My Haircuts

My Haircuts

My Haircuts – Debbie

Hi there.

My name is Debbie, I’ve just got into the whole haircutting scene and I thought you might like me to write a story or two, people I’ve met here tell me I should so here you are. This story is for all my friends in the community. I don’t know anything about copyright, so do what you want with it. Feel free to mail me.

Oh PS, this cut was a while ago now and I’m thinking of going again soon. Will keep you posted.

Well, I did it! I went to my usual salon and got it all cropped off. Before she began I showed her a pic, a buzzed neck with a raised hairline. My stylist is definitely one of us, sporting a bleached crop of fluctuating extreme lengths. She did tell me how it would be adjusted to my head shape. Fist she cut all my hair off, super crop top, way shorter than I expected but my concern was with the nape. So, she buzzed the back and sides number 2 and squared the back off as normal.

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I looked at it in the mirror and it just looked like any old crop, so I said, “OK, but can you take it number one at the bottom?”

This is where the fun started, she pulls this face and says, “Have you ever had a one before?”

I just said, “Go ahead,” and she admitted to being more worried than I seemed to be. She showed me the mirror again and I thought, well, may as well carry on. I asked her to square it higher and she did seem to use the inverted edger clipper technique more, but to be honest my neckline didn’t appear that much higher. She explained that she would take it shorter by using the normal clippers, but with no guard and the taper thing out full. Anyway, it still didn’t appear too much shorter but she seemed to suggest we leave it there. She was really proud of her work, saying how much she loved doing it and I have even had compliments from my mum who I thought would do the old “what have you done” routine. In fact my mum even said I should maybe clipper the top too. She’s a fickle old thing. Anyway, can’t see that happening anytime soon.

That was all a couple of days ago now, I’m getting used to it, but my neck gets sweaty. To be honest I do have the odd moment of regret at the length, but it’s what I wanted. I think the feel of it worried me a little, it felt so much different to the number two. More like a shadow on a man’s face. Anyway, I think I will be my stylist’s nape model from now on. She said she will do the style again on someone else, blokes probably though.

Debbie. xxxxxxxxxx


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