Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop

Nurse Brooks' Barber Shop

The following fantasy story features a forced female haircut and a spanking. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If you offended by such material, do not read any further.


Cindy Manning walked nervously through the Administration Office of East High School, skittishly fingering the sealed note that her English teacher, Miss Roberts, had ordered the flighty young eighteen year old to deliver to the school nurse only moments before. Miss Roberts had been delivering a lecture on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, only to see Cindy in her usual posture of staring out the window and absentmindedly brushing her waist-length chestnut hair.

“Cindy!” barked the young teacher, snapping the girl’s attention back to the classroom. “How many hairbrushes do I have to confiscate before you’ll concentrate on your studies and not your curls?”

The teacher glared her steel blue eyes at the girl coldly, waiting for an answer. But Cindy just stared back in mock innocence, not even trying to suppress a smirk. The silence was finally broken by Miss Roberts slamming her ruler down on the desk, reaching for a piece of paper, and scribbling out a note.

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“Take this to Nurse Brooks,” snarled the teacher while sliding the mysterious dispatch into a school envelope. “March!”

Cindy smiled defiantly as she uncurled slowly from her desk, enjoying the consciousness of every boy in the class gazing at her tanned legs descending from her summer shorts. The girl flashed Miss Roberts a final, mocking smile before skipping sarcastically out of the classroom. By the time the girl made it to the cold white door bearing the sign “Nurse’s Office,” she was dying of curiosity to know what the missive said. She nearly opened it once, on her last stop to the girl’s room mirror, but the young beauty wasn’t quite the bravado she pretended, and decided instead to hand the sealed envelope to Miss Brooks. Cindy had only encountered the new school nurse once, when in a rare display of scholastic ambition she came to school with a bad cold in order to attend cheerleading tryouts. The young blonde R.N. had treated Cindy like gold while examining her to see if she could go home. Whatever this was about, Cindy decided, it was going to be a breeze.

“Hello, Cynthia,” smiled Miss Brooks warmly as Cindy made her way into the office. “What can I do for you today? Not another cold, I hope.”

“Uh, no,” stuttered the girl, suddenly inexplicably nervous. “Miss Roberts told me to deliver this note to you.”

Miss Brooks rose, smoothed her short, starched white skirt, and took the envelope from Cindy’s trembling hand. The girl unsuccessfully tried to feign nonchalance as the nurse tore open the note and read aloud: “This girl cannot concentrate in school because she is too busy brushing her hair. Please cut her hair off, and send her back to class immediately. Thanks, Miss Roberts”

Cindy stood paralyzed as the message sank in. Cut her hair off? Cut her HAIR off?!!! She couldn’t speak as she looked to Miss Brooks to bring her back to sanity. But the girl was stunned to see the statuesque nurse reaching indifferently into a cabinet and taking out some hair clippers and a pair of scissors.

“It sounds like you’ve been a very bad girl, Cynthia,” said Miss Brooks as she took a white towel and draped it over the back of the chair. “Let’s get this over with, so you can get back to class.”

Cindy’s eyes widened as she realized that Miss Brooks intended to carry out the word of the note. The bitch was actually going to CHOP ALL OF CINDY’S HAIR OFF!!! The girl swallowed the huge lump in her throat, and snarled at the nurse.

“You’re not going to fucking touch my hair!”

The nurse’s benign facade instantly broke into astonishment. No student had ever spoken to her that way before, and she couldn’t believe that the pretty little girl standing before her was doing it right now.

“Don’t you EVER talk that way to a grown-up, you dirty mouthed little girl,” roared the nurse. “Get in that chair, now!”

“I don’t give a fuck WHAT you think,” countered the girl, her eyes wide with rage. “You’re NOT cutting my hair!”

“We’ll just see about that,” growled Miss Brooks, her patience finally gone. “Come with me.”

The nurse grabbed Cindy’s arm and pulled the girl over to the chair. The girl prepared to fight like a wildcat, but was surprised to see Miss Brooks sit in the chair that Cindy had expected to be ordered into.

“I guess I was wrong about you, Cindy,” said Miss Brooks through tightly pursed lips. “I thought that you were a sweet, polite girl when I saw you last month. Obviously, you’re a problem girl in need of correction. Now, I tried to be reasonable with you. I was only going to cut a few inches off to make your teacher happy, but now…now I see that you’re going to need a bigger lesson than that. So, before I get to work chopping off that mess of hair, I’m going to work on your attitude. I’m going to give you a good, sound spanking!”

Cindy stood frozen as Nurse Brooks unzipped the girl’s shorts and slid them down her smooth, brown legs. But just as the nurse’s hands were reaching for Cindy’s brief cotton panties, the girl tried to bolt. Nurse Brooks was too fast for her though, and sunk her nails into the girl’s hip in a hard clench.

“This is all up to you, Cynthia,” breathed the nurse, still trying to get through to the girl. “This can be a long spanking or a short one. You decide.”

Cindy whimpered as Nurse Brooks glided the girl’s white panties down to her ankles, revealing a little bush of pubic hair that Cindy had trimmed down that morning. The girl blushed scarlet as Nurse Brooks regarded the flushed teenager, pleased that the girl was learning a badly needed lesson in manners.

“Lay across my lap for your spanking, Cynthia,” ordered Nurse Brooks coldly. “Now.”

Miserably, almost mechanically Cindy precariously balanced herself across Nurse Brooks’ honey-colored thighs. The girl gritted her teeth in anticipation of the first swat, which she hoped would be light. But the first spank sounded like a rifle shot. Cindy’s legs kicked up and almost struck Miss Brooks’ head, but the young nurse was only warming up. She began in earnest. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

“This hurts, doesn’t it, Cynthia?” SPANK! SPANK! “Now maybe you’ll…” SPANK! “…learn about good behavior.” SPANK! SPANK! “Perhaps to drive the lesson home…” SPANK! SPANK! “…you’ll stay here and write `I promise to be a good…'” SPANK “‘…girl…’” SPANK! “…one hundred times.” SPANK! “That is, AFTER your haircut!”

With that, the nurse’s arm became a gattling gun of spanking, the hard barrage of which made Cindy cry hysterically. But she held on the chair legs and took her punishment, until her fanny glowed crimson red. The nurse sensed a transformation in Cindy, and finally stopped and allowed the child to rise. Slowly, Cindy peeled herself off of Nurse Brooks’ lap and clamped her palms to her burning bottom, trying unsuccessfully to control her sobbing.

“You go stand in the corner, young lady,” ordered Miss Brooks as she beckoned Cindy to an empty corner by the door, “and you think good and hard about what just happened. I’m going to get ready to cut some hair!”

Miserably, Cindy hobbled to the corner, seemingly unaware of her shorts and panties still at her ankles. Nurse Brooks saw the girl position herself at attention, and then pondered her next move. Originally, she had planned to cut Cindy’s hair at the shoulders, but the child’s obnoxious behavior warranted much more drastic punishment. The nurse gazed at Cindy’s long brown mane that stopped just above the girl’s glowing red behind. Miss Brooks realized that this would be the first time she had ever cut a girl’s hair in school. At her old post she had clipped plenty of heads, but they were all boys who had been sent to her for defying the school dress code. She knew how to deal with those rebellious punks, but Cindy? The nurse shrugged her shoulders, decided that a defiant student was a defiant student, and reached back into her cupboard.

The minutes dragged on as Cindy stood rigidly in the dark corner. The silence was finally broken by the sudden surge of hair clippers Nurse Brooks had abruptly switched on. The sound of the cold buzz sent a shiver down the girl’s back. She tried to relax, but then Nurse Brooks jerked the girl by the arm and dragged her to the sanitary sink by the examination table. The nurse shoved the girl’s head under the water to dampen the mountain of curls that cascaded down her shoulders, and then just as abruptly pulled her away.

“Welcome to Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop,” smirked Nurse Brooks sarcastically as Cindy tried to choke back her tears. “One chair, no waiting. Sit down, young lady. Now!”

Disconsolate, Cindy lowered herself in the cold metal chair, her sore bottom briefly flinching when coming in contact with the hard steel. Seeing Miss Brooks’ stern expression, however, she lowered herself back as the nurse draped a towel across the girl’s shoulders.

“You see what happens to disobedient girls, Cynthia,” said the nurse. “I was all set to sit you down and cut a couple of inches of hair off. It’s going to be a lot shorter than that now!”

Cindy closed her eyes as the nurse grabbed a thick handful of Cindy’s hair at ear level and hacked it off with one chop of the scissors. The girl looked down in horror at the two foot long hunk of curls that rested in her lap, but the nurse jerked Cindy’s head straight and went to work with the shears. SNIP! SNIP! Huge piles of hair began piling on Cindy’s bare thighs. SNIP! SNIP! Tears began rolling down the girl’s cheeks as she felt the cool breeze on the back of her neck. SNIP! SNIP! SNIP!

“Crying isn’t going to stop this haircut, Cynthia,” said Miss Brooks as she continued chopping. “Just think, if you had been a good girl, I would have nipped a little off and you would have been out of here long ago. Now, you’re going to find out what it’s like to join the Marines.”

Nurse Brooks suddenly snapped back on the hair clippers, sending Cindy into a startled paralysis. The girl felt like she was in a nightmare as the claw of the razors reduced her once-flowing mane to stubble.

“Okay, we’re finished, Cynthia,” said Miss Brooks as she made a final pass with the clippers. “I know today has been tough on you, but you asked for it. Now put your shorts and panties back on and scoot back to class.”

Cindy rose from the chair in a daze and trudged to the sink. She looked in the mirror, and burst into tears. Miss Brooks had given her a crew cut.

“Stop that crying, young lady,” hissed Miss Brooks, “or I’ll give you something to cry ABOUT! You get back to class, or you’ll be coming in here for a haircut once a week!”

Sadly, Cindy pulled her garments back on and washed her face. She looked at the clock, and realized that Miss Roberts’ period still had fifteen minutes left. She quietly walked out the door, and began walking back to class.


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