Mother’s Visit to the Salon

Mother's Visit to the Salon

Mother’s Visit to the Shop by Buzz

When we were kids we used to go with Mom to the Beauty Salon. Mom took us kids because it was easier to have us with her then to leave us alone at home. Mom used to have her hair always curled just so, pin curls I think they were called. Anyway, Sandy and I used to go to the shop every Saturday. I used to sit and watch all the women getting their hair done. The great thing about the 60’s was that women used to go and get perms and their hair set each week, not like it is now. I remember one time Mom decided to get a “Tony” from Mrs. Martin the hairdresser. Mother’s hair was just above her shoulders, a rich shade of chocolate brown. She used to cut her own bangs and I remember that they were never really straight and cut very short. Well above her highly arched brows.

Mrs. Martin used to complain to Betty, our Mom, to stop cutting her own hair at home, as it was no problem to snip the bangs at the shop, and with no cost. Mom told her she kind of enjoyed cutting hair, especially us kids, Gee I hated those buzz cuts every other Saturday. Mom would herd Sandy and I into the kitchen and place the dish towel around my neck. Out came the Sears hair clippers and with a number 2 guide, swoosh went my hair. I didn’t mind the buzzing of the clippers, but my sister Sandy used to call me burr head. I told her that one day she too would feel the clippers, maybe even while she slept. That little remark usually got me a biff alongside the old white walls when Mom heard me say that.

Anyway, back to the shop. Mom had her hair washed by the young girl who worked at the shop. She was gonna be a hairdresser when she finished her schooling. She used to chew gum and once I heard that she actually was trying to blow a bubble with it when it came out of her mouth and fell into Mandy Keffler’s hair, who she was getting ready to wash. I think Mom said that after the girl attempted to get it out, she kind of mixed it into her hair and that is how Mandy Keffler ended up with a short bob last summer.

Well Mom’s hair was now washed and no gum ended up in her hair, so I guess the girl is doing better, hehehe.

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I watched Mom then take a chair in front of the mirror while Mrs. Martin brushed out her shoulder-length hair. Then she pulled over a cart with tons of those little plastic rollers. Red ones, white, blue, and pink…I liked the pink ones the best, because they made the smallest curls…Mom looked great with curls. Anyway, after talking a bit, Mrs. Martin had Mom’s hair all rolled up in these pretty rollers. A lot of pink ones, but also lots of blue. Then she wrapped a roll of cotton strips around Mom’s forehead and over her ears… that looked neat. But then she handed Mom a cloth and she brought it up to her face. After her face was covered Mrs. Martin poured all this smelly solution on Mom’s hair, and saturated each and every roller. The smell is what I liked best. I used to hope that someday I could get my hair curled just so I could smell that smell every time my hair was washed. I remember fondly mother hugging us kids after her hair was wet the great smell. I think this is what led me to having a fetish for hair.

Anyway after 40 minutes Mom’s hair was finished and she was led to the sink and Mrs. Martin poured more solution over Moms curls… then came the water. Lots of it to wash away the lotion I think. But oh that smell, it was there again and again.

Mom was led back to the styling chair and all the rollers were taken from her head. I loved the look of curls that surrounded Mother’s head. Like little chocolate rolls all over.

Then Mrs. Martin would bring out her big 7 inch scissors and cut Mom’s hair shorter then it was. Little bits of curls would fall all over Mom and I used to try to pick up the biggest. Mom used to tell Sandy and I to just sit and watch. I did and someday I too will be a hairdresser… only I won’t chew gum.


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