And Then There was None

And Then There was None

When I was fourteen years old I was somewhat mature for my age. I had discovered my sexuality and I knew that none of my friends were having the kinds of thoughts that I did. I was tall for my age and my body had matured early. I had long red hair and pale crystal green eyes. I had never had my hair cut a lot. I went and got it trimmed every six months but that was it. It was all one length and I just loved playing with it. I would sit and brush it at night, and look at it and myself in the mirror. One night in September as I was getting ready for bed I was sitting in front of my mirror brushing my long hair. It was really thick and full and I just loved watching it cascade down around my face and over my shoulders as I let it fall. As I was brushing it I felt something strange between my legs, it was unusual but it felt good. I continued to brush my hair and I felt my crotch getting really wet. I reached down and my panties were soaking wet and I really wanted to brush my hair some more. I started brushing it again and then without even knowing it my left hand crept down into my crotch… That was the beginning of my incredible hair fetish.

About three months later, right before Christmas break, I came home from school and my mom was nowhere to be found. This was unusual as she was always home when I got home. After a few minutes I found a note that said, “Chris, I had an errand to run for tonight’s party I’ll be back around 5. Love mom.”

Hmmf… tonight’s party, eh? This was the annual Christmas party that my dad’s office threw every year. She was probably getting a dress or something. With that, I thought that I would go and brush out my hair. It was awfully mussed from school, and besides that I missed doing it at lunch today. I reached up and took the barrette out and it fell down my back. As I went upstairs I took my shirt off and shook my head. God it felt great falling down my back. I reached back with my right hand and rubbed it onto my back, it felt soft and thick, almost immediately my crotch started getting wet. I reached down with my left hand and started slowing rubbing circles around my swollen sex. I didn’t want to touch it quite yet as I wanted to cherish the feeling of my long hair on my back. I reached back and lifted my hair and let it fall down my back. With that I touched my sex directly and an orgasm exploded through my body, I pulled my long hair with my right hand and continued to rub my sex. As my hair became tight I exploded again. God it felt so good. Trembling I lifted all my hair off my back and tied it up in a high ponytail. I made sure every single hair was tied up and by then I heard the door open. I quickly put my shirt back on and went down to see my mom. As I went down stairs my mom called to me from her bedroom,

“Chris, come here! You have to see this!”

“Okay mom,” I replied, as I walked into her bedroom. I have to admit that as I went into her room I went into complete shock.

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“Mom, your hair!”

“How do you like it?” she asked.

“It, it’s…”

“Short,” she finished. “I wanted something different. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”

“But mom, it is really short,” I said.

“I know, isn’t it great? I hope your father likes it. I was going to have it trimmed and get my bangs cut really short and have them layered, but when I sat down I just got this urge. Janice came over and asked, ‘The usual trim?’ and I told her I didn’t think so. Today I wanted it really different, I’d had this long hair for too many years now. I wanted to cut it short, maybe a really short, cute bob.” She told me to look at some pictures and think it over while she finished up on another client. I was flipping through the book looking at the various bobs when I saw this style. It was so short and I loved all the layers. It seemed playful. When she came back to me she asked, ‘Did you find anything you like?’

“Yes,” I said. “I like this one.” She looked at the picture and I saw a slight smile come onto her face.

“You realize that if you get it cut like that we’ll have to take off over 24 inches of hair?”

“I know,” I told her. “Just do it before I change my mind.” A bigger smile came onto her face now,

“Okay, let’s get started.” She tipped my back in the chair and shampooed my long hair one last time. After she finished, she set me up and combed out all of the tangles.

“I have always wanted to really cut your hair,” she said.

“I think you will look fantastic with this short cut.” With that she sectioned my hair and pinned the top layer to the top of my head. She then put the scissors at the nape of my neck and clipped through the back section. With a soft snip it sliced through my hair. She picked it up and showed me a piece of hair that was over 24 inches long. She then started letting the other sections down, one at a time she chopped them all off. When the back was completely chopped she started on the top and the front. Snip, snip, snip, I couldn’t believe I was doing this, as I watched inch after inch of my hair fall into my lap. She was taking great pleasure in layering it all very short. As she was taking the sides down even shorter she said, “I am cutting it in very short layers. With it layered this short you won’t have any choice but to look good.” With that she winked and started on the other side.

As my mom stood there telling me this whole story I could feel my crotch getting wet again. I really wanted to reach down and rub myself all over. As she described the first cut and looking at her freshly chopped hair I couldn’t help but touch mine. The more I touched it, and she talked, the wetter I became. By the time she finished her story I felt like I was going explode at any second.

“It looks good mom. I can’t believe you did it, but it looks good.”

She smiled. “Now, I have to get this dress ready.” I left her room with my room in mind. All I could think about was my mother’s new short hair. The more I thought about it, the more aroused I became. As I was starting to go upstairs the front door opened and my dad came in.

“Hi Chris,” he said.

“Hi dad,” I replied.

“Have you seen your mother?” he asked.

“Sure, she is in the bedroom getting her dress ready,” I told him.

“Okay. I have a surprise for her in the back of my car, will you go get it and put it in a vase?” He smiled.

“Okay dad,” I said. He went towards the bedroom, and I went out the front door. As I was going to the car my tight jeans were rubbing my crotch with every step. I reached down and felt myself. My jeans were almost soaked through. I really needed to touch myself. My sex was swollen and getting sore, and all I could think about was my mother’s hair. I got the flowers out of the car and hurried back to the house. I went in and took the flowers to the kitchen. As I walked past my parents closed bedroom door I heard my dad.

“Your hair looks great. I can’t believe how short it is. I just love it.” My mom laughed and then things got quiet. Hmmmm. I hurried and arranged the flowers. By the time I finished, there were some noises coming from my parents bedroom, but it wasn’t talking. I really couldn’t imagine my parents doing it, but I could imagine how great I was going to feel in a little while.

As I trotted up the stairs I took my hair out of the ponytail and shook it out. Chills. They shot through my body and I almost exploded on the spot. I reached up and ran my hand through the top of my hair. I pulled it tight as I went down the hall and pulled my pants undone with my free hand. As I got into my room my swollen sex was desperate to be touched. It ached, and I pulled my hair hard as I reached down and touched it. The first touch sent an orgasm through my body. I pulled my hair harder as I started rubbing my sex. The second orgasm followed quickly. My arm was starting to ache from pulling my hair. As I stood there rubbing my crotch visions of my mother’s story came into my head. I felt my own long hair falling down my back and imagined the scissors slicing through her long thick hair. Chopping it all off at the nape of her neck. I reached up and tugged at the hair at the nape of my neck. I envisioned the top of her hair being cut down to an inch in length, as the scissors chopped through her hair, electricity exploded through my body for the third time. I shuddered as my hand pressed my sex harder. I felt incredible, and totally exhausted. I collapsed onto my bed and I pulled my hair down on top of me. It almost reached my crotch. I lay there and petted it until I fell fast asleep.

When I finally woke up it was morning. I had lain on my bed half dressed all night. My long hair was draped over my body like a blanket. God it felt great. My crotch was warm. As I lay there waking up, I slowly petted the hair on my chest. I stroked it down my breasts onto my belly. I immediately started feeling moisture forming in my crotch. I stood up and shook my head back, my hair cascaded down my back. I went over to my full-length mirror and looked at myself standing there. Both my nipples were erect, and my sex was slightly reddened and swollen. I picked up my hairbrush and started brushing out my hair. I brushed it in long strokes that went down as far as I could reach. I was zoned out as I stood there and by the time I finished brushing it all, my crotch was soaking wet. I lightly touched it and then I quickly changed my clothes and clipped my hair up in a long ponytail. My sex was burning, and the moisture immediately saturated my underwear as I put them on. I smiled to myself knowing I would be incredibly horny all morning if I didn’t satisfy my cravings now. With that thought in mind I went down the stairs. I went into the kitchen and my dad was sitting at the table with his paper.

“Morning Dad,” I said.

“Morning pumpkin.” He looked up over his paper. I got a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. My Dad had put his paper down and was looking out the window with a slight smile on his face.

“Did you have fun at the party?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled, “It was really fantastic. Just about the best party I have ever been to. Thanks to your mother.” He stood up,

“Chris, when you finish your breakfast come and get me in my office, we have an errand to run this morning.”

“What is it?” I asked, but before he heard my question he left the kitchen. What is this all about, I wondered.

I finished my breakfast quickly and went to his office.

“Dad?” I asked.

“In here pumpkin,” he said. “Are you ready to go?”

“Uh, sure. Where are we going?” I asked. He smiled again.

“It’s a surprise, let’s go.” With that he went past me and out the front door. I followed him and got into the car. We drove down the rode and into town. My dad was quiet, but had a slight smile on his face the whole way. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more.

“Dad! Where are we going?”

He looked over at me and said, “Did you see how great your mom looks with her new haircut? I’m taking you to get your hair cut too. I want both my girls to have cute short haircuts.”

“What?” I said.

“Don’t worry pumpkin, I already checked and they have a slot open at 10, so we won’t have to wait.”

“But Dad, I don’t want to get my hair cut.” There was a knot in my stomach and my crotch was seriously tingling. Me? Get a haircut? No way!

“Your mother never did either, until after it was done. She thought I would hate it, but I actually love it and…”

“But Dad,” I interrupted, “I really don’t…”

“Chris,” he said sternly. “Not another word. You are going to have your hair cut today.” When he used that tone you knew he was serious. My GOD! My hair. I reached up and felt the ponytail. I pulled it out and took it all over my shoulder. As I sat there, almost in total shock I realized my crotch was on fire. I reached down and touched gently touched it and moisture soaked through my jeans. Oh, the thought of my hair getting cut was turning me on incredibly and scaring me all at once. I didn’t want it cut, but on the other hand feeling it get chopped would feel so damn good. Before I knew it the car stopped and he got out,

“Let’s go Chris.” I got out of the car and followed him into the salon. Janice was standing in the front talking to the receptionist as we walked in.

“Hi,” she said.

“Good morning,” my Dad replied. “Chris is all ready to have the haircut we discussed this morning.”

Janice looked at me and smiled. “Let’s go get you shampooed,” she said. As I started towards the back I saw Janice wink at my father. I went to the back of the salon where the sinks were and started to sit down.

“Keep going back,” Janice said, and she pointed to a curtain in the back of the salon. I looked at her, wondering what was going on.

“We will be using the chairs in the back today,” she said. I went through the curtain and saw a few more sinks and another couple of barber chairs.

“Take a seat,” Janice said. She came up behind me and pulled my hair loose.

“So, are you all ready for your new look?” as she tipped me back and started running warm water through my hair.

“I guess,” I said, “I don’t really want to cut very much off.”

“Your father and I discussed your new haircut at great length this morning she said. I was surprised when he called me, but I wasn’t surprised at all when he told me that he was bringing you in for a haircut.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“It has been pretty obvious that whenever you come in here you really enjoy having your hair played with. The last time you got your hair trimmed there was a wet spot on the chair when we were finished.” Oh my god, I thought, she knows. I felt my face flush red with embarrassment. She finished washing my hair and wrapped it in a towel. She walked over to a barber chair and I got up and followed her. I didn’t want to look her in the face knowing that she knew. I quickly sat down and she took the towel off my head.

As she started brushing out my hair she said, “You may as well enjoy this now. I’m going to brush all your long hair out one last time. Just sit back and relax.” As she was brushing my hair I kept thinking of my mother’s short hair and how I would look. As I thought of it and felt Janice brushing and tugging on my own hair I really wanted to touch myself. But my beautiful long hair was going to get cut. I was hoping that she would only cut a few inches off and be done with this. I really wanted to get home, even if she did know, I really wanted to masturbate myself. She finished brushing the back and moved to the front. By the time she was done, my long hair was completely surrounding my face. I couldn’t see a thing.

“Okay, now we can get started,” Janice said. I felt her reach up and start to lift the hair out of my face and then I heard the “snikt, snikt”.

With two quick cuts she had sliced off over 24 inches of hair and I had three-inch bangs that were just above my eyebrows. Then she moved to the left side and lifted a section of hair that was above my ear.

“Not that short…” I started to say as the scissors bit into my hair and chopped off a section that was above my left ear. I looked in horror and the long pieces fell to the floor. It was totally uneven on my head and a huge pile was already on the floor. She moved around the chair and grabbed a section in the back, “snikt”.

“How about this”, she said, holding a long section of hair in front of my eyes. I felt a pit in my stomach, and I realized my hand had crept under the cape and I was rubbing my crotch.

“It’s okay,” Janice said. “That’s why I brought you back here. Now we can both have fun. Watch carefully Chris.” With that she started moving all around the chair chopping off sections of my long hair. She was slicing it in all different lengths. As she moved to my right side she took a section of hair that was nearly on top of my head and reduced it to 2 inches in length. She messed it all up with her hands and started around for a second pass. By this time I was furiously rubbing my crotch. She moved behind me and I heard a snap and a buzz. I felt something cold on my neck and then saw it pass over the top of my head. She was buzzing my head. As she moved over the top of my head I exploded with a massive orgasm. My hair was all I could think about as the orgasm shook my whole body. When I stopped shaking, Janice relentlessly started again. Pass after pass she reduced my beautiful long hair to 1/4″ long all over my head. When she was finished I was completely exhausted. I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. She took the cape off and as I stood up, almost in a daze, I saw a massive pile of red hair all over the floor.

“I’ll see you in a month,” she said. I looked at her wondering what she meant.

“Your father wants you to have nice short hair for the next year or so, so you’ll be coming in for regular trims. I can’t wait to see you next month”

The End


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