Busted Bimbo

Busted Bimbo

Busted Bimbo – Ceej

Rita Stone worked as a waitress at an exclusive country club. Plain and simple, she was the darling of the male members and despised by the wives. Rita was the sort of woman who made men drool and women instinctively jealous. A statuesque 5′ 10″, she measured a stunning 38-24-34. Her face was model perfect. Her crowning glory were mounds of lush curly brown hair.

Rita made the most of her “natural talents”. Though required to wear a uniform at the club, it seemed her skirt was always a size too small, that the hem was four inches too high and that the neckline plunged four inches too low. Footwear was left to the discretion of individual waitresses and while other women chose sensible shoes (as they were on their feet constantly), Rita tottered around in high-heeled pumps. Her stunning looks and flirtatious demeanor caused male members to lavish extravagant tips on her, much to their wives chagrin. It was widely rumoured that she provided “after hours” service to certain members as well.

Life was good for Rita Stone. In addition to the easy country club gig, she made an ample income from “modeling”, topless dancing, and as an escort for an exclusive agency. Rita’s extracurricular activities became known to a group of angry wives who’d hired a private investigator to follow Rita.

“The little whore! Now we have a reason to have her fired!” bellowed one overweight matron, viewing the surveillance tapes.

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“Fire her and she just moves on to the next city and troubles some other decent women,” reasoned Selma Bernstein. “No, I think I have a better idea…”

And with that, an elaborate “sting” operation was set into motion, fueled by the hatred and wealth of the female members of the country club. Rita Stone was arrested for prostitution. A search warrant was issued and yielded a substantial amount of cocaine in her condo. Rita was looking at ten years in prison. But in a highly irregular move, she was offered an opportunity to speak with the judge before charges were brought, and so she found herself in the chambers of the Honorable Selma Bernstein, Criminal Court Judge!

“Let’s be frank, shall we, Miss Stone?” began Judge Bernstein. “I know who you are and now you know who I am. I don’t like you, Miss Stone! I don’t like you or women like you, bimbos who strut around flaunting their sexuality to make things easy for themselves, even though it demeans women everywhere!”

“If you’re convicted – and you will be convicted – you’ll do ten years. Ten years! And believe me, your looks won’t do you any good inside the women’s house of detention… unless you enjoy the prospect of being some bull dyke’s plaything! But I’m going to offer you a break. Agree to alternative sentencing now… and I’ll see you get probation.”

“W-W-What do you mean… alternative sentencing?” stammered Rita.

“Just this, you’ll participate in a program designed by women to ‘discourage’ your whorish behavior and, hopefully, reform you. Of course, if you prefer to go to trial…”

Rita had little choice; she consented to the “re-education program”. She was a little put off to learn that the program would be conducted at the vacation estate of Judge Bernstein and supervised by members of her country club but she had no viable options.

Later that evening…

Rita Stone sobbed hopelessly into the ball gag, the straightjacket restricting her movement as Selma Bernstein plowed the clippers again through her rapidly vanishing hair. In short order, a ravishing mane of luxurious hair was reduced to a raspy stubble. Other female members of the country club, sipping champagne and giggling like schoolgirls, rubbed Rita’s stubbly scalp tauntingly.

“Hot towel… coming up!” shouted Rhonda Marx, as she pressed passed the giggling gawkers. The hot towel was wrapped around Rita’s buzzed scalp and allowed to set for some time, after which it was removed. A clear shaving gel was then applied to the crown of Rita’s head and massaged into a rich foamy lather. As one matron lathered her head, another stropped an old-fashioned straight razor across a wide leather strap. With painstaking precision, the lather was then scraped from Rita’s head, leaving the beautiful girl bald as a cue ball. Through her tears, Rita noted one of the laughing women was videotaping the entire process. When they were satisfied with the closeness of Rita’s shave, they then rubbed her head with baby oil and buffed it to a high gloss shine.

“Let’s each get a picture with ‘Baldy’,” shouted Rhonda. Rita’s gag was removed and the club wives each posed for a photo with their former nemesis. When Rita was unable to “smile for the camera”, Ruth Lutz discreetly removed Rita’s shoe and gently tickled the sole of Rita’s bare foot, eliciting a nervous grin.

Over the next months, Rita Stone underwent a complete makeover. Her baldness was made permanent by electrolysis. Her breast implants were removed, which reduced her to a saggy 32B cup. A female dentist removed her gleaming white teeth, fitting her with a set of ill-fitting dentures instead. The phrase “FORMER BIMBO” was tattooed on her buttocks. Her labia, nipples and septum were all pierced and ringed and a stud placed through her tongue – at one point, Rita had considered the tongue stud herself but had never imagined it would be to enhance the pleasure of FEMALES when she was giving head. And over the course of those months, Rita was kept on a bland diet of starch and sugar, packing an unflattering forty pounds on to her hips, thighs and midriff (selective liposuction ensuring that her breasts did not swell one centimeter).

When her sentence was complete, Rita Stone was ruined – physically, emotionally, and financially (as she could no longer ply her former trade). Fortunately for her, the women club members did insist on giving her her old job back as a waitress. In fact, she was now the most requested waitress by the ladies who lunch, chuckling at her cheap wig and ill-fitting dentures, occasionally requesting Rita serve them in the ladies locker room. The order was always the same – tongue!


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