Marie’s Dilemma

Marie's Dilemma

Marie’s Dilemma Mistress Janice

Marie was just shy of her twentieth birthday and had moved back into her parent’s mansion. She had a very nasty disposition, which brought about her divorce. Considering she was spoiled and unwilling to work, she begged her parents to help her for a while. Well her husband was very glad to be rid of her and left, clearing out the apartment before she came home one day from shopping.

Marie was a very beautiful young lady. She had extra long fingernails, always painted red and wore gold rings and bracelets. She had a matching red lipgloss that was captivating and witchy. That was because her shoulder-length black hair and large eyes took on that type of look. She always had on black liquid eyeliner and mascara, very heavily applied and a bit of shadow (black). She was a knockout of a woman, yet giving the appearance of a vixen!

Well Marie’s little brother Timothy (12) wasn’t at all happy with this latest intrusion on his life. He was most displeased that the “bitch” as he called her, was back in his life. Marie moved back into her old room, which displeased Timothy, as he wanted that room for himself. Marie had a very bad habit of staying out very late and one particular night she made a very fateful mistake that was to change her life.

She brought a young man home and snuck into her room late in the evening after everyone had gone to bed and soon, Timothy was standing outside her door, listening in attentively. His sister was having sexual relations with a man! Timothy gloated as he debated how to handle the incident and decided on a plan of action. Minutes later, he opened the door and turned on the lights. Still unseen, he pulled the fire alarm and both mom and dad ran to the hallway. The young man had quickly grabbed his clothes and scurried out of the house, despite pleas from Marie to take her with him.

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“What the hell is going on here Marie? How dare you have intercourse in our home! The nerve!”

Marie simply smirked back as she was covered up and laughed. “Don’t be so old-fashioned mother! Are you jealous?” Then she laughed cynically.

Her father shook his head in disappointment and walked away. Marie’s mother, Angela, walked up to her, slapping her straight across the face. The resounding slap brought shock and surprise on Marie’s part who reacted by swearing profanities at her. “You fat fucking old guinea bitch! Fuck off!”

Angela stared right at her and with a sly grin said, “We’ll continue this chat in the morning, my dear!”

Angela had placed several phone calls and soon the early sunrise came up. Marie was still in bed at 8AM, whilst the family enjoyed breakfast. The maid came in to clean her room, only to be greeted by Marie’s silver tongue. “Get the fuck out of here you low-life servant! Now!”

Angela, hearing this, decided to take action. She stormed into the room and grabbed her errant daughter by the hair. She slapped Marie a dozen times and of course Marie fought back. Joanne (Angela’s mother) came in and saw the girl trying to hit Angela with her back towards the door. She pushed the errant child over the lap of her mother and quickly grabbed her wrist and forced it well behind her back. Angela then locked her hand over it, to prevent her from escaping. Joanne went to the bathroom and returned with a long handled hairbrush and handed it to Angela.

Joanne pulled on Marie’s semi-transparent panties straight to her knees, noting her very thick and dark bush. She was hairy, right up to her navel. “How disgusting!” thought Joanne. “That will have to be addressed.” Angela began paddling her daughter like the child she was acting like and Marie tried so desperately to get up.

“AAAAAAH…NOOOO…STOP IT DAMMIT!…OW OW OW OOOOHHHH PLEASE STOP.” The crying began and the temper tantrum was well underway as the girl protested the actions taken by her mother and grandmother. Her bottom turned deep shades of red and welts began to appear as the well-deserved paddling continued. “AAAAAAAAH STOP IT DAMN YOU FUCKING BITCH….AAAAAAH OWOWOWOWOW……..WAAAAAAA”

After about fifty good paddlings, Marie lay defeated, slumped across her mother’s lap. “Well Marie, since you are acting like a little girl, I think you shall be treated like one all day. Only then you might learn how to behave properly!” Marie wept and begged to get up. Allowed up, she was a mess. Her hair was stringy and she had on her makeup from last night. She looked like she had two black eyes and her lipgloss was a mess! And the two ladies stared at her hairy legs and dark, thick bush. That’s when Marie retorted back in profanity.

“What the fuck you two lessies staring at?” That prompted Angela to drag the girl into the hallway and down the long stairs. Grandmother pulled out the barber chair and Marie was force to sit. Her hands and ankles were tied tightly and Joanne brought out the electric clippers. She plugged them in and began cutting the shoulder-length mane. Marie screamed defiantly as hair fell to the kitchen floor. “OH NOOOOO STOP STOP STOP, HOW DARE YOU, OH NOOOOOOO”. But Joanne continued until her hair was about 2″ long. Then Angela started cleaning her ears like a little girl with cotton swabs. This was too much as the daughter began thrashing her head. Still unrepentant, Marie continued her temperament. That was when Angela changed the strategy.

“Perhaps we should just call in little Timothy to help with the next step! What do you think Joanne?” Joanne smiled wickedly and nodded her head. Timothy came into the room and saw his older sister standing there in pajamas and roared. “How would you like to learn about the female anatomy, Timothy dear?” Angela said sarcastically.

“Really mom? Cool! What do I do?” He eyed her up with contempt as she was forced out of the chair and made to stand before him.

“Why, remember the time Marie de-pantsed you a long time ago? Well, you get to undress her!”

Marie pleaded now! She looked ashamed at that comment. “Please mom! You can’t let that little bastard see me naked! Oh please no!”

Then Timothy started unbuttoning her top and let it fall on the floor. Then he tugged at her bottoms, as she tried to make a break for it. Fortunately she couldn’t get away, as the pj’s fell and Timothy’s eyes lit up as he stared at her pubes. Then he eyed up her firm breasts and Angela casually pointed out to Timothy the parts of her body. Marie wanted to hide from the shame and embarrassment of it all.

Timothy listened in earnest as Angela pointed to Marie’s anatomy. Then Joanne chimed in. “I think we should let Timothy trim her pubes! Wouldn’t that be fun?” She handed Timothy the trimming scissors and the ladies forced Marie onto the kitchen table and leaned her back, spreading her leg wide. The opening of her vagina was in view and Timothy saw he pink clitoris and labia as Angela pointed them out. He started trimming her hair, giving it at first a good yank, holding clumps of hair taught, as he cut away at the unsightly bush.

He filled a large bowl with pussy hair and noticed some extra long hairs on the way to her rectum. He smiled deviantly and Angela nodded in agreement. He tugged at one extra long curly hair, pulling it taut and then let it go and suddenly held the hair taut again and slowly pulled it, root and all. “AAAAAAAAAH OW,” Marie screamed in protest. Angela nodded again. Timothy pulled out several dozen hairs before stopping and then the ladies tied Marie’s hands behind her back with an old nylon stocking. Joanne spread the shaving cream and began to run the safety razor over her tummy from her bellybutton to her anal canal, stopping only momentarily to clean the razor. It took only minutes as her pubic region was bald and free of hair.

Timothy ran his fingers around her crotch, tickling her and making her quite angry. She jerked back and forth as Angela coated her legs with shaving gel and shaved her legs clean as a whistle. “Well I think it’s time we cleaned her insides as well Joanne!” Angela left and the next sound heard was running water. Angela returned with the enema bag and the six-inch douche nozzle. She hung the bag on a stand as Marie carried on with the profanity. This angered Angela even more and she spun around to retrieve a bar of Camay soap and lathered it up. She forced the girl’s mouth open and shoved the bar back and forth, forcing bits and pieces on her teeth. Soap suds billowed out and Timothy roared in delight after predicament.

Then she was spun around and forced across the table, bent over with her tush up in the air. Timothy saw some more long curly hairs and plucked them like a chicken. Marie yelped and jumped as the soap was still in place. Then as instructed, he took the razor and shaved her rectum area, spreading her cheeks as he did so. “Thank you Timothy! Now it will be easier for me to administer this enema!” Angela spread her cheeks and found her bumhole. She looked amused at Marie’s deep red and purple butt. Marie flinched as the fluted nozzle was inserted and the clamp was opened. The searing hot water and soap solution made its way and soon Marie looked like a pregnant mother. She was let up and led by the ear to the bathroom. There she was allowed to rinse her mouth and expel the enema. The cleaning of her daughter complete, it was time to get her dressed for the party.

Marie was returned upstairs to her bedroom, whilst Timothy went about his business. Grandmother brought out her first under-garment, a short white (closed) panty girdle, and held it up before the girl. Angela, seeing this, looked disappointed! “It was supposed to have no garters Joanne!”

“Yes, but now we can make her wear nylons with seams and she will look more humiliated, don’t you think?” Angela simply laughed aloud and then the long line bra was displayed.

Marie was bathed in a scented bubble bath and brought back into the room. But before they dressed her, Angela took her across the lap and began spanking her already sore butt. Marie screamed in pain as each swat made deeper red welts. It only took a handful of swats before Marie calmed down and was dressed in her long line bra, which was slightly small in size to cause discomfort. Then before pulling on the girdle, Angela coated a tampon with Vick’s Vaporub and inserted it up her sore vagina. She followed by inserting one in her anus as well. At first the girl had some mild discomfort, then she felt the searing pain from the Vick’s. “In this house, young lady, you will cease having sexual relations. You are too immature to carry on as a woman, so from this day on, you will be treated like a little girl.”

White lace panties about two sizes too small were pulled on and then the panty girdle. The long line bra was tucked neatly into the girdle and she was forced to sit, as the extra long tan nylons with black backseams were rolled up her legs and attached to the short garters. Next a crinoline petticoat followed and Marie was made to stand as it was fluffed out. Marie looked into the mirror in horror as it was so short, half of her pantygirdle showed. The black velvet party frock with puffy sleeves with white lace edging followed and was secured from behind. It too was short so that 3″ of petticoat showed. This increased to about six inches when the red satin sash was tied from behind. Her already short hair was combed boyishly and several barrettes were strategically placed.

The shoes followed and they were red shiny PVC walking shoes with tan colored nylon bottoms and shoelaces. Marie convulsed. She hated that type of shoes! They were tied on and she was made to walk around the room and shown how to curtsey politely to the guests. Marie was allowed to prance about the party and was laughed at, stared down and pointed at continuously. An hour into the party and she showed quite a bit of temperament for being treated so childishly.

She got into an argument with a five-year-old cousin named Amanda. Apparently this little girl walked around and poked Marie’s butt constantly or pulled on her short garters. This finally made Marie angry enough to turn around and shout at the girl. Amanda became so scared she simply cried (her defense mechanism) and Angela saw Marie towering over the girl, staring down at her. “Marie! I warned you what would happen if you misbehaved. Now apologize to your cousin immediately and go upstairs. I’ll be up shortly to get you ready for bed!”

Marie stood back. “FUCK YOU!” And then realized that was a big mistake…

Angela grabbed her by the little hair she had left and marched her upstairs. The crowd gathered around the stairs and looked up at the plump panty-girdled bottom and laughed. About ten minutes later Angela returned back downstairs without Marie and announced that Marie was put to bed for displaying bad behavior towards Amanda. The clock struck two o’clock and the party continued without any more problems.

Marie’s bad marriage was having its toll on her life now that she returned back home to live. For soon after, she was forced to do housework and of course always sported a red butt from the spankings she received on a daily basis. In addition, Timothy conned Angela into making Marie wear only a bra and blouse only so he could spend the day pinching he bum. And the real fun came when she slapped Timothy and tried to cut his hair. This resulted in having her head completely shaved bald!

Marie continued to live at home, finding it most distasteful as Angela and Timothy made her life hell. She learned how to houseclean, do dishes, etc. and was longing to escape this domestic routine. Her hair had grown back to waist length and was so silky and jet black. Her bush grew back too and it was due to Angela’s lazy attitude that Marie began getting the upper hand. Thanks to her, Timothy was getting more spankings and frequent early to bed punishments, sometimes as early as noon.

Timothy thought of ways to get even and soon her 20th birthday was coming up. Angela wanted a big party and was preparing to invite many guests. It was to be an all-day affair as most events in the family were. Marie’s family had strong Italian ancestry and they loved to cook and prepare food for a feast. The day was Saturday and to keep Marie in line, Angela decided to make her wear her prettiest party dress.

“Not a dress again! Come on ma, I’m 20 now! And a girdle too? I want jeans! Shit!”

“Say shit again and I’ll give you a lesson about shit and you know what I mean young lady! Now strip down! Little girls always wear pretty dresses.” Marie stripped naked as her mother smirked. She placed the long line brassiere on her and fastened it tightly.

“Uggggh! That’s too tight dammit!”

“It seems, Marie, you need to go on a diet too, you’re fat!”

“I am not! The damn bra shrunk that’s all!”

Marie felt very uncomfortable as Angela bent her over and inserted the lubricated tampon up her anus, leaving the string to hang out a few inches. Then she spun Marie around and inserted another tampon up her vagina. She had a great deal of trouble finding the opening, because her hair was thick and black like a forest. She estimated that some hairs were about four inches long. The small pair of white lace panties came next. These were stretch lace and were two sizes too small. Marie felt confined and restrained. “I can hardly move. How will I get about and enjoy myself?”

“Quit complaining Marie! Let’s face it dear. You are a fat bitch and need this support to keep you from looking like a balloon.”

Marie thought to herself for a minute. “Damn that bitch-cunt of a mother. I’ll get even you’ll see!”

The enclosed panty girdle came next and Marie had to really struggle getting this garment on. It was so tight and uncomfortable that she groaned and complained even more. Angela ignored her childish whimpering and stood back to look at her. She made her sit and carefully rolled on the black seamed nylons and fastened them to the short garters of her panty girdle. She placed four red ribbons on each garter and placed the 5″ black patent stiletto high-heeled pumps on her feet. “Now walk around a bit Marie! N-O-W!” Marie stood up and walked daintily and mincingly in her heels. Her attitude was very negative about her ensemble that seemed to choke the life out of her with every movement. Angela laughed to herself.

The petticoat of stiff crinoline and the yellow party dress with red ribbons, puffy sleeves, white lace and a wide satin sash about the waist were put on. The petticoat was short enough, but when the dress was adjusted and the sash tied tight, it rode up to the first dark layer of her nylon stockings. When Angela flounced out the child’s skirt and made her pirouette around, she was amused and satisfied that her girdle and stocking tops would be seen most of the time and especially if she bent over or sat down.

Marie was forced to help with the food and Timothy found it amusing to sit nearby and look up her dress. He smirked and chuckled as her panty girdle came into view. And Marie knew that if she needed to go the bathroom, Angela would have to help her in a most humiliating way.

The guests began to arrive around 9AM and enjoyed a good breakfast buffet. Poor Marie was given a milky diet drink only and was told not to fuss or else! Things were going smoothly, until her ex-mother-in-law Rosa showed up with her 15-year-old daughter Meredith. Now Marie and Meredith hated each other a great deal. Marie constantly got the girl into trouble and the result was that Meredith would spend most of her weekends in bed as a punishment. Meredith sneered at Marie and glanced at the view of stocking tops and pretty pettis. She wore jeans. As a matter of fact, Marie was the only one wearing a dress. You could hear the guests making comments, smirking, pointing and discussing Marie’s outfit. This was beginning to get on the girl’s nerves.

Marie was out in the garden walking down the path and bent over slightly to sniff some flowers. Meredith had been following her, along with Timothy and they saw an opportunity for some fun.

Meredith ran from behind the tree and pushed Marie into the freshly watered garden. SPLAT! And her pretty yellow party dress was splattered with wet mud. “What the fuck happened?” she shouted at the top of her lungs as Meredith and Timothy snickered behind the tree. They pretended they just came on the scene and called for help.

Angela came running along with Rosa and saw Marie lying in the mud. “What’s the meaning of this Marie? I leave you alone for a few minutes and you want to make mudpies like a little girl? Get out of there this instant! N-O-W!” She pulled Marie from the ooze and walked her to the house. There was a laundry room entrance and they shoved the girl in and closed the door. There they pulled the dress and petticoat completely off and placed the garments into the washing machine.

“Hey! Stop it damn you!” Marie shouted at the ladies.

“You are not going to bring mud in my clean house young lady!” Then they removed her stockings and heels. Angela wiped the heels and opened up a new packet of seamed nylons in smoke grey. She forced the girl to sit and placed them on her legs and fastened them to the garters. She placed the heels back on her feet. “It seems you can’t behave with clothes on young lady, so perhaps you will behave better if you have pajamas on?”

“O-h n-oooooo! Mother, please no!”

Angela left the room for a few minutes and returned with a short white lace baby-doll nightie with red ribbons and showed her the delicate garment. They bent the girl over and placed the nightie over her head. Angela fussed with the fluffy hemline, which ended up just about at her slender waist. (Well, slender in her mind.) Marie pouted and cried as both Rosa and Angela smirked and enjoyed her temperament. They grabbed her by the arm and marched her about the guests.

The laughing, chiding, pointing and smirking became more noticeable as she looked quite a spectacle in her panty girdle, nylons, long line bra, heels and nightie. And of course both Timothy and Meredith had quite a few chuckles. It was going on 10AM, when Timothy’s constant poking on Marie’s tight girdled butt grew to another temper tantrum.

“Stop that you little cocksucker or I’ll pants you in front of everyone!”

“Get fucked Marie,” was the boy’s reply. She went to hit him and snagged her expensive seamed nylons on his ring and ripped them.

“See what you did, you cocksucker, I’ll get you dammit!”

Well Angela caught the word “cocksucker” and came running to Timothy’s aid. She slapped her daughter across the face and reminded her that if she continued her insolence, she was going to cut her hair in front of all the guests. Marie just never knew when to shut up. She always had to have the last word in every conversation. “FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU,” she repeated over and over like a spoiled brat. This resulted in being dragged by the hair into the house and into the family room. There in the middle a stool was placed that had a back and padded seat. She was forcibly sat and her ankles were fastened to the legs of the chair. Her wrists were fastened to the back of the stool and a strap placed across her chest and secured behind the chair. No matter how much she moved, she was firmly a part of the chair. The velcro fasteners saw to that….

The guests began to gather around as Angela placed a barber’s cover around her and pinned it from behind. Then Marie’s eyes lit up. Meredith was bringing out some scissors, combs and an electric clipper, placing them on the tray. “Don’t let that fucking twatlip touch me mother or…” Well Angela, as well as others had about enough of that abusive language. She left momentarily and returned with a bar of Camay soap and pinched the nostrils of the girl’s nose. She shoved in the soap and forced it back and forth, leaving bits and pieces embedded in her teeth. The she shoved in the bar some more and withdrew it. A piece of tape was placed across her mouth and she gagged and retched on the strong soapsuds.

Meredith approached her and began cutting off long lengths of her silky black hair. Marie moved her head in disapproval and groaned through the gag. Meredith just smiled and she was cheered on by the family members and guests as she continued the task at hand. Rosa stood by and laughed straight at the girl who was getting her due.

The cutting continued until all but several inches of hair was left. “Well Marie! What type of styling shall we give you (bitch)?”

It was Timothy who spoke up. “How about that egghead look? Shave her bald! Please!”

Well that started a lot of comments and Meredith looked at Angela, and then her mother, Rosa. Rosa nodded and running her fingers through the girl’s hair commented, “You know it would be nice to have a wig made out of such silky tresses…” And then she pulled on the girl’s hair till she screamed in agony and everyone laughed as loud as they could.

Meredith brought out the clippers and plugged them in. She smiled when she removed the clipping attachment, which meant that Marie was about to get a buzzcut. The clippers made a loud vibrant buzzing sound, as she ran them up the middle of her head. Tons of hair fell and she looked really funny with a mohawk. The clippers continued their advances and shortly she was shorn like a sheep. Meredith spread shaving cream on her head and with a disposable razor finished the job. Marie tried to scream, but her facial expression said it all.

The shaving complete and Meredith placed several very hot towels on her scalp and her groans, although faint could be heard through the tape gag. Then Meredith sprayed some furniture polish on a towel and began shining her bald egghead. The guests roared in approval and shouted their comments.

“Miss egghead! Hahaha”, Timothy roared as he ran his hand on her freshly shaven and polished head. But Meredith was not done yet! Rosa leaned over and pulled the tape and told her to remain quiet or else. Marie saw an opportunity and spit out some saliva, but only soap bubbles came out. Rosa slapped the girl and motioned for Meredith to go the next step. She pulled out a dark container of green cream and spread it on the girl’s head. It smelled absolutely awful and made Marie gag and retch. It burned Marie’s scalp and bubbled up like a carbonated beverage and then foamed. It was left on for five full minutes, despite Marie’s complaints. Then hot towels were placed on her head once more, which caused her to scream out in pain and the green slime was wiped clean.

“In case you are wondering folks, that last step was to remove and kill all her hair roots permanently so she’ll never grow any more hair again. And both Meredith and I will have beautiful wigs made of these lovely silken tresses. Marie doesn’t deserve such beauty! Hahahah”

Well Marie cried and bawled like a baby. Her hair was now a thing of the past. Rosa had seen to that. Then Angela remembered her hairy bush. Some thick black hairs could be seen protruding between the long line bra and girdle and looked quite unkempt and nasty. Meredith saw that and commented, “Yuck! Such vulgar black hair. Perhaps she needs a trim down there too.” That was music to Angela’s ears as she nodded in agreement. Before Marie was released from the chair, a white lace headband with yellow daisies was placed around her head to signify that she was in fact a girl.

Allowed up and Angela led the girl by the hand upstairs. Rosa and Meredith followed as the guests went about enjoying the party and a beautiful summer’s day. Marie was stripped completely and her clothes put away and she was led to the spare room. “Happy birthday bitch!” Rosa yelled out. There in the middle of the room, was a gynecologist’s examination table complete with straps and stirrups. Marie was forced up onto the table and secured. Her legs were spread wide, so that both little bumholes were in view. Then Timothy walked into the room. Angela handed him the trimming scissors and he began to snip the extra long black hair from her navel to her bush. He pulled tautly on the hair, which made Marie flinch and cut as close to the skin as he could. When he was finished, Meredith applied the hot shaving cream and removed the last vestiges of hair growth on her already aroused pussy. She grabbed the skin of her labia and stretched it, to ensure complete hair removal and then realized that she had more heading up her asshole.

“You unkempt hairy bitch! You’re disgusting!” She managed to raise the stirrups to gain access to the hair and Timothy reached over, grabbing a very long curly hair and pulled on it playfully. Marie twitched in discontentment and tried to swear at him. Her voice was somewhat raspy from the soap treatment and she could hardly utter a word. Angela nodded in approval and Timothy started plucking the hairs one by one. He pulled out several dozen which caused her asshole to turn red in inflammation and Meredith finished the shaving. Timothy noticed her cunt lips were moist and placed his finger into her vaginal opening, bringing out a thick coating of her pussy juice. He put it up to her face and pinched her nose and shoved it in her mouth. She swore and groaned and had to lick and swallow her own pussy juice, despite her discontent of this treatment.

The girl tried to get up from the table, when Rosa grabbed the wooden paddle and swatted the girl on her already sore bottom.


“OWWWWWWWW. SSTOP IT… OOoooooooH!” Marie screamed out in agony. The spanking continued, until fifty or more whacks made her ass purple and red with many welts puffing out. She writhed in agony and shame as Rosa continued the paddling and then used a stiff bristled hairbrush to finish up. Her behind was very sore indeed.

“I think it’s time we put this little girl to bed ladies! She is causing far too much trouble and the sleep will do her good. Besides we all need some quiet time from her!” Marie expressed her displeasure in her own way (profanity) and Rosa grew extremely angry of her vulgarity.

“I have ways of dealing with that Angela!” And she whispered into Angela’s ear. Angela laughed and then stared at Marie smirking. She knew they were up to something for sure now.

Angela went to the bathroom and the sound of running water was heard and she returned in minutes with a full two quart enema bag prepared with very hot water, ivory soap and castor oil (to induce excessive cramping). The douche nozzle was inserted and Marie took the entire bag, before being released from the table.

She was led to the bathroom and returned soon after dressed in a baby-doll nightie and matching panties. A restraint belt was secured about her waist and her hands were strapped to her sides. Then she was helped into bed onto her stomach (a position she hated) and covered up. The heavy curtains were closed and the light was turned off. Timothy had left a few minutes before and as Rosa and Meredith stood at the door, Angela leaned down to kiss her errant daughter. “Tomorrow you start your diet young lady. It will consist of high fiber that has no taste and fills you up fast. Now goodnight! I’ll be back in a little while.” Marie began to shout in profanity once more and Rosa went for her bag.

You see, Rosa was a licensed physician specializing in pediatrics and withdrew a syringe and with Angela’s approval injected it into her rear end. “Aaaaaah, what the fuck is that? Fuck you, what the fu…gagoo gee gagagag…googoogoo…”

The laughter filled the room. She was injected with a serum that caused her to babble like a baby. Angela then turned to Rosa. “How long will this wonderful language last Rosa?”

Rosa smiled at her. “Oh, about as long as the depilatory treatment used on her head! You may want to consider placing her in day care too”

Angela seemed a bit puzzled at this and asked, “Why do you say that Rosa?”

“Oh I think our little girl will be the right size by morning, that’s all!”

They left the room and closed and locked the door behind them at noon. Oh and as for what happens next, well have you ever heard the expression, “GROW UP”?


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