My Day Off

My Day Off

My Day OffFrom: [email protected] (buzz)

For many years I have been interested in removing my body hair. Some times I let it grow for months at a time, just so I can have the pleasure of removing large amounts of it. I have used all sorts of methods of hair removal, including shaving, depilatory creams, waxes and plucking. You may not consider this much of a fetish for a 25 year old woman, but it has developed into a kinky fantasy. I wanted to have all the hair on my head completely removed. To me bald is beautiful. I first realized I wanted to be bald when I saw a publication called the razors edge at the local beauty salon on the table in the waiting room. In each issue there were pictures of women getting shaved or clipped real close. I found my self strangely excited by this and have been thinking about it ever since. (thank you Capt. Stanley) Then one morning while I was watching a TV commercial for a hair remover. I finally realized that this could be the ideal means by which to satisfy my hair fantasy. The rest of the morning I prepared for my fantasy. I went out and bought a wig, some hair remover and a new razor and some cream. I went to my bedroom and sat down and slowly bean to brush my curly brown shoulder length hair out one last time. I don’t think that I have ever been so determined to do anything in my whole life, as I have to do this. I then entered the bathroom and stood before the mirror and collected my thoughts. I then poured the contents of two bottles of Nair directly onto my long hair. I continued to massage it in until my head was a bright yellow, the scent of lemon Nair filled my head. I walked around nervous for the next fifteen minutes, knowing that soon my fantasy will be reality. I stripped off and jumped into the shower and then let the force of the warm water pour over my head. I opened my eyes to see all this mat of brown laying in the bottom of the tub. I had this funny feeling deep down inside and climbed out of the shower. I covered my head and dried off. I went over in front of the mirror and yanked the towel clear of my head. There staring back was this very plain looking creature, BALD, except for very thin eyebrows. I stood there for a long time thinking now I’m hairless….I put my makeup on and lipstick, got dressed and decided I would go out for my first reactions….I opened the front door to my apartment and stepped out into the hall…………….


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