Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour

Love thy Neighbour – Steve M.

This is the second installment of my story that started with the account of my first shearing in “Neighbourhood Watch” Although not written by me, it is about me. The author is my lover, the authorof our first encounter. I asked that he write this story for me that it be sent from my e-mail address so I could receive feedback from you once you have read it.

Should you wish to correspond my e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks, Joanna


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The fact that my girlfriend frequently worked twelve-hour-long night shifts made it easy for me and my neighbour to continue our liaisons in her prolonged absence. Although we both spoke of our guilt about our behaviour behind Ellie’s back our passion and desire caused us to continue our lustful relationship. Joanna had become used to this secretive lifestyle, and she had become good at concealing her tracks. She was well practised in subterfuge as every time she left the house she was careful not to reveal her true identity and conceal what we had got up to on our “first night”. This resulted in the removal of all her body hair and required her to wear a wig whenever she went out in public. I know that this secretive side to her life excited Joanna as much as it did me.

For the first week we kept Joanna silky smooth, she would shave her pussy for me and I would then repeat the process on her head, removing the emerging growths every night. Joanna’s bald look was the conclusion of her first hair “appointment” with me, a rendezvous that had metamorphosed from an amateur colouring job to a full headshave. As those first seven days progressed we both became accomplished with the blade. Joanna returned the favour to me, removing all hair from around my cock, and I even went as fair as to remove her eyebrows with a few swift strokes of my razor. Although we both enjoyed the shaving and the sensation of Joanna’s all-over smooth skin we were keen to experiment again.

Joanna’s hair had been left alone for a month, we let her natural hair colour come through and we eagerly checked on nature’s progress daily. Slowly but surely more of her head became covered in an increasingly lengthening and luxuriant silvery pelt. Joanna only revealed her natural state to me within her own house. Even the shortest journey outside her home saw her covering up with the aid of the wig I had bought her. I was more enthusiastic than she was for her to be more audacious, but her self-confidence and daring would soon grow, ironically as the length of her hair decreased once more.

After a long day at work I was relaxing at home when Joanna surprised me with a knock on the door. My surprise was compounded when she revealed the contents of her carrier bag to me. It was her dislike of the colour God had chosen for her that had set us on this path and when she showed me the peroxide I knew that once again Joanna wanted to be chameleon-like with her hair. Joanna wore her bleached hair for a couple of days before she decided that it was the style that she wished to change now. The emergent growths of her eyebrows were unceremoniously plucked by Joanna, revealing a new source of fetishism to me. Joanna would alternate the density of her eyebrows from a thin kohl line, to a much more generous application of her pencil.

Joanna suited her bleached crop, but after consuming a couple of bottles of Chablis we both agreed that her appearance would benefit from a more defined style. Excited by the application of clippers to scalp I told Joanna of my desire to clip her again. After showering together and lovingly washing her hair I carefully combed it, taking my time in arranging it for the clippers. As I bought them up to her head Joanna began to surreptitiously excite herself, as I stroked her neck she stroked her thighs before inserting three fingers into her welcoming pussy.

I had carefully combed Joanna’s fringe forward, and then gelled it to hold it in place. She had no idea of the style I had in mind for her but I expected that she’d appreciate the results, a combination of lengths. I placed the clippers about an eighth of an inch from Joanna’s hairline and eased the unguarded teeth back towards her crown. As the clippers advanced blonde clippings showered to the floor. I stopped the first passage at her crown, turning my concentration to her fringe. With delicate flicks of my wrist I removed the hair from her newly established hairline, working left to right, her hair shot into the air as it was freed. Soon there was a gap of barely perceptible stubble between Joanna’s slicked fringe and the rest of her hair. I then moved to her side, caressing her nape as Joanna caressed herself in a more intimate manner. I carefully isolated a section of hair in front of her ear, before slicing off the hair that grew above it. I pushed the clippers up her head, freeing all the hair until the clippers had no more work to do. Having begun to clip the sides of her head I then pushed the clippers over her ear, revealing more of her scalp. Her hair was so light that unless you were close it was difficult to detect the presence of hair. I removed the clippers from her head before they could liberate the hair near her nape. Having temporarily defined the boundaries I then continued to closely shave the side of her head. I repeatedly covered the right side of her head, so that every follicle sprouted a hair of uniform length. Once I had completed one side of her head Joanna took the time to rub her soft stubble, when she felt her payes she twirled them with the aid of some gel.

In next to no time the clippers had Joanna’s left-hand side transformed to a mirror image of her right. I then shaved up and over her skull, clipping off all the hair between the closely clippered sides. I deliberately overlapped the path of the clippers to ensure that no hair escaped the eager teeth of the clippers. The only hair of any significant length and expanse was that at the back of her head, hair that was hidden from Joanna’s view as she smiled at me in the mirror. Joanna was unable to see these remains as I delicately eased her head forward. Putting the clippers down I picked up the comb and began to part the hair at the base of her nape. As I had done with her fringe I carefully selected those few strands of hair from her hairline upwards. I had soon created a clear horizontal division. Below the line hair that would remain, above it the vast majority of hair that was soon to be shorn, to join those that already lay sacrificed on the floor. Protecting the chosen few hairs from the re-started blades with my left hand, I used my right hand to flick the clippers into her hair and up her head, revealing short vertical swathes of near baldness. The shaven expanse grew as I cut parallel to her hairline, the pitch of the clippers deepening as they became busy in her hair.

The clippers had soon exposed a shaven strip that stretched the width of Joanna’s head. I then used this shaven strip as an access point for the clippers, before working them up the back of her head. Four passes of the enthusiastic blades soon reduced Joanna’s hair to an almost unvarying length. The only hair that was longer than the 0000 blade dictated was that at her fringe, nape and in front of her ears. These tufts were an oasis of hair, in contrast with the desert-like, clippered majority. I had deliberately isolated these sections from the attention of the clippers in order to offer some contrast in her style. When stroking my hands over her scalp the transition from closely cropped stubble to the more luxuriant and yielding lengths was truly mind-blowing. The feelings and sensations at my fingertips made the actions of the clippers all the more worthwhile. As I selfishly I enjoyed what my fingers were sensing, Joanna’s fingers concluded their motion as her body shuddered.

I put down the clippers and styled Joanna’s unique coiffure, I asked her what she thought of her unique style, sure that no other woman had ever received and carried such a style. Joanna explored her head with her hands, she also moved her head so she could visually discover and appreciate her new style as she considered her reflection. She asked me what I thought, to be answered by one of the biggest smiles I have ever thrown. Joanna then stepped back into the shower, I assisted her in rinsing all clippings from her scalp, and chasing them down her body. As my hands felt her delicate skin I detected the presence of hair around her pussy, Joanna encouraged me as I picked up the razor and foam, before carefully scraping away the foam and fine hairs encased within it.

Once Joanna’s mons was as smooth as it could be to both our satisfactions she once again stepped from the warm jets and I styled her hair. There was little I could do to influence the orientation of the close cropped stubble, but I gelled and teased her fringe into an erect, yet bouncy vertical strip and arranged the hair at her nape into a luxurious tassel. The hair in advance of her ears was slicked forward and laid close to her cheek-bones. Once her hairstyle was completed Joanna then applied her make up, highlighting her naked brows with a delicate line of kohl before further gilding her lily with eye-shadow and lipstick. Once happy with her visage we celebrated her new look with a healthy intake of wine, before retreating to bed together.

Joanna sported her style of contrasts for a few days, altering the style as her mood took her, one day gelling the fringe up, the next allowing gravity to be dominant and allowing her fringe to flop gently forwards, reaching halfway down her forehead to where her eyebrows would be if they were allowed to grow, their place being taken by carefully applied kohl substitutes. The intervention of the weekend meant that we were unable to meet up. I caught a glimpse of Joanna in her garden, her black bobbed wig concealing her chemical crop. When we were eventually reunited on the Monday we were both keen to resume our intimacies after which Joanna requested a further appointment in the salon. This started with a re-application of the bleach to her fringe and nape. The subsequent cut saw me applying copious amounts of foam to her head, after allowing time for the softening properties of the foam to take effect I grazed the razor through the foam. The sharp edge of the metal easily removed the foam complete with concealed stubble, as the razor covered more of her head I once again saw the paleness of her scalp.

The hair that had grown between Joanna’s isolated fringe and feathery nape soon floated in the bowl of water in front of her. Joanna’s scalp shone with a smoothness we both recognised and loved. The delicate tufts that grew in front of her ears remained, and the effect caused by the contrast between the bald and hirsute sections on her scalp was really arousing. Joanna gently caressed her bald pate, book-ended as it was by two shocks of peroxided hair.

This cut was also short-lived, as the following evening we removed the hair that grew at her nape, fist cutting it close with scissors, then taking great care to remove all traces with another fresh razor blade. Joanna took some satisfying as she felt her nape with her fingers, and twice had me re-shave the area as she claimed that she could detect the presence of hair, although personally I think it was the tingling sensation of the foam on her neck that excited her. Another twenty-four hours saw her fringe go the same way as her nape, although this time Joanna was her own stylist. Using the clippers she gradually reduced the width of her fringe, until it was at best no wider than one or two hairs. The anticipation of her final climactic cut had caused us both to orgasm before the final buzz of the clippers removed her fringe. Joanna played with me as she held the waiting clippers at her fringe, as I returned the favour by stimulating her clitoris.

An application and swift removal of shaving foam over her entire head soon had Joanna shaved bald again, except for those tufts that grew where sideburns do on a man. These peroxide twins outlived their sacrificed fellow hairs by only a day, as when I saw Joanna the following night she removed her wig to show that once again she was completely bald. I think she was pleased with my gift of a new set of razor blades and foam as we had exhausted our previous stocks.

To be continued…


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