Erotic Encountern

Erotic Encountern

An Erotic Encounter by Geneva

Steve and I are now married. The wedding and the reception are the ones to remember for me. But, the honeymoon is the one that really sticks out in my mind as the most important vacation of my entire life, especially when Steve knows how to push my buttons the way he knows best. And I mean to “push my buttons”.

After the wedding and the reception, Steve and I slipped away from the church to get our things and go to the hotel near the church for our first night together as husband and wife. Now Steve is a little bit older than I am, and is a definite protector of me and doesn’t want to see me get hurt by anyone, including himself. The wedding night was spectacular and very romantic, with candlelight, champagne, roses and a lot of lovemaking. But, then Steve had a special surprise for me: we would be going to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean for our honeymoon.

So, we got on his private jet that flew us to the islands. And when we got there, Steve had the whole week of sun, sand and surf all taken care of for us. And there was one more important thing that he put in to the weekend to make it all so special: to make love to me after he had finally given me my shaved head look in a private session that he had planned for me, and this honeymoon would be the place to do it. I didn’t know when it would all happen, but it did happen, and I would want to do it again, if I had a chance to with Steve as my barber and my lover.

As soon as we got there to the islands, Steve escorted me off of the plane and into a waiting limousine to take us to the hotel that we were going to be staying at for the entire week of wedded bliss. Little did I know that Steve was setting up something for me that I would remember for the rest of my life.

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So, we got inside the hotel, Steve signed us in, and then took me up to the bridal suite of the hotel. It was a beautiful view, and you could see the crystal clear water, no clouds in the sky, and the sands were all white. I then decided that I would get into my Brazilian cut swimsuit where the bottom of the suit comes up to where my crotch ends and where my thighs of my legs begin. The back part of the swimsuit had the twisted straps criss-crossing in the back. Steve loved me in the suit when I wore it for him the first time we went to the Grand Cayman Islands.

“Steve, I am going to get into my swimsuit and go down and take a swim in the ocean. Are you going to join me down there or not?”

Steve had a huge grin on his face and it made him look like the Cheshire Cat from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ He had other plans in mind than swimming with me in the ocean, mind you. “Ah, darling. Why don’t you put the suit on and stay here with me. I have a special surprise in store for you. You will love it, my love.” He looked at me with those deep blue eyes of his, and I melted and said, “OK. I will stay. What is the surprise, Steve?”

He then went into the bathroom and took one of the small suitcases in with him. Inside the small suitcase was shaving cream, a razor, scissors, and a comb and brush. He was like a mad scientist at work preparing what my surprise was going to be. But, little did I know that something wonderful and exciting was going to happen that afternoon.

“Darling, honey. Why don’t you come into the bathroom and I will turn on the shower for us so that we can take a nice long romantic shower together. Your surprise will start in the shower. But first, darling, please take off your swimsuit and place it on one of the beds in the room, and then come into the bathroom. I will be waiting there for you.” So, I then took off my swimsuit and walked into the bathroom. What I saw on the bathroom sink was something that would change my life considerably.

“Steve, what is all this? I didn’t think that you needed a shave or anything like that.”

“No, darling,” he said. “But, you DO need one,” Steve said to me in such an erotic but subtle, very quiet and deep-in-the-throat voice that I knew that he was planning this whole thing right from the start of when he proposed to me 9 months ago. This fetish that we both have of head shaving was how we met at one of my girlfriend’s parties over 2 years ago. He was coming off of a nasty relationship of 8 years at the time, and I was coming off of an 8-year relationship that ended in a broken engagement.

So, I proceeded to get into the shower with him, with my shaved pussy just waiting for him to drink my nectar of the gods. My pussy at this point was definitely throbbing with excitement and my breasts were starting to get hard for him to suck on them. He then motioned for me to face the showerhead and the spickets with my back toward him, and he washed my hair ever so gently. The water felt so good running down my back and I felt relaxing right up against his strong and very muscular body. Once he rinsed my hair, he then got out of the shower to get the scissors. He started to cut my hair all off in clumps, and I knew at that moment that I was going to get the best head shave of my entire life.

He got out of the shower and then got the razor and the shaving cream and brought them over to have them sit on the edge of the bathtub. “Darling, did you like that first part of the surprise?” Steve said to me.

“Yes, my love. I really loved that part. What do you have in store for me next?”

“You will see, my love. But, first, I will get a towel for you so that you can dry off your luscious, beautiful body. After you finish towel drying yourself, go and sit on the edge of the bathtub and have your back facing the door of this room. Your next part of the surprise will begin very shortly.” And then, Steve laughed in a very sinister laugh, and it wasn’t the kind of laugh that I had grown accustomed to over the past 2 years.

Then, I dried myself off and put the towel over my shoulders so that I wouldn’t get cold. And Steve shook some cream out of the shaving cream can, rubbed a little bit into his hands, and proceeded to put it onto my newly shorn head. He got the straight edge razor and started to scrape off the cream and the excess parts of my hair. By the time that he did all of this, I was starting to get hot for him real bad, and his cock was starting to go into full bloom. I knew right there that we both were enjoying this, but then the best part was yet to come.

He started to put the razor on the front part of my head and worked his way from the front of my head toward the back in nice, smooth strokes. He was so careful and so precise with the razor that he didn’t want to nick my beautiful head. And he did this to me before when we came down here 2 years ago to the day. That was a romantic time then, and now would be the start of our lives together here at this moment in time.

After he did that, he pushed my head gently to the left and lifted my right ear so that he could get my sideburns and the right side of my head with 4 precise strokes, one in the middle of the right side of my head, one big one on the left side of the first stroke, and the other stroke on the right side of the very first one. He repeated that on the left side of my head. Then, he lowered my head down so that my chin would hit my chest and he then did some more strokes from the top part of the back of my head to my neck, making sure that he would not hurt me at all. After he did that, he then had me step into the shower so that he could wash off the excess cream from my head. He got a towel out to dry my newly bald head, rubbed in some aloe into my head to relieve the potential razor burns and then escorted me to the bed nearest the bathroom.

We walked very slowly out of the bathroom and toward the bed when he turned me around and said, “I love your new ‘do, my love. It really turns me on.” And Steve then kissed me a long and very passionate kiss, and as he was kissing me, he lifted me up and carried me toward the bed and laid me down on top of it. As he lifted me up off the floor of the room, I could feel my temperature and my orgasm rise even higher. Then, he proceeded to put his fingers inside my pussy and said, “You are definitely wet, my love. I think that I will taste your sweet nectar of the gods right now.” So, Steve got up onto the bed and laid right beside me and then I took off his shirt and his pants to reveal his bloomed cock.

I turned so that my back was facing his face and he pulled me back so that he could have my butt sitting on his face. I crouched down on all fours after he pulled me back and made sure that he was going to put his tongue into my pussy to play with my clit and also to taste the nectar that I so generously provided for him. And I started to lick his cock and put my tongue on the back side of it where the vein leading toward the luscious god-send sack of pure burning love was waiting to come up and over the top of his love rod. Steve started to moan real loud with excitement and I did too when he was licking my insides and getting his fill of my nectar.

The moans for the both of us were getting louder and louder with each lick that both of us were making toward each other. And then, I could not hold my ever-imploding orgasm, so I then exploded with delight. I was coming for several minutes. I had his cock in my mouth when I finally exploded, and almost bit down on it with the top of his cock in my mouth. After I was totally satisfied, Steve then kissed my pussy and my ass and wanted me to have him get inside me. I said to him, “No. Not yet, my love. I am not finished with you yet.”

“But, darling! Please have mercy on me! I am getting to the blueball stage here! Please, darling, honey,” he said as he was holding his gigantic orgasm for a few more seconds.

“Alright, I will let you in…now!”

I turned around and faced him with my breasts just waiting for him to play with while I was riding him like a cowboy on a horse. We pumped to the ever growing loud beats of our own hearts, beating as one, and the pumps started to get faster and faster with each beat of our hearts. Then, I could feel him finally slowing down and trying to hold his orgasm in. As I was pumping ever so gently and slowly, he then started to suck on my right breast and then my left one. After he did that, he said to me, “Are you ready for the ride of your life, my new wife?”

I then said to him with a big grin on my face, “Yes, my love. Do it…now! I am ready to explode again myself!” We then came together as one, both enjoying every second and every minute of the orgasms that we both had, but he was not finished with me yet.

There was another orgasm from him that was a bonus orgasm, so I thought, and sure enough it was. I pumped so fast that my heart started to race real fast, and then I slowed down as soon as his loud moans and groans started to get softer and slower.

After that, we made a definite wet spot on the bed and proceeded to clean both of us up and make it all the way over to the other bed in the room that would be our sleeping bed. When we got over to the bed, we flopped down on it with a thud and then got under the sheets and started to cuddle. “So, Geneva. Did you like the surprise that I gave you? You look like that you were bored by it. Besides, I promised you when I married you that you would never be bored with me,” Steve said, a little puzzled.

I was on his right side when I turned toward my left to face him and said, “Bored? Me, bored? That is crazy, Steve. I loved the surprise you gave me and I was not bored by it in the slightest.”

He then said to me with a grin, “Well, well, well. It never hurts to keep a beautiful woman such as you on your toes at all times.”

I then sat up on the bed, looked at him and said, “Oh yeah, my love? Well then, prove it.”


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