Letter From a Friend

Letter From a Friend


My Dearest Eric,

I have news for you that you might like. I finally did it. Yup, I cut it off. Cut it ALL off. I know how you would have liked to see me do it, or do it yourself but I couldn’t wait for you to get back. Instead I decided to write this letter to tell you how it happened.

I was sitting at my vanity last week combing out my long red hair when I thought about how you liked to take it in your hands, pull it up off my neck and pretend to shear it off while you nibbled on my ears. I had just washed it and I was drying it. The long waves of deep red shimmered in the light. It felt like soft silk as the comb went through it and the shining dampness yielded to a satin finish. I wondered what it would be like not to have all that hair. It’s such a bother to wash it and dry it all the time. It takes so long to dry, too. It’s been getting worse and worse since I let it grow down past my waist. I must admit, too, that your constant offers to play barber have been very tempting.

I was thinking that it’s time for a change. I wondered what I would look like if I just cut it all off. I took all my hair and pulled it back against my head and looked at myself in the mirror. Actually, I didn’t look all that bad. Of course, to look that way, I would have to cut off almost all of my hair. Would I be brave enough to cut it off so short. I continued brushing and combing it out, but the thought of chopping it off really short excited me.

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I thought about how hard it would make you to have sex with a bald woman. Lord knows you talked enough about it when we were in bed. Remember how I always teased you with my hair by wrapping you up in it and moving back and forth until you came all over it? Well, that’s going to be easier to do from now on. You might say it’s “portable”.

When I was a little girl I used to wear my hair so short some people thought I was a boy. A short short haircut would be nice, I thought, but how short would I dare to cut it off?

A few days later, I was shopping for some things and I saw a haircutting outfit for sale. It had scissors, a comb and clippers with attachments for crewcuts and buzz cuts. With a sly smile I picked up the clippers and looked at them. Hmmmm, I thought. A buzz cut….. I never had a buzz. I wondered how I would look with my hair buzzed off. My heart jumped at the thought of clipping my hair that short. If I did it, I would shave my whole head nice and smooth and fuzzy.

I like extremes, so I made my decision, bought the outfit and took it home.

For the rest of the week, I pouted. Every time I combed my hair, I thought about those clippers and how quickly they could take it all off. By the time Friday came, I had planned the whole thing. A wisp of hair fell in my face as I bought a short little wig that matched my hair color. I thought about the scissors as I brushed it back away from my face. I couldn’t wait to chop it off.

I told Jimmy that I decided to cut my hair on Saturday. You should have seen his face when I told him I was going to chop it ALL off! “I’m going to reduce my flowing red mane to nothing but peach-fuzz!”, I teased. He begged me not to cut it all off, but I had made up my mind. I was in the mood to really chop it off short! The hair was going!

I told him I was thinking of shaving it all off so I wouldn’t have to bother with my hair anymore. “See all this hair?” I let my hair down so that it fell all around me. “Well, I want to get rid of it all.” I told him that I couldn’t stand it anymore, that it was too much of a bother to take care of and that you really liked short hair.

“You’re just my brother and you can’t tell me what to do with my hair!”

“I’m cutting it all off into a crewcut.”

The more I thought about it, the shorter I wanted to cut it. I warned that by the time I was finished, I may not have anything left at all. I wanted to go wild with the clippers!

When Saturday morning came, I gathered up my little kit and locked myself in the bathroom. I brushed my hair for the last time as I gathered up the courage to cut it. It’s been more than ten years since I wore my hair short. The cascading waves and curls or deep red hair fluffed out to frame my face with a brilliant halo. All those years I had kept it growing longer and longer so that I would attract men and find my life partner. Who knew I would fall in love with a guy like you? Such irony, but I do love you. It’s time to come out of my shell and be the real me; the way I wanted to be all along. It’s time to shed this cape I’ve been hiding behind. I’m yours. You need to see me as I really am.

At that last thought, I held out a section of hair from the crown and cut it off close to my head. It was weird to feel it come loose when the scissors sliced through it. It sounded like grass clippers trimming the edge of a lawn. I placed the long strands on the sink and held out another bundle. This time I grabbed much more hair. It took several tries with the shears to cut it off, but the hair was no match for those sharp blades. Snip, snip, snip, and it was loose. Snip, snip, snip, snip. More hair came off. I worked my way forward over the top of my head grabbing rope-like sections of hair and shearing them to within an inch of my skull. I did this again and again until all the hair on the top was chopped off. Then I started on the sides. I held out a section in front of my right ear and sheared it to less than half an inch. The sides had to be shorter than the top. I worked my way around the ear, over the top and down behind where I had to stop. I needed mirrors to do the back. I opened the vanity doors and sat on the sink so that I could turn and see the side and back of my head. “This looks unfinished.” I thought.

My hands were shaking now, my heart beating wildly as I started across the top near the crown where I had clipped the hair before. Snip, snip, snip. Another section came loose in my hand. The pile of hair on the sink next to me had grown to a small mountain. I looked at it feeling little regret, only memories of the times in the past when I thought about doing this.

I went across the back from top to bottom then to the other side over and to the front of my left ear. It was done. I put the shears down and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Then to the bundle of red softness draped over the sink and the edge of the shelf where I sat. My hair was short, but still long enough to comb and style. I took the bundle of hair in the sink and tied it with string so I could save it for our games and a wig later. The next step was harder.

I wondered if should I continue or leave it the way it was. I had to think. What I had left was about two months’ growth. I looked incredibly cute with my hair in short wisps around my head. My eyes were SO BIG and SO BLUE! My head had a wonderful shape…… I really liked it! Why didn’t I do this years ago??

Would I regret this? I wasn’t sure I could do it. It will be such a big change. Everyone was used to seeing me with my long hair, and now all I had was a short little pixie haircut. What kind of reaction would I get if I showed up with a buzz? I certainly would get attention. Everyone would want to run their hand over my head and feel it. I was wet with anticipation of what you will do to me when we see each other again. I thought a few moments more and decided that it was only hair and it would grow back. Besides, maybe I’ll like it and keep it that way. But, that short?? Hey, I thought, go for it!

I opened the box with the clippers in it and examined them. There were two spacers in the box with them. One was about 1/2″ thick and the other about 1/8″. I looked in the mirror again. All that hair in the sink and on the floor made me feel strange. I was out of control with passion. I wanted to take ALL the hair off, so I put the smaller spacer on the clippers, plugged them in and turned them on.

The buzzing sound and the vibrations in my hand sent a tingle went up my spine. I anticipated what they would feel like as I ran them over my head. I decided to try a test patch to see and feel what happens. I started up the side of my head a little in front of my ear. I wasn’t expecting the result, even though I was doing it myself. They shaved the hair off so short and so quick. It was as if they were pulling my hair through the buzzing razors and shaving it off all at once! My heart pounded as I realized I was doing what I thought about doing for so long…. I was shaving my head! I gulped and almost stopped when I saw how much the clippers were cutting off, but I was mesmerized by the humming and the waves of warm comfort through my neck and shoulders from the pulsating blades. It was too late. My hand went up and over the top of my head. Clumps of short hair fell to the sink. I put my head down toward the sink and continued working the clippers through the short, thick hair on my forehead. In a few strokes there was nothing left to cut from the top of my head. I slowly worked the clippers over my ear and toward the back, then I did the same to the other side.

I made long slow strokes all the way up the side of my head and over the top. The clippers buzzed through the thick hair as it all came off nice and even. By then, all I could see were little clumps of hair falling off my head and into the sink.

Still looking down I watched more hair drop off as I placed the clippers at the base of my neck and ran them up to the crown. It felt wonderful. Anticipation, forbidden act, social crime, sexual climax….. all added to my excitement. I knew in a few minutes I was going to be almost bald just like I told you I would do some day.

Actually, it didn’t seem to bother me as my hair came loose from my head and fell to the sink and the floor. I was fascinated by how smooth and even the clippers shaved it off.

At last, I put the clippers down and stood up. My hair was a different color, darker near the root, but still had a smooth and even sheen. All one length it was, with my scalp showing through all over. I looked much different than I did about half an hour earlier. The bristles of hair left on my head were so short they just stuck out and looked like fur. I could see my bare scalp through the fuzz and my head was almost perfectly round. Without the hair there, my ears stuck out kind of funny, but I didn’t mind. I won’t have to worry about my hair anymore. No curlers, no pins, no hair! (chuckle) Not much left at all.

I can’t believe I really did it. But once I started to chop it off so close to my skull, I had to finish the job. It had to be even, you know. (chuckle) You wouldn’t believe how incredibly smooth my head feels. The clippers were quick, and they don’t leave much behind, either.

As I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw all that hair in the sink, I guess I got carried away a little. I took the spacer off the clippers and stood there for what seemed like a very long time. I knew that if I did this, I was going to be bald, but I always wanted to know what it would feel like to shave off ALL my hair. There wasn’t much difference from what was left now anyway. My hair was now buzzed to only about 1/8″ all over.

I had had enough excitement for one morning, so I cleaned up the hair, put on the wig and left the bathroom. It felt odd to not have my hair anymore. The wig held close to my naked scalp. I wore it all day.

I decided to wait for you to return for my next “haircut”. I know you’re disappointed that I didn’t wait for you to do this. You have to understand that I was really in the mood and I needed to do it myself. Please hurry home and bring some shaving cream and razors with you! I’m ready and waiting for you.



PS, You’ll just love my new “haircut”! What a difference from my waist-length hair!


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