Going, Going, Gone


Going, Going, Gone – Greg

My wife Karen had always been rather conservative as far as her looks were concerned. One thing about her was the fact that she could look good dressed up or in jeans and a T-shirt. Earlier on in our relationship she was aware that I liked short hair on women, but she did not realize how short. Whenever we were at the mall or other public places, I would comment on a woman who had ultra-short hair and tell Karen how good it would look on her. Being the conservative type, she would always balk at the suggestion. Earlier on in our relationship we had reached a compromise that she would wear her hair in a short bob, chin length. I tried to get her to buzz the back but to no avail. This went on for a few years until a certain day.

This particular day started out as an ordinary Saturday, but turned into a pivotal point for our relationship and my fetish. It was early spring and we had decided to spend the day at the park with our dogs. As we were walking the dogs around the trails, a young lady who had her head completely shaved was jogging toward us. Just a normal girl going for a Saturday afternoon jog with a shaved head. Karen was in shock as she passed by and could not help but stare. Of course I was staring too because she was quite attractive and in good shape. As the girl jogged out of earshot Karen commented that she could not believe a woman would do that to their hair. I told her I thought that she looked great and it set her apart from other women. The girl jogged by us a few more times, and each time my wife noticed me staring at her.

On the way home that afternoon, Karen asked me if I really liked that short of hair on a woman. “Yeah,” I said, “I think it is a great look if you have the beauty and the confidence to pull it off.” I was hoping that this would open some doors. A few moments of silence and she changed the subject.

That evening, we decided to stay home, order a pizza and watch TV. As I was flipping through the channels, ‘Star Trek – The Motion Picture’ was playing on one of the sci-fi channels. The scene was showing a close-up of Ilia, an actress who had shaved her head for the part. I could not believe it, my wife was seeing two attractive bald women in a matter of hours. Karen sat there once again staring at this beautiful bald woman and spoke out loud, “I wonder what was going through their minds when they had their heads shaved?” She had found it odd that she had seen two very attractive women with bald heads in one day.

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When we went to bed that night she asked me if I had wanted her to shave her head at any time during our marriage. I had to confess that night that I had indeed had a sexual fantasy about shaving my wife’s head. She could not understand why a bald woman would turn me on because that was not normal. I asked her if she knew any women that were attracted to bald women. She admitted she knew of some women at work that found it irresistible. She then admitted that she had often wondered what I would look like bald and thought it would look sexy on me. All that talk turned both of us on and we made love that night like never before. The next morning we woke up and had breakfast. As I walked into the kitchen with my shorts on, she started teasing me because I was getting a little soft around the middle. Because I had always been in good shape this hit a nerve and I used the excuse that I had not had time to work out because of all the time I was spending at work. She laughed and I started to tease her about her soft middle.

Both of us had always been competitive and in shape but had slacked off a little this past year. I joked that I could get in shape faster than she could and she challenged me. “Wanna bet?” she said with a defiant tone. All of a sudden a thought flashed through my mind. “Yeah, I’ll bet you I can get in shape faster than you,” I told her with a cocky tone in my voice. All of a sudden we were challenging each other to an eight-week fitness challenge. We both decided that we would measure it by body fat percentage and inches lost. After breakfast we went down to the fitness club and had all of our measurements and body fat percentages taken and recorded. We both worked out hard that day and went home exhausted. When we got home she mentioned that we had not bet anything in particular yet. I smiled and then issued the stakes.

“If you win Karen, I will let you shave my head, but if I win I get to shave your head.” I honestly did not think she would go for it but she stuck out her hand and we shook on it.

“You’re on,” she said confidently, “you’re going to look sexy bald!” I was thinking the same thing but just smiled.

By the eighth week, both of us were in fantastic shape but Karen was winning the bet. I had 3 days to win this thing and I was not about to lose out on the possibility of fulfilling a lifelong fantasy. When the day arrived we went to the gym and nervously had new measurements and body fat percentages taken. This was it – the moment of truth. When all was totaled I came out winning by half a percentage point! Karen’s eyes grew big and she demanded another testing. Another testing – same results! On the way home Karen was begging me to not go through with this. I just smiled and said nothing all the way home.

I had taken the liberty of buying a haircutting kit and a cape earlier in the week. As we got home she was on her knees pleading for her hair. I told her a bet is a bet. We went out on our deck by the pool and I set up shop with a chair and the clippers. She sat down in the chair and I placed the cape over her. She had been to the salon last weekend and had her hair dyed red as a sign of knowing she had won this bet. I took the clippers in hand and stuck a #2 guard on it and began in the back shaving all the way up to the occipital bone. After all these years she was going to sport a bob with a shaved nape! I then cut her hair into an inverted bob and we made love like never before! The next morning I woke up with her on top of me giving me a little thank you present for not completely shaving her head. I said nothing. When she went into the kitchen and started cooking breakfast, I came up behind her and started gently kissing her neck. Man was she ever turned on! I then whispered in her ear that I had a surprise for her. I told her to come out on the deck in ten minutes.

I went out to the deck and took the guard off the clippers and sat down with the cape pulled over me. She came out wearing just a T-shirt but man did she look sexy. Her mouth dropped open when I told her I wanted her to shave my head. She got so excited she had me sheared in less than ten minutes. She then took shaving cream and shaved me smooth. She was so turned on by the smoothness of my head, I then got up out of the chair and told her we had some unfinished business. This time there was no begging. She loved the feel of my head so much that she wanted hers shaved also. I took the clippers and relished every stroke as I shaved my wife completely bald. I then took the razor to her head and wow, did she ever look hot!

After that little bet, our sex life improved so much that we decided to stay bald for a few years. Karen wore a wig out in public for a while, but then got the courage to go out in public bald. She received so many compliments from others that she does not know whether or not she will ever grow her hair out again. I wholeheartedly agree!


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