Melissa & Chris

Melissa & Chris

Melissa and Chris by BonnieJo

A recent quiet Thursday afternoon became one of the most exciting times I’ve had recently. It was late in the afternoon and the salon was almost empty. We were keeping ourselves busy with little chores. I was helping our receptionist with some record keeping when two young college girls burst in through the door laughing and carrying on like schoolgirls, which of course they were. The first one through the door, Melissa, had vibrant red hair that fell in a solid thick sheet to mid-back. Her hair was very thick, one-length and styled in voluminous waves. Her hair bounced in a beautiful full mass streaming over her shoulders. Right behind her was a brunette, Christine. Christine’s hair was dark brown, shiny and healthy. Her hair was drawn up into a loose updo. A very unpretentious yet beautiful style. The girls bounded up to the receptionist’s desk with Melissa in the lead with Christine in tow. Christine appeared slightly hesitant. Melissa smiled and giggled, “We want our hair cut really short!”

Without waiting I said, “Follow me. Right this way ladies.” I promptly took the girls back to change into salon smocks and then to my styling area. Melissa, the redhead, jumped right into the chair, her long tresses bouncing and flowing about her shoulders. Christine, desiring to obtain the best vantage point, hopped up on the counter directly in front of Melissa. The two of them exchanged some knowing looks and stared into each other’s eyes. I picked up a brush and stepped behind Melissa. I drew her mass of tresses over the back of the chair. I immediately noted the quality and beauty of her hair as I ran my hands through her thick tresses. As I brushed through her thick tresses it was clear that she had curly hair that was being held in waves by its length and weight. Each brush stroke pumped more volume into her hair. When I finished I asked, “What are we going to do today?”

This brought Christine to life and she bounded off the counter and with practiced hands she gathered up the masses of coarse red hair and held them in a ponytail atop Melissa’s head with both hands. Christine played with Melissa’s resplendent red hair letting the ponytail she held fall into Melissa’s face and then drawing it above her head as far as her arms could reach. “I love this fabulous hair but Missy, err we, we want all her hair cut off,” she hesitantly said as she raked her fingers through the coarse red tresses that adorned Melissa’s head.

Melissa continued with the description of the desired cut. “I want it cut so that it’s just long enough to cover the top and crown with tiny little curls. I want the sides and back clipped very tight. I want the texture at the sides and back to be bristly but we want to be able to run our fingers through the soft curls.” With that Christine released all of that hair. Melissa’s long mane tumbled down for what would be the last time. With her hands Melissa parted the heavy curtain of hair that fell into her face. She pushed her hair out of her face revealing a happy anticipatory smile at being poised on the brink of bringing her hair fantasies to fruition.

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I picked up my scissors and comb, put my hands into Melissa’s etherial tresses drawing them out to their full length, then pushing their mass over her shoulders and declared, “Let’s get rid of all of this bulk and length and get down to business.” That sent simultaneous shudders down the spines of the two young women. I sectioned off a fat tress at the front of her head just to the right of Mellisa’s part. Held taughtly, the silky tress arched beautifully and seductively over my left hand. It was as if the tress was making a final plea for its life, its length. The plea was falling on deaf ears. Resolutely I placed the scissors in my right hand an inch and a half from the scalp. Melissa’s eyes were transfixed on her reflection in the mirror and Christine’s were locked onto Melissa. I made two quick cuts, each accompanied by the lovely song of the shears, and the thick red tress was severed. Christine hopped up again and joined us.

“May I please hold her hair? Please!” she pleaded. With that I surrendered the severed long red tress to her waiting hands. We were underway. Christine’s hand flew to the shorn hair on Melissa’s head. Clipped this short the body of Melissa’a hair held it almost upright. Melissa’s hand met Christine’s at the clipped tress. Melissa’s hand slipped back into the unshorn hair and she excitedly said, “Next!” Moving back along the part I sectioned off an equally hefty tress of Melissa’s hair and scissored it off at the same length. I surrendered the severed tress to Christine and sectioned off the next tress. Snip! Tress to Christine! Section! Snip! Surrender! This continued until I reached the back of the crown. Melissa stared into to the mirror critically examining the furrow of short hair I had mown in the field of her long tresses. Then she looked at the thick tail of her hair being held in Christine’s hands. She was beside herself. Although the tresses in Christine’s hands were massive I had hardly made a start on the hair on Melissa’s head. That strip of short hair was still surrounded by a profusion of long thick red hair. I moved back to the brow and quickly cut a matching tract to the left of Melissa’s part. The collection of hair in Christine’s hands was becoming unwieldy. I sheared another strip down the right and then the left sides. With that I had shorn the entire top of Melissa’s head. Having this clipped top surrounded by the still lengthy sides and back made a most erotic juxtaposition of lengths. Melissa joyously ran her hands over the still uneven lengths atop her head. Christine joined her, purposely holding the shorn tresses in Melissa’s face.

“Alright! Alright! Settle down you two! We’ve still a long way to go,” I said. The sides were to be clipped very short. To rough in the cut I wanted to take the sides and back down to half an inch. I moved back to the right front and firmly tilted Melissa’s head to the left with my hand. I sectioned off a tress at the temple and promptly lopped it off. The shorn tress was quickly claimed by Christine for her growing collection. Then I moved back, above and in front of her delicate ears and lopped off another large tress. I quickly sheared the remaining tresses in front of the ear. I moved to the left side, tilted her head to the right and reduced the hair in front of the ear to half an inch. When I handed the last severed tress to Christine it was more than she could hold in her hands so she had to lay the mound of hair down on the counter before greedily accepting any more of Melissa’s hair. I carefully trimmed over and behind her left ear and then repeated the process over the right. Christine was once again holding quite a growing tail of Mellisa’s red hair in her hands. Long hair remained only at the back of Melissa’s head. I moved behind the chair and put my hand on Melissa’s freshly cropped crown and authoritatively pressed forward. “Head down please,” I said. Melissa tucked her chin to her chest, offering up those remaining long tresses to their executioner. As I gazed down at Melissa’s head an overwhelming urge to extend everyone’s pleasure over came me. Starting at Melissa’s brow I ran my comb easily through the short top. At the back of the crown the comb entered the remaining long tresses gently rocking her head back and lifting her chin from her chest. I repeated this delightful practice several times running my comb through the clipped hair and back through the long tresses. As the comb exited those long locks for the last time I again sternly reminded her, “Head down.”

She quickly obeyed. I sectioned off a large tress right in the top center of the remaining long hair and quickly applied the cure of the shears. The cut tress joined its sisters in Christine’s waiting hands. I quickly reduced the remaining long hair at the back of Melissa’s head to half an inch and we were done. The initial cut was somewhat uneven and I set about to finish the cut. Using my comb as a guide I trimmed off the top to a beautiful even one and a quarter inches in length. The little tufts that I cut off covered Melissa’a lap and shoulders. As I was completing the cut Christine was busy with the shorn tresses. Melissa’s hair was so thick that it was all that Christine could do to hold it all in both hands. One of the salon girls brought Christine a piece of heavy string to tie the shorn locks. Christine wrapped the cord around the thick tresses several times and then tied them tight. Then she raised the heavy mass of tresses holding them high like a coveted trophy while taking their measure. The switch she held was over 22 inches long and a thing of unimaginable beauty. While I was clipping the sides and back of Melissa’s head to a exquisite 3/8 of an inch length, Christine brought the tail over to Melissa and held it right in front of her face.

“So what do you think?” asked Christine.

“I love it,” cried Melissa, “My hair never looked better than in your hands.”

“Guess who’s next!” she said with a grin.

Melissa’s cut was soon finished and I was ready to shampoo her and style the finished do. But Melissa would have none of that. As Melissa got out of the chair she grabbed the long switch of her own hair from Christine’s hands and ushered Christine into the chair. Christine put up a little resistance as she entered the chair but Melissa would have none of that. As Melissa intently examined the tail of hair that so recently flowed from her head, I turned my attention to the woman and her head of hair that was now in my chair.

Christine’s hair was a wonderful, shiny, dark brown. Her hair was drawn into a soft chignon at the crown. My curiosity was piqued. I had to have a look at this hair. My first physical contact with Christine’s tresses was to hold her chignon in place as I removed the hairpins from her updo. Her hair was so soft and silky I couldn’t wait to get my hands in it. Once all the pins were removed it was time to let her hair down. I uncoiled her chignon and let the hair fall free. I was rewarded with a vista of a lovely head of healthy waist length tresses. Christine’s hair was of medium texture but very thick in quantity. I drew her hair back into a generous 2 1/2 foot tail at the nape. I ran the fingers of my open hand through the length of Christine’s tail several times. More times than actually needed to detangle her hair but it was such a pleasurable experience. Her hair was so soft and smooth. This was a head of hair that was loved. Her hair gave me a sense of coolness as my fingers moved through the tail. I grabbed my brush and began to run it through her hair. The brush audibly whispered as it moved smoothly through her hair. This caught the attention of Melissa who put down the tail of her own severed hair and came over to examine the still attached tail of Christine’s hair. She watched me brush Chistine’s hair for a while. It was very arousing for Melissa just to watch her partner’s beautiful hair being brushed. Soon Melissa said, “Chrissy loves to have her hair brushed and I’ve always brushed her hair 100 strokes every night. Would you mind if I brushed her hair one last time?” I couldn’t deny Melissa this final pleasure and I handed the brush to her. She began brushing Christine’s hair with long smooth practiced strokes. As Melissa counted the strokes it was obvious that the girls were communicating nonverbally. When Melissa reached that hundredth stroke Christine’s hair was glorious. So shiny and full of life. Most women would give anything for hair like Christine’s. I let her extraordinary hair filter through my fingers.

As I held her long hair in my hands I queried, “What are we going to do for you today young lady? Just a trim?”

“Oh no she’s not just getting by with just a trim,” blurted out Melissa. “For once I want to be the one with the long hair!” Melissa came over to join us. She grabbed Chrisitne’s ponytail from my hands and skinned all her dark hair back from her face. Holding the ponytail tight at the nape Melissa said, “That’s the look I want. I don’t want any of this to be able to fall into her face.” Melissa shook Christine’s long ponytail in her face. “The only place I want Chrissy’s hair to fall is over on the counter next to mine while she’s still in this chair.” Melissa’s grip on Christine’s tail tightened. “I guess if you cut her hair the same length as mine I’ll let it go this time.”

“Please don’t do this Missy!” pleaded Christine. “I don’t want to be shorn of my crowning glory. My hair is my great beauty and I love it so. Please don’t. Please don’t.”

An obviously agitated Melissa pulled Christine’s head back by her thick ponytail. Staring her right in the face Melissa said, “Listen young lady we made a deal. Look at me Chrissy! Look at my hair! I kept my part of the bargain. You were beside yourself as my hair was being cropped. Now I want you to keep your side of the bargain. You owe it to me. To us. I want to enjoy watching your precious long hair being shorn like mine.”

“NO MISSY. PLEASE DON’T!” pleaded Christine. “You wanted your hair shorn. I never did. I just played along with your fantasy.”

I felt I had to step in at this point. I told them both in no uncertain terms, “I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT cut Christine’s hair unless she wants it cut.” After I said my piece I decided I was inhibiting a personal discussion so I excused myself. However, before I left I took my scissors so there could be no retribution haircutting while they were alone. I got myself a cup of coffee and took up a position to observe their animated discussion. Melissa was certainly in Christine’s face. Melissa’s hands would move aggressively, hostilely, through Christine’s long hair. She would frequently skin all of Christine’s gorgeous hair into a tight ponytail held close to the scalp and then menacingly move the fingers of her free hand in the motion of a scissors right in front of Christine’s eyes. Christine would try to move her head to free her hair from Melissa’s hands but Melissa was relentless in fending off her every attempt. Christine’s hands went to her hair to protect her crowning glory. Finally Melissa released Christine’s precious tresses. Christine protectively gathered her long tresses drawing them over her shoulder and encircling them with her hands. At Melissa’s initiation the discussion was moving to a different level. Melissa became much less aggressive and the pair began to more calmly discuss their individual desires. Soon Christine’s hands were tentatively reaching out to caress Melissa’a cropped head. Melissa lovingly gathered up Christine’s long hair into a loose ponytail at the crown. As her hands played with Christine’s soft long tresses she cupped her exposed nape.

A decision had been made. They asked me to rejoin them. As Melissa released Christine’s heavy mane to spill over her shoulders and down over the back of the styling chair she said, “Chrissy, why don’t you tell BonniJo what you want her to do with your hair?”

“We’ve decided to cut my hair in a short little shag. I want lots of layers and femininity,” Christine said in a calm voice. “I want my neck boldly exposed.”

I ran my hands through Chistine’s long hair once again and then gathered her long tresses in my hands. “That would be a perfect style. Your hair is so thick that if you style it smoothly you’ll never notice the layers and it will look like a blunt bob. When you want to really show off the shag a few hot rollers, a curling iron or even a diffuser on your blow dryer would be perfect. You’ll love a short shag – it will give you so many style options. It’s so easy and so versatile.” Christine was still somewhat anxious at the prospect of being shorn. So I thought it would be best if I took the time to fully discuss the style before I applied the shears. After spending some time playing with her wonderful tresses, consulting with both Christine and Melissa and finally using my hands to mock-up the final style short style with her long hair still unshorn Christine made her decision on the style. Her final decision for a cut was a Dutch Boy chin length bob with lots of long layers throughout. The back would be nicely tapered to lay close to and provocatively expose her nape. Her brow skimming bangs would be layered for motion and lightness. Her face would be framed with long graduated layers. The style would be perfect for her, so versatile and so full of motion and life. Melissa unequivocally agreed and approved of Christine’s choice. The key was it WAS Christine’s decision and one that she was happy with. She was ready to give up her long tresses for a wonderful, stylish, modern layered bob.

With her decision made it was time to execute the cut. Christine wanted to brush her hair one last time so I gave her my brush. She got out of the chair, bent over from the waist, inverted her head and brought her beautiful locks forward and began to brush her hair. She took her time obviously enjoying the sensuality of brushing her long hair. When she was done she stood up tossing her hair back. Her hair was gorgeous. She laid the brush on the counter, ran her hands through the length of her hair and returned to the styling chair. With a practiced hand she gathered and lifted her tresses only to release them to drop heavily over the back of the chair. “I’m ready,” she said quietly. She fixed her gaze onto her reflection in the mirror and on Melissa. Melissa was beside herself as she waited for me to apply the shears. I smoothed Christine’s hair and gathered it in a low ponytail. I tied the ponytail and divided it into three sections. I braided her heavy tresses and tied off the bottom about four inches from the ends. The resulting braid was beautiful. So shiny and thick. I looked at Christine and she was still holding up very well. She was making nervous small talk to keep herself occupied. I didn’t want to rush her. I put my hand on top of her head and just let the weight of my hand gently tip her head down. As I gazed down upon Christine’s thick dark braid contrasting with her milky white neck I was spellbound. I was brought back to reality when Christine’s braid was lifted by the hand of Melissa. Melissa was obviously ready to receive the severed braid. Melissa tightened her hold on Christine’s braid gently drawing it taught. I placed the scissors in my right hand at the base of Christine’s braid just below the hairline at her nape. Christine involuntarily drew in a deep breath, Melissa nodded her readiness and in response I clenched the shears chopping into Christine’s braided tresses. Christine’s head moved up in reflex. With my left hand I applied more pressure to steady her head. In rapid succession I open and closed the blades of the shears several more times. Finally the braid was free and was drawn away in Melissa’s hands. The newly freed short hair fell forward surrounding Christine’s face in a solid sheet of soft dark hair. I placed my hands on Christine’s shoulders allowing her to raise her head and get her first look at a short haired Christine. She studied her hair intently slowly turning her head from side to side. Then Melissa moved in front of Christine and brought that beautiful shorn braid from behind her and held it for Christine to see for the first time. I could feel Christine’s shoulders heave as she stifled a couple of sobs and that was all.

“I love it,” she said excitedly. “Let’s finish it!”

With that I was relieved and began to even out the blunt line of the initial cut. Melissa had returned to the counter and picked up her own shorn tresses in one hand while retaining Christine’s braid in the other. She was having fun comparing and weighing the shorn tresses in her hands. It was quite a sight. I quickly separated and cut Christine’s long bangs letting the cut tresses fall on her breasts and slide into her lap. With that the initial cut was complete. I proceeded to section and layer her hair. Her hair was so thick I had to make twice as many sections as normal. As I layered her bangs and the hair that framed her face Christine was smiling radiantly. Finally I tapered the back to closely hug her nape and left a soft fringe at the bottom. When I was finished Christine’s shoulders and lap were covered with thick wisps of her hair. I quickly styled her hair with my hands. Her hair was so thick that although I had heavily layered her entire head it was beautifully understated on her thick dark tresses. Christine was stunning. The final cut and style was everything we hoped for. Christine was happy with the final results and thanked me profusely. Melissa dropped both heads of shorn hair on the counter and came over to inspect the results. She ran her hands through Christine’s hair and announced, “Chrissy you’re beautiful!! This is the perfect look for you. I’m so thrilled that you cut your hair. Are you happy with your hair?”

“Yes I am! I really am!” replied Christine. “I’m really happy with this style. I’m so glad we did it!”

With that I took the girls back to be shampooed. When they returned I had Christine return to the chair and I partially dried her hair. I then set her hair on medium rollers and put her under the dryer. With Christine under the dryer I had Melissa return to the chair. I worked in a little styling gel through the top of her hair and then separated and finger placed little demi-curls all over the top of her head. I then used a blow dryer to set the curls while working with them individually. Her short hair dried so quickly we were done in no time. A little more finger styling and we were done. With such a bold change in hair we knew she needed a similar change in her make-up and I turned her over to our face stylist. I went to check on Christine and she was ready. I brought her back to the chair and removed the rollers, separated the tresses with my fingers and then just lightly brushed through to blend. The roller set gave her hair style beautiful shape and the volume was fantastic. I pushed the right side behind her ear and brought the left side forward, the fringe beautifully framing her face. I brushed out her bangs smoothly but retained their volume. I separated the bangs just slightly to break up their heavy line. At the nape I styled a small flip with the bottom fringe. Christine was enchanted with the final style as was I. I took Christine out to join Melissa for new make-up. When their make-up was done they were two stunning young women. Each had a dramatic yet different style that complimented their individual personality. Both young ladies were very happy and that made me happy. They changed back into their street clothes and when they were done I escorted them back to the receptionist’s desk. My last view of them was of two happy heads of short hair walking happily down the street.


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