Mercy’s Devil

Mercy's Devil

This story was inspired by reading my brothers magazines on Wrestling. I saw the picture of a female wrestler and thought “What if..” I’d love to hear what you think.

Mercy’s Devil – Cheshire Cate

The referee’s hand hit the canvas for the third time, and as he counted out her opponent, Claudia threw her head back and let out a victory cry. She sat astride Mercy as she lay, with her tummy pressed against the canvas, the exhaustion of the bout and pain of defeat showed in her face. Mercy’s head was being pulled backwards by Claudia’s firm grip, she had hold of two plaits of hair that usually cascaded down either side of her face. For her victory, Claudia had seized hold of them and used them like reins until Mercy had submitted. Claudia thought that it was ironic that she had restrained Mercy by the very hair that she now stood to lose. She released her grip and stood up to take the cheers from the crowd.

In what was the last fight of that night a local cable company had put up the prize money for the finale – the grudge match between Mercy and Red Claw. Mercy was characterised as the bad girl, just short of 6 feet tall, she had long, really long waist-length raven-coloured hair. It was streaked through with a vivid mix of blue and purple colouring. In the ring she wore her hair swept back of her face. The hair that grew along her forehead was tightly plaited, at the end of each length of hair was a small weight that Mercy had woven in to the end of each plait, there were nine plaits in all. The weights were made of metal, and were a mix of blue and purple, Mercy used this Cat o’ Nine Tails to great effect during her bouts. The rest of her hair was tied back into a topknot, where it cascaded down her back, this revealed her “fighting face”: black lipstick, jet-black eyebrows, silver eye shadow, a stark contrast against her pale ivory skin. She designed her makeup to shock, she completed her gothic appearance with a selection of piercings, her ears were multi-pierced, with a combination of loops and studs. She also had a nose stud, tongue piercing as well as a ring through her bottom lip and a small jewelled stud through her upper lip.

Claudia’s fighting alias was inspired by her hair colour, and her most striking feature, her long fingernails. Each of her fingernails extended an inch beyond her fingertips, each one had been chemically strengthened and were extremely tough. A combination of chemicals and carbon fibre technology meant that Claudia had never broken a nail in the ring. Each of her nails was coated in a blood red metallic finish, to emphasise her fingers even more she wore a series of silver rings on each finger and thumb. Claudia’s hair was a similar shade to her nails, her natural chestnut colour had been enhanced, streaked with a rainbow of reds, from orange through to deepest red. Under the bright lights of the ring it appeared as if her hair was on fire. Her hair was less restrained than Mercy’s, and as a result it would fly wildly around as she moved around the ring. It was cut to an even length that hung to a line level with the bottom of her shoulder blades. Not as tall or as physically strong, Claudia had been the underdog in tonight’s fight.

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The twist to the bout was that the defeated wrestler stood to lose what made her most distinctive. The posters advertising the match featured Mercy with her braids trapped between the blades of a large pair of scissors, with the slogan, “Is tonight the night?” Similarly there were pictures of Claudia, up against the ropes with clippers poised at her forehead with “Will she lose it?” as the tag line. The consequence of defeat was that the loser would lose her hair, and to have their haircut at the end of the fight, with the TV cameras still filming. The cut was to be no cosmetic gesture however, the loser was to heave her head shaved, totally bald, and live on TV after the bell had sounded. And the bell had just sounded.

The noise of the crowd faded as the lights were turned out, an expectant silence fell all around the arena. A spotlight broke the silence, and shone to light a chair that was placed in the centre of the ring. The announcer’s voice echoed around as he invited Mercy to take her seat. “As you know, the loser of this match had a great deal to lose, not only would she lose the match, and the chance to fight for the Championship, but she would also have to undergo a public haircut.” The crowd roared. “This is going to be no ordinary, salon cut, but a special cut, to be the climax to tonight’s grudge match. As the loser, Mercy is to have her hair cut off, all of it, not one strand will remain as she is shaved bald.”

The crowd’s roar reached a crescendo.

Mercy emerged from the shadows accompanied by loud music, she stood at each side of the ring and defiantly stared at the crowd. As each section of the crowd were baited, their collective volume increased, when she was happy with her incitement Mercy took her seat in the centre of the ring, the television cameras focused on her and her face filled the arena’s large screens.

“Please welcome, tonight’s victor, Red Claw.” From behind Mercy, Claudia strode into the centre of the ring. From behind her back she revealed a pair of clippers, she held them above Mercy’s head and the crowd cheered as the whole ring became bathed in light. Claudia handed over the clippers to a female stylist whose words to Mercy were drowned out by the crowd. The announcer asked Mercy if she was ready, Mercy snarled and nodded. The motion of her head caused her “dreads” to jerk wildly around, for one last dance.

“It appears that Mercy is ready to be shaved,” the announcer confirmed to the crowd. “Then let it begin… 3… 2…1… cut,” he shouted.

The screens were full of Mercy face, her eyes stared right back, staring out at everyone who looked at the screens, slowly the shot panned out and revealed the stylist standing poised with clippers in hand behind Mercy. She showed the clippers to the nearest camera, and ran her fingers over the blades, to show that they were bared for action.

“Yes, that’s right, there is no guard,” the announcer spoke again, the beginning of his commentary.

Mercy’s head was pushed forward, and her cat o’ nine tails brushed against her legs. She toyed with the weights as she felt the clippers being pushed against her neck. As the clippers were pushed up towards her crown long lengths of black hair fell to the canvas. The camera zoomed in to show the newly revealed scalp, the paleness of her skin made the darker stubble easily apparent. The first pass was soon over and the clippers returned to Mercy’s hairline, this time the camera showed how easily her hair was shorn away, black, blue and purple hair cascaded down. The stylist caught a handful as it slipped towards the floor, and offered it towards the camera. The screens showed her grasping hold of what must have been at least two feet of hair that less than a minute ago formed part of Mercy’s crowning glory. The next shot chosen by the director was of Claudia, whose face was of shock as she looked at Mercy, as the back of her had was denuded. Four passes of the clippers had soon reduced the back of Mercy’s head to stubble. The stylist had decided to leave Mercy’s fringe to last, as a touch of irony. She changed posture and moved to the side of Mercy, allowing the cameraman to get in a good position before she pushed the clippers back over Mercy’s left ear. As it shaved its path over her ear the clippers jangled against the rings and studs that adorned her ears. The stylist continued by overlapping the next cut with the previous as more of Mercy’s head was transformed over to stubble.

“That’s Mercy half shaved now,” the announcer continued with his erratic commentary. “I’m sure impressed with how quick those clippers work! I bet you’re glad you won, now, aren’t you Red Claw?”

With the camera on her Claudia nodded and smiled, she was glad she won, but not sure how she felt now that she saw what was happening to her adversary. How would she have felt, sitting there being shaved and seeing her red hair fall, defeated to the canvas?

Claudia had no time to pursue her thoughts as she was interrupted by the noise of the crowd. The stylist was now between her and Mercy working away, shaving the right side of her head. She could see the continuing shower of dark hair but she had no idea why the crowd was gasping – there was a buzz slowly circling around the crowd. Claudia moved to where she had a better view, she could see what the crowd was seeing in close up. The teeth of the clippers were being eased back along the side of Mercy’s head. Where the clippers met hair, they were ruthless in their efficiency, clipping it down to less than 1/8 inch.

“Well, this is a surprise,” the announcer voiced the views of the crowd. “I can’t tell what it is yet but it seems to be a tattoo, but I’m sure we’ll all get a good view later on.”

Mercy knew what it was, a tattoo she had received on her 18th birthday, just after her she had had her ears pierced for the fourth time and she was thinking of how else she could go that little bit further. The tattoo was one of a little red devil, dancing in fire – so this was not the first time that Mercy’s head had been shaved. The look on Mercy’s face did not reveal the excitement she was feeling.

As the clippers finished at her side she felt up and around her head, feeling the back and sides, where once she would have had her hand full of her dark locks her fingertips were now feeling stubble. She was surprised how soft it felt, then thinking back she remembered how fur like it felt.

“Just seeing what’s left are you,” the announcer teased. “Wwell what you have at the moment is more than you will in a minute, there’s still the top to go, and then some!”

Mercy was well aware that the top was still to be shaved, she felt the whirring blades of the clippers at her crown. Hair fell either side of her as the clippers moved further forward. The clippers stopped short of each of her plaits, and they were swiftly moved to the back of her head, before being pushed forward again.

A wide camera angle revealed Mercy’s temporary short haircut, buzzed to within 1/8 inch of her scalp. The longest hair was now tightly plaited and weighted down – a curtain across her face.

The commentary piped up again as the stylist ran the clippers over Mercy’s head, picking up any stray hairs that were longer than the 1/8 inch the eager clippers permitted. “Well folks, it looks like we have finished with the clippers for now, but remember we did say bald, and Mercy, she ain’t bald yet”

“Shave her, shave her,” the crowd shouted.

Secretly Mercy was enjoying this – the public nature of her “humiliation”. She was glad the way the haircut had proceeded, she sat savouring each pass of the clippers, as slowly more and more hair was cut off. It was the deliberate nature of her shaving that excited her. Her arousal was all too clear for those around, but as yet the camera had not focused upon her breasts. At present she still had a contrast between her long plaits and the oh-so-short buzz that covered most of her head.

Mercy became aware of a new sensation, she could feel fingertips massaging her scalp, moving in small circular patterns. Where the fingertips went was then followed by a warm, tingling sensation. The crowd could see what was causing this, her dark stubble was slowly disappearing as the stylist applied shaving foam to Mercy’s head, massaging it well into the scalp to soften the hairs at its roots, in preparation for an easy shave that was to follow.

The stylist had soon finished lathering Mercy up. She sat with the last vestiges of her hair hanging down across her face, what remained was hidden under its white blanket. As she began to shave away Mercy’s stubble the announcer provided an enthusiastic commentary. “There we are folks, that’s a mighty close shave that Mercy is getting there, that razor doesn’t seem to be leaving a lot behind.” His words were accompanied by close-up shots of the razor moving across Mercy’s head. The screen showed the blades of the razor clogged up with foam and stubble. “Wait for the tattoo to emerge, it won’t be long before most of Mercy’s head is as smooth as a billiard ball, except for her bangs though. Who would like one of them?” At his offering of a unique trophy the screams of the crowd rose once more.

Mercy sat, oblivious to the screams, just enjoying the whole event. Across the ring Claudia was looking intently at what was going on, following closely the razor’s passage through the foam as it was guided over Mercy’s head. Where it had been was pale, a different paleness from the foam, it was Mercy’s scalp, shaven smooth. She couldn’t explain why, she felt her own hand go up to her head and begin to toy with the hair she had in abundance. The announcer picked up on this. “Hey, bet that feels good, Red Claw, bet you are glad it isn’t you that is sitting there with the foam on your head being shaved bald.” Claudia did know what to think. She smiled, not sure whether she was doing it to agree with the question or not. As she explored her feelings she saw the blades pass over the stubble that partly obscured Mercy’s tattoo, slowly it was revealed to the waiting camera. A stark coloured image against the pale background of Mercy’s skin, the little dancing devil.

Soon the stylist was removing the last few traces of foam from Mercy’s scalp. Mercy reached up and slowly felt her newly shaved head. Her first touches were with her fingertips, then she used the whole of her hands, running them over and over her head, exploring this new feeling. It felt so good to her hands, and she loved how her hands felt on her head.. “Well that’s what I call a close cut, but I am sure that there is still some hair there. How about checking round the front,” the announcer instructed the stylist. “Hey, Red Claw, I’m sure that our stylist could find you a little job to do.”

Claudia moved round in front of Mercy, who broke her stony face to smile at Claudia. She smiled back, as she took in Mercy’s new image, a head devoid of hair, smoothly shaven to the scalp, except for the forehead, where nine plaits sprouted from the surrounding baldness. She looked on as the stylist lifted up the leftmost plait, she pulled it tight, up towards the lights. “Go on, Red Claw, take the scissors, I’m sure that Mercy won’t mind.” The announcer couldn’t hear what Mercy said in reply to Claudia: “Sure, go ahead honey, you’ve won it, it’s one for you to keep.” Claudia stepped forward, and taking the scissors laid them horizontally against her opponent’s scalp. As she brought the blades together the plait sprang free and danced into the air.

“One down, there’s still eight to go – anyone want one?” Where Claudia had cut there was a small circle of stubble. She handed the scissors back to the stylist and stood back, as she began to snip away the plait on the right-hand side. As the blades crossed another plait was released, the stylist waved this rope of hair in front of the crowd, before tossing it over the ropes into a sea of hands that grasped for it. The next plait to be cut was on the left side of the head again, this one was soon parted from Mercy’s head and dispatched to the crowd. As the stylist moved to cut the one on the farthest right, Claudia had an idea, she approached the announcer. As she walked to him the stylist bought the scissors together for the fifth time. “Just four left, then Mercy will be bald,” he shouted excitedly. As he finished speaking Claudia grabbed the microphone.

“Hey, I’d like to say something,” Claudia addressed the crowd as the cheered and called her name, ” Mercy and I fought one hell of a fight, it was tough, but we knew that were going to entertain you guys and girls in the crowd. We both knew what was going to happen, there was a lot at stake, more to lose than just a fight. I’d just like you all to show your appreciation for Mercy, who is one hell of a fighter, opponent and friend.” Both wrestlers shared a smile. “Now I don’t know what you think about what has been happening since the bell went, I guess some of you think she deserved it.” Mercy smiled and Claudia continued: “Well she did lose, and I reckon some of you even like what’s going on.” The crowd cheered. “Well Mercy’s been a real sport over having her head shaved, and I don’t think that she should lose all of her crowning glory. She’s given me one of her plaits, and another four are loose and somewhere out there.” Those members of the crowd who had claimed one, waved their trophies, “I think that we should let her keep one of her one plaits, and keep it on her head”

Claudia finished and the crowd cheered, she handed the microphone back to the announcer. “Thanks Red Claw, as sporting as ever… well I guess its up to you now, if you think Mercy should keep a strand or two of hair then cheer after three. If not keep quiet and well have a see who wants her bald.”

The crowd fell silent. “3, 2, 1… Cheers if you want her to keep some.” the crowd responded with a deafening roar. “Ok, that was loud. Now for those that want Mercy shaved bald, it’s your go. 3, 2, 1…” Again the crowd roared, it was impossible to judge the loudest. “I guess,” the announcer continued, that that’s pretty close, we’ll let the stylist decide.”

With the decision in her hands the stylist snipped away the sixth strand, she moved the scissors to the base of the seventh and bought the blades crunching together. The eighth was just as quickly snipped away. Then the scissors were put down and the stylist stepped back. For the first time she spoke to Mercy, “You can keep that one, and I’ll keep one of these three, to remind me of this special night. Thank you.” She hadn’t finished her job yet though, and she applied a line of shaving foam across Mercy’s forehead, to cover the stubble that remained from the eight plaits that had been cut off. She followed this with the razor, and Mercy’s scalp was soon as smooth as she could get it, Mercy sat shaven and bald, except for this one strand of hair that she tossed back across her shaven scalp.

The announcer strode across to Mercy. “Well that’s the best ending to a fight we’ve seen here for some time, I think we all agree. Thank you to Red Claw too. Mercy, I am sure that Red Claw will agree with me when I say that it was a hard-won fight, and as well as you getting to keep some of your hair, I’d like to present you with the clippers that transformed you so ruthlessly.” He handed her the clippers and then applauded her as she left the ring.

Mercy sat back in her dressing room, and straight away stood in front of the mirror, admiring her new image. The eye makeup was still there, so were the earrings and other piercings. She turned her head and saw her long-hidden tattoo. She felt her head again, feeling it’s smoothness, at the front of her head she felt hair, the only hair she had left, about 12 inches long and 1/2 inch diameter. She looked at the clippers on the dressing table in front of her. She was prevented from becoming lost in her thoughts by a knock on the door.

Claudia walked in and over to Mercy. They looked at each other and smiled. Claudia picked up the clippers and spoke “My turn?” she asked Mercy.

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