Mistress Anna Nicole & Slave Pamela

Mistress Anna Nicole & Slave Pamela

Mistress Anna Nicole and Slave Pamela by Ransom King

I heard Mistress Anna Nicole’s voice in my left ear, thanks to a little marvel of technology that was placed in there by her. Because of it I was the only one who could hear her communicating with me.

“Go to the beach and find the place with the biggest crowd and wait for further instructions.”

I walked down to the beach and found the site my lady had told me to find. Her voice filled my head again.

“Now look for a pink trash can and root through it until you find an overnight bag but don’t open it.”

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It didn’t take me long to find both of them, the trash can and the bag inside it. I took the tote from the can but I didn’t listen carefully to Mistress Anna Nicole’s wishes: I opened the bag.

Almost immediately I heard Mistress Anna Nicole, “Bitch, I told you not to open the bag.” That was all I heard from the little transceiver before it was turned off. I began to cry and tremble. My Mistress had abandoned me and it was my fault.

An hour later the little radio came back on, “The silence from me was only the first part of your punishment. Now it is time for the rest of it. Open the bag again and remove only the latex g-string and don’t touch the blanket covering the other items in the bag.” Now I knew my Mistress was watching my every move and I wanted to please her. So I did as I was told and removed the little triangle.

“Strip, Pamela. I MEAN NOW!”

I immediately did so, I didn’t want to lose favor with my lady again. A crowd gathered around me as I pulled off my white halter top. My sun-bronzed nipples grew hard and erect, just knowing Mistress Anna Nicole was watching my every move to please her. The top was dropped to the ground, I just stood there naked from the waist up.

“I didn’t tell you to stop, I want you completely naked and everyone to see your pretty shaved pussy.”

The top of blue jeans short was unfastened. Pushing them down my legs and onto the ground, I stepped out of them, I was nude for everyone to see.

“Very good my little blonde slave,” her voice drawing out the word blonde, “Are you ready for the rest of your punishment?”

My head nodded yes.

“That is good Pamela. Listen carefully to my instructions. If you fail to carry them all out, I will disown you forever. Do you understand?”

Again I nodded my blonde head. By this time a good sized crowd had gathered around me and just about everyone knew I was the girl from Home Improvement and Baywatch.

“Be a good little slave and walk among your fans. Let them touch you but remember you are mine.”

After fifteen minutes walking in and around the crowd my Mistress’ voice came to me.

“Return to the bag and put on the G-string. The men have seen enough of your beautiful shaved pussy.”

It was a struggle to put it on but I knew it was worth it because it pleased my mistress. The feel of the latex triangle against my smooth sex excited me and it showed on my face so I started to come.


So I had to control myself once again. It wasn’t an easy task since the thin latex string settled in between the lips of my labia. Every time I moved, it would rub against my clit.

“Very good! We both know you have a hair fetish too, Pamela. I know how you would like to shave a woman’s head bald. Well, my slave I going to let you. Remove the blanket and spread it on the ground. Once you do that, only the barber shears are to be removed.”

I pulled the blanket from the bag and spread it on the beach. Inside the bag was an assortment of hair cutting tools but I only took what I was told to take.

“Now go and find a woman as busty as you are my lovely slave girl.”

My search didn’t take long to complete, since I was on the beach. How could one miss a woman with breasts as big as mine? Once I found her, I stopped and started to cut her hair but Mistress Anna Nicole stopped me in a very cold voice.

“I told you to find her, not cut her hair. Did I forget to tell you whose is the woman’s head you’re going to shave? Why, Pam, it’s yours. Take the shears and cut away a good size chunk of your beautiful blonde hair close to the scalp.”

The scissors made a scrunching sound as they cut through my hair. I knew my blonde hair was a mess with a chunk cut out of it.

“Excellent, my soon to be bald, beach bunny. Now give the nice woman your shorn locks and say the following . . . ”

As I handed the woman my hair I said, “Thank you for watching my show and here is souvenir lock of my hair.”

“Very, very good Pamela. Now I want you to do this until you can no longer cut your blonde hair off with the shears and remember always thank your fans by giving them a lock of your lovely hair. Once you’re done with that little task return to the blanket and wait.”

It didn’t take long for me to cut off every bit of my long beautiful blonde hair. People just watched in amazement as I cut my crowning glory from my head. A few of the women I had given my hair to smiled and snickered at me. But I didn’t care I was doing it to please Mistress Anna Nicole, not them. My hair was a butchered mess now so I returned to the blanket and waited. It wasn’t a long wait.

“You’re beginning to look much better now. Why, you are almost sexy. Pamela, from the bag, take the battery powered beard trimmer and use them on that all too long hair of yours. Make the first sweep down the center of your head and the rest you can cut it any way you think that might please me, Pamela, my lovely slave.”

I turned the beard trimmer on and placed it against my forehead. The sliding little teeth chewed an inch and a half pathway down the center of my head. The hairless trail ran from my forehead to the nape of my neck. A slight breeze from the ocean blew away the shorn stubble from my head. Knowing my mistress was left-handed I decided to remove the hair from the left side of my head. The buzzing little clippers slowly reduced the long stubble to super short stubble. My very pale scalp stood against my tanned body. Some thirty minutes later my entire head was covered with ultra short blonde stubble, I looked as if I was bald already.

“Good you have finished your haircut. Are you ready to go, my near hairless love slave?”

I shook my head no and mouthed the words I knew Mistress Anna Nicole could see, “Please let me shave my head entirely to please,” as I held up the razor and the can of shaving cream.

“I know this pleases you to shave your own head but not as much as me. So you may shave your head, my sweet little Pamela”

Spraying the green gel into my right hand, I spread it all over my head. The gel turned into a white foam that burned my scalp. A quick reading of the ingredients in the can revealed Mistress Anna Nicole had given me a special can of shaving cream. It had been made mostly with a very strong hair remover. I wanted to rush to remove the burning lather from my head but I couldn’t. Using the safety razor I slowly scraped away the hair removing lather from the back of my head. This part I had to do by touch, it was a slow process but I did it. The shaved area tingled with removal of the lather and stubble.

The hungry razor could never get enough of the lather or the last of my blonde stubble. I continue to make about my head. I felt the areas the blade had kissed and prayed they were smooth so I could rinse the burning foamy from my surely bald head. My prayers were answered twenty-five minutes later. My head was completely smooth and it would be for a very long time thanks to my mistress’ hair removing shaving cream. Getting up from the blanket, I went to the public shower stall to rinse the remaining lather from my hairless head, always staying within the sight of Mistress Anna Nicole.

The cool water was a relief as it washed away the scalding foam from my head. My mistress spoke to me as I showered, “Inside the bag you will find a salve that will soothe the burning sensation on your beautiful bald head Pam.” Once my shower was finished, I went back to the blanket and opened the bag and got the balm out. I opened it and spread it over my very pale and ultra smooth scalp. It was a blessed relief from the harsh chemical of the shaving cream hair remover.

“Remove your G-string Pamela and once you have done that walk among your fans again and let them feel your pretty bald head and shaved pussy.”

The latex thong was quickly removed. I walked up and down the beach letting anyone who wanted to touch smooth body. Some of the women now laugh at me because I had shaved my head smooth. I was no longer the sexy blonde Baywatch beauty – to them I was a bald woman to be laughed at. But I wasn’t, I was now the bald slave girl of Mistress Anna Nicole.

“I have seen your transformation and I’m very pleased with it. Now you find me.”

It took me thirty minute to discover her hiding place. When I arrived, she was playing the ocean. I watched in awe as the waves washed her magnificent body. A huge wave came in ripped the top of my mistress’ tiny bikini top. Her right arm went under her big boobs to support them and left hand waved in the air to signal me to bring a towel. I wade into the surf and covered my mistress breasts with the towel while felt the sting of the salt water on freshly shaved, and still sensitive, head.

We went back to the blanket I had set only I after Anna Nicole ordered me to put away her beach stuff. While I was doing this my owner went to the showers and washed the salt water from her gorgeous blonde hair. For the next couple of hours we sunned ourselves on the beach while waiting for her blonde tresses to dry. My mistress warned me to be careful so not to burn my pale scalp, I did as she ordered.

“Pamela, my little slave, do you enjoy taking care of my beautiful blonde hair?” my mistress asked.

“Yes, it is one of my favorite responsibilities. I enjoy doing it for you. Am I doing something wrong that displeases you?”, as I gently brushed Lady Anna Nicole’s long golden curls until they shined in the sunlight of the beach.

“Yes, you have a task that pleases you, as my slave I can’t let you have anything that pleases you. So, I’m taking it away from you. Pack everything up and meet me at the barbershop in one hour.”

The barbershop was my room at the apartment we shared. It was named that because it looked like a barbershop. It had everything a real shop had. This was the room mistress used to keep my pussy smooth but after today at the beach, I was sure it would be used to keep my head smooth as well.

When I arrived at the barbershop, there sat Mistress Anna Nicole in the chair dressed in her black leather corset cinched tight, making her waist narrower and her ample breasts appear even bigger than they were. She had her legs draped over the arms of the barber’s chair.

“Slave, shave my pussy. When you’re finished, it will be as smooth as yours,” she said, as she handed me the clippers that were used on me a few hours earlier to remove my dark pussy hair. I switched them on, brought them to the thick dark hair on the pubic mound of my blonde mistress. She moaned as the vibrating teeth of the clippers cut away her pubic hair. The hair was cut short and it felt very soft to my touch. Five minutes later it was all one uniform length.

Reaching behind her, Anna Nicole took from the shelf a can of shaving cream and a razor, she gave them to me. “Make me smooth.”

I sprayed a handful of the foamy in my hand and spread over the dark pussy stubble. Again my mistress whimpered as my hands glided over her clipped pubes. Only when she smiled did I take up the razor. Using short delicate strokes, I began to eliminate the stubble and lather from her mound. She moaned every time the razor scraped away her pussy hair. The razor was rinsed clean every time it became full. I was pleased to see my blonde mistress was happy with my work. Twenty minutes later I was finished shaving Mistress Anna Nicole’s pussy smooth.

“You have done well, Pamela,” as her hands rubbed the area around her slick slit.

I knew what she was trying to find, a spot I had missed but there wouldn’t be any. Because I always felt the area I shaved before moving onto the next one.

Mistress Anna Nicole removed her legs from the arms of the chair and placed them on the foot rest. While she was doing that I started cleaning around the chair.

“What are you doing? You’re not finished with me yet. You still have to do my hair, Pamela, but first get the bag you brought back from the beach.”

I retrieved the bag and brought it to my mistress five minutes later. When I returned, she was now wearing a black leather G-string to cover her shaved pubes. And she was also wearing black leather thigh boots with six inch spiked heels. I placed the tote before her, she reached inside it and pulled one item out of it. It was the can of shaving cream heavily laced with hair remover.

“Do you know what to do next, my bald slave?”

“Yes, mistress. You want me to cut your beautiful hair,” I said as I picked the barber’s shears to trim off the split ends.

“Then what are you doing with those scissors? I don’t want it trimmed, I want it cut very short,” Mistress Anna Nicole screamed at me while handing me the clippers.

She really was taking away my favorite task, brushing her gorgeous blonde hair. The clippers buzzed to life as I thumbed on the switch. The clippers were brought to her forehead. I waited for a few seconds.

“What are you waiting on? I said cut it off,” as she pulled the clippers down into her blonde tresses and pushed them to the crown of her head. “Now finish clipping off the rest of my hair.”

The clippers buzzed back and forth on Mistress Anna Nicole’s head freeing her of her golden blonde locks. Her shorn tresses fell from her head like a golden rain. Ten minutes later her head had less fuzz than a peach. Looking in the mirror my mistress surveyed my work with the clippers.

“I like what you have done with my hair but it is still too long,” as her hands rubbed the stubble on her near hairless head. ” Make it shorter!”

“But mistress,” I stammered, “if I make it any shorter I will have to shave you.”

“Now you’re getting the idea,” as she shook up the can of shaving cream-hair remover. “Use this to make me as smooth as you.”

“It will burn your head like it did mine on the beach. Please, mistress, just let me use the razor to make you smooth like me,” I begged.

“DO IT NOW,” as she thrust the can into my unwilling hands. With great reluctance, I sprayed the caustic on my mistress’ head. She winced as her tender head felt the burning sensation I had felt on the beach. Not wanting her in prolonged pain, I picked up the razor and began to shave her head.

Using the razor I scraped away the lather from the front of my mistress’ head. The hungry blade ate away the lather from her forehead to the crown of Mistress Anna Nicole’s head as it made its first sweep. I quickly worked to remove the “hot” foam from her head, and in a few minutes I had the entire front half of her head shaved smooth. It looked pale compared to the rest of her lightly tanned body. Working even more quickly with the razor I removed the rest of my mistress’ remaining locks. Twenty minutes later she was as bald I as was.

I put the razor down and reclined the chair so my mistress’ smooth scalp was hanging over the edge of the sink. The water was turned on to wash away the remaining lather from her head.

“Aaaahhhh that feels so nice to have that hair remover and all traces of my hair rinsed from my head,” she sighed. The water flowed across her naked scalp for a few minutes to make sure every trace of the hair remover was gone. Once that was done, I returned the chair to the upright position.

“What do I do now, mistress?”

“I still feel a burning sensation on my head, so use the salve on it,” as her hands traced every curve of her bald head.

Swiftly, I went to the bag and took the salve out of it. Opening it, I applied some of it to Mistress Anna Nicole’s slick skull. It was neatly and evenly spread over her head. She smiled with relief.

“Get me a mirror. I want to look at my new ‘hairstyle’.” Taking from the shelf a hand-mirror, I showed my mistress her new look. She looked into it and smiled at the woman reflected there.

“Pamela, it’s prefect,” as her hands again glided over her bald dome, “It will be your new task to keep me shaved. I’m sure you will love doing it for me every morning when I get up, at lunch, and just before I go to bed at night. And those special occasions when the other mistresses come over.”

I started crying, knowing I would never again be able to brush Mistress Anna Nicole’s lovely blonde hair again, as I watched her to continue to caress her silky smooth head.

The End?


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