New Girl in School

New Girl in School

The New Girl in School – Ants1234

Sherri had moved back east when her mom was divorced. She had been a popular girl in her California High School and was working as a part-time waitress and model. Her good looks and streaming blonde hair had made her very popular in school and now she was going to be going to a suburban New Jersey high school. Before she went her first day she yelled to her mom to come see her in her new blue dress and her hair was in an up-do. She was happy as she went off to school, it was a warm September day and she looked great – too great, she attracted everyone’s attention, especially Tony Santo’s. Tony nearly flipped when Sherri walked into his classroom. Sherri’s problem was Tony’s girlfriend, a Hispanic girl who had Tony’s baby during the summer. She was a tough girl, and Sherri was going to find out how tough.

Sherri was late coming home from school; her mom was just starting to get worried when Sherri walked in the door. She told her mom how the kids were different, she said the boys were nice but the girls seemed jealous and called her names. When she went to school the next day she wore her hair down. When she walked down the hallway with her long shiny blond hair down to her butt it hung in a straight line across her butt, just as thick at the ends as it was at mid-back. At lunchtime Tony’s girlfriend Marisa got her female gang together and was furious. She said, “It goes no further – it’s today. We’ll snatch her after school and take her to my Aunt’s house. She works second shift and won’t be there.”

The jealous Marisa gathered her gang up after school and 2 blocks from school on a quiet street near a park they surrounded her and when the confrontation was over Sherri found herself quickly pushed onto the floor of a van. She was quickly tied. Marisa said to her, “You tried to take my Tony,” then she slapped Sherri across her face and said to the girl driving the van, “Hurry up or she’ll be late for her hair appointment.” Sherri screamed in terror as she realized what Marisa had planned.

Sherri was hustled out of the van and into a one-story house. The Hispanic girls wasted no time in going to work on Sherri, they stripped her of everything but her panties, but they lowered them far enough to see her blond bush. Marisa smiled and said, “I was wrong – she is a natural blonde.” Sheri was pushed down into a wooden chair. Her arms and legs were secured by rope. The girls gathered around the trembling Sherri, they ran their hands through the golden locks, they felt the silky thick hair. Marisa screamed, “You California bitch! I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

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The other girls egged her on and yelled, “Shear the bitch!”

Marisa said, “I bet you had a lot of compliments on your hair, haven’t you, white slut?”

Sherri said, “Yes, please don’t cut it.”

Marisa’s smile was as wide as the shears. Marisa moved to Sherri’s front and picked up a long, gorgeous lock of the blond silk and pulled so it was right in front of Sherri eyes. Sherri slightly turned her head, afraid of the next moment. Marisa said, “Now, slut, for my revenge.” She closed the blades on the thick lock and it fell to the floor, then Marisa worked feverishly on the long blond hair shredding the blond mass into a tattered mess. Sherri started to beg and to weep heavily, only to have Marisa enjoy her evil work that much more. The right side had been cut into uneven layers and the front bangs that partially covered her eyes as the shears kept clicking through the long blond hair. Sherri thought of her beautiful hair and how she always took care of it. Marisa sliced through the remaining long locks and enjoyed the haircut she was administering to the weeping Sherri.

After the first phase of her haircut, the Hispanic girls were laughing and mocking the shorn Sherri, fingering through the remaining hair that remained. They picked up some of the shorn locks on the floor and mockingly held them to Sherri ‘s head. “How do you like your hair now, white slut?” Marisa got a mirror and forced Sherri to see herself. Sherri practically passed out when she saw the image. Marisa then slapped Sherri across her face. “Now you found out this is my turf. How do you like your new do, bitch?”

Marisa put down the mirror and moved behind Sherri. When the electric clippers were turned on Sherri screamed and begged. Marisa slowly shaved Sherri’s head from front to back, her remaining hair was taken from her. Slowly the shaving of Sherri took place. The evil Marisa then lathered and shaved Sherri’s head. The crying, trembling girl could not stop the evil Marisa. Sherri’s head was shaved clean, the Hispanic girls were beside themselves, laughing.

“Look at you now bitch.” Marisa was proud of what she had done to poor Sherri. “Let’s see you prance down the hall now, bitch.” Sherri was then stood up and her panties pulled down and Marisa screamed, “I want all of her hair,” then she shaved her pubic hair off. Sherri stood still as the razor did its work. They then stood back to admire their handiwork. She looked bizarre without any hair. The girls felt her bald head and the gang loved it.

One of the girls said, “She still has eyebrows.” Marisa quickly shaved them away. Another of the girls noticed her long, manicured fingernails. Marisa had Sherri hold out her hands and then she clipped her fingernails down to the cuticles. Then Marisa forced Sherri to look at the bizarre reflection, she didn’t even recognize herself. When Sherri finally reached up and felt her bald head, she nearly fainted. Marisa gathered up a bundle of the long hair and asked Sherri, “How do you like my trophy? I’m going to give it to Tony. We won’t be seeing you in school anymore and if you go to the police the next thing we will cut is your throat…”


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