Ann’s Cut

Ann's Cut

Last night I had the most incredible evening with my wife. First of all, I love my wife. She’s the most wonderful woman who tolerates me and my behavior. I also happen to think she’s still pretty sexy. Ann is 4′ 11 3/4″, hair past her shoulders and a cute butt. Through our 14 years a marriage Ann has kept cute in my eyes by changing her looks and style to suit my moods and hers. The only thing I don’t like is when she would go from straight to curly hair. It just isn’t my thing to see her that way. But she likes it so it’s okay with me. I just love the way it feels when it brushes my skin when we’re together. So anyway, she can do whatever she wants but please, no curls; and long, I like it long. Short would be okay too if that’s what she wanted.

At least it’s better than curls.

That brings me back to last night. I have been away on travel. Las Vegas is nice, but when you are by yourself it’s not all its cracked up to be. It was only my second night there and I was talking to her on the phone. She was as bored and lonely as I was. Ann suggested that the next day she had off so she might go to the salon and get her hair done. I thought that would be a good idea. It always perks her up when she pampers herself. So I said something like, “Sounds good to me, a little trim might be just what you need.” Then I heard the words I dread.

“I was thinking of maybe getting a perm, It’s been a long time since I’ve had one and I think you’d like it.”

I really wanted to be supportive of her but I couldn’t. I was just about pleading with her not to do it. But the more I begged, the more she seemed determined to get it done.

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Then I suggested she get her hair cut short instead. Ann didn’t seem too keen on the idea but she would think about it. One last time I asked her not to perm her hair before we said good night for the evening. She said, ” I love you” and hung up the phone.

So… the next day as usual we talked in the evening and I asked if she permed her hair. “Yes I did; and I like it. You’ll like it too when you see me.” I was not thrilled but hey, it’s just hair and it’ll grow out.

Days latter I arrived home around 9 PM to find my wife waiting for me at the door. All curly headed and with a nice glass of wine and a long awaited kiss. “Well, what do you think?” As she did a little spin around for me. “The kids are gone too,” she told me. BINGO, I was gonna get some!

Once I knew that she could have shaved her head for all I cared. I was gonna get some.

I told her that she looked great, and would look great no matter what she did to her hair. Boy did she look at me in an odd way. ” Oh really,” she said. And we went upstairs. There were candles going in our room, another bottle of wine and us. We started to get really into it and we went on for a nice long time. After we were rested Ann and I talked about what we did while I was gone and inevitably we talked about her hair.

Ann said that she really wanted to try the perm but while she was getting it she saw a woman come in the salon with the same perm and saw that it did not look like a style she wanted. (Nice time to figure that out).

The woman had the stylist cut her hair just like a poster on the wall. It was very short, but she looked great in it. So Ann asked the stylist how she thought she would look in that cut. “First of all, you just spent $50 on a perm, why would you want me to cut it all off. Besides you are going to look great with curls, trust me.”

So, 1 hour later Ann walked out of the salon with long curly hair. But she still thought about the short cut.

“As a matter of fact, what do you think”? Ann asked me.

“Ann, you look fine, I kinda like the curls. But if you want short hair go ahead and get it cut.”

“I have an idea!” Ann said. You cut my hair! I want you to cut my hair short!

By this time we both had more than a glow on, so I said, “Sure let’s do it, get me some scissors. Are you gonna tell me how to cut it”?

Ann grabbed some small scissors out of her sewing kit and handed them to me. She sat on the edge of the bed, and took off her little see-through teddy.

“Just pick up a curl and cut it off a few inches from my head, that’s how the stylist cut that girl’s hair and she looked great.”

So I began by imitating her stylist. Asking her about her problems and making light of it. I started right in on cutting those curls. But when I cut the first one a few inches long, what remained sprang to her head like a corkscrew. This was not going to look good. So I took that curl and cut it off. Hmmm, I thought, that’s pretty short so I asked if she thought it was too. She wasn’t even looking in a mirror and she said, “Oh it looks fine keep going, this is fun.”

She was right, it was fun. So I picked up more curls and cut them off just as short and let them drop to the floor.

Then I cut some more curls from the top of her head and let them spill down her bare chest. My, my, did that spark an interesting reaction? So I did it again and again. She was loving it. I didn’t even know what the hell I was doing. Soon the whole top of her head was cut. It looked good too. I moved to the sides where I began to see a whole new profile I had never seen. Her ears were so cute. After that I worked on the back. I guess I got a little carried away because I cut the back really short. This was no professional job, but it looked pretty good.

And, oh my god, was I turned on with my “new wife”. I never thought I would really like her in short hair but I was into it. As far as her bangs went, I was feeling brave so I snipped them off too. Once I did that, I realized I shouldn’t have but it was too late. I was done, we were both really turned on by this. I brushed the hair from her lap, stroked her choppy head and we made love again for a while.

In the morning, I think it hit her that I was not the best choice of barbers. She was not upset but thought she should go get it fixed by a pro.

That’s what she is doing right now. Ann is at the salon getting her hair fixed. It’ll be really short when she gets home.

But it won’t be curly!


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