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I want to thank Chris and the rest of the hair community for showing that there are many people in the world that fantasize about women’s short haircuts. I told my wife of my desires many years ago and every once in a while she will surprise me by indulging my fantasies. She not only accepts my fetish but now realizes that whenever she gets a new short haircut we have earth-shaking sex for days to follow. A year ago I wrote a story entitled “Suzi’s Birthday Haircut” about her second trip to an old-fashioned barber shop. Just last night she indulged my fantasies again.

It is Christmas vacation again and Suzi and I are looking forward to having 10 days off from work. YEAH! I had planned a haircut for the both of us, a nice dinner for two and a movie. Even old married couples need a Date night.

I picked up Suzi at her school as she got off work for the Christmas vacation. As we rode into the city she asked me if I had brought any pictures. I told her that I had. Suzi wears her hair in a short bob that looks very professional but is also quick to style in the morning. Just a wash and a quick blow-dry with a round brush and she is out the door.

Suzi selected a cut that was just at earlobe length at the sides with a really short back. I found this photo at the Catwalk Hair Salon. It is under Contributor # 35, Part 2, and is the photo at the bottom of the page. I keep that picture close to my bedside to look at while I pleasure myself if she is too tired or busy for sex. She knows it is one of my favorites but I never imagined what would happen last night.

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She wanted to have the same lady barber, Jo, cut her hair that had cut it the year before. Suzi usually goes to the mall hair salons and has her bob trimmed and every other month gets her color touched up. Suzi is getting progressively grayer, she says she gets it from the kids. The hair salons usually give OK haircuts but some are just bad. Jo gives great haircuts but doesn’t do coloring or fancy styling.

Jo recently bought an old-fashioned barber shop in the center of town and the previous owner, an old guy in his sixties, and his son still work there. I am sure it has taken some getting used to for an old barber to not only have a woman for a boss, but Jo has also cleaned and repainted the dingy shop and added some women’s touches like poinsettias for the holidays. She also took over the #1 chair by the window.

We drove by the shop and much to both of our disappointment Jo was nowhere to be seen, just the old guy. Obviously bummed out I suggested we go have a drink at the alehouse around the corner, hoping Jo was just on break. As we worked on a couple of micro-brews I looked at the clock; 4:45. The shop closes at 5:30 so I excused myself to go to the bathroom and decided to walk around the block to see if Jo had returned. As I walked past the shop I saw that Jo was in and there were no customers. I hurried back to the bar and told Suzi that I would settle the tab while she went to the car to get her pictures.

It took a while for me to get the waitress as the bar was quite busy and I decided to go to the car to get my coat. I need to have something to cover my lap when I watch Suzi getting her hair cut to hide the large bulge in my jeans. As I entered the barbershop, Suzi was already sitting in Jo’s chair. Jo was combing her hair and examining the way it lay. I sat down in a waiting chair while Jo and Suzi discussed the style. Jo looked at the picture and told Suzi that while she wouldn’t cut much off of the front, she would have to cut the back really short to make it look like the picture. Suzi told Jo that she realized that it would be short in the back and that is what she wanted. I asked if Jo was going to leave the front long and Suzi just told me to butt out, that she and Jo had already discussed the style before I arrived. I could only sit in the waiting chair and watch what was to come.

Without any further discussion from Jo, she picked up a comb and large black clippers that were shaped like a tube and, without a guard, turned them on. A whirring sound filled the shop as the old barber in the number 2 chair looked on in disbelief. Suzi lowered her chin into her chest to give Jo the full exposure to her nape. Suzi was facing me so I had to watch Jo’s actions in the mirror. Jo started at the bottom of Suzis nape and began to shear away the 1 1/2-inch layers that were there from her previous cut. I gasped when I saw the bare skin peeking out from where the wispy nape hair used to cover Suzi’s nape area. Jo worked with the huge clipper over comb, higher and higher, until there was very little hair left on Suzi’s nape. Jo told Suzi that she has a cowlick in the back that she would have to cut short to get it to lay right. Suzi agreed as that cowlick has confounded many stylists, including myself.

Jo began the taper at the bottom of Suzi’s occipital bone and made a quick taper to the longer hair that remained on top. One thing we like about Jo’s haircuts is that she will taper the back rather than cutting a sharp blunt “skater cut” line in the back. Soon Jo was finished in the back and turned Suzi to face the mirror as she trimmed her sides and bangs. I gasped again when I saw the finished back, it was as short as any guy’s haircut and the white skin below Suzi’s occipital bone shone like a Christmas ornament. Jo carefully trimmed Suzi’s bangs to just above her eyebrows and cut the sides with her scissors to just cover her earlobes with just a hint of the bottom peeking out. After making sure both sides were exactly even, Jo turned Suzi’s front to face me again and took a smaller pair of edging clippers which nearly shave the hair to finish the back. I could see that Jo trimmed off Suzi’s point at the nape and shaved the stray neck hairs.

After a vacuum to suck up the short hairs and a quick blow dry with a round brush, Jo was done and removed the cape. From the front, Suzi didn’t look much different, but as she showed me the back, oh boy, it was as short as any man’s haircut. From the bottom of Suzi’s nape to where the taper starts at the occipital bone, Jo had cut it “down to the wood” with only a fine velvet layer of darker hair, flecked with gray, to cover her now bare nape. Jo asked Suzi how she liked it and Suzi and I agreed that it looked very good. Jo said, “I hope I didn’t cut the back too short, but it looks like the picture,” and it does, maybe even shorter.

I was still in shock when I climbed into the chair and when Jo asked me what I wanted, all I could say was, “Off the ears and a little taper in the back.” The usual. After I recovered later that night I realized that I now have much longer hair, especially in the back, than Suzi does. It hardly seems fair.

When Suzi woke up this morning she said to me “Some elves came and stole my hair last night.” I had to comfort her by making love to her twice, like a couple of teenagers.

I took some pictures that I will post on the Catwalk Hair Salon soon. Thanks again to everyone and Merry Christmas.


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