My Wife’s Fantasy

My Wife's Fantasy

My Wife’s Fantasy…………..

My wife has always had a fantasy, and that is what I’ll tell you about. My wife has always wanted a foursome…Another guy and girl. In her fantasy, we would all be drinking in the den, and the talk would turn to sex, and acting out our fantasies. My wife, a petite blonde, with firm round breasts, and a cute little bum. Her hair is bleached to a pure white, hanging lose just above her breasts. She is wearing a red teddy, with a lace set of panties, the crotch open. Through the opening would show her sweet smelling bald pussy. The shape of a ripe peach. The other woman would have a chin length bobbed hairstyle, with the neck buzzed to a scant one eighth of an inch, buzzed high up her long neck. She would be wearing a black corset, with the bust area open for all to see her large breasts. She would have no panties on, with full view of her heart shaped pubic region.

The man would be tall, with a muscular stomach, his chest shaved clean of hair, and his head freshly shaved. He would have on a G-string, with a clean-shaven groin. The only body hair on him being his eyebrows and lashes. I would be in the nude, my body hair having just been shaved, But still having my head hair, and freshly shaved balls. We would all go into the bedroom and climb into bed. The only light in the room would be coming from a dimly lit barbers pole, shinning off the old-fashioned barber’s chair. The white porcelain, gleaming in the soft light. My wife would lead the other woman to the barbers chair and have the nearly-naked redhead sit in the chair, her legs open wide, The bald man would come over and lower his bald head down between her legs and with her free hands she would pull his shining skull tight into her sweet smelling pussy. His tongue would be flicking rapidly as he pleased her. My wife would come up behind the woman in the chair and reach for the hair cutting clippers and snap them on. The woman would lean her head back, her hair falling against the back of the cold chair. My wife would then pull my head down to her sweet bald pussy. When I was on my knees, my tongue would find her little hood. With my fingers I would part her lips and shove my long tongue against her clit, her legs getting weak. I would hear the clippers humming as my wife brought the clippers up to the head of the red-haired bitch. My wife would start the shearing of her lovely red hair, by ramming the cutting teeth of the heavy clippers down the center of her head, starting at her bangs. I could feel the chunks of red hair fall like rain on my shoulders as I ate my wife’s pussy. I could feel my wife pushing her pubic region hard against my mouth, as more and more red hair fell around me. The woman in the chair started to cry out for her head to be shaved clean, and to make her bald like this stud who is eating her pussy. She yells for my wife to finish quickly so she can feel the warm shaving cream fill her bald head. The clippers are quieted. the hair stops falling. My wife reaches for a can of shaving cream and sprays it on to the freshly clip head of this sexy looking bald nymph. My wife smoothes the cream around her head, commenting on how she wanted this bitch to take the razor and shave her head while this stud eats her. Then I hear the familiar sound of the Osters click on and I feel the teeth bite into my long hair. With almost a stalling sound the blades carve a bald strip down my head. I continue to eat my wife’s pussy as she buzzes my hair off. My hand reaches for my hard cock and I masturbate as I feel the clippers buzz my hair down to the scalp. Once again, the hair fall around my shoulders, my head feels cold. The clippers are turned off, and I take my spot in the barbers chair. The bald woman takes her spot behind me and puts shaving cream on my head. My wife positions herself so that her long bleached-white hair is in front of me, her soft wet mouth sucking my cock. The man with the bald head takes the clippers and starts to remove my wife’s long hair, with long sweeping strokes, careful not to interrupt her sucking of my cock. The sight of my wife’s hair falling on my bald pubic area is a turn on. Soon a bald head appears and I look down to see this sexy bald woman sucking on my erect penis. The razor shaves away the last of my hair, and the talc is applied. We all get up from the chair and go to the bed. My wife goes down on the bald chick and I feel the hand of the bald guy, masturbating me, as I explode all over my wife’s bald head. This is my wife’s fantasy…..I wonder if we will ever act it out, OR have we???

The End


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