Anne’s New Ways

Anne's New Ways

Anne had always been pretty. People would usually give her a second look when she walked past. She did not have that much confidence in her appearance, though. She had tried a number of new looks, after she had worn her hair long most her life. When she reached her 25th birthday, and she had to celebrate it alone, because she had just moved to this new city, she decided to try a few new looks until she could find one that worked for her. She spent a few days checking out various upscale salons in the neighborhood. She talked to a few of the stylists and found one she really liked. They connected when she first walked in. The girl standing near the counter was very beautiful. She had long, mid-back length blonde hair. It was very thick, very straight and very healthy looking. She looked up with a gorgeous smile, and greeted Anne: ‘Hi! Welcome to Samantha’s. I don’t think I have seen you here before. My name is Madeline.’ Anne felt she had found her stylist, if this Madeline was a stylist.

‘I am Anne. Are you one of the stylists?’ Madeline nodded energetically. ‘How can I help you?’

Anne explained that she was new in the area, and was looking for a good place to try some new styles, and that Samantha’s had come highly recommended. ‘That’s great!’ Madeline’s smile became even bigger.

After they had discussed some options, Anne made an appointment for later that day with Madeline and left with some hair magazines, to get more style ideas.

When Anne came back to the salon for her appointment, she was quickly taken to the shampoo area where a girl washed her hair. It was long, about 10 inches past her shoulders, and had a few layers in it. The color was a darker blonde. Madeline removed the towel from Anne’s hair, and brushed the wet hair down. Anne had one of the magazines open, and they discussed the style. When they agreed on what to do, Madeline started cutting. The first few quick cuts removed most of the length past the shoulders, leaving Anne’s hair just above her shoulders. Madeline spent a lot more time after those first cuts to create a style that would be bouncy and easy to maintain. After the cut, Madeline started working on the color. She used foil for the highlights, and applied them on all of Anne’s hair, with a few different shades of blonde. During the cut and the color application, the first building blocks of a friendship were established. Anne told of a few of her recent boyfriends, and Madeline talked about the guy that dumped her the week before. They laughed at the dumb way he had gone about it, and agreed she was better off. When Madeline finished drying Anne’s hair the really liked the results. The honey-golden locks flowed freely when Anne turned her head.

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By this time, it was time to close the salon, and Madeline and Anne decided to build on their new friendship and go to dinner. Anne felt confident about her new style, and the waiter at the Italian place was flirting with her big time. When Anne was in the restroom, Madeline gave him Anne’s email address.

Over the next few weeks, Anne went on a couple of dates with Guillermo, the waiter from the restaurant, and hung out with Madeline a few times as well. They liked watching the NBC ‘must see’ lineup on Thursday nights, and at one point, when Friends had just finished, Anne remarked how she was not sure she wanted her hair to look this much like Jennifer Aniston’s. Madeline invited her to come to the salon that weekend, and they would work on something else.

Madeline was just finishing up on another client when Anne walked in. That girl’s cut was a bit shorter than Anne’s was. Anne looked on with interest. Madeline and Anne talked about that style and decided to improve on it a bit. In the front, Anne got bangs. They were long, but also an immediate change. The rest of Anne’s hair was cut an inch or two shorter than it had been, with the back another inch or two shorter, creating a slightly inverted bob. They deliberated about the color, and in the end decided to leave the top the color it was, and simply color the underside a very dark, almost black. Anne really liked the how her new cut moved, and was amazed at the effect of the dark color underneath. Madeline agreed proudly. Madeline had been on two dates with one of Guillermo’s friends, and that night they went on a double date with the two guys. The two pretty girls drew a lot of looks from others at the bar, and at some point Madeline’s date started picking a fight. Guillermo quickly backed him up, and a few glasses were broken when the shoving began. The bouncers quickly ejected the fighters, but not before Anne and Madeline had told them they never wanted to hear from them again.

Another few weeks passed and one night, Madeline showed Anne that she needed to get her highlights touched up. When she came into the salon, they decided that a bit of a change could be nice. Madeline showed Anne a style that would feel great for the summer that was just getting hot. Anne agreed, and told Madeline she was done with being a blonde.

The new cut was the same length in the front, except that Madeline trimmed Anne’s bangs a good bit. Then, in the back, she took out the clippers. Anne was startled by the noise they made as they popped to life. Using a comb, Madeline quickly worked to raise the back of Anne’s hair, creating a sharp, severe inverted bob. She put a small guard on the clippers and ran them up the back of Anne’s neck. Startled, Anne asked what she was doing. When Madeline explained, Anne blushed and said that she just loved that feeling, the vibrating against her skin. Madeline grinned, and applied the clippers to the back of Anne’s head again. She made quite a few more passes, and slower than she normally would, just because she knew Anne was enjoying the feeling. When she was done, Anne was flushed red in her face. Madeline ran her nails up the stubble at the back of Anne’s head. Anne gasped, then shuddered. Madeline grinned even bigger now. They both smiled.

Madeline told Anne that she had the option of letting the buzzed hair grow out as long as she wanted to, or come back every few weeks to trim it back. She knew what Anne would do. As the weeks progressed, and Anne and Madeline had become close friends, Anne would stop in at the salon every other Saturday, right at closing time, and after Madeline had buzzed her neck they would usually hang out that evening. Sometimes they would veg out at someone’s apartment, other times they teamed up with some dates. On one of these Saturday afternoons Madeline had a new suggestion. “Let me try this,” she said. She had a mischievous smile on her face. After buzzing the back of Anne’s head, she applied some shaving cream. Out came a straight razor. Anne’s eyes widened. With the first stroke of the blade against her skin, Anne whimpered. “Oh my God!” she softly exclaimed. “That feels… feels…” Unable to finish her sentence, she gave in to the sensation as Madeline expertly wielded the blade. When she was done, she ran her fingers across the nude skin, and smiled. Anne shuddered with pleasure. “You should get this done every Saturday, you know,” Madeline said with a huge smile on her face. Anne was already looking forward to next week.

That next Saturday, Anne asked Madeline for a newer, easier style. She wanted to keep coming back every week or so, for a little ‘touch up’ as they called it. But during the week, she was not happy with the amount of work that went into looking good. Madeline asked if she wanted to go shorter. “Sure! Do what you want!” Anne had a lot of faith in her friend.

Madeline ran her hands through Anne’s hair a few times. “How much do you like the clippers?” she asked.

“Oooh… a lot. I like them a whole lot! Are you going to…”

Madeline popped on the clippers, put on the largest guard she had, and started buzzing the sides of Anne’s head. Anne slumped in the chair, and let out a moan. When Madeline had radically shortened the sides, she put the clippers down, intending to use regular shears on the top. “No! Don’t stop!” Anne exclaimed. Madeline hesitated, shrugged, and started the clippers down the middle of Anne’s hair. Anne shrieked with pleasure, as Madeline made pass after pass. After mowing down the top, she worked more on the sides, to blend it all in. When she was done, all of Anne’s hair was an inch or shorter in length. They decided to bleach it. The result was quite spectacular. Madeline rubbed the sides of Anne’s head and told her how much she did like the outcome. Anne was happy and dazed.

That night, they had another double date. When Madeline’s date did not show, the three of them went out and danced, and ended up at Anne’s apartment. Anne and the guy, Jack, were fooling around a bit. When Madeline came back into the room, Jack jokingly said it was her turn now. Anne looked up expectantly, and said she agreed. Madeline, thinking that they were playing with her, walked over, and pretended that she was going to kiss Jack. No one flinched. Madeline connected with Jack, and the long passionate kiss that ensued took her by surprise. Anne looked on in admiration, and then kissed Jack. The fooling around now had three fools involved, all touching, kissing and stroking everywhere. At one point, Madeline had Anne’s head in her hands. As she placed a kiss on her lips, Anne’s lips parted and their kiss lasted forever. The night went on for hours, and the next morning they did not know who had done what with whom, but it all did not matter.

On Wednesday night, Anne stormed into the salon right before closing. Madeline was the only one left at work. Anne told her she needed a favor. She had been longing for the feeling of the straight razor against her skin. Madeline got her to sit in the chair, and lathered up the sides and back of her head. Slowly and deliberately, she took off the short hair on both sides and the back. Anne had trouble sitting still. Madeline was stroking the bared sides of Anne’s head. “Use the clippers,” Anne said. Madeline took out the clippers, put a much smaller attachment on than before, and reduced the length of Anne’s hair to mere millimeters. When the cut was done, Madeline kept running her hands back and forth over Anne’s head. Their eyes met, and they held their gaze. Slowly, Madeline leaned over, and kissed the side of Anne’s head. Then she kissed her head again, and slowly worked her way forward, until their lips met. Anne ran her hands through Madeline’s thick blond hair as they kissed passionately. They stopped and giggled. “Whew! Hello!” were the only sounds they could produce. They laughed, and decided to go to Anne’s place to watch a video. As they talked on the way, Madeline told Anne she was looking to move out of her apartment, as that neighborhood was going down. Anne pensively offered that they could be roommates, as she had a spare bedroom anyway.

During the next week, Madeline moved her stuff into the second bedroom at Anne’s apartment. On the last day, they decided to celebrate the move, and went out with Jack and his friend Marcus. After partying the night away, they ended up at the girls’ apartment. Jack and Madeline were kissing and playing on the couch, while Anne mixed drinks. Marcus was parking his car. When he came back in, Madeline looked up and beckoned him. She whispered something, and he leaned in to hear. She pulled him closer as he lost his balance, tumbling on top of her. Expertly, and using Marcus’ shock, she rolled over, and quickly sat on top of him. As she straddled his arms, she unbuttoned her shirt. Jack, meanwhile had moved over to the wet bar, and was playing with Anne and a strategically used ice cube. Madeline and Anne switched partners a few times during the night.

The next day was Saturday, and Anne came in for her weekly appointment at the salon. All the other clients were gone when she sat in Madeline’s chair. They kind of just looked at each other. Anne spoke, “I am ready for the next step.” Madeline’s eyes lit up. She knew what Anne was saying. They decided that they would do this at their apartment, since there was no real need to stay at the salon.

In the kitchen of the apartment, Madeline prepared a lather, and applied it to Anne’s scalp. Slowly, Madeline moved the straight razor across Anne’s skull. Not a hair remained. Anne was panting by the time Madeline was finished. Or Anne thought she was. Madeline took another dollop of lather, and applied it on Anne’s eyebrows. Before she could respond, Anne’s eyebrows were history. She gasped. So did Madeline. She started to massage Anne’s bald head. She licked the top of it, and Anne purred. They kissed. Anne reached up and pulled Madeline close, burying her own head in Madeline’s long blonde locks. The kissing lasted forever. Then they stood up. Anne slowly unbuttoned Madeline’s shirt, and as she undid her bra, Madeline’s full breasts jumped out. Anne kissed them, and applied her tongue to her nipples. Not about to be outdone, Madeline unzipped Anne’s short dress, and giggled as it slid to the floor, and Anne turned out not to be wearing any underwear. Anne’s breasts were even fuller than Madeline’s. She caressed them, and got on her knees. Anne and Madeline went where they had not been before.

From that moment on, Anne would have Madeline shave her head a few times per week. The symbiotic relationship was perfect for them. Frequently they would go out with one or two guys, and they would share whatever they found.

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