. When he was done, he carefully moved his two fingers over every inch of her newly shaved head, checking for any stubble. There was none. Wiping off the remaining lather with a towel, he then proceeded to massage the sensitive skin with some baby oil. Lori’s head felt, oh so smooth and very soft, just running his hands over it, turned him on incredibly. The oil projected a smooth shiny appearance, that looked fabulous. Jim removed the makeshift cape, and Lori stood up, moving closer to the large mirror.

She put her hands to her scalp, and explored the sensation of having no hair. She stood there mesmerized in front of the mirror looking and feeling, enjoying every tactile and visual sensation. While Jim was cleaning up, Lori began to notice that she not only looked different, she was beginning to feel different. It began as a feeling of deja vu, as she looked at her naked scalp. A connection seemed to be made with a different time and place. Lori felt that she was destined to experience things that she had never even dreamed of. She was in touch with some buried knowledge that emanated from deep within her subconscious. When Jim returned to the bathroom, Lori just took his hand, and lead him to the bedroom. Jim even sensed that this was not the same Lori, but a new and exciting aspect of the woman he loved. They spent an incredible night together of intense love making, with closeness and intimacy spanning time and space.

Jim floated into work the next morning, and remained on cloud nine the entire day. On returning home he found Lori in the living room looking through a pile of books dealing with the occult knowledge of ancient Egypt. She was wearing the most becoming jewelry, similar to that which was worn in that ancient culture, she was stunning. She stood up greeted him with a kiss, and said, “I used your electric razor today. You’re going to have to buy me my own. You’d better get used to having a bald headed wife you know, because you will never see hair on this head again.”

To which Jim replied, “Wouldn’t bother me a bit!” At which point they settled into a long and passionate kiss.


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