My Newest Short Experience

My Newest Short Experience

My Newest Short Experience – Cruzzer

It’s time for a trim, having been about five weeks from my last cut. Currently, I have a short haircut, about 4 inches on top, cut over the ears, with layers all over. The back is probably 3+ inches long by now. I need a new cut because the layers just don’t fall right on my wavy hair anymore, and it’s halfway down my ears. For the past year and a half, I have been getting my hair cut by Lori at a Fantastic Sam’s discount haircutter. The place works like a barbershop in that they don’t take appointments.

After passing the shop a few times in my car, I can see that Lori is not at work tonight. Lori won’t always cut my hair like I want it. Last summer, I went in with a one-length pageboy cut, and requested a bowlcut with a buzzed neck. She would not do it, saying I would hate how it grew back. Slowly, she has cut my hair shorter into my current style. This time I am avoiding going back to her. So, it’s clear for me to go in, because I don’t want her to do my hair tonight. I’ll take my chances on whoever I get.

I go in and wait in the chairs. Nobody who has cut my hair before is presently working. An older cutter is working on a short haircut on a blond 20-something guy, and the rest are in the back probably smoking. A youngish black woman comes to the front and calls my name. I don’t recognize her from previous visits and I guess she must be new. That worries me somewhat because I don’t know what to expect from her in terms of a cut. It’s frightening but thrilling what she might do to me. But at this time I have no idea what I am in for.

She asks if I want my hair washed, I say yes, but she seems put off by this. She washes my hair hurriedly, not even wetting the back half of my head. Then she leads me to the chair she uses. She sits me down facing the back of the blond 20-something guy who is presently getting the back of his head buzzed down. I am not facing the mirror at all. She carelessly asks what I want cut, a half inch off or an inch off. I get courageous and say, an inch, whatever looks good. An inch off would make a really short cut, I think. Then she gets a phone call on the store’s cordless phone. By this time, there are no customers left in the shop. The other haircutters are all in the back room. She starts combing and cutting my hair in a very hurried fashion all the while on an agitated phone call about getting evicted from her apartment. As she is cutting I can’t see anything because she has me turned away from the mirror, and my glasses are off. She cuts and cuts quickly, finishing the phone call, and I am wondering what to expect from this. She trims around my ears (my cut is already over my ear) and in back with the scissors.

Probably the fastest haircut I have ever had. I remember feeling, she is so hyped up, she might be on speed. At this time I have a feeling more hair is being cut than normal, because of the longish clippings on the cape. Then at the back she asks if I want to keep the length back there. I say naw, it doesn’t matter. She then trims right along the hairline in back, lopping off 2-3 inches in length and adding layers. She quickly dries the cut, I still can’t tell how short it is.

After she mostly dries it she heads across the room to another station and grabs what I can barely tell is a clipper. I feel like, wow it’s my lucky day. She comes over to me, plugs the machine in, turns it on. She pushes my head to the side and clips my sideburn on a diagonal and around my ear. Wow, a first! Again, my lucky day. Never have I had them used on my sideburns. Then in back she buzzes my neck right behind my ear on a diagonal very short. She buzzes me, cleaning up my whole neck and buzzes the hairline the same on the other side very quickly, doing my other sideburn and behind my ear just at the hairline or higher. This is the most clipper time I have ever had in the hairdressing chair! Wowee.

At the end she says to me, “I have given you a little girl cut, some haircutters give a short haircut like a man’s cut.” As I pay and leave I still don’t know the damage she had invoked on my head. On the way home I realize that she cut the back and sides down to an inch long or less, and the top at the most two inches long, with 3-inch bangs. It’s my shortest haircut in years. Thank you. I say to myself, I will be back for a trim in four to five weeks, but right now a trim seems ridiculous because is so short.


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