Friendly Turn

Friendly Turn

Friendly Turn – Liz

Sue had known Lisa for a couple of months now. They met each other at a rock party in the city. Both women were mid-30s and single and in fact that was the only match the two women had.

Lisa was a wild type, sexually attractive to men, always wearing casual clothes, chewing gum and rude. Her long black hair was straight and just past her shoulders. She never had it in a ponytail. Sue was a bit conservative. A neat secretary type. Her hair was blond and cut in a bob line from almost 6 weeks ago.

Sue invited Lisa at her home for a drink and at 8 sharp the doorbell rang. Sue opened the door and welcomed Lisa. From the moment Lisa took off her coat Sue noticed that Lisa was wearing a white oversized satin blouse on a mini skirt, also white and shiny.

“Wow!” she said. “You look neat!”

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Lisa answered: “I did this for you, you look always so neat that I thought by myself at your invitation, come on Lisa you are going to wear something unusual. Do you like it, Sue?”

“Yes, indeed, I like it very much, white looks good on you,” answered Sue. “In fact, I have almost the same blouse in my closet, not in white but in blue. I like the feeling of that satin on my skin! But, come in. Do you want anything to drink?”

“Thanks, do you have some wine?” asked Lisa.

“Red or white?”

After a couple of glasses of wine Lisa asked Sue if she really liked her clothes. Sue again said she looked wonderful with it. Lisa told Sue that she felt a bit strange in it but that she liked it very much. She also told Sue that she was thinking about a haircut, a dramatic haircut and that she hoped that Sue would give that to her! In contrast to what Lisa expected Sue reacted spontaneously. “I am always willing to give you a haircut, but you need to know that I am not that experienced with it.” Sue continued: “Do you have any idea when you want to have a haircut from me?”

“Mmmmh, in fact I was thinking you could give me one right now,” answered Lisa.

Sue smiled. “Great, okay, and what cut do you have in mind?”

“I will tell you as we go upstairs and bring the wine with us!” said Lisa.

Lisa found a chair and placed it in front of the large mirror. Sue asked her if she wanted to change clothes since she had no cape to cover Lisa. But Lisa said that she wanted to see and feel how the hair fell down on her white satin blouse. In fact she proposed that Sue wear her own blue satin blouse that she talked about. Lisa was surprised that Sue immediately took off her clothes and put on her blue satin blouse. “I love this blouse too,” she said. “And you know, I love to give you the ultimate haircut!” Sue continued: “I have something to confess; all this Lisa, makes me a bit nervous, a bit horny at the same time. I think I am going to fall in love with you!”

Lisa answered with some twinkling in her eyes: “Me too Sue, since I met you I dreamed about these words, these type of blouses and a lovely haircut!”

They hugged each other and Sue said that it was time for Lisa’s haircut. “What do you want?” she asked Lisa.

“A dramatic change please. You may choose Sue, whatever you want!”

“Sure?” asked Sue.

“Sure now,” was the answer.

Sue picked up a comb and a pair of scissors and started combing Lisa’s hair. It was long and shiny and almost a pity to cut. Sue picked up a strand of hair from the back and decided to cut only 3-4 inches of hair. “Here we go,” she said, and at that moment she closed the scissors and cut off almost 4 inches of hair and dropped it on Lisa’s blouse. “Wow, this is easy and fun,” said Sue. Lisa sat still. Sue noticed she shivered a bit and that her hands were under her skirt very close to her cunt!

At that moment Lisa exploded. “Oh Sue, great, cut more, I want to see all that hair falling down on my shoulders over my blouse into my lap, cut it, please. Let’s have sex, Oh I love you, cut my hair, more!”

Sue didn’t know if it was the wine or Lisa’s attractive body but at that moment she realized she was not the conservative secretary anymore. She grabbed another pile of Lisa’s hair and like a woman possessed she hacked it off… snip! Another pile…. snip! Another one… snip, snip! Clouds of hair tumbled down! It was a fantastic feeling both had!

Sue took a seat on Lisa’s lap, which was full of her freshly cut hair. They started kissing and Sue whispered something in Lisa’s ear. At that moment Lisa took the other pair of scissors and looked Sue deep in her eyes for a moment. Both women placed their scissors very close to the scalp of each other.

“Shall we?” said Sue.

Lisa answered: “One, two, three and….” SNIP, SNIP.

Huge piles of hair came loose and covered both women. The black hair from Lisa fell down on her white blouse, the blonde hair of Sue fell down on her blue blouse. They continued cutting each other’ hair, stroke after stroke. There was so much hair coming down that it was hard to see what shiny blouses Sue and Lisa wore. Both women got bald spots on their head but there was still a lot to cut! Snip, another blonde piece of hair felt down. Snip, another black piece of hair was cut!

“Let’s take a break Lisa, let’s go to bed, let’s finish this haircutting later!”



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